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  • Adrien, going by both Eastern and Western tropes, should be a villain. He has a horrible home life; he's somewhat lonely (Alone in a Crowd); his mother is in a coma and only falling deeper into it, and father is the Big Bad, Hawk Moth. His outfit as Chat Noir is all black, and unlike the heroine, it makes his eyes and teeth a Little Bit Beastly. His powers are based on destruction, entropy, and decay. That's an incredibly advanced portfolio for a villain; a dexterity build with a one-shot assassin move. But, despite all this, he's not a villain. It makes him the second fiddle, because there's a limited amount things you can disintegrate and still be viewed as good, but he doesn't care. He has such a caring personality, that he doesn't mind being a sidekick.
    • The original Felix considered being Chat Noir a curse. Adrien by contrast sees Cat Noir as a chance to exercise parts of him that he can't show normally and he loves it.
      • There's also the very fact that the side of him he exercises as Chat Noir doesn't involve being an Anti-Hero relieving destructive impulses or rage like it would in any other story; it's just him cracking ridiculous jokes and letting his hair down. What a great kid.
  • Marinette is a huge klutz, she's super awkward, and she has low self-esteem and a bit of a bad luck streak. You would think she would get bullied constantly, but no one really gives her a hard time (save for Chloé). She actually gets along well with everyone, and they all seem to be friends with her.
  • The very fact that every single Parisian (besides Hawk Moth, Nathalie and Lila) adores Ladybug and Chat Noir, as well as the other heroes. Be it statues, music icons dedicating songs to them and holding parades in their honour, the people of Paris go out of their way to let their champions know how much they appreciate the team keeping them safe.
    • In a little twist, the Butterfly Miraculous is meant to create heroes to spread hope and inspire others to fight. In the absence of a heroic holder, Ladybug and Chat definitely act as Paris' Hope Bringers. Kim sums it up best in "Zombizou":
    Kim: Besides, you'll save all of us, like you always do, right?
  • Any time Plagg encourages Adrien to rebel, or not do hero work. Even though Plagg sometimes has his own reasons, like not wanting to help with an akuma, he does recognize that Adrien needs a break from his busy life at times.
  • Almost every time Ladybug and Cat Noir defeat an akumatized person they do a fist bump and simultaneously say "Bien Joué!" (usually subtitled as "Well done!" or "Good job!"). (In the English dub, it's "Pound it!").
  • Almost everything about Ivan and Mylène is painfully adorable.
  • Ladybug and Cat Noir's entire partnership is this. Sure he drives her up the wall sometimes, but they're a near unshakable team, and Cat Noir is fiercely loyal to, and protective of, his Lady.
  • Almost every Akuma victim to date has been surprisingly Easily Forgiven, no matter what they did or how they acted while Akumatized. This really speaks to the compassion and empathy of the people of Paris—they know that Hawk Moth's victims are ultimately just that and refrain from judging them for their moments of weakness. Comparing people's reactions to Ivan in the Origins episodes with their treatment of victims over the rest of the series implies that Paris as a whole Took a Level in Kindness after the attacks began.

    Season 1
Stormy Weather
  • Just Alya and Marinette's friendship — Alya stops by Marinette's house to tell her that Adrien is by the park doing modeling and asks if she can come. When Marinette explains she has to watch Manon, Alya immediately agrees to babysit for her, but Marinette decides against it since watching over Manon was her responsibility.
  • Alya using her Cool Big Sis nature to get on Manon's good side — ending with Alya picking up Manon and placing her on Marinette's head.
  • Adrien waving at Marinette, Alya, and Manon when he notices they're at the park.
  • Manon and Adrien modeling together.

The Bubbler

  • Marinette is excited for Adrien to receive the birthday gift she made for him (a scarf). Unfortunately, Natalie takes her name off it and tells Adrien that it is a gift from his father. When Marinette finds out, she decides not to reveal the truth about it; rather, she wants Adrien to be happy about getting a meaningful gift from his father.
    • Alya's response to this is just as heartwarming, assuring Marinette that Adrien will someday figure out how amazing of a girl she is.
  • Nino trying to convince Adrien's father to throw him a birthday day. It doesn't work, and leads to Nino turning into the Bubbler, but it's the thought that counts. Nino just wanted his friend to have a good time on his birthday. This is something that stands out three seasons later, as he is one of the few Akuma victims to have been turned mostly due to frustration on another's behalf (Gabriel's actions against him personally still had an effect, of course).

Copy Cat

  • Despite her annoyance with Cat Noir, Marinette instantly dismisses the notion that he's a thief.

The Pharaoh

  • Tikki and Marinette's talk at the end of the episode.
    Marinette: You must have known much less klutzy Ladybugs than me, right?
    Tikki: Every Ladybug is different.
    Marinette: That's what I thought.
    Tikki: Marinette, you are different. But different as in surprising, unpredictable and endearing. And very talented. You learn fast.
    Marinette: Really?
    Tikki: Yes.
    (Marinette kisses Tikki on her forehead)

Lady Wifi

  • When Marinette realizes that Alya is Lady Wi-Fi, Tikki says, "You're going to have to fight your best friend!"
    Marinette: Nope! I'm gonna have to save my best friend!
  • Cat Noir respecting Ladybug's wishes to keep up the Mutual Masquerade, even though he does want to know her identity. It's implied he does this because he loves her.
    Plagg: You had a golden opportunity to learn the truth! What were you thinking?!
    Adrien: [infatuated sigh] That's the thing. When I'm with her, I don't think.
  • A small one but Cat Noir is clearly suffering from being locked in the freezer. He pretty much collapses into Ladybug's lap. Yet his first words before he's even off the floor are to remind her that she has limited time before she resumes her true identity after using her Lucky Charm to break him out.


  • Despite their contrasting personalities, it's clear Alix and her dad have a good relationship since she refers to him as "Pops" (or the French equivalent), indicating she knows she can be herself around him.
  • Ladybug's furious reaction to Chat Noir Taking the Bullet for her. She may not love him romantically, but clearly he means a lot to her.
  • After Alix leaves her friends after her family's watch is destroyed, Marinette immediately goes after her to see if the watch can be fixed.
  • At the end, Alix admits it was her fault for not being responsible for her family heirloom, and promises to take care of it better.
  • Marinette's parents celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary and hugging Marinette at the end of the episode.

Mr. Pigeon

  • Tikki handing Marinette an apple while she works on the derby.
  • Adrien's decision to wear Marinette's hat, despite said hat having a pigeon feather (which he is allergic to) on it.
  • Gabriel Agreste was first seen as a cold, distant man in "The Bubbler", especially after calling Nino "a bad influence" on Adrien. However, in this episode he praises Marinette's fashion skills right before dubbing her the winner.

The Evillustrator

  • Nathaniel's drawings of Marinette.
  • Marinette grudgingly admitting that Evillustrator is right when he says that Chloé is mean and egotistical.
  • When Adrien asks Marinette about her opinion of Cat Noir, she responds that "he" may be cool, but not as cool as Adrien.
    • There's also the fact that he's clearly pleased that she does think Cat Noir is cool. Adrien has said that Cat Noir is his true self, after all. While most people think he looks sad at her words, Adrien does walk off smiling after thinking about what she said, so it's possible he interpreted her stammering as actually thinking Cat Noir is cooler than him but not wanting to seem rude. If that's true, he thinks he's found someone who appreciates the real him, something that not even his best friend Nino really knows.

Roger Cop

  • When Marinette slips and falls in class, instead of pointing and teasing her, the other students just laugh in a lighthearted manner. Marinette is smiling with them.
  • Tom immediately going into Papa Wolf mode when Marinette is accused of stealing. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
  • The ending picture shows Sabrina hugging her father.
  • Doubling as a Moment of Awesome for Roger himself, after the akuma is defeated and Chloé's bracelet is returned, Mayor Bourgeois apologizes to Roger, not only giving him his job back but promoting him to Lieutenant as well.


  • Just the fact that the citizens of Paris are so grateful for Ladybug and Cat Noir's heroics that they decide to make a statue in their honor.

Dark Cupid

  • Adrien deciding to reveal his feelings to Ladybug.
  • The fact that Kim, who represents the class athlete, asked for advice for a Valentine present to Max, who fills the role of the class nerd. Despite being evident by their first dialogue how the two are polar opposites, they get along quite fine and their team-up almost brought the desired result.
  • Ladybug breaking Chat Noir out of Dark Cupid's spell.....with a Big Damn Kiss.
  • The cute handshake between Marinette and Alya.


