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     Pre-Release Theories 
Kingpin will be the Greater-Scope Villain
  • No offense to Kingpin, but he's a human crime boss. Why would a superhuman being from another dimension be either less of a direct, immediate threat and/or subservient to him and not someone like his father, Solus?
    • Seems like he will actually be the Big Bad and the Inheritors are actually Adapted Out.
      • Confirmed to be the case.

There will be a Five-Man Band of Web Warriors consisting of
  • The Leader: Peter Parker/Spider-Man I
  • The Lancer: Miles Morales/Spider-Man II
  • The Big Guy: Miguel O’Hara/Spider-Man 2099
  • Plucky Comic Relief: Peter Porker/Spider-Ham
  • The Heart: Gwen Stacy/Spider-Gwen/Spider-Woman
  • Other possible Web Warriors could be:
    • Spider-UK
    • SP//dr
    • Spider-Man Noir
      • SP//dr and Spider-Man Noir are confirmed to be in the film.
      • Miguel O’Hara isn't in the movie. Except for the post-credits Stinger.

Miles's universe does have a version of the Avengers/Ultimates.
They could use it as a joke when Peter is describing the threat they're facing and Miles simply says, "Why don't we just call the Avengers/Ultimates?"

If this universe does have a version of the Avengers/Ultimates, it will consist of legacy characters.
Thor will be Jane Foster, Captain America will be Samantha Wilson, Iron Man will be Riri Williams, the Hulk will be Amadeus Cho, Hawkeye will be Kate Bishop, Captain/Ms Marvel will be Kamala Khan, and the Sorcerer Supreme will be Jericho Drumm.
  • None show up.

The Prowler is in league with Morlun.
And it's through Miles that he switches sides (or, more in tune with Aaron Davis, stays an asshole).
  • Jossed. Morlun is nowhere to be found and Aaron is killed by Kingpin after Aaron discovers Miles' secret and refuses to kill him.

Miles's mom is already dead in this universe.
Whether it's because of Venom or not will be seen.
  • Jossed. It was confirmed she would be in the film and we hear her in the newest trailer.

If this movie does well, it will inspire more big-budget Marvel-animated movies
Maybe Fox and Blue Sky could make an X-Men movie or Disney make more movies based on Marvel properties like they did with Big Hero 6
  • Perhaps these could be more films done by Sony Pictures Animation, detailing several of the different Spider-Man related characters and also the spider-people of other worlds, possibly even including a brand new character created for another film. They can all tie back to this one.
  • Sony confirmed they are considering / developing a direct sequel and spin-offs including Spider-Gwen.

This will be the first PG-13 mainstream animated film in the market.
It could be an easy way to break the Animation Age Ghetto, generate a ton of positive publicity for the movie, and establish it as a superhero movie first and an animated movie second.
  • I doubt it. Given that it's released under the main Sony Animation label, it'll be given a PG rating, like most Sony Animation movies.
  • PG-13 or not, the teaser trailer definitely puts more emphasis on action than on comedy, which is very rare for an animated movie.It actually feels like the trailer for a live-action superhero movie.
  • Jossed: A recent trailer unsurprisingly revealed that it's rated PG.
    • However, unlike other PG rated animated films, it stretches its rating quite a lot, so it comes quite close to a PG-13 film.

The movie will Hand Wave why the MCU Spider-Man isn't present.
The most likely assumption is that it'll be concurrent (albeit across the multiverse) with Avengers: Infinity War, with MCU Peter Parker having to face a much bigger crisis in his homeworld.
  • Jossed. He's not mentioned at all, and as of Infinity War he's currently facing the crisis of being dead.

The movie will justify the existence of the Venom movie provided that it doesn't take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Into the Spider-Verse will clearly establish Venom as taking place in yet another Alternate Continuity that exists alongside, but is separate from, the MCU.
  • Jossed. Venom doesn't get a look in.

Casting for Peter Parker

There will be a few jabs at the MCU
It's a Phil Lord/Christopher Miller movie after all.
  • Jossed. The film focuses on other parts of Marvel lore, with particular attention given to the Raimi films.

Morlun's family won't appear.
Instead, anyone who helps him hunt various Spider-People is simply a hired goon or alternate versions of himself.
  • Sort of confirmed: Morlun's family doesn't appear, but that's because Morlun himself is completely absent.

Possible Alternate-Universe Spider-People

Miles doesn't have an alternate-universe counterpart or another version of himself on another world
The fact that he is the only version of him in the multiverse would make him special to Morlun.
  • Jossed, since the rule with Marvel is that all of their various works are set on a world in the Marvel multiverse, and Miles has his original Ultimate Comics version, but has appeared in two different cartoon series, several video games, and has even been revealed to have a counterpart in the main Marvel continuity, Earth-616, and the MCU. The Miles in this is one of many.

The movie is an adaptation of Spider-Verse, and these two incarnations of the web-slinger were among the incarnations of Spider-Man not allowed to appear in the crossover event because of licensing issues. Since Sony is making this movie and owns the rights to those versions of Spidey, they could use the movie as an opportunity to resolve their storylines, or at least appease the fans with short cameos assuring us that New Animated Series Spidey went back to fighting crime and that Spectacular Spidey eventually saw to it that Norman Osborn got his comeuppance.
  • Jossed; neither appear.

