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Best Big "WHAT?!" Ever!


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  • Marinette lives right next to her school (like, literally across the street), yet she still manages to be late more often than not. It makes every time she's scrambling out of her house with a croissant of tardiness that much more hilarious.
  • Plagg is lazy, snarky, and almost always seen munching on camembert. In other words, he's a floating, talking Cat Stereotype. Whenever Adrien needs him for something (such as fighting an akuma), he will always try to weasel his way out of it by claiming he's about to take a cheese break... unless his precious cheese is threatened, in which case all bets are off.
  • Camembert is one of the quintessential stinky cheeses, having a rather... strong aroma (that's to say, you can smell it from 1 meter away, and it only gets stinkier the more it matures). Those animated clouds of stench around it? Not a hyperbole. And Adrien is always carrying some camembert with him in case Plagg needs a snack to restore his energy. Which means that the beloved Teen Idol of Paris walks around, goes to school, and attends photoshoots and official events smelling like stinky cheese. Adrien irritably lampshades this in the Origins episodes; Plagg, however, remains gleefully unapologetic of his dietary preferences:
    Plagg: If you want to be able to transform into a superhero, then stinky cheese is the deal, my friend!
  • Hawk Moth's/ Shadowmoth's creations range from threatening to goofy to downright hilarious! Queen Banana anyone?


"World: Shanghai - The Legend of Lady Dragon"

  • The Renlings try to introduce themselves and their powers to the new Renren in the middle of combat.
    • Tang Tang goes first, saying that she's the Renling of Patience. Renren, who's busy dodging for dear life, replies that this is hardly the time for being patient and asks if there's anyone who can help her fight the Silver King.
    • Xiong Xiong steps forward and introduces himself as the the Renling of Calmness. When Renren says the he's got to be joking, Xiong Xiong clarifies: calm like a huge, strong bear. Renren is immediately sold on the idea.
    • Only the holder of the Prodigious can see the Renlings; to the rest of the world, Fei/Renren seems to be talking to herself.
  • Wang Cheng is under the impression that Adrien is Marinette's boyfriend, prompting the two to simultaneously declare that they're Just Friends. Fei just gives them a look that says she's not buying it.
  • Near the finale, Marinette tries to call Fei "sister" in Chinese, only for everyone to burst into laughter. Marinette gasps in horror and asks what she actually said; Fei quips that it would be too embarrassing to translate it.

"World: New York – United Heroez"
Marinette vs. doors
  • The fact that Ladybug and Cat Noir are fighting Mr. Pigeon for the 51st time. This time, he got his pigeons to carry him (and the Eiffel Tower) to the moon, while forgetting that they can't breathe in space.
  • As part of French-American Friendship week, Marinette's class made a sock-puppet show about George Washington and Marquis de Lafayette. When comparing helping Adrien to Lafayette helping Washington, Marinette declares, "You are our Sock-Washington!"
  • Marinette sits next to Mr. Damocles, who soon fells asleep and starts resting on her.
  • Alya is fangirling when Majestia and her fellow heroes show up.
  • Mr. Damocles goes to the toilet in order to suit up and fight the Techno-Pirate as The Owl. When he is finally ready the fight is already over and he returns to the toilet disappointedly to change back.
  • Marinette tries to convince herself and others that she has moved on from her crush for Adrien and considers him as "just a friend". She utterly fails.
  • Alya has a lot of fun teasing her best friend about her crush and her futile attempts to move on.
    • Alya does everything in her power to bring her best friend together with Adrien. When she keeps failing, she gets increasingly frustrated.
  • Marinette and Adrien have some trouble with the doors.
  • It turns out that Adrien's bodyguard is afraid of flying and, on an app, rates both his fear and comfort level needed 10 out of 10. All throughout the flight scene we hear the bodyguard be told that he is a dolphin and a cloud.
  • And if you didn't see it from the start, this special's Akuma victim asked if France's resident Big Bad wanted a atomic bomb instead of New York's MacGuffin and then was all like "Nah."
    • Cue the climax, where Hawk Moth is perfectly willing to start a nuclear world war just to get Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculouses.
  • Aeon and Jess becoming Adrienette shippers because for the former, they look cute, and for the latter... she's got nothing better to do.
  • While it is a tense scene, during the fight with Techlonizer, Sparrow tells Uncanny Valley they must be like Ladybug and Cat Noir: autonomous, united by a bond of trust, and super efficient. Cue a Gilligan Cut that shows the Parisian heroes “round dancing” the supervillain, while Ladybug calls out Cat Noir for leaving Paris unprotected.
  • Sparrow’s dramatic pose has them leaping off a building, Uncanny Valley’s has her flying in the air and Doorman’s... has him gesturing to an open door.
  • While Adrien is flying back to Paris his bodyguard has been forgotten in New York.
  • While all the older members of United HeroeZ being put under the influence of Miraclonizer’s Liberation is pretty scary in concept, some of the heroes who suffer the effect of Liberation have some hilarious moments.
    • Mercury is (at least in supplementary materials) known to be diligent and always helping the innocent. Here, he decides to sit down in a chair and do nothing.
    • Doorman very specifically only uses his power for the greater good and not for personal gain. Liberation makes him selfish, using his powers to create portals to various locations all over the world so that he could fulfill his own curiosity.
    • Snowflake, who is implied to be serious and responsible, becomes super childish and starts ice skating around New York with her powers.

