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WARNING: Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies to Funny Moments pages. All spoilers will be unmarked!


  • The Cinemark promo where the characters are doing the usual "turn off your cell phones in the theater" thing. Shenanigans include:
  • Trailer only but the reason Peter passes on the bill at the burger joint? A Freeze-Frame Bonus shows that the bill is $30,000. How he expects Miles to pay that amount is anyone's guess.
  • Few lyrics from the "Sunflower" music video syncs well to the selected scenes.
  • A clip to promote Spider-Ham even gives him his own theme song.
    Spider-Ham, Spider-Ham, friendly neighborhood Spider-Ham!
    Spins a web, that's the gig! Kinda weird, 'cause he's a pig.
    Look out, here comes the Spider-Ham!
    To him...
    Life is a plate of bacon!
    When trouble's in the makin',
    You'll find the Spider-Ham!
  • John Mulaney was told to "have fun with it" in his first session as Spider-Ham, which he took as an excuse to just curse wildly. It was only afterwards that he was told the movie was PG. (They didn't stop him, because they did want him to have fun with it.)
    Spider-Ham: Two days? [laughs] I've been Spider-Ham thirty f***ing years!
  • The lyrics to the song "Save The Day" from the film's soundtrack include the line "fly without a cape", which becomes funnier in hindsight when the film itself has a moment in which Peter playfully scolds Miles for adding a cape to his spider suit and notes "Spider-Man doesn't wear a cape".


  • The very first image of the movie? An approval stamp from The Comics Code. Also known as that Censorship Bureau Spider-Man humiliated and helped destroy in Real Life.
  • Miles's Peter Parker recounts his life, with such gems as:
    • Spider-Man and Mary Jane's famous upside-down kiss...except it's MJ who's upside down this time around.
    • Spider-Man has been a comic book, a cereal, a Christmas album, and a popsicle that's so malformed it looks more like Deadpool. What makes it better that the popsicle photo is taken by a person in 2008, and it was used with his permission.
    • We also see Peter's Old Shame in action. What is this, you might ask? The emo dance, this time in full costume.
      Peter: And I did, uhhh... I did this... We don't really talk about this.
      • In a bit of Fridge Logic, that fact that Peter is wearing his regular costume, not the black Symbiote suit or even just dark civilian clothes as he did in that movie implies that he's not under the effect of the Venom Symbiote, and he's just dancing around for no reason, other than he just wants to.
    • The scene from Spider-Man 2 where Peter saves Mary Jane from a thrown car plays out differently here. Not only is Peter dressed as Spider-Man, instead of saving Mary Jane by pulling her down to the floor, he turns around and punches the car away.
  • While going past his friends from his old school, a girl tells him that they miss him.
    Miles: You miss me? I still live here. [beat] Wait, you miss me? [dorky grin on his face]
  • Miles yelling "¡Contra!" as he trips over his shoelaces into the streets.
  • Jefferson tells his son on Saturday to take down the tags that he put on. Miles asks how he saw him, before hurriedly asking about what tags since he doesn't think he put them there.
    • When Jefferson adds more locations where Miles' put his stickers, he sighs in defeat before muttering that yeah, those were his.
  • As they pass by a new coffee shop called "Foam Party" Jefferson tries to engage with Miles by joking about the shop.
    Jefferson: Is that a coffee shop or a disco?
    Miles: [beat] Dad, you're old, man.
  • Jefferson trying to say the "With great power comes great responsibility" line.
    Jefferson: You know, with great ability, come great accountability!
    Miles: That's not even how the saying goes, Dad!
    Jefferson: [not listening] Yeah, I do like his cereal though, I'll give him that.
  • Miles's dad, a police officer, drives him to school in his cop car. Miles is embarrassed as his schoolmates pass him and think he got arrested.
    Miles: Gosh, don't cops run red lights?
    Jefferson: Oh yeah, some do. But uh... *clicks* not your dad.
    • Miles rolling his eyes in exasperation as he tries to hide his face in his hands.
  • Jefferson drops Miles off at school and tells him he loves him. Miles fails to say it back, and Jefferson refuses to let him enter the building until he says it back, going as far as to use the speaker in his car to do so loudly right in front of all the other students.
    Jefferson: I love you, Miles.
    Miles: Yeah, I know, dad. See you Friday.
    [as Miles turns to walk into school, Jefferson sounds his police alarm and uses his police speakers to get Miles's attention]
    Jefferson: You’ve got to say "I love you" back.
    Miles: Dad, are you serious?
    [Everyone around stops and looks at them]
    Jefferson: I want to hear it.
    Miles: You want to hear me say...
    Jefferson: "I love you, dad".
    Miles: You’re dropping me off at school...
    Jefferson: "I love you, dad".
