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Best Big "WHAT?!" Ever!


Out of Canon

  • Nick's special video for the show "How to be a Superhero" has this listed as one of the six things needed that accurately describes the love square of the series.
    You need a crime-fighting companion (...) Who secretly has a crush on you but you don't like them back because you have a crush on this kid at school named Adrien who's not into you because he's secretly Cat Noir who has a crush on Ladybug and doesn't know you're secretly Ladybug. (Insert Marinette doing a funny sob here.)
  • Thomas Astruc's ("Hawkdaddy"/"Papapillon" by the series' fans) Twitter account is filled with plenty of hilarious moments (among others). One of these would be the Running Gag occurring whenever asked a potential spoiler question which involves replying using a random photo with the words "No spoilers" plastered onto it. He even used it when asked how many of these "No spoilers" photos he had already.
    • Another excellent moment is Thomas's response to a fan who asked if Ladybug and Chat Noir would learn each other's identities in season 2. The fan asked him to answer yes or no, so Thomas responded "YES OR NO".
    • He was once asked about Lila's ethnicity. The answer was "half-Klingon, half-duck".
  • At the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con panel, the cast did a live script reading for the upcoming season 2 episode "Troublemaker". Highlights include:
    • The English voice director's overly hyper attitude.
    • Questions to producer Jeremy Zag included whether or not Adrien kisses Marinette, Cat Noir kisses Ladybug, or if Nino kisses Alya.
    • "Don't worry about it, it's her Willy Wonka entrance. She'll do her cartwheel real soon." note 
    • The audiences' reaction when Adrien refers to Marinette as "just a friend". note 
    • Three of the stand-in voice actors for the reading were Saitama, Belle, and Volpina cosplayers.
  • Marinette's English voice actress loves to mess with fans on her Instagram page from time to time.
    • During her recording of Chameleon she decided to tease Adrienette shippers with this post. It's made funnier when you find out that Chloe's English VA upvoted it.
    • When she revealed that she adopted a Sphyx cat, fans joked that Adrien now had competition from another cat. Cristina would later respond with this.
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  • One fan with too much time on their hands decided to search for the definitions of Adrien and Marinette's names on Urban Dictionary; these were the results they got.
  • On May 2 2019, Meextreats posted a photo of her Queen Bee and Rena Rouge cosplays and asked her followers which one would win in a fight against each other. This post caught the attention of Chloé's English VA Selah Victor, who left a pretty hilarious comment on it:
    Um don't be ridiculous, Queen Bee of course!

Miraculous Chibi

The Chase

  • Chat finally retrieves the tickets and triumphantly walks over to Ladybug...before collapsing from exhaustion.

Curiosity Kicked The Cat

  • Chat throws out a fishing line and hooks a feral cat, which slams directly into his face.

Catnip Fragrance

  • Chat tries to attract Ladybug with a splash of cologne. Instead, he gets hundreds of cats chasing after him!


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