  • When Horrificator has Ivan and Alix cornered, she stares at Ivan for a moment...before affectionately licking his face, grabbing Alix from behind him and leaving. Even akumatized, there was enough of Mylène's personality left in Horrificator to retain her feelings for Ivan.
    • After they use Mylène's special song to drain the Horrificator of fear, it shrinks to the size of a harmless housecat and dives into Ivan's arms to cuddle like a scared kitten. He's still holding her when Ladybug de-akumatizes her. Say it with me now: "d'aawww!"
    • And the reason for the above moments? Ivan was the one to comfort her after Chloé's mean prank.
    • And, at the end, they share a Big Damn Kiss.


  • Mylène going to Ivan for comfort during Darkblade's seize with him responding in full.

The Mime

  • All the moments between Marinette and Alya.
    • As Ladybug, Marinette calls out to Alya, mentioning her name and the fact that that she runs the Ladyblog. It was also mentioned that Marinette chooses Alya before any other reporter. Needless to say, Alya was thrilled.
    • After Marinette accidentally deletes the video, she tries to re-enact the moment. When that doesn't work, she tells Alya the truth- that she deleted the video. And what does Alya do? She doesn't get mad. She's a little sad that Marinette didn't tell her beforehand, but Alya tells her friend that she'd already uploaded the video to her blog.
    • What was Marinette's way of apologizing to Alya? She set up an interview with Ladybug for Alya.
  • Mylene's relationship with her father. She's clearly proud of her dad's job, and he carries a small picture of her in his hat for good luck.
  • The reason for the person's akumatization (Mylene's father, Fred) was because his co-worker, Chris deliberately lied to him about where to meet the group, so he could get Fred's role. And when Chris admits his wrongdoing, what does Fred do? He forgives him.

Kung Food

  • Marinette's growing relationship with her Uncle Cheng during the episode. At first she's worried things will be awkward (since she doesn't speak Mandarin and he doesn't speak French very well), but they manage to get along very well as he prepares for a cooking competition.
    • She practices with a Mandarin app to learn how to say "hello" until she gets it right.
    • Cheng uses the bouquet Marinette brings him to make his special "heavenly soup".
    • Adrien, who has volunteered to be a translator for Cheng, does not put up with Chloé disrespecting Cheng or his dish. He shuts Chloé down as best as he can.
      • The way he shuts her down deserves a mention, too: rather than snapping at her, he just politely but firmly explains why it's not okay to assume Cheng would make sushi just because he's Asian. It says lot about Adrien's character that even when responding to flat-out racism, his first impulse is to educate rather than reprimand.
    • Cheng names the soup he made in the episode the "Marinette Soup".
  • The whole episode shows how well both Adrien and Marinette get along with each other, especially since the latter isn't as nervous and awkward as she usually is.
  • The ending picture shows both Adrien, Marinette, and Cheng having the soup together.

The Gamer

  • Marinette's parents in this episode. They are a pair of shippers for Marinette and Adrien, often coming in to offer plates of croissants, cookies and quiche to Adrien.
    • In a meta-sense, Marinette's father not becoming a stereotypical Overprotective Dad who threatens his daughter's Love Interest. Instead, he is just as supportive and kind as Marinette's mother.
  • Max trying to be a Graceful Loser, only breaking down in private.
  • Adrien pulling away Marinette from the Gamer's aim.
  • Cat Noir taking the time to assure Marinette that Adrien is safe before disappearing to distract the Gamer.
    • Not only that, but the tone of his voice when he speaks to her. It's noticeably different from how he talks to Ladybug, and how Ladybug talks to civilians. Cat Noir is calm, warm, and though he hesitates, he sounds a lot more confident about assuring Marinette that Adrien is fine than he ever has to Ladybug on the same subject. Notice how she believes him, unlike she does as Ladybug. Unlike Ladybug, he's less distant with the civilian he's talking to and isn't as concerned with getting back into the fight as he is with making sure Marinette is okay (the purpose of his teasing) and knows that she can trust him to take care of things. Ladybug would have set someone down, told them they'd be safe there, and leave. When he realised Marinette had not run away, he immediately moved to take her from the battle. Ladybug will normally tell civilians to run after protecting them, not wanting to leave the akuma unattended.
  • Marinette, guilty about causing the Gamer to appear, volunteers to give up her spot in the competition so that Max has a chance to compete. Adrien then gives up his spot since he acknowledges that Marinette is a better gamer and should have a chance to compete.
  • Meta-wise, the show's creators showing a girl gamer who does better than her male counterparts, without the cliched plotlines of Cheaters Never Prosper.
    • Not to mention none of her male friends give her crap for it. They're all supportive and in-character and even Max's antagonism is a) something he tries to hide, and b) not based on being beaten by a girl, but rather on not being good enough to win something he'd set his heart on. The staff didn't try to put a message where it didn't belong and the end result is all the better for it.


  • Adrien coaching Nino on how to ask Marinette out on a date. Even to the point of talking to him via headset.
  • Max and Kim bring out again the jock-nerd friendship by going together to the zoo, showing that their brief interaction in Dark Cupid wasn't a one-time occasion.
  • Marinette's Squee! reaction to Nino blurting out that he loves Alya. Immediately she becomes a Shipper on Deck for the two and locks them in an animal enclosure as Ladybug, for their safety.
  • The panther's caretaker showing a lot of love for his charge, who returns it with catlike affection.
  • Marinette's parents taking in a worn out Kim to hide him from Animan, without question.
  • Cat Noir examining a picture of Marinette and her parents. It's a nice Continuity Nod to how he adores how nice they were to him in the previous episode.
  • After being the Gibberish of Love for the episode, Nino, after he and Alya become a couple, confesses his crush to Marinette. The surprised look on her face is adorable.
    • Immediately afterwards, Nino mentions that he now knows that Marinette has a crush, and he can help her with that. If he knew who that was. It's not like Alya told him or anything
  • The ending picture shows Marinette dreaming about Alya and Nino being all lovey-dovey.
  • Cat Noir giving a huge hug after Ladybug comes out of the T-rex's mouth, unharmed. And Ladybug fully reciprocates.


  • Even though she's become an akuma thanks to Chloé (again), Sabrina doesn't actually use lethal force against her best friend as the Invisible One. She humiliates Chloé in school and steals her clothes, but once Cat Noir and Ladybug come, she focuses on them and simply tries to pickpocket Ladybug's earrings.
  • The minute Sabrina is uncorrupted, she searches frantically for the rose brooch that Chloé gave her, which was where her akuma was.
  • Ladybug and Cat Noir escorting a traumatized Sabrina out of Chloé's house, towards the press and paramedics. It's one of the few times we see what they do with a victim of an akuma corruption.
  • The fact that Chloé and Sabrina like to play superhero, dressing up as Ladybug and Cat Noir and running around the hotel like little kids. They even get the butler to play the villains.
  • Chloé listening to Ladybug's advice to make up with Sabrina and giving the latter a new brooch. Note: gave her a brooch, didn't lend it.
    • Going on from that, the brooch itself is implied to be pretty expensive, as according to Thomas Astruc, it's actually a piece from Gabriel's line. Which makes the gesture even sweeter.
  • A Word of God example. When asked on Twitter how Antibug could have easily overpowered Cat Noir to tie him to his staff, Thomas Astruc implied that it may have happened because he was unwilling to go all out against Chloé. For all Chloé is, Adrien may still see her as a friend and possibly hopes she can change for the better.

The Puppeteer

  • Hawk Moth's treatment of Manon/The Puppeteer is rather sweet, albeit in a really twisted way. He speaks gently, does not get annoyed when she constantly asks questions, and even praises her success. He's altogether more pleasant with her than any past akumatized victim. It probably helps that she knows what he wants, devises several clever plans to obtain the Miraculous and her dolls, and comes very close to winning. Instead of his usual pun at the end he's dumbstruck at how Ladybug fought four villains, a brainwashed Cat Noir, and won.
  • In a Freeze-Frame Bonus, Manon playing race car on Marinette's sofa.


  • Marinette convincing the photographer to retake her class photo after school in the park, to make up for Juleka missing out on the first photo because of Chloé. All the photos also put Juleka front and center in every shot, breaking her bad photo curse.
  • Some of the civilians-turned-Reflekta-lookalikes are shown to be quite distressed at their transformation and are being comforted by others, including those who had also been turned into copies of Reflekta. Two Reflektas sitting on a park bench together turn out to be a man comforting a crying woman, who embraces him when they are both turned back to normal.

Guitar Villain

  • Jagged Stone's absolute faith in Marinette's design capabilities. He also quickly intuits that his producer told her to change the design drastically
  • In a twisted sense, Fang becoming Guitar Villain's dragon. He also proves to be a Chaotic Neutral when Ladybug tames him to use against the akuma.
  • Chloé bringing Adrien to meet Jagged Stone because she knows he is Adrien's favorite musician. A genuinely nice act from her.


