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Recap / Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

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Miles Morales is a Brooklyn teenager who had just been accepted into a prestigious prep school, even though the prospect of going there and living up to the hopes his father, officer Jefferson Davis, had for him fills him with dread. He receives encouragement for his passion as an artist from his Uncle Aaron, another artist and his father's estranged brother. One day, Aaron sneaks Miles to an abandoned part of New York's subways to practice his graffiti, where he is bitten by an unusual spider...

The following day, Miles begins to notice strange things; in addition to a sudden growth spurt, his fingers randomly stick to almost everything he touches, and his senses seem strangely acute. He remembers the spider bite and begins to wonder if he's becoming like Spider-Man, New York's hometown superhero. He returns to the subway tunnels to look for the spider, only to stumble upon Spider-Man himself fighting against the Green Goblin and the Prowler. The two villains are trying to keep Spider-Man from interfering with the "Super-Collider", a particle accelerator built at the behest of the Kingpin, Wilson Fisk. In the midst of the battle, Spider-Man is pushed towards the nexus created by the Super-Collider, causing a chain reaction that damages the machine and causes dimensional abnormalities throughout New York.

Miles goes to assist Spider-Man, who is severely injured and infirm. Spider-Man, who recognizes that Miles has similar powers to him and previously promised to mentor him, gives him a flash drive that would permanently disable the Super-Collider so that he could stop Fisk's plot before it potentially destroyed the world. Miles, scared out of his wits, hides and watches as Fisk stands over the battered and unmasked Spider-Man. Spider-Man warns Fisk that the machine will not bring back his wife and son, who ran from him when they saw him attempt to kill Spidey and died in a car accident shortly after. Fisk, his rage stoked, kills Spider-Man on the spot.

The death of Spider-Man, identified posthumously as Peter Parker, is a massive blow to New York. As the city mourns their hero, Miles vows to take up his cause and use his powers to thwart Fisk. Actually being Spider-Man, however, proves to be much harder than he thinks as he continues to struggle with his powers, breaking Peter's flash drive in the process.

As Miles visits Peter's grave, he encounters the last person he expected to see: Peter Parker! The startling event also triggers a new power in Miles: the ability to generate a bio-electric current. After a hasty escape from the police, Miles learns that this Peter Parker, who is slightly older, out-of-shape, and depressed following the death of his aunt and his divorce from his wife, hails from an alternate dimension, getting pulled into Miles's universe as a result of the Super-Collider. Peter simply wants to return home, but Miles convinces him to teach him how to be Spider-Man.

The two go to a laboratory where Fisk's scientists work on the Super-Collider, with the goal being to copy the Collider's schematics, re-create the flash drive that would shut it down, and stop Fisk. While they manage to take a computer containing the schematics, they are found by Fisk's chief scientist, Olivia "Doc Ock" Octavius. As they make their escape and Miles discovers he can also turn invisible, they are assisted by a Spider-Woman: a young woman named Gwen Stacy, whom Miles recognizes from school. She, too, hails from another dimension; one in which she was bitten by a radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker, her best friend whose death made her become a loner. She was also pulled into Miles's world by the Collider.

With the computer, the three make their way to the home of May Parker, Peter's aunt. Knowing full well her nephew's secret, she assisted him while he was alive by maintaining a secret base under her home, where Miles and his new friends meet three more Spider-Men: Spider-Man Noir, a private detective from the 1930s; Peni Parker, a young girl with a psychic link to a spider controlling the robot "Sp//dr"; and Spider-Ham, a cartoon pig. It comes to light that all of the extradimensional Spider-Men are suffering from cellular degradation due to being in a foreign dimension, and that they would die unless they return to their original dimension. This is a problem, because someone would have to stay behind to ensure the Super-Collider is shut down. Miles offers to do it, since he hailed from this dimension and wouldn't die, but the other Spider-Men are unsure about him, a kid who can't even control his own powers. Dejected, Miles leaves...

Miles returns to Aaron's home to seek advice, only to discover something frightening: his Uncle Aaron was the Prowler! He returns to May's house to warn the others, only for Doc Ock to arrive with the Prowler, Tombstone, and Scorpion. A brawl breaks out as Miles escapes with the new Collider-stopping flash drive Peni created, only to be cornered by Aaron. As Fisk instructs Aaron to kill the young Spider-Man in his clutches, Miles reveals his identity to him. Aaron relents, only for Fisk to shoot him. Miles escapes with Aaron, who dies in front of him, using his dying breath to encourage Miles to do what he wants.

The Spider-Men regroup in Miles's dormitory to discuss stopping Fisk. Miles is determined to shut down the Collider so the others can get home, but with his powers still not under control, Peter ties him up and leads the rest to the Collider. Miles's father comes to the dorm and, through his door, apologizes to him for having put so much pressure on him to succeed, resulting in their strained relationship. Afterwards, Miles focuses on controlling his powers, breaking free from Peter's webs and setting out to aid his friends, first stopping at May's home to make his own Spider-Man suit.

A brawl breaks out below the streets of Manhattan as Fisk reactivates the Super-Collider, threatening to completely destroy the Earth in the vain hope of reuniting with his family. Miles joins the fray, fending off Fisk's enforcers and placing the flash drive in the Collider, reversing its effects. Peni, Noir, Ham, and Gwen jump into the beam created by the Collider and return home. Peter is the last to go, initially reluctant, but ultimately agreeing to leave the rest in Miles's hands after seeing how he had matured as his world's Spider-Man.

Fisk attempts to kill Miles, their fight leading to Fisk witnessing ghostly visions of his wife and son leaving him in fear upon seeing him almost kill Spider-Man. In the end, however, Miles manages to come out on top, blasting Fisk with electrified webbing and activating the killswitch that destroys the Collider for good and all.

Fisk and his underlings are arrested, the Spider-Men return to their respective worlds, and New York celebrates as a new friendly neighborhood Spider-Man emerges to champion them. Noir has fun with the Rubik's cube he took home with him, Peter repairs his relationship with Mary-Jane Watson, Peni repairs SP//dr after it was damaged fighting Scorpion, and Gwen discovers a way to contact Miles across dimensions.