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Shout Out / Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

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  • Seeing as this is a Spiderman movie, expect a lot of Spiderman easter eggs.
    • The comic that Ganke is reading is an issue about the possibilities of other Spidermen existing in different universes.
    • Peter's life montage is a nod to all the previous Sam Raimi films.
  • Peter Porker's animation and design looks reminiscent to the Looney Tunes. He also looks similar to Porky Pig.
    • Even lampshaded when the Spiders return to their home dimensions. Porker's last words are "That's All, Folks!", prompting an immediate reply from Peter: "Is that even legal?"
  • Many have pointed out how Peni Parker's Sp//dr robot looks similar to Dva's mech.
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  • In the background of Gwen's reality in her focus trailer is a poster advertising Clone College.