  • Jagged Stone giving Fang a bath, using a broom as a scrub brush. The crocodile loves having his belly rubbed!
  • Alix and Ivan having a friendly pillow fight.
  • While the titled akuma villain was about to pixilate them, Kim and the doorman he was shadowing didn't mind taking a picture together.
  • Remember Mireille from "Stormy Weather" and Theo from "Copycat"? They have a small scene together when Ladybug discovers Pixelator's victims. It's unknown if the two became a couple at some point or are just two people comforting each other in a platonic manner, but either way the gesture is sweet.

Simon Says

  • This episode proved that while Gabriel is cold, he really cares about his family. Having a huge painting of his wife and some of Adrien's modeling photos on his wall. He even openly tells Ladybug his son is perfect.
  • Gabriel hugging Adrien after the events of the episode was really sweet. Adrien's expression sells it.
  • Adrien mentioning that Ladybug has his mother's smile adds a sweet depth to his crush on her, doubly so when she has the same thought about him at the same time.
    • In English, they refer to her eyes, which adds a different layer. While Marinette could be talking literally (as she is with the smile), Adrien could still be speaking metaphorically- that Marinette's eyes have the same kindness and such as his mother's.
  • Nino and Adrien's friendship. Adrien took time out of his very busy schedule to accompany Nino for his appearance on a game show twice. And when they were separated by Simon Says, Nino refused to leave unless Adrien was safe and even gave him a hug when they reunited.
  • Adrien using his mother's picture as his computer's screen.
  • Marinette deciding to stay and watch the show with her parents instead of hanging out with her friends. While she did have to go after Nino wanted to make Ladybug and Cat Noir dance, the gesture is still sweet.
  • A bit of a stretch, but Marinette's parents say at the end of the episode that she wasn't late anywhere for the past week. That means there was no need for Ladybug during that time, meaning Hawk Moth wasn't sending out akumas. With the reveal hinted upon in the episode, that can be interpreted as being either due to shock... or gratitude.

Princess Fragrance

  • Juleka gently handing Rose tissues as she gushes over the prince, all with an affectionate smile, is incredibly sweet.
  • Marinette's worry over Tikki's health issues and her delight with the kwami being cured is wonderful to see, as is their bonding moment over how close they are.
    • Master Fu’s affectionate smile as Marinette leaves with Tikki; seems he's quite proud of how his Chosen Ladybug has developed.
  • Prince Ali is totally spoiled and nice and shows an ability to recognize good character when he sees it by choosing the sweet-natured Rose over Alpha Bitch Chloé.
  • The ending picture shows Prince Ali and Rose watching the fireworks with each other, while the latter is holding the former's arm.


Ladybug and Cat Noir - Origins Part 1

  • In this episode, everything has been going wrong for Marinette and Adrien's deepest wish, to go to school like a normal kid and make friends, gets shot in the foot. Yet neither of them hesitate to help an old man in trouble despite the fact that in both cases, their deeds make their problems worse. Both of them truly deserve their hero titles.
  • We get to see the beginning of Marinette and Alya's friendship; Alya stands up for Marinette when Chloé is bullying her and in gratitude, Marinette splits her last macaron with Alya.

Stoneheart - Origins Part 2

  • As a distraught Marinette watches a news report about all the mayhem the Stoneheart clones are causing, her father sees her expression and thinks she is scared of them. He assures her Ladybug will save them, and when she questions this, he then assures her that if Ladybug can't save her, then he himself will come to her rescue. Even though he's somewhat misunderstanding the situation, Marinette appreciates this, calling him Super-Dad. Good Parents indeed.
  • Even though Marinette is too distraught after failing her first mission, she still checks up on Ivan and encourages him to confess to Mylene.
  • Even though Ladybug and Cat Noir have only met once, Cat Noir is extremely supportive of her. Ladybug is scared that she'll fail again, but his only response is to encourage her to be more confident. After she purifies the myriad of akumas gathered in the shape of Hawk Moth's face, Cat Noir smiles at her proudly and asserts his love for her.
  • Marinette is ready to pass the role of Ladybug on to someone else. What changes her mind? Cat and Alya in real trouble. She transforms with barely a second thought.
  • Even after being scared of Ivan throughout the entire episode, Mylène finds a poem written by him for her. She accepts his confession in the end.
  • The moment that became the above image for the page — Marinette and Adrien had gotten off to a bad start, as she had assumed he was in on one of Chloé's pranks (when he was actually cleaning it up before anything could happen). She continues to ignore him until he approaches her after school the next day, confessing that he's never been to school before and it was his dream to make friends there. He offers her his umbrella to use in the rain, and Marinette is so touched by his kind gesture that she unknowingly falls for him.
    • Before this episode, most of the details of Marinette's crush on Adrien made it seem like a typical schoolgirl crush. This scene reveals it was not Adrien's looks or money that attracted Marinette to him, but who he is inside and shows that Marinette's feelings for Adrien are deeper than first thought.
    • Tikki's response to the entire situation is sweet, and she even gives Marinette a hug.
    • Adrien may have considered Marinette as nothing more than a friend, but this realization alone is still important — he's made another friend, something that he's always wanted.
  • Even though he still doesn't trust him, Nino is noticeably concerned when Adrien is hurt by Marinette accusing him of being a cruel bully. When Adrien explains that Chloé is his Only Friend, Nino introduces himself, saying that Adrien needs new friends.

    Season 2 
The Collector
  • After Gabriel is de-akumatized, Cat Noir goes to see if he's alright, even ignoring the traditional fist bump he and Ladybug do.
  • A small one, but when Adrien and Marinette's class hear about him not coming back to school, Juleka can be seen hugging and comforting Rose.
  • The moment Adrien returns to school, Nino gives him a hug. Chloé practically glomps him. And then the entire class come out to greet him.
  • Marinette taking the fall for Adrien for not returning the book sooner and asking Gabriel if Adrien could return back to school, which he nods to.
    • And while Gabriel is as cold to Marinette as he is to everyone else, he doesn't act as callous or cold to her as he does to many.
  • When Marinette explains to Master Fu that she has to return the Miraculous book, he agrees to do so.
  • When Gabriel and Adrien reconcile, it's Adrien who initiates their hug this time.
  • Adrien's computer screen — A picture of him with his mother.

Despair Bear

  • The entire slow-dancing scene between Adrien and Marinette is pretty adorable, rivalling the umbrella scene. Alya being the latter's wingwoman adds a lot to this.
  • Marinette having a photoshoot party with Alya, Rose, Juleka, and Mylène.
  • Chloé saving Ladybug from a possessed Cat Noir's Cataclysm, and Ladybug thanking her for it with no hesitation. They've both come quite a long way since "Antibug".
  • Chloé's personal butler comforting her after Adrien threatens to end their friendship, and he tries to help her be nice to others.
  • Chloé trying to be a better person just to keep Adrien's friendship; she goes as far as inviting Marinette to a party and greeting her with a kiss despite being the last thing she'd want to do. Shows how much she values Adrien's friendship and opinions.
  • Upon returning to her rude self the first comment Chloé makes to Mylène end up with the latter in tears. The last shot of the episode shows Ivan went and got immediate retribution against Chloé for her.

Prime Queen

  • Alya forgiving Marinette for essentially dumping the job of babysitting Manon on her. Cue hug.
  • Alya acting like a Cool Big Sis to Manon and putting her to bed after she falls asleep is adorable to watch.

The Befana

  • Adrien's been carrying that lucky charm Marinette gave him ever since "The Gamer". At the end of the episode, he gives her one of his own.
  • Gina Dupain's sheer enthusiasm to spend time with her granddaughter, even if she is somewhat out of touch.
  • When Befana tries to go after Marinette, all of her class friends band together to keep her safe. Rose defends Marinette as the nicest person ever, and Kim even tries to tackle the akuma. When Befana's angels try to fly after Marinette, Juleka, Nathaniel, Alix, and Max tie them down with a banner, and get turned into coal for their efforts. It really is touching how much they care for Marinette and are willing to put themselves in harm's way to save her.
  • When Befana first arrives, everyone else backs away but Alya remains right beside Marinette and even puts herself in between them.
  • Tom and Sabine's teamwork into making Marinette's birthday cake. And when Tom is defeated over the second cake he put in trash, Sabine gives him a Rousing Speech that they can do it if they work together and they proceed to fist-bump each other.
  • Ivan and Kim picking up Marinette to blow out her candles.
  • Tikki giving Marinette a special gem that comes out of her own body, saying it's a symbol of the special bond between them. At first Marinette doesn't seem to appreciate it that much (mostly because Tikki spat it into Marinette's hands), but in the end it's revealed that she had made a necklace with it, and telling Tikki that, more than the gift, she appreciates the one who gave it to her.
  • After Cat Noir gets Marinette to safety, he takes a moment to wish her happy birthday.
  • When Ladybug shows up, she finishes Cat Noir's song for him while calling herself "his lady." Compared to how she usually responds to his flirting, it's rather sweet.
  • The ending picture at the end is both Ladybug and Cat Noir in the opposite direction from each other, but smiling back at one another. And in the center, Gina and Marinette are having ice cream together.