If Superior Spider Man will appear, there will be a moment where his own team of Spiders rebel...
...and he and Peter fight, but Otto almost ends up winning and almost kills Peter, but Miles gets motivated and saves him because he does not want another Peter Parker to die.
  • Jossed; no Superior Spidey this time.

There will be a Take That! aimed at Disney
Specifically, there will be a dig at Disney over losing Phil Lord and Chris Miller being fired from Solo.
  • How about Marvel? They could have a character say Miles should call himself "Spy-D" instead of Spider-Man, only for Miles to respond that it's a terrible name and that anyone who would insist he change it to that just wants to make him look bad.
    • Except Miles calling himself Spidey is just an unconfirmed rumor as of this writing. Why would they do a take that about something that's probably not even real? That's beyond ridiculous. And doing a Take That about Solo wouldn't make sense either. They are not going to be petty for no reason. It would also be very pot and kettle.
  • Jossed.

There will be original Spider Men
  • one where Harry Osborn was bitten instead of Peter
  • one where J Jonah Jameson was bitten and his anti Spider-Man Campaign is used to infiltrate the criminal underworld Alan the Green Hornet
    • This actually happened in the comics, the part of an alternate version of Jameson becoming Spider-Man that is.
    • Jossed; all the Spideys are at least based off ones that already exist.

Peter Parker is not Peter Parker, or is an evil version of himself, and will turn out to be the Big Bad
This plot twist could work for a couple of reasons:
  • This universe's Peter Parker is supposed to be dead, so it's not out of the question that this isn't the Peter we know and love.
  • The trailer seems to imply that one of Miles' big character arcs is going to be becoming his own Spider-Man rather than just copying Parker. What better way to end that arc by taking down an evil Parker.
  • If the filmmakers want to cram in as many Spider-Men as possible, this could be an opportunity for "Peter" to turn out to be the Ben Reilly version of the Scarlet Spider.
  • He could be training Miles as his dragon for when he tries to do... his bad things. Who knows what.
  • As a Moment of Awesome, several multiverse Spider-Men could come to take out evil Peter in the finale, a la Iron Man 3
  • It could also function as a shoutout to The Flash. "You're no Peter Parker!"
  • Jossed; this Peter's just as heroic as any other.

The Inheritors will not appear.
  • The winged creature in the trailer doesn't look like Morlun or his siblings, there will be a different villain that will have their role.
    • It looked more like a Goblin, especially since they used a fireball attack that looked very similar to their infamous Pumpkin Bombs.
    • Confirmed. Kingpin is the Big Bad, and the winged creature is our old friend Norman Osborn.

The Prowler will be working for the hunter of the Spiders, in an enemyMine stituation with the Spiders or a Big Bad Wannabe.
  • No offence to Ultimate Prowler as he is a good villain would be an ideal candidate for the Big Bad of a normal Miles movie, but this is an alternate dimensional movie with different Spider Men and he is just a cat burglar.
    • As it turns out, this Prowler is basically one of Kingpin's henchmen.

This universe's Peter will die at the start of the film, right after Miles gets his powers.
We see in the trailer that Peter is still around at an early part of the film (unless this is the older!Peter, pretending to be the younger one). Since they appear to be keeping Miles' origin story just similar enough, this is a possibility; it'll be the event that causes Miles to realize that he should be using his powers to help people.
  • Confirmed. He dies the night after Miles gets bitten.

Peter, the one who comes from another universe to mentor Miles, has a family
Said family consists of his wife and daughter. If this film is successful, said daughter will become Spider-Girl is Spider-Girl: Into the Spider Verse, a quasi sequel to this film.
  • Then why does he look like a deadbeat? Spider-Girl's Dad/Peter had his shit together. This Peter looks almost homeless or at least broke.
    • He's got graying hair and hasn't shaved and besides, we don't know the circumstances his character is in. Even if he is broke though, that doesn't mean he can't have a family somewhere.
  • Jossed, the whole reason his life fell apart was because he DIDN'T want a family.

The antagonist of the movie will be an obscure villain.
  • Task Master. PLEASE.
    • It's unlikely Sony can use him.
  • Jossed. It's Spider-Man classic Kingpin.

Miles saying "I love you" to his dad will be used again for a dramatic scene later on.
Maybe Miles' dad is going to be kidnapped or horribly injured or something, and Miles will say this to him again, this time with complete sincerity.
  • Second Official Trailer confirms that it is brought back later on, albeit in a seemingly more comedic context.
    • Confirmed for a dramatic context as well. Miles' dad says it to him after Aaron dies, but Miles is gagged and cannot respond.

Even if Takuya Yamashiro doesn't show up in the movie, at least the Marveller/Leopardon will.
It would be a great chance for the Spider-Men to make good use of it in a recent Spider-Man production as a ship that they can gather on and use for transport. That is, if Toei will allow it.
  • One of Miles's illustrations looks suspiciously like Leopardon, but the actual WMG is jossed; Leopardon itself doesn't appear.