    Out of Canon 
  • Nick's special video for the show "How to be a Superhero" has this listed as one of the six things needed that accurately describes the love square of the series.
    You need a crime-fighting companion (...) Who secretly has a crush on you but you don't like them back because you have a crush on this kid at school named Adrien who's not into you because he's secretly Cat Noir who has a crush on Ladybug and doesn't know you're secretly Ladybug. (Insert Marinette doing a funny sob here.)
  • Thomas Astruc's ("Hawkdaddy"/"Papapillon" by the series' fans) Twitter account is filled with plenty of hilarious moments (among others). One of these would be the Running Gag occurring whenever asked a potential spoiler question which involves replying using a random photo with the words "No spoilers" plastered onto it. He even used it when asked how many of these "No spoilers" photos he had already.
    • Another excellent moment is Thomas's response to a fan who asked if Ladybug and Cat Noir would learn each other's identities in season 2. The fan asked him to answer yes or no, so Thomas responded "YES OR NO".
    • He was once asked about Lila's ethnicity. The answer was "half-Klingon, half-duck".
  • At the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con panel, the cast did a live script reading for the upcoming season 2 episode "Troublemaker". Highlights include:
    • The English voice director's overly hyper attitude.
    • Questions to producer Jeremy Zag included whether or not Adrien kisses Marinette, Cat Noir kisses Ladybug, or if Nino kisses Alya.
    • "Don't worry about it, it's her Willy Wonka entrance. She'll do her cartwheel real soon." note 
    • The audiences' reaction when Adrien refers to Marinette as "just a friend". note 
    • Three of the stand-in voice actors for the reading were Saitama, Belle, and Volpina cosplayers.
  • Marinette's English voice actress loves to mess with fans on her Instagram page from time to time.
    • During her recording of Chameleon she decided to tease Adrienette shippers with this post. It's made funnier when you find out that Chloé's English VA upvoted it.
    • When she revealed that she adopted a Sphyx cat, fans joked that Adrien now had competition from another cat. Cristina would later respond with this.
  • One fan with too much time on their hands decided to search for the definitions of Adrien and Marinette's names on Urban Dictionary; these were the results they got.
  • On May 2 2019, Meextreats posted a photo of her Queen Bee and Rena Rouge cosplays and asked her followers which one would win in a fight against each other. This post caught the attention of Chloé's English VA Selah Victor, who left a pretty hilarious comment on it:
    Um don't be ridiculous, Queen Bee of course!
  • During the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, Unicef and the City of Paris released this short video (in French) targeted at children and featuring Master Fu describing social distancing rules to Ladybug and Cat Noir. Apart from this breath of fresh air during difficult times (including for children, who had to stay at home all day long for two months), it includes many funny moments, such as Marinette complimenting Adrien on how well he sneezes or Cat Noir lamenting kisses are out of the question now. Then there is Marinette's comment, after Adrien tells her he washes his hands to protect others, that it is important to have a protection...

    Miraculous Chibi 

The Chase

  • Cat finally retrieves the tickets and triumphantly walks over to Ladybug...before collapsing from exhaustion.

Curiosity Kicked The Cat

  • Cat throws out a fishing line and hooks a feral cat, which slams directly into his face.

Catnip Fragrance

  • Cat tries to attract Ladybug with a splash of cologne. Instead, he gets hundreds of cats chasing after him!


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