  • Adrien teaching Marinette fencing and complimenting her own getting a point off him.
  • While it does lead to her akumatization, Kagami is a Graceful Loser to Adrien.
  • Adrien wanting to return Kagami's fencing sword and ask for a rematch.
  • At the end, both Kagami and Adrien apologize at the same time — Him apologizing to her for their earlier duel which may have been her win; and her apologizing for attacking him as Riposte.
    • And when they talk about Marinette, Adrien explains that while Marinette may be clumsy, she would never cheat and is a kind girl. Kagami smirks at his description of Marinette and ask if he likes her and that she (Kagami) is happy to meet her (Marinette) in the future.
  • Both Adrien and Ladybug giving indirect kisses to each other.
  • Marinette showing some Character Development by not letting her jealousy of Kagami getting close to Adrien cloud her judgement. She is jealous, but her reason for naming Adrien the winner of their duel wasn't based on jealousy and she admits that she honestly didn't know. She also reminds Adrien (as Ladybug) to return Kagami's sword to her.
    • Honestly Marinette's attitude during the entire episode is refreshing, considering how off-beat she was for the previous two episodes. It seems she really did learn from acting on her jealousy in "Volpina". When Adrien tries to talk Riposte down and say Marinette made a mistake, Ladybug agrees and actually feels so bad about it she almost gives away her identity after Adrien says Marinette didn't mean to humiliate Kagami ("Of course not!"). She also makes an effort to not call Riposte by that name, but "that girl", which might be her jealousy peeking out, or it's simply because she doesn't know Kagami's name.
  • Tikki comforting Marinette after the latter is disappointed that Adrien only considers her a friend.
  • Ladybug telling Adrien that between her and him that Cat Noir is the better fencer of the two of them. More or less saying Cat Noir could have handled Riposte better than her. Sweet, considering how harsh Ladybug can be to Cat Noir and how her praise is hard to earn and how much she likes being in charge. She doesn't know it, but she just highly praised Cat Noir to his face.


  • When Markov is de-akumatized, Max is ready to sacrifice him, considering that perhaps he may be too dangerous to live. Ladybug encourages him not to, insisting that we all have trouble with our emotions and it is an important thing to forgive. Ladybug is giving Markov the same kindness and understanding she would give to any other human akuma victim!
  • Chloé's butler protecting Marlena (Alya's mother) during the robot attack. And both of them catching Mr. Ramier (aka Pigeon Man) after he is saved by Ladybug.


  • When the Gorilla is so angry about parking tickets that Hawk Moth has chosen him for his next victim, just seeing Adrien purges the chauffeur of all his negative feelings. Looks like the musclebound Perpetual Frowner is really a Bruiser with a Soft Center.
  • Marinette's classmates all being willing to join in on her convoluted plan to ask Adrien out. It's clear that by now she means more to them than just their class rep.
  • Marinette's interactions with Auguste's mother, starting with her decision to help them on the stairs even if it puts "Operation: Secret Garden" at risk, as well as trying to assure her after Auguste gets akumatized that Ladybug and Cat Noir will be there soon.
  • Cat Noir's interactions with Gigantitan come across like a father or an engaged older brother. He effectively both amuses and keeps an eye on Gigantitan, even moving Ladybug out of the baby's reach without breaking in conversation with her, the way an experience care-giver would do. Which considering that his alter-ego grew up as a sheltered only-child, with mostly adult influences, shows some astounding parental instincts.

Dark Owl

  • Ladybug, Cat Noir, and 'Cardboard Girl' *coughAlyacough* trying hard to give the Owl a super hero experience of his own instead of just arguing him out of his cape is very sweet.
  • Alya and Marinette having some nice, friendly time together in the end.
  • Once The Owl switches from trying superheroics to simply help people on the street with small problems, he stops being mocked and actually gains some well-deserved respect and admiration; he even takes time to take a selfie with some of his students. Even if everyone knows his secret identity by now, they still call Mr. Damocles by his hero name while in costume, showing how much they appreciate his good deeds.
  • In another display of the incredible trust between Ladybug and Cat Noir, she de-transforms in front of him with no doubt that he'll keep his eyes closed. Furthermore, he doesn't even look tempted to open them. Not even for the tiniest peak. It says volumes about how much he respects the boundaries Ladybug has set in their working relationship given that he really really wants them to know each other without the masks.


  • Pretty much the entire Marinette/Noir sequence jumps between this and tearjerking, starting from the cute smile and nod Marinette gives Cat when he asks if he could stay in her company...
    • Cat Noir immediately putting aside his own problems when he discovers Marinette too has heart troubles and proceeding to warm her up by giving her the surprise he prepared for Ladybug. The hug she gives him when she's lifted in his arms sells the moment more than anything.
  • Fake or not, Ladybug and Cat Noir pretending to be a couple, especially Ladybug wrapping herself on Cat's arm and kissing his cheek: the look on his face says that he clearly did not expect both instances, but definitely enjoyed.
  • Ladybug calling Cat Noir a friend and confessing she's already in love with someone, followed by Cat calling her his best friend too and accepting her reasons without questions.
    • On top of this, he kisses her cheek before he leaves, most likely an intentional nod to Ladybug kissing his cheek when they pretended to be a couple earlier. Under the mask, Ladybug turned the same color as her costume.
  • Marinette and André making peace in the end.
  • When Marinette meets up with Alya, Nino, Ivan, and Mylène, the latter has Ivan's arm around her. The same for Nino and Alya when they get some of André's ice cream.


  • After the day is saved, Ladybug asks Alya to return the Fox Miraculous, but she is initially reluctant and wants to keep the Fox Miraculous for herself. However, her intentions weren't about the fame of being a superhero nor a desire to be special, but because she genuinely wanted to help Ladybug and Cat Noir defend Paris. Also, after Ladybug signals that she's about to transform back, she says she's trusting Alya to make her final decision. When she's gone, Trixx tells her that she makes a good superhero because she's strong, brave, but most of all, trustworthy. Alya shows just how trustworthy she is by deciding to return the Miraculous, while not looking at Ladybug's civilian form to show just how much she respects her secret. Marinette smiles knowing that she made the right choice to choose the next Miraculous holder to be her best friend.


  • The reason why Adrien snuck out? He wanted to see a movie that his mom was in. At the end, he and Gabriel watch it together.
  • It doubles as Nightmare Fuel, but seeing Hawk Moth/Gabriel call for Gorizilla to release Ladybug when he realizes she is the only thing that can save Adrien, it becomes clear that whatever his intentions as Hawk Moth are, he's not willing to sacrifice his son.
  • Throughout the episode's second half, Ladybug is sure Cat Noir will come to help her. It's rare she displays such trust about him, showing their dynamics improved a little after Glaciator. Also, Adrien is visibly flattered.
  • Adrien leaping off the building when Ladybug asks, and even when Plagg points out that he's getting really close to the ground Adrien just replies that Ladybug said to jump and she'll save him. He was not exaggerating when he said he trusted Ladybug with his life.
  • At the end, Gabriel sits down to watch "Solitude" with Adrien. Too bad it's undermined by the Wham Shot right afterward.
  • Wayhem apologising for posting a photo of Adrien on the internet. It's a brief, easily forgettable moment but it's something none of Adrien's other fans have done before. Even more so that Adrien normally tends to grin and bear it when it when people invade his personal space, such as Chloé, and Wayhem apologised of his own initiative.

Captain Hardrock

  • At the end of the episode, Gabriel plays a duet alongside his son and allows him to go to his friend's concert. It's a small thing, but, like the events of Gorizilla, a sign that, in spite of his coldness and poor intentions, Gabriel really does care about his son, even if he's unable to show it most of the time.
  • In order to keep Captain Hardrock from getting to her, Luka pulls a Heroic Sacrifice by having Marinette hide under the bed and making it seem like she jumped out the window, allowing himself to be recaptured. This buys Marinette the time she needs to become Ladybug.
  • When Mrs. Couffaine is akumatized and the boat transforms, Ivan puts his arms around Mylene. Later when she introduces herself as Captain Hardrock you can see Alya and Nino holding each other and Rose and Juleka with their arms around each other.