The movie's version of Spiderman Noir is a Hard Boiled Detective, instead of a Vigilante.
Going by the clothes and the voice that they picked for Spiderman Noir, instead of a vigilante, this version of Spiderman Noir is a private detective.
  • Confirmed.

Miles' parents die at some point
It will be what drives Miles to do some climactic heroic stuff and cause a Cosmic Retcon where his parents are returned to life, leading to that scene in the trailer where Miles embraces his parents much to their surprise and confusion.
  • Jossed; they both survive.

There will be a Final Battle
With Loads And Loads Of Spider-Men leaping into action and becoming a treasure chest of a scene full of Freeze Frame Bonuses for fans.
  • There is a pretty intense final battle between all the Spideys and the surviving villains, but nobody new appears for the fight.

Peni Parker's world is also home to Big Hero 6

  • If that theory turns out to be the case then perhaps she is even related to Hiro. They do look somewhat similar (at least their hair does to me anyway.)
    • At least partially Jossed, as she's from the 31st century. BH 6 could have existed in the distant past.

New Five-Man Band theory for the Spider-Men.
I was inspired to make this after seeing the theory near the top about this and decided to make my own veriso since we know the Spider-(Wo)Men who will be appearing...
  • The Leader: Miles Morales (He is the main character after all)
    • Jossed; he can barely even use his powers for most of the film.
  • The Lancer: Peter Parker (He is the older more experienced Spider-Man in contrast to the younger Miles)
  • The Smart Guy: Peni Parker (She does ride a mech around so she is presumably more tech savvy than most)
    • Confirmed; among other things, she's the one who fixes the USB.
  • The Big Guy: Peter Parker / Spider Man Noir (He is the largest and due to his background may be the strongest in combat)
  • The Heart: Gwen Stacy (Not completely sure about this but I feel like this could fit.)
  • And also.. Plucky Comic Relief: Peter Porker. (He does seem to be the most comedic in nature also I've ran out of Five-Man Band roles)

Peter Parker is an older version of the one from Spider-Man: The New Animated Series
Both versions have rather similar designs, with the elongated faces and the web patterns of their costumes being reflective of light. Both are also implicitly the Sam Raimi versions with Broad Strokes applied to their backstory.

There will be two versions of the sinister six in the movie
At the start of the film Milies will get curb stomped by a sinister six made of Scorpion,Tombstone,Shocker,Prowler,Green Goblin, and Rhino. But when the spider (wo)men enter the six is defeated easily (Besides Goblin and Prowler, who escape.)

Once aware of the threat the spiders have, the Kingpin creates a new Sinister Six of Spidey villains from other dimensions.

  • Green Goblin from the old team (Just guessing Prowler will reform)
  • Doc Ock from Peter's Universe.
  • SP//DR’s Mysterio, a parody of social media stars who will do anything for views
  • Noir Vulture, his cannibalism will be downplayed to just a few jokes
  • Raven the Hunter (From Spider-Ham's verse), the Butt-Monkey of the group
  • Spider-Gwen's Scorpion, who is ironically enough the Jefferson Morales of her universe.
    • Jossed. The Sinister Six equivalent is the Kingpin himself, Green Goblin, Tombstone, Scorpion, Doc Ock, and Prowler, and no second group is ever formed.

Aunt May in the 2nd Trailer with others Spider-Men.
I'm can't believed nobody talks about Aunt May alongside with all Dimensional Traveller Spider-Men. May Parker also from another universe and probably Spider-Woman. She's basically same like Uncle Ben of Spider-Verse comics and server as Big Good and Team Mom of group.
  • Sort of jossed. She definitely has sort of a Team Mom dynamic with the Spider-People, but she's otherwise a normal non-powered human from Miles's dimension (specifically, she's the aunt of the dead Peter).

Each of the other universes has their own J Jonah Jameson.
  • He'll exist in different flavors such as Alex Jones type (for Miles Morales), Bill o'Reilly type (Peter Parker), Basement-Dweller with an internet connection (Peni Parker), struggling paranoid reporter (Noir), basically Elmer Fudd (Spider-Ham), mass media mogul who diverts more resources to his right wing news network (unlisted spoiler universe)...
  • Could be true for future installments, but we don't see any Jonahs this time, other than the one from the 60s cartoon.

There'll be a Running Gag about Noir having a Face of a Thug
Noir is probably gonna be the nicest guy out of all the Spiders, but it's often undermined by how scary he generally looks. Not to mention some Nic Cage-patented Dissonant Serenity not helping to alleviate the creepiness.
  • The film very much presents him as more of the anti-hero sort, but he's ultimately got the same good heart as the other Spideys.

