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Shout Out / Mike, Lu & Og

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  • In "Roller Madness", Lancelot skates out of a brush with a blade of grass over his eyes and bamboo in his mouth, which makes him look like a Ninja Turtle.
  • In "Palm Pet", Mike decides to adopt a tiny palm tree as her pet and muses "Roy Rogers's got Trigger, Timmy's got Lassie, and I've got a palm tree."
  • In "Nobody's Nose", Mike realizes that the natives are coming for her when her drink ripples to their footsteps.
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  • In "Money", Mike vows end the island's money problem and shouts "I'm mad as heck, and I'm not gonna take it anymore!"
  • In "Flustering Footwear Flotsam", Og starts dancing uncontrollably after putting on red tap shoes, a reference to the Hans Christian Andersen story The Red Shoes.
  • In "Sleeping Ugly", Lady Hortense's dress is designed and colored like that of Snow White.