  • Caline couldn't be akumatized to do evil, she could only be akumatized when she was convinced to use her power for love.
  • Nino choosing to stay with Alya while she turns into a love-addicted zombie:
    Nino: This isn't the first time we've been in trouble together.
  • Chloé giving a genuine, heartfelt apology to her teacher, which prompts a pretty nice embrace between them a moment later; Ladybug and Cat Noir watching the whole thing, including a rare, honest happy smile from Chloé, makes it even better, as Adrien is watching one of his childhood's friend's rare tender, kind moments, and Marinette is confirming that Caline was right about how Chloé really has a heart and only needs some encouragement.
    • Marinette actually says this to Alya in front of Chloé when Alya is blaming her for causing the Zombizou debacle, and apologizes for saying she didn't have a heart earlier. What's more? Chloé doesn't even say anything derogatory in response.
    • Chloé sacrificing herself to zombified Cat Noir so Ladybug can save the day.
  • A very sweet moment happens between Cat Noir and Ladybug when he blocks the zombies from coming after Chloé and Ladybug, and gets kissed as a result. Ladybug rushes to him and holds his face, not wanting to leave him, and he just calmly tells her to, and that she's the only one who can fix everything.
    • Also Cat Noir has attempted in past episodes to kiss Ladybug. In this episode, he doesn't even try it once (except when zombiefied).
  • Several small moments amongst the class, such as Ivan quickly rushing to Mylene's aid when Sabrina attacks her to Juleka comforting Rose in the bus. Kim and Alix, who both get kissed while keeping the zombies from Chloé, both express to Ladybug their total faith that she will fix everything.
    • When Miraculous Ladybug makes everyone revert back to normal, Rose and Juleka are hugging each other. They briefly break apart when they revert, and then hug again. Alix also jumps in. Similarly, Mylene and Ivan are kissing on a bench when they turn back. They keep on kissing.


  • Max taking Markov to the cinema. After what happened in Markov's last appearance in 'Robostus', it's nice to see that not only has Max agreed to keep his Robot Buddy, but he's also letting Markov participate in recreational activities like watching movies.
  • Tikki and Marinette are more often shown to be closer than Plagg and Adrien but the episode shows that Plagg does care for Adrien:
    Adrien: Why not? No one will know if I quit. No one will care.
    Plagg: I will!
    Adrien: Why? Because you won't have anyone to give you Camembert?
    Plagg: Oh, I'm sure there'll be another Chat Noir to give me cheese... but he won't be you.
  • As brief as it is seeing Alya as Rena Rouge again is nice, especially seeing that her foray with a Miraculous in Sapotis wasn't just a one time thing.
  • At the end of the episode, Kim asks Ondine to go to the movies with him, implying that he returns her feelings. The smile he gives her is adorable.


  • When Clara first asks Marinette to star in her video, Marinette declines. Obviously she can't tell Clara the real reason she doesn't want to be cast as Ladybug (because she is Ladybug). Instead the reason she uses is that she came with her friends and wants to stay with them. And it's implied that this isn't just an excuse: Marinette genuinely wanted to be with her friends as an extra.
    • Marinette's friends all hugging her in response.
    • At the end it even looks like Kim joins in with the hug.
  • Clara appears to be a very sweet person who truly cares about her fans and her art. After being told that she can't film her video, the first thing she does is apologise to her "beloved fans" - when the situation isn't even her fault - before running away crying.
  • Everyone in Marinette's class (sans Chloé) participates in Clara's final video, as well as the school's staff with normally-serious authority figures such as Mrs. Mendeleev, Mr. D'Agencourt and Mr. Damocles (who has been shown to be interested in superheroes) as well. Even recently-debuted characters like Ondine, Luka and Marc join in.
    • Even Sabrina is allowed to join in!
    • After the class watches the video, Marinette interacts with Adrien with her signature stuttering, before settling on how about how he looks nothing like Cat Noir. Adrien doesn't mind, happily telling Marinette that she's funnier than Ladybug and they both laugh about it, proving that Adrien's own relationship with Marinette is more than meets the eye.


  • Jagged Stone and Tom having fun 'rocking out' together. Then Jagged inviting Marinette to come join them, calling her his favorite little lady and bragging about how she designed his album cover.
    • When Jagged Stone accidentally finds his way into Marinette's room he can't help but comment on the unique style of her fashion designs and the pure talent Marientte has. He's also more than excited to find she keeps a cardboard standee of him, which he'd be more than happy to sign if she wants, in her room. Needless to say Jagged really does has a soft spot for Marinette.
  • Jagged Stone hugging Penny after she is de-akumatised.
    • Just about every interaction between Jagged and Penny shows just how much he appreciates her.
    • Penny's akumatisation results from her stress caused by everyone's demands; Alec and Bob berated her for accidentally cutting off the feed and Marinette stressfully asked her to get everyone to leave as she was afraid they'd see her secret photos of Adrien. However, Jagged only mentions that he's starting to feel allergic and he wants a tissue to sneeze on, which would be a normal reaction to an allergy. When Penny loses her temper, she shoves her co-workers out of the room and tells them to leave her alone. Jagged's reaction isn't apathetic like Bob and the others, he is visibly concerned about her and even looks back at the door feeling remorseful for pushing her around. It shows that Jagged cares about Penny and he never meant to provoke her.
  • Ladybug telling Penny that she looks after everyone else all the time, and she should take a moment so they can make sure she is okay.
  • Marinette and Adrien's interaction at the end of the episode. When Marinette claims that her photos of him are simply because she's into fashion, he pretends to buy it, assures her he's not weirded out because he's used to this sort of thing from fans, and invites her to one of his photo shoots. Before he leaves, he mentions that he's glad to have someone like Marinette as a fan.
    • In the French dub, he says he's glad to have someone like Marinette as a friend.
    • Additionally, Adrien feeling comfortable enough around Marinette to tease her.


  • Marinette tries to get Marc to come out of his shell a bit by inviting him to the art club. While it ultimately backfires, the gesture was nice of her.
  • Alix refuses to believe for a second that Marinette and Marc were trying to prank Nathaniel, even pointing out to Nath how out-of-character that would be for Marinette.
    • Alix and Nath's friendship in general qualifies.
  • Nathaniel and Marc, having reconciled, present their comic to the rest of the art club. They even dedicated the first issue to Marinette.
  • When Reverser turns Cat Noir into a sniveling coward, Ladybug is nothing but patient with him and doesn't even get fed up once with his behavior, not to mention how Cat Noir didn't hesitate to help her even when he was deathly afraid of everything.


  • Nino and Alya's relationship is well-demonstrated here. Even before he gets his Miraculous Nino goes toe-to-toe with a supervillain just to protect her.
  • Adrien facetiming. While it's sad that Gabriel still refuses to let Adrien leave his house, it's good to know that he and his friends are working to get around it somehow.
  • Master Fu being willing to give Marinette his own Miraculous when she decides it's the one she needs.
  • Alya, Nino and Marinette reconcile with Nora and invite her to the ice rink.


  • Marinette trusting Tikki enough to let her go to the ritual, even if it means she won't be able to transform.
  • Even though Plagg is being a goof when he meets up with Tikki, he gets serious as soon as she mentions Nooroo and says he's worried too.
  • Plagg calling Tikki "sugarcube", even though Tikki seems to find it annoying.
  • The entire scene with Tikki and Plagg meeting up with the other kwamis is adorable.
  • Cat Noir protecting Ladybug from nightmare Ladybug when she's de-powered.
  • Ladybug hugging the de-akumatized kid and comforting him.
  • At the end of the episode Plagg sees Marinette and Tikki cuddling. You'd think he'd be disgusted by all this mushy stuff, but he ends up going home and giving Adrien a hug and thanking him for letting him have his freedom. Adrien tells Plagg it's not a problem because he understands what it's like to be cooped up all the time.

Style Queen

  • Everyone encouraging Marinette when she's scared that Audrey will hate her hat design, especially Adrien.
  • Ladybug doing her signature fist bump with Plagg after they defeat Style Queen.
  • Chloé's gift may seem small and insignificant (especially to her mother), but it does show that she took the lessons of Ms.Bustier to heart and tried applying the kind gesture of giving a gift to her mother.
  • Chloe hugging Adrien when they are both turned back to normal. Then she and Adrien both go to check on Audrey.

Queen Wasp

  • After ages of being an aloof bordering on abusive dad, Gabriel shows up in public for the first time since his wife disappeared and his first act is to hug his son in front of everybody.
  • Audrey Bourgeois, who is infamous in the fashion world as being impossible to impress, is absolutely blown away by Marinette's design, comparing her and the raw emotion she put into her work to a young Gabriel. Gabriel himself, showing a rare smile, cheerfully admits Marinette does have the talent to become a world renowned designer.
  • It's confirmed that Gabriel is doing all of this out of a desire to see his wife again.
  • Nathalie, also in a rare show of affection, hugs Gabriel when she sees him in his Villainous BSoD. If it were anyone else, Gabriel would've snapped at them, but Nathalie? He... lets her in.
  • Chloé looking sadly at the destroyed Bee Miraculous and holding it close to her. It's a rare gentle moment from Chloé when you remember that Pollen should still be residing in it.
  • Ladybug and Cat Noir gently comforting Chloé and encouraging her to give back the miraculous because that's what a hero would do. She does, and sincerely apologizes to them.
  • Marinette choosing to help Chloé bond with her mother instead of going to New York with Audrey to pursue her dream of being a fashion designer.