Venom of...well, Venom (2018) will make a cameo somehow.
Possibly as a cutaway in an action scene. Venom, drawn in a realistic art style since his film was live-action, would see a rift that the Spiders briefly go through as they chase or fight the Big Bad, and just think "what the hell just happened?" before it cuts away to the action.
  • Even better - the Venom symbiote briefly dips into a rift caused by the exploding rocket, then sees our heroes for a moment before getting Portal Cut by a rift that deposits him closer to Eddie while leaving a speck in the Spider-verse...
  • Jossed. No symbiotes this time around.

A post-credits scene will feature Miles being offered a spot on the roster of his universe's version of The Avengers... with the Avengers being voiced by their MCU Actors.
  • Jossed, though the post-credits does hint at how future Spider-Teams might happen.

Or barring that, voiced by whoever they got at the shortest notice:
  • Iron Man: Nicolas Cage
  • Captain America: Jake Johnson
  • Hawkeye: John Mulaney
  • Wasp: Hailee Steinfeld
  • War Machine: Brian Tyree Henry
  • Falcon: Mahershala Ali
  • Thor: James Corden
  • Bruce Banner: Bill Hader
  • Hank Pym Ant-Man: Fred Armisen
  • Nick Fury: Chris Rock
  • Black Widow: Leslie Jones
    • All jossed, as noted above.

There's no Gwen Stacy in Alternate Peter's universe
They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot? Maybe. But this would allow the movie to skirt around any angst Peter might go through seeing his first love alive and well again. Plus if Peter is indeed (a version) of the Raimi Spider-Man, that would also imply that if Gwen did exist in his universe, he's not gonna be torn up because they've never really dated.
  • Probably confirmed, as Peter meets Gwen for the first time in this film and doesn't react when he hears her name.

Miles will be Ship Tease 'd with his universe's Gwen Stacy...
... and his resulting awkward, confusing relationship with Spider-Gwen will be played for laughs.
  • There's definitely some Ship Tease between the two that's occasionally played for laughs, but the Gwen at his school is actually just Spider-Gwen pretending to be a native of his dimension.

The Gwen Stacy of Miles’ dimension will gain spider powers.
Would be pretty interesting plus if the above theory of Miles getting Ship Tease with her is correct then perhaps they could become a Battle Couple. Plus since it’s likely all the Spiders will be going back to their own dimensions eventually then it would prevent Miles from getting lonely.
  • Jossed, since said Gwen is actually the one from another dimension.

Alternately, Miles NEVER gets anywhere with his universe's Gwen.
Instead she's pushed out of the picture while Miles finds a new love... Zendaya.
  • Confirmed, because his universe doesn't have a Gwen - or if it does, he never meets her.

Peni and Gwen will develop a sister-like bond.
Just cause I wanna see Gwen be a Cool Big Sis to her fellow Spider-Girl!
  • Unfortunately jossed; the two don't have any particular interactions.

At some point, Spider Gwen will reveal that she has Venom
It wouldn't be much of a Spider-verse movie without some kind of appearance by the symbiote, and given how prominent Venom is in Spider-Gwen's own comic line it would make sense that this Spider Gwen could have her own symbiote as a nod to it.
  • At least regarding this film, jossed; no symbiotes in this movie.

     Post-Release Theories 
Aunt May and Olivia Octavius were friends/colleagues/possibly were romantically involved in this universe
They have a definite history supported within the text of the movie. Aunt May immediately recognizes Olivia through the guise of her alter-ego, a fully costumed Doc Ock, despite Olivia successfully maintaining her super-villain status a secret not connected to her personal life in this universe. Additionally, Aunt May pointedly uses the diminutive version of Olivia's name, "Liv". This has been previously established by Olivia herself to be what "my friends call me", establishing not only a passing familiarity, but a close enough relationship for the use of said nickname. This appears to be very intentionally set-up with later recall to remark on their having known each other in a close capacity. To what end is unclear, as it isn't something that has yet been paid off. However, the original Doc Ock once tried to marry Aunt May in the comics, so there is some substance to the idea of a past relationship.
  • An alternative to this is that Aunt May originally was the head scientist at the company Alchemax and Olivia originally was her second in command until Kingpin purchased the company with the help of Olivia. Aunt May was forced out by someone she considered a friend (Olivia). This would account for Aunt May's ability to build web-shooters, as well as for Peter to be able to have a rather enormous Spider-cave (there had to be a lot of money to be able to cover the cost of digging out underneath the house, as well as the hardware for Peter of Miles' reality to have. Being someone who for years worked at a lab would have been successful, as well as access to parts to be able to create a new Goober).

The Kingpin owns Oscorp in this universe
Unlike both the Mainstream and Ultimate versions of Norman who maintain a double life as both Oscorp CEO and supervillain, this version of Norman is only seen in his Goblin persona and is implied to be nothing more than one of the Kingpin's brutes in contrast to the masterminds that are his comic counterparts. It's likely then that the Goblin serum affected Norman to the point that he is permanently transformed into his hulking Goblin self and unlike his Ultimate counterpart is unable to shift back to human form. With this state it is likely that Oscorp would have slid to bankruptcy, something that the Kingpin is all too eager to take advantage of by buying the company and rebranding it as Alchemax. This also explains how Kingpin managed to build the Supercollider in the first place, using resources provided by the now defunct Oscorp.