  • There are various students, faculty, and staff celebrating Chloé leaving Paris for New York, except Ms. Bustier. She really did have faith and hope that Chloé is better than her peers believe.
  • When Marinette is led to Master Fu's shop, she asks for him to lend a Miraculous. She intends to get the Bee Miraculous for Chloé, but they are both initially reluctant as she had used her powers irresponsibly and endangered several civilians within a subway so she could look like a hero. Tikki advises Marinette to follow her instincts, and she ultimately chooses to do so as a sign that she's starting to trust Chloé to use her Miraculous.
  • Chloé tearfully admits to Ladybug about her hidden vulnerable side and how she's aware that she has no friends and thinks she's useless. Ladybug is gentle and compassionate toward her for the whole conversation. She even tells Chloé about how a friend (Adrien) said that nobody is useless. Imagine how touched Adrien/Cat Noir would feel if he were there to hear the whole exchange.
    • On a related note, when he's finally free from Malediktator's mind control, Cat Noir gets to see Queen Bee and Ladybug celebrating their victory and even doing the 'fist bump', with Chloé being particularly excited about the later. In other words, Adrien could see his childhood friend getting along with his crush/teammate.
  • Ladybug eventually lends Chloé the Bee Miraculous, and she is joyful to see Pollen again after it was destroyed by Cataclysm in the last episode. As Queen Bee, she isn't as arrogant and show-offish as she was in 'Queen Wasp'. Instead, she's willing to cooperate with Ladybug and her first action upon meeting Malediktator is to genuinely apologise to him for being responsible for his akumatization. Even though she still retained her bratty attitude and got Malediktator's attention, it was certainly a step up from how she acted like a Spoiled Brat earlier. Also, Queen Bee says "Sorry, Daddy" to Malediktator when she uses her Venom to paralyze him before letting Ladybug finish the job to destroy his sash and purify the akuma.
    • For her part, Pollen seemed genuinely happy to work with Chloé again.
  • Chloé begins to take a level in kindness since André is freed from his akumatization. When she sees Audrey berating him, she breaks up her parents' fight and decides to go home with them, which they accept. She then tells her butler that she is willing to disassemble her "secret lair" by herself, which is when Marinette comes to her and invites her to a party in the school. It turns out to be a party for Queen Bee, whose identity everyone knows at this point. At the end, Chloé pulls out the bejewelled phone case her father tried to bribe her with earlier, showing that she's finally accepted him. Even Adrien is impressed by the party, and Marinette says that Chloé's experiences as Queen Bee will help to change her.
    • A blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment; when Sabrina hugs her, Chloé actually is relieved and smiles that her friend would miss her.


  • Both Marinette and Adrien trying to reveal their love for their respective crushes, only to realized that it's only a dream.
    • In their imaginations, Cat Noir reveals to Ladybug that he's Adrien so they can finally be together, while at the same time, Marinette finally reveals her feelings to Adrien towards the end of the episode.
  • Kagami realizes that Adrien is upset and comforts him. Adrien really appreciates it and gives her his rose.
  • Despite being really painful for her, Marinette helps out Adrien with his date with Kagami. She's come a long way. And to his credit, Adrien isn't completely oblivious to Marinette, either. When she falls, he quickly breaks away from Kagami to help her up. And when Marinette takes off because she can't stand to see Adrien and Kagami together, Adrien's first instinct is to go see if she's all right.
  • Kagami's "I never hesitate" could actually be seen as this, depending on whether you interpret it as her giving Marinette advice because she's figured out that they both like each other (which does make sense, really; if she was just after Adrien herself, she'd have pulled him away sooner and left Luka to help Marinette up).
    • Similarly, when Marinette suggests going to the ice rink again with a group of their friends, she specifically mentions Kagami. She might be slightly jealous, but she's still willing to consider Kagami a friend; our girl's come a long way since Volpina.
  • After Phillipe is deakumatized, Adrien takes a selfie with him and sends a message on social media about how he makes ice skating fun, and tells him that he hopes that it'll encourage more people to go to the ice rink. Kagami tells Adrien that he still does what others want him to do, but Adrien tells her that he just wanted to make Phillipe happy. Behind them, Marinette is seen thanking Phillipe as well.
  • Adrien tells the Gorilla that he is really meeting Kagami at the ice rink instead of for fencing, and Gorilla drives him there instead of ratting him out. It's nice that Adrien has at least one parental figure in his life who cares about what he wants first.


  • Natalie willingly letting herself be akumatized to help Gabriel/Hawk Moth.
  • Nora protecting her sisters from the akuma.
  • Nino and Wayzz already have a secret handshake.
  • When Hawk Moth's red butterflies start to swarm the school, Adrien's first reaction is to protect Marinette. Including tackling her to the ground away from the butterflies and covering most of his body over her.


  • Seeing Chat Noir working so well with Carapace and Queen Bee is pretty nice to see that even if they don't know it, it really shows Adrien's friendships with Nino and Chloé well.
  • When all the other heroes have been akumatized, Ladybug is starting to wonder if they really can take on an entire army. Chat Noir doesn't doubt her for a moment, telling her it's always been the two of them against the world and he'll stay with her.
    • Plagg giving half his cheese to Adrien. There's no reason for him to do it besides to cheer Adrien up, and Adrien clearly appreciates it.
  • The first moment after Ladybug and Cat Noir leap over the barrier and Nora raises the flag of France between Luka and Anarka declaring that all the citizens of Paris will fight for its heroes. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
  • A villainous one from Hawk Moth, surprisingly - when cornered, he flat-out begs Nathalie not to use the Peacock Miraculous, even though he's seemingly got no way out. Given that it's Cast from Hit Points, that level of concern is amazing coming from a relative sociopath like him.
    • Later, he's seen gently chastising an exhausted Nathalie, urging her that it was too dangerous. This whole time, he's been holding back on calling on a formidable ally rather than risk his confidante's life.
    • And then Nathalie insists that it was Worth It, because she had to protect him no matter what. This prompts Gabriel Agreste to flash a rare smile, and hold her hand in gratitude.
  • The whole class coming together to help Marinette keep her promise by organizing a picnic. Adrien makes a point of citing some of the ways that Marinette's helped everyone out, and that it's only fair that they help her in return. Worth noting is the way Adrien refers to Marinette as the class' "everyday-life Ladybug." Considering his crush on Ladybug as Chat Noir, that's the highest compliment that Adrien could give anyone.
  • Marinette closing out the season by taking a major step in acting on her feelings for Adrien by kissing him on the cheek. In front of everyone. And Adrien's smile suggests that he didn't mind one bit.

    Season 3
"Everything will be okay, I promise."
  • Despite several attempts to expose her Lila actually made an effort to find a peaceful way to deal with Marinette before she resorts to threats.
  • Once again, Lila's Akumatized form refuses to involve civilians in a fight beyond taking their looks.
  • It's Played for Laughs, but Plagg trying to wake Adrien up by kissing him is pretty sweet.
  • The way Adrien looks at Marinette before going to sit next to her is heartwarming.
  • Near the end of the episode, Adrien agrees with Marinette when she points out that Lila's lying. He only encourages her to not challenge her lies because he thinks that Lila's ensuing humiliation (and likely attempts at payback) would only cause more trouble for Marinette.
    • And Adrien gave her this advice after his own reputation took a hit from Lila in the form of looking like the victim of the week/ a Jerkass in front of his classmates.
  • The rest of the class (sort of) makes up for moving Marinette to the back of the class without asking for her input by asking for the seating arrangements to be changed back to normal.
    • Alya, in particular, tells Marinette that she wouldn't let her BFF sit by herself.note 


  • Adrien and Kagami are having some very sweet bonding moments. Chloé's sabotage backfires and they end up even closer.
  • Marinette is the first person who actually recognizes Thomas Astruc. He is so touched that he gives her his seat.


  • As soon as Rolland is deakumatized he immediately starts worrying about Marinette.
  • Rolland starting to appreciate Marinette and reconciling with his son.
    Rolland: You're not a traditional granddaughter, Marinette. And you know what? I like it.
  • After 20 years Rolland finally reunites with his son.


  • Pretty much everything between Master Fu and Marianne. They seem to have a true love.
  • It's Played for Laughs, but Adrien did travel around England looking for constipation pills for Marinette, and gave them to her without question, criticism, or comment.


  • Luka encourages his younger sister Juleka to model for Marinette and is very supportive to her.
  • Rose kissing Juleka on her cheek before leaving was really a cute moment.
  • Alya creates several opportunities for Marinette to ask Adrien out and nudges her to do it.
  • Despite knowing the risks Nathalie does not hesitate to become Mayura again in order to support Hawk Moth.
  • The Gorilla allows himself to be persuaded to drive Adrien and his friends to the Eiffel Tower so that they have their photo shooting. Later he also grants them extra time and even participates in the shooting.
  • After walking in each other's shoes, Ladybug and Cat Noir have learned to appreciate each other and their roles much more.
  • Marinette realizes how much the modeling means to Juleka and lets her model with Adrien.


  • Tom's enthusiasm in setting up Marinette and Chat's date, intent on making Marinette happy as she gets to spend time with her supposed crush.
    • Eventually, after Chat tells Marinette that he loves someone else, she feigns sadness in an overdramatic way and leaves to go to her bedroom, causing Tom to loathe Chat and swear never to let anyone break Marinette's heart again, giving him enough resentment to be akumatized into Weredad. Even if it was a misunderstanding, it's the thought that counts: Tom was akumatized out of love and fatherly instinct towards his daughter.
  • Sabine talking in a calm, forgiving manner towards Chat Noir after blaming himself for Tom's akumatization, and having faith in him saving her husband.
  • At the end of the episode, Marinette tells Chat that even if they aren't a couple, they can just be friends. Chat apologises for hurting her and tells her that she really is an amazing girl, then gives her a genuine hug this time. From Marinette's touching smile during the hug, her relationship with Chat is starting to make progress, an inverse of "Mayura" that's just as sweet.


  • Pretty much every interaction between Luka and Marinette in this episode is adorable. To summarize:
    • Luka is nothing but supportive towards Marinette when she's designing Kitty Section's costumes, and he's quick to approve of the finished product.
    • When they realize that XY stole their ideas, Luka specifically mentions Marinette's designs, while Marinette specifically mentions Luka's song.
    • While Luka's already mad at Bob Roth and XY, he doesn't get akumatized until after the former threatens Marinette. It's even noted by Hawk Moth in his villainous speech:
      "The anger of the creator whose work has been stolen by an unscrupulous individual, and who, to top it off, cannot bear that someone made the girl he is in love with suffer. Go little akuma, and evilise his pure heart."
    • After getting akumatized, not only does Silencer not steal Marinette's voice, he ends up confessing his love to her. To top it off, he ends up repeating this confession word for word after he gets de-akumatized.
      "You're the most extraordinary girl, Marinette. As clear as a musical note and as sincere as a melody. You're the music that's been playing inside my head since the first day we met. I won't let anything happen to you."


  • Kagami still has the rose Adrien gave her in Frozer (also a photo of both of them). It is clear that she loves him.
  • The fireman who hears out Marinette’s concerns regarding Lila’s lying nature and her worry for Adrien. It’s nice see an adult hear her out about her love life; he even helps her (safely) look over the Agreste Mansion wall.
  • While Lila lies a lot, her claim to love Adrien was sincere, as her horn did not react.
  • As Chat Noir, Adrien prioritizes returning Kagami’s rose to her and getting her home after she’s de-akumatized. The usually stoic Kagami is seen smiling all throughout.
  • When Kagami compliments Adrien’s fencing skills he tells her that he is only trying to be worthy of her (making her blush and smile).


  • When Chloé is upset that Ladybug continues to ignore her, Sabrina and her butler do their best to cheer her up.
  • Miraculer tries to steal powers for her and Chloé so that they can become superheroes and be friends again.
  • The quick flashbacks showcasing Chloé and Sabrina, along with Chloé's butler, playing around dressed up as Ladybug and Cat Noir, genuinely having fun together, and even shown falling asleep cuddled up together.
  • Chloé, as Queen Bee, aids the other heroes in restraining Miraculer so they can get to the akuma. When Miraculer tells Chloé "I thought we were friends", Chloé responds by stating that Miraculer is not her friend, but Sabrina is.


  • After spending the episode trying to piece together who they are, and knowing that when Ladybug uses "Miraculous Ladybug" they won't remember what has happened Chat Noir asks Ladybug for a kiss, and unlike all the other times before, knowing who is behind that mask, Ladybug only smiles and kisses him.
  • Marinette is initially scared of Tikki, but after a brief conversation rushes forward to snuggle her.


  • When Desperada appears Kagami immediately shields Adrien. She even tries to attack her.
  • Rose takes a "bullet" for Juleka.
  • The interactions between Ladybug and Aspik always end in failure but they are still adorable.
  • Jagged Stone reconciles with Vivica and rehires her.


  • Master Fu gives Marinette the Horse Miraculous so that she can enjoy the trip to London without leaving Paris unprotected. Even a superheroine deserves to have fun.
  • Rose sleeping with her head in Juleka's lap.
  • Marinette and Adrien are sleeping with her head resting on his shoulder. Everybody but Lila is touched.
    • When Lila tries to intervene and wake Marinette up to get help for her "motion sickness" Alya stops her gently.
    • Sabrina immediately offers Lila to help her with her "problem".
    • Alya takes a photo of them so that Marinette has a keepsake of that moment. Marinette appreciates it very much.
  • Claudie Kanté passed the test and will become an astronaut. Max is the first to congratulate her.


  • Master Fu trusts Marinette so much that he allows her to take almost every Miraculous he has.
  • Ms. Mendeleiev realizes that the Kwamis have to remain a secret and agrees to let it go. She consoles herself by cosidering herself way ahead of her time just like Copernicus.


  • Plagg plays piano with Adrien to cheer him up.
  • When Master Fu realizes that Feast will come after the Miraculouses he takes the ring and the earrings back and tries to leave Paris so that his heroes and the city will be save.
  • Marinette and Adrien defending Master Fu despite having no Miraculous.
  • Ladybug and Cat Noir destroy Feast for good, undoing Master Fu's mistake and bring back the temple, the monks and the Miraculouses.
  • Master Fu formally chooses Marinette as his worthy successor.

Gamer 2.0

  • When Ladybug and Cat Noir are forced to compete against each other he does not fight but sacrifices himself without hesitation.
  • After his defeat Gamer surrenders peacefully and even congratulates Ladybug.
  • Ladybug, who has spent the entire episode stressed over her civilian and superhero obligations, asks Cat Noir how he manages to have fun. Cat replies that he has the most fun when he's with her, and he would give up everything for just those moments.
  • Marinette bring Max over to her house to test out his new video game with his parents.
  • The brief scene with Marc and Nathaniel suggests that their Ladybug comic is being officially published, as there's a finished issue on the table in front of them and Marc mentions them having a meeting with their editor. Good for you, guys.

Party Crasher

  • Nino, Kim, Max, and Ivan sneaking into Adrien's house so they can throw him a party. This is probably the first time that Adrien's enjoyed his Gilded Cage, as he now has friends to share his gifts with.

Stormy Weather 2

  • When Chloé is bullying Aurore, Marinette stands up for her and offers her to help with her grades. Aurore appreciates it.
  • When Stormy Weather attacks Chloé Sabrina jumps in front of her to protect her.

Ikari Gozen

  • Aurore Beauréal and Mireille Caquet are clearly friends by now and appear on television together.
  • Tomoe is loosening up and allows Kagami to spend time with her friends.
  • Marinette tries to protect Kagami from her mother’s wrath by making up an excuse for her. It makes Kagami so happy that the Akuma meant for her lose its target.
  • Marinette and Kagami finally become friends.
    • And the reason that Marinette befriends Kagami? It's because she realizes that Kagami is basically Adrien at the beginning of the series and in a move that parallels the start of Adrien and Nino's friendship, decides to be the first person to reach out.


  • Ramier is so sorry about having been akumatized once again that he treats Ladybug and Cat Noir to ice cream. He does it again after his 25th akumatization. It's worth noting that despite how frustrated they are with Mr. Pigeon, Ladybug and Cat never blame Ramier and even try to think of solutions to stop him from getting akumatized.
    Ramier: Please don't tell me it happened again.
    Ladybug: It's okay Mr. Ramier. We'll always be here to bring you back to the good side.
  • Lila is babysitting Etta, Ella and Chris so that Alya and Nino can go to the movies; while it's very possible that Lila has some ulterior motive, she's doing a pretty good job and the children are enjoying themselves.
  • As Plagg points out, even if it's still unclear if they'll become a couple, Adrien will still work with Ladybug as adults, making this a lasting, stable partnership.
  • Alix and her adult version are very fond of each other.
  • Although we never see either of their faces, Future Ladybug has a brief interaction with her younger self through one of Bunnyx's portals encouraging her:
    Future Ladybug: See, girl? We did it! We always will.