The Kingpin is a mutant
Whilst the Kingpin has always been a big, broad man, it's always been more of a "tall English sumo wrestler" kind of look. The movie may have a certain level of stylization, but the Kingpin looks like he could come out of some 50s era cartoon depiction of an Eastern European bruiser; he's far more of a caricature than any other character native in this dimension. Furthermore, during the climactic fight scene, he's shown displaying feats of flat-out Super Strength, whereas his canon self, whilst certainly possessed of Charles Atlas Superpowers, is nowhere near that mighty. The logical answer, then, is that Kingpin is one of the many mutants who've shown up in X-Men stories who has a distorted physical form that symbolizes his inhuman strength.

Kingpin created the multiple Spider-People across the multiverse
When Osborn dunked Spider-Man's head into the stream of energy from the Super Collider that was piercing the multiple universes he inadvertently spread Spider-Man's influence across the multiple dimensions, space, and time. As a matter of fact, the spider that bit Miles was phase shifting before it bit him so it could be a result of this as well.

There is a safe method of dimensional travel
I got the idea from the post-credits scene, where Miguel O'Hara travels to Earth-67,if you notice, the machine he uses results in him taking up the art style of Earth-67. Possibly indicating that he managed to travel to said universe in a safe manner.

Peter B was suicidal
More then any other Spider person, he was instant about staying in Miles universe to close the portal. Perhaps he wanted to go out a hero instead of continuing his sad life.

Soon after getting back together with his MJ Peter B will have a daughter and lose a foot, forcing him to retire

The Spider-Man of Miles's universe is actually Ben Reilly
His hair is blonde, like Reilly's. He replaced the original Spider-Man at some point, explaining why "Billy's" hair in the in-universe comic was brown, with the name of the character being another reference to Reilly's identity,Ben Reilly.
  • Jossed. The opening origin montage showing his past with Uncle Ben and Aunt May shows a kid version of Peter, and he has blonde hair too. So this is actually a Peter Parker who is blond.

Miles' world takes place in the Raimiverse and after the trilogy, albeit with Broad Strokes, like Batman: Gotham Knight.
Blonde Peter's montage shows several alternate takes on scenes from the original films, including:
  • Spiderman saving the train from Spider-Man 2.
  • Uncle Ben's line of power and responsibility, which is a direct recording from Spider-Man.
  • Spiderman and Mary Jane being attacked by Doc Ock in a restaurant, again from 2.
  • The upside down spider-kiss, inverted.
  • Peter doing a stupid dance from 3.
These scenes aren't shown accurately because Peter has been Spiderman for so long and is brushing over minor details. He also dyed his hair blonde.Meanwhile, Oscorp was bought out by Kingpin and renamed Alchemax after the Osborns' deaths, with a distant relative of Otto Octavius, Olivia Octavius, as lead scientist. Liv is fascinated by Spiderman's old foes and Otto's work, and becomes the new Doctor Octopus. She also starts using Alchemax to create new bio-enhanced foes, such as the Scorpion. The giant Goblin monster we see is a genetic creation of hers that goes by the moniker, "Norman" after the late Mr. Osborn.

Blonde Peter was planning to retire and start a family with MJ.
It's why he said "I am so tired" when he was fighting Prowler and was ecstatic upon meeting Miles, and why he was so quick to take him as an apprentice. He was planning on training Miles and once that was finished, he could retire knowing that the city still had a Spider-Man to protect it.

The Prowler was only working for King Pin to protect his brother.
We are never really given a motive as to just WHY Aaron was working for the King Pin. Considering King Pin is one of the, if not THE, most feared crime bosses in the city, and Jefferson is a cop, it's likely Aaron is working for King Pin to shield Jefferson from getting wrapped up in King Pin's affairs and putting himself in danger. Additionally Aaron is shown to care deeply for his family and will readily sacrifice himself to protect them. While he is estranged (presumably to help prevent his brother from finding out about his work for Fisk), he is shown to care about his brother, even having a photo of the two together framed next to his sofa. Basically, The Prowler of this universe is an Anti-Villain!

Jefferson knows that his son is the new Spider-Man and chooses to be his Secret-Keeper.
Really self-explanatory. Who cares that Miles is wearing a fully-concealing face mask and costume. He ended a call right before Spider-Man appeared in front of Officer Davis, his voice is obviously Miles' voice actor pitching down to sound less like a kid, and Jeff and Miles have a close enough relationship that it shouldn't be terribly hard for Jeff to recognize his son's body language under the suit.
  • In addition Jefferson and Aaron used to tag places together, which means he must have some decent knowledge of graffiti as an art, even if it's rusty. Miles throwing up sticker tags is a long-running enough habit for Jefferson to treat it completely matter of factly. Between these, he should be able to recognize Mile's tag style. When he sees Kingpin strung up between the buildings, he covers his mouth in shock, which might be for the sight of Kingpin, but it could also be when he recognizes Miles' tag, stylistically.

Kingpin got Miles into Visions Academy
Kingpin rigged the lottery or the exam, or BOTH to get Miles into an elite school. Aaron Davis works for Kingpin, so it's more than reasonable this connection is why Miles is why he got into a posh school. It could be either a favor Aaron asked of Kingpin or it could be a manipulative move that got him to work for him to begin with.

Vulture is female
Raimi's fourth movie, if one believes the rumours, was going to star Anne Hatahway as the Vulturess; Vulture never actually shows up in the movie, and Miles' universe seems to be patterned off Raimi's. Possibly reinforced by Spidey Bells with "Vulture laid an egg." No wonder it sold so well: it's a kid-friendly diss track!

Other things different in Miles' universe

The man who signed Peter B and MJ's divorce papers...
Was named Mason P. Heston.

Aunt May in the movie is a technological genius
And may very well have been a peer of Olivia Octavius. Miles' Spidey had a large, sophisticated lair full of gadgets, something the much more experienced Peter B never had. It could be that this Aunt May is not only Alfred to Peter's Spiderman but also his Q. This version of Aunt May might share the technical wizardry that her nephew possessed and helped him out with much of it. This explains why she can so quickly build a pair of webshooters for Miles; unlike most Aunt Mays, she was involved in its design from the start.

Peter B. Parker was a deliberate Take That to One More Day
One More Day infamously has Peter sell his marriage to Mephisto in order to save the life of Aunt May. This was because the editors believed that being married made Peter seem too old to be relatable, and that being divorced would do likewise. But here we have a Peter who is older, whose aunt is dead, who did divorce MJ, and who ends up back together with her anyway. It's as if the movie is going out of its way to turn Peter B. into exactly the Spider-Man Joe Quesada didn't want to exist, and showing why such a character can actually be great.

Jefferson knew that Aaron was the Prowler
There's a line in the movie where Jefferson asks Miles "You wanna end up like your uncle?". I think part of the reason why they were estranged was because Jefferson knew that Aaron was the Prowler. Maybe he didn't know about the Prowler working for Kingpin, but it could explain that line in particular.

Miles' parents suspect he was a witness to Spider-Man's death
They might not realize that he is the new Spider-Man, but consider that he came back to their house, clearly distressed and asking if Jefferson really hated Spider-Man, moments before the news broke of Spider-Man's death. Then for the next few days, he's distant, he doesn't answer his phone... It definitely entered his parents' heads that he might have been there when Spidey died.

Peter B. Parker never gets back together with Mary Jane
She already has a new boyfriend. Peter ends up going another love interest.

Olivia Octavius is Transgender
Not only is her counterpart in pretty much every other continuity male, she has a very masculine-looking jawline, has the fondness for bright colors and "quirky" accessories stereotypical of the LGBT community and many transwomen are employed in high tech fields.

     Sequel Theories 
Doctor Olivia Octavius will eventually return with her own version of the Sinister Six

The sequel will have a more faithful rendition of the Green Goblin as the Big Bad
This would also lead to a massive brawl that pits different versions of Spider-Man against different version of the Goblin.

The sequel will include the Inheritors, or take place after Spider-Geddon

There will be sequels involving the Spider-verse, but Miles will also get a sequel where he forms The Champions.
Through some plot contrivance, he will encounter another villain too strong for him to handle alone, and other heroes will start showing up to help him out.
  • The problem with this is that Sony’s license is with Spider-characters specifically; they’re going to have to jump through a lot of hoops to get Spider-Man in the same place as Ms. Marvel, Nova, Ironheart, or the others.
    • Rumour has it that Apple is planning to buy out Sony this year (2019). If that is the case, then apparently the Spider-Man film rights will revert to Marvel/Disney. In the event that Disney chooses to continue the Spiderverse series under Disney Animation, it wouldn't be a problem, legally.

A plot point in the sequel (minor or major) will involve interdimensional inflation-based money scams.
Think about it: Miles and Peter's meal, consisting of 3 burgers, 2 souvlaki(?), 3 fries, and 2 sodas runs them $30,000. Remove the souvlaki and you get a $22,500 meal. In our world, 3 Big Macs are $12, 3 large fries are $5.70, and 2 sodas are $3 at McDonalds. Round that up for tax, and you get a $21 meal. Since I'm too lazy to do complex math, that means the USD in our universe is about 1000 times more valuable than the USD in Miles'. Working 20 hours a week in a part-time job at New York State minimum wage rates nets you a cool $200 per week. By my math, working that same 20-hour part-time job in Miles' universe nets you $200,000. You work a couple of weeks in Miles' universe, you take that scratch home, you're set for life.

...while writing this, I realized that you'd probably be paid in $50,000 notes or something. I DON'T CARE I'M STILL POSTING IT! And even then, Peter B. has both the motive and the fiscal irresponsibility to try such a scam without realizing the note problem. And that's just among the Spideys!

Peter B. and MJ’s child(ren) will be included in the sequel.
Could be either Mayday and Benjy or Annie. Maybe a Composite Character of the two daughters. Either way, the comedy of Spider-Dad contending with a little menace is too good to pass up.