The Puppeteer 2

  • Adrien duels with Hawk Moth's wax figure and holds himself up against it for a short time so that Marinette can escape.
  • Nino’s way of cheering up Alya as she mourns her actions as Lady WiFi is to tell her to alter the way she sees the akuma victims; not as super villains, but as people Ladybug and Chat Noir have saved.
  • When Marinette is heartbroken after learning that Adrien is in love with somebody else Tikki manages to comfort her a little bit.

Cat Blanc

  • When Marinette has once again doubts about confessing to Adrien, Alya and her other friends accept no excuses and encourage and cheer for her until she goes through with it.
  • Adrien finally realizes that Ladybug and Marinette are the same person, and is beyond happy. He and and Marinette become a couple soon afterwards. The other girls watch in delight.
    • While Chloé is extremely furious about this development, Sabrina is happy for them.
    • And Luka is successfully fulfilling his alternate-timeline promise that he’ll be happy for Marinette and Adrien if it works out, playing with the rest of Kitty Section in the vignette which shows Adrien & Marinette, along with Nino & Alya, slow-dancing on the Liberty.
  • When the Gorilla sees how devastated Adrien is, he ignores his orders and lets him go after Marinette.
  • Cat Noir saves Marinette from the akuma, revealing himself in the process. They hug immediately afterwards.
  • When Ladybug and Cat Noir attack Hawk Moth in his lair, Mayura is nowhere to be seen. This implies that Nathalie was not willing to fight against Adrien.
  • It's incredibly sad, but Ladybug clearly holds a lot of sympathy for the akumatized Cat Noir, and is clearly desperate to find his akuma.
  • When Cat Blanc calmed down once again after Ladybug persuaded him to not use Cataclysm to destroy the universe, he declares he is no longer Cat Noir while flicking his bell, where his akuma is located. Although he claims to be this, you can see that his Cat Noir/Adrien part is not completely gone as he claimed, by giving a clue where his akuma actually is. So Ladybug is finally able to reach his bell and free her partner from akumatization.
    • When Ladybug attempts to kiss him, instead of happily hugging or kissing her first, he just... stays silent and doesn't even aggressively attack or find the opportunity to take her Miraculous.
    • After Ladybug successfully freed Cat Noir from his akumatization, the purified white butterfly lands in his hands, before he gently lets it fly away in the sky. Even a tiny butterfly that was used to corrupt him was able to make him give it a look of sympathy.
  • In the end, Ladybug is happy that she managed to stop Cat Noir from getting akumatized and spend some time with him, resting her head on his shoulder.


  • Adrien considers Nathalie a part of his family and hopes that she and his father will be happy together. All in all, he handles the idea with a lot of maturity and understanding.
  • Since it has been one year since Emilie disappeared, all of Adrien's friends send him videos to cheer him up. This includes Nino, Alya, Luka, Juleka, Rose, Kim, Max, Alix, Nathaniel, Marc, Ivan, Mylène, Kagami, Lila, Chloé, and of course Marinette. While Adrien never gets to see the videos he still appreciates it and sends them a video of his own.
  • When Marinette is scared of Adrien's reaction to her confession, Luka reassures her.
    Luka: You know, I'll be really happy for you and Adrien if it works out. And if it doesn't, I'll be here for you.
  • Lila immediately sends Félix video to Gabriel Agreste. This time she tries to protect Adrien from an actually bad influence.
  • Adrien quickly realizes what Félix has done. He still pretends to be him so that the Punisher Trio goes after him instead of his cousin.
  • When Princess Fragrance, Reflekta and Lady Wifi attack Adrien, Nathalie fights against them (without transforming) to protect him.
  • When Félix gives a fake apology, Adrien immediately forgives him and offers him his help.
  • Since Félix "murdered" one of Plagg's beloved Camemberts, Adrien spends him a new one.
  • Even Akumatized the trio quickly realize they were tricked once they see Félix and change their target to him saying that of course Adrien was too nice to send that video.
  • Félix seems to genuinely love his mother and did what he did to try to get Gabriel's ring which he offers to her when he sucesfully steals it. He also seems to have at least made up with Adrien by the end based on his lack of negative look when they say goodbye.


  • When Marinette is in trouble with her teacher all her classmates stand up for her (especially Adrien and Alya).
  • As the akumas swarm the locker room, Chloé uses herself as a human shield to protect Sabrina from the swarm. This, along with the events of the episode Miraculer, showcases that despite her usual behavior, Chloé genuinely cares about Sabrina.
  • Alya tries herself as detective to prove Marinette's innocence.
  • Adrien agrees to let Lila be his muse for photo shootings and desists to cut ties with her in exchange for her helping Marinette back into the school.
    • Lila chooses the chance to get closer to Adrien instead of alienating him even further over her revenge on Marinette (Granted she looked at Nathalie to get her permission).
  • After all Marinette had to endure she is still willing to give Lila another chance.
  • Gabriel choosing Nathalie over his scheme without any hesitation, as well as his concern for her throughout the whole episode. Even being willing to leave his hideout and fight both Cat Noir and Ladybug directly, as Hawk Moth to save her from being caught by them.
  • Unhealthy as it is, Nathalie's dedication to Gabriel. Duusu even becomes emotional about this, proclaiming how romantic it is.

Heart Hunter

  • When Marinette trips and drops her boxes, Adrien and Kagami immediately come to her help.
  • Marinette, Adrien and Kagami stealing away from the boring party, bonding and having fun.
  • Marinette realizing how close Adrien and Kagami have become and withdrawing so that she won't get in their way.
    • Even though Kagami isn't willing to give Adrien up, she is worried that she'll hurt Marinette by being with him.
  • Kagami and Adrien kissing.
  • Luka comforting the crying and devastated Marinette, assuring her that he'll be there for her even if she can't tell him what's bothering her.

Miracle Queen

  • Nino is visting Alya and her family which is very welcoming towards him.
  • Max and his mother getting the spacesuit.
  • Kim and Ondine spending time at swimming bath and clearly having fun.
  • André and Audrey having rekindled their love.
  • Luka and Kagami sacrificing themselves for Marinette and Adrien giving them the chance to escape and fight back.
  • Whenever Ladybug is blaming herself and despairing Cat Noir comforts and encourages her. Later Master Fu does the same.
  • Since the Peacock Miraculous is fixed it is unlikely that Nathalie will suffer the same fate as Emilie.
  • Master Fu may have lost his memories but at least he is finally reunited with Marianne.
  • Adrien and Kagami getting together at the end of the episode. And rather than stewing on that, Marinette goes to Luka for comfort.
  • Master Fu's letter to Marinette, in which he tells her (And us, by proxy) that even though life doesn't always turn out like you hoped, life itself is the true gift.

Santa Claws
  • The opening sequence with Marinette greeting everyone at the shop. Even Sabrina shows up, and Marinette sounds genuinely excited to see her.
  • Adrien opening Marinette's present, a Santa hat, and finding the card inside from her. The way his mood turns around is a pretty good indicator of how much he values her friendship.
  • Adrien's entire interaction with Santa Claus - helping him when he sees him being abused by bratty children, giving him the hat from Marinette, and inviting him to Christmas dinner when he gives him a lift home.
  • Everyone searching for Adrien when he's found missing.
  • The Boy That I Secretly Love, which is Ladybug's Declaration of Protection towards Adrien... in the form of a song.
    It's a good thing I'm here! I'll protect him without fear!
    This boy that I secretly looove...
    And with all of my might, I'll save you tonight!
    You're the boy that I secretly looove...
  • After the akuma is defeated and Adrien is returned home, most of the class and a few of their families show up to join them for dinner, glad to see he's safe. In addition, the fact that Gabriel let them in.
  • The way Nino throws his arms around Adrien and shouts, "Brother!" is adorable and it pretty much sums up their entire friendship.
  • Natalie politely but firmly telling Gabriel that it is also Adrien's first Christmas without his mother and that he should go see his son.

  • "The Presentation": Marinette listing off all of Tikki's good qualities. She calls Tikki the best Kwami, and Tikki, in turn, calls her the best Marinette.
  • In "Cat Noir as seen by Marinette", Marinette admits that as annoying as Cat's grandstanding, puns, and flirting can be, he's still a great partner and maybe if Adrien wasn't around, she'd probably look at him differently. Then she has a minor freakout at the idea of no Adrien.
  • "Lila": Marinette believes that Lila still can be saved so she decides to try and help her with Adrien's support.

  • This cute image of Adrien and Marinette.


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