A sequel will feature the return of the Spider-Man Trilogy and The Amazing Spider-Man iterations of the character, with their original actors and definitive closure for them in tow.
Thanks to the concept of the multiverse introduced in Spider-Verse, there is a prime opportunity to revisit these older versions of the canon and give their respective Spider-Men a last hurrah. Which would be especially nice for the Amazing Spider-Man, considering his storyline was Cut Short.

Liv will return as Superior Spider-man
Her body was destroyed while she was in the super-collider's cross dimensional bridge. Her mind survived, and fused to one of the myriad of Spider-men that it was touching. Either she will be in a male Peter Parker body, and the revelation that she is Liv will be a reveal, or else she will be in a Spider-woman's body, so she can join the Spider-women theme of the next movie, either openly, or she still might be a twist.

Tom Hardy will cameo as Eddie Brock, pre- or sans- Venom
...and Eddie will be terribly confused as to why Peter B. is acting like he thinks Eddie has any of the skills necessary to help the Spiders fight the villain.

The sequel will feature Tom Hardy's Venom.
And Eddie will be confused as to why Peter B. expected Venom to have a spider theme like the Spider-Heroes.

Richard Fisk survived the car crash and turns up as Rose
In Spider-Man's lair we briefly see an image of Rose, who in the comics was a mysterious masked crime boss who was eventually revealed to be Richard Fisk, the son of Kingpin. Since Rose apparently exists in this universe as well, it's possible he turns out to be the adult Richard Fisk who survived the accident and went into hiding. He could even have the same motive as the comic book Rose, vengeance against his father, since Kingpin inadvertently caused the death of Richard's mother.

The Spot will be an important antagonist.
He'll be revealed to be the one who perfected the cross-dimensional technology first, just within his own universe, before Kingpin thought he could go Tim Taylor with it, and in the distant future it'll be stabilized by Spider-Man 2099's time.

The sequel will feature an entire battalion of Spiders.
In addition to the "Spider Six" who appeared in the first movie, the sequel will also include:

Some evil versions of Spider-Man will appear
  • Wolf Spider
  • The one from Marvel Two-in-One
  • Blood Spider
  • Spider-Carnage
  • Pestilence
  • The Spider
  • Turkish Spider-Man, complete with killer guinea pigs and his murder teepee.
  • An evil version of Peter Parker who got fed up will people's ungratefulness and became a villain. He now goes by "Spider-Menace".
  • A Big Bad-grade Superior Spider-Man, who's a Handsome Jackian malignant narcissist with an utterly self-serving defintion of heroism.

Adding to the above, Spydra is an alternate version of Spider-Man!
  • Her (possible) backstorynote : she was a budding young lady who was bitten by a radioactive spider. Instead of getting spider powers, though, she mutated into a pale-skinned, six-armed creature. Her face was also mutated, causing whoever sees it to be Taken for Granite. She convinced herself she's beautiful to hide her insecurites. She will likely be the Big Bad of the sequel, leading the evil Spider-Men.

If the sequel adapts the "Multiversal War" aspect of Spider-Verse and Spider-Geddon, the filmmakers will include a nod to the "Spider-sona" phenomenon
  • Perhaps they'll have some kind of sweepstakes where the winners' designs appear, or just have a bunch of colorfully-costumed Spider-people in the background. Either way, it'd be a heartwarming nod to the film's dedicated fandom.

The new and unexpected villain will be... the Kingpin
  • It will be announced, but not included in trailers or promotional stuff (perhaps he will be mentioned, but that's it). Everybody will simply think about the guy from the last film. And once in the film, we find the twist: it's not Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of earth-1610 of Miles Morales, but Matt Murdock, the Kingpin of earth-65 of Gwen Stacy.
  • To make it better,the Kingpin will be played by Charlie Cox. I mean, the guy was almost cast as Loki, so why not ham it up and play an evil version of Daredevil.

Ben Reilly will appear and play a important role in the sequel.
A clone of Miles' Peter created some time before his death who'll come out of hiding to help with the current situation because he feels guilty about not being there to save the original Peter. (Plus it'll be a great excuse to bring back Chris Pine.)

There will be a Me and The Boys reference

The Peter from Mile's universe will come back to life
In the ending years of the Ultimate Comics universe Peter returned, indeed the end of Spider Men 2 revealed that in the restored universe he's back to being Spider Man. It quite possibly would make sense for Peter to return at some point. Possibly even return in a Big Damn Heroes moment.

Spider-Ham's hammer will be a Brick Joke and a Chekhov's Gun

Mister Negative will be the main villain.
Taking influence from the PS4 Spider-Man version, he was an ordinary man who gained his powers from the dimensional glitches caused by Kingpin's Super-Collider. After he accidently killed his family when he lost control of his new powers, he desires to get revenge on not just the Kingpin, but on the Kingpin in every universe, leading him to rebuild the Super-Collider and go on a cross-dimensional Roaring Rampage of Revenge. His main threat will come from his army of "Inner Demons"—Spider-Men and -Women from across the multiverse that he's corrupted with his powers into becoming his slaves.

Swiss Miss will appear
Because why not have some Self-Deprecation against that embarassment?

One of the villains will be the Bodega Bandit
Because he's comedy gold.

Peter Ramsey, Bob Persichetti, and Rodney Rothman will appear before the film starts with a very special special message for fans of the first film
All in unison: "We directed the first one! Not Lord & Miller! It was us! Good day!"

Spencer or Alistair Smythe will be the main villain
And they want to use their spider-slayers to kill every Spider-Man in the universe. And they should be a Complete Monster.
  • Leopardon, Megamorph Spiderman and Peni will play a prominent role in stopping them. The title? Into the Spiderverse 2: Spider Robot Wars.

The plot will revolve around Miles visiting alternate dimensions
Maybe he bumps into Miguel O'Hara, then shenanigans ensue that ultimately lead to Miles trying to get back to his home dimension while visiting the Spider-Men from the first movie.

The sequel will be rated PG-13
Into The Spider-Verse was already fairly dark for a modern PG-rated movie, and indeed at one point the Internet Movie Database erroneously listed it as being rated PG-13 (the standard rating for live-action superhero movies). While a PG-13 animated film from an American studio seems like an unlikely event, but in fact Sony Pictures Animation is planning to expand into more adult-oriented films in the near future, with projects like Fixed and The Black Knight. From that perspective, a PG-13 sequel to the already boundary-pushing Into The Spider-Verse actually makes sense, because it would make the movie more competitive with live-action superhero movies.

Miles will meet alternate versions of his Uncle Aaron.
There are so many possibilities...

  • A version where Aaron is still the Prowler, and Miles has to fight him again.
    • Alternatively, a version where Aaron as the Prowler isn't just a henchman, but a terrifying Big Bad in his own right.
  • A version where Aaron is a normal, law-abiding citizen, possibly still being close with his brother, and Miles sees what might have been.
  • A version where Aaron is Spider-Man. Because it'd be awesome.
  • A version that switches places with Jefferson.

One of the new Spider-People that Miles and the gang teams up with will actually be an alternate-universe Mysterio, who has stolen their Spider-Man's identity after having defeated/accidentally killed them, for fame and glory.
Bonus points if they aren't even malevolent, having become the mask after years pretending to be a hero, and their past as Mysterio has become a Never Live It Down / I Let Gwen Stacy Die situation as they learned the fulfillment that came from doing good turns for their own sake.

If any of the major live action Spider-Men were to appear
They will be presented using the Roger Rabbit Effect.

The sequel will have a Bittersweet Ending that will involve the death of one of the Spider-Men.
Will it be one of the main six from the first movie? I doubt it. Miles won't die because he's the main character, Gwen, Peter B, Noir and Ham still have a bit of character possibilities to go through. Same with Peni, and she's extra safe because she's a child still. However, it's possible that one of the new Spider-people introduced could wind up dead by movies end, proving Spider-Ham's point that you can't save everyone.

Peter B. and his Mary Jane will be remarried, and parents.
Specifically the parents of May "May-Day" Parker, aka Spider-Girl. She'll be just a couple of years younger than Miles and Gwen when she appears, giving Miles a chance to play the older brother for once.
  • Bonus points: It will be pointed out that time goes at a faster rate in Peter B's time line than in the other time lines. Miles and Gwen will both quip, "Well, Einstein said, time's relative."

Peter B. and Mary Jane have adopted a child.
Given their ages, they may have left it too late to have biological children.

The Spider-Men might find a way to travel across realities without the threat of being erased from existence in the process
It's possible the filmmakers might think just having the ending be "the Spiders go back to their original dimension" could be a little too similar to the ending of the first movie. Plus, this would leave stuff open for a Spider-Verse 3.
  • Given that the recent "Across the Spider-Verse" trailer showed characters traveling to different universes through hexagon-shaped tunnels, this is entirely possible.
One of the alternate universes will be a reference to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964).
As a joke about how 1967 Spider-Man was voiced by Hermey's voice actor Paul Soles, and many of the other actors in that special also appeared in the sixties series. (For instance, the Scorpion was the Head Elf, and J. Jonah Jameson was Donner.) Maybe in the form of one of the alternate universe Spider-People being a stop-motion elf resembling Hermey.

The rebuilt SP//dr will resemble the comic version
The first movie used a much more child-friendly version of the robot than the Neon Genesis Evangelion-inspired one in the comics, but since Peni has to make a new one she'll style it after her favourite anime. Everyone will either be surprised that she likes something with such dark themes, or she'll be oblivious to said themes and only watch it for the cool robots.

There will be a brief flash to the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home
Not in a major way, but the climax could hurl the heroes and villains across multiple dimensions very quickly. Miles could briefly land in the MCU (still a cartoon, of course), see that Peter dealing with his own battles, and quickly hop away again.

There will be some reference to Spidey and His Amazing Friends
With some little humor like Peter B. maybe making a reference to Carnage when seeing SAHAF Miles' red webbing or Miles asking why his name is Spin.

Miles & Gwen will share an upside-down kiss near the climax.
Bonus points if Gwen is the one hanging from the thread.