    Miles: Look at this place.
    Jefferson: "Dad, I love you".
    Miles: [sighs] Dad, I love you.
    Jefferson: That's a copy. Tie your shoes, please.
  • Miles tries to warm up to the other students.
    Miles: Oh, oh my gosh! This is embarrassing, we wore the same jacket!
    • Then a girl talks to him, but she just points out that his shoe laces were untied.
      Miles: Yeah, I'm aware... it's a choice.
  • When a teacher calls Miles out on being late for class, he makes a joke that, since time is relative, maybe everyone else is early. There's a long stretch of silence, then one person laughs.
    Gwen: I'm sorry, it was just so quiet.
    • Comes with some added Fridge Funny: Gwen is at the school to find Miles because her Spider Sense told her to, even though him getting his powers and the event that brought her to this universe haven't happened yet. Due to time being relative, she is early.
    • When they're chatting at their desks, Gwen tells him that she liked his joke, but not because it was funny.
  • Miles tries so hard to fail a true-false test to get out of the school that the teacher gives him a perfect score because the only way he could failed that hard is if he knew all of the right answers.
    • When Miles gets his test back, on which he purposefully scored a 0/100, we see that he wrote down the date as Decembuary 2. We know this is an alternate universe with huge inflation and alternate brand names, and Alternate Calendar is a trope, and is nothing funny in itself. However a later scene shows a poster with the date given as December 17, which means that aside from answering every question incorrectly on purpose, he also wrote the month name wrong to sell the teacher on him being dumber than he is.
  • When Miles arrives at Aaron's apartment, he squishes his face against the window, making a bunch of weird faces.
  • The entire scene of Aaron teaching Miles the shoulder touch technique, which is basically putting a hand on a girl's shoulder and smoothly saying, "Hey", something his nephew is slightly skeptical of.
    Miles: You serious, uncle Aaron?
    Aaron: I'm telling you, man, it's science!
  • As they go through a few more tries of the technique, Miles purposely botches it at the end, causing them both to laugh.
    Aaron: [laughing] You sure you're my nephew, man?
  • Aaron showing Miles a secret place he found during his job and easily hops over the fence. Miles watches in amazement and jumps as well, but only getting at least a foot off of the ground. The next shot has him groaning as he tries to roll over the top of the fence before he falls off at his uncle's feet.
    Miles: [recovering] What's up?
    Aaron: [laughing] Yeah man, I knew we were related.
  • Miles just lightly taps the spider that bit him off of his hand without so much as an "ow" reaction.
  • Miles sleeping after the spider-bite, he somehow ends up sleeping at the end of the bed in his sleep.
  • Miles noticing his pants seemed like they shrank.
    Miles: [gasps] I think I hit puberty!
    [cut to Ganke's reaction before he shakes it off and returns to his laptop]
    Miles: [thinking] I should have kept that to myself.
  • Miles also notices that his "puberty" crisis comes with his inside-voice suddenly "talking louder" while the audience suddenly sees his yellow narrator boxes that always show up in comic books.
  • Miles digging himself deeper with Gwen by trying to explain his sweatiness as "puberty".
    Miles: [thinking] Why am I so sweaty??
    Gwen: Why are you so sweaty?
    Miles: [chuckling] It's a puberty thing. [beat] I don't know why I said that. I'm not going through puberty! I mean, I did, but I'm done, [deeper voice] I'm... a man.
  • As he prepares to do the shoulder-touch, his arm seems to be moving incredibly slow.
    Miles: [thinking] Am I doing this in slow-motion or does it just feel that way?
    • His inner thoughts are too preoccupied to hear Gwen rambling off excuses for her name and then he decides to do the shoulder-touch his uncle taught him. Needless to say, it ends up being awkward for the teens and hilarious for the audience.
      Miles: [in a deep voice] Hey.
      Gwen: [beat] Okay, then uh... I'll see you around?
  • He starts equating all of his accidents with his powers as puberty.
    Miles: [struggling to let go of Gwen's hair] It's just puberty!
    Gwen: I don't think you know what puberty is!
  • Miles meeting "Gwanda" for the first time, and she very obviously changes her name.
    "Gwanda": I'm Gweeeeeeee-Waaaanda?
    • She then claims that the name is African — quickly amending that to South African — and that she doesn't have an accent because she was raised in the states.
    • While this is happening, Miles is barely paying attention because he's thinking about doing the shoulder touch technique his uncle taught him. When he finally does try, his fingers end up sticking to her hair and he can't get them out, resulting in them creating quite a scene in the middle of the school.
    • Gwen gets horrified by one of Miles' ideas of simply pulling his hand as hard as he can. Especially since she would be aware it's caused by spider powers of superhuman strength.
    • They eventually cut the affected hair off, leaving a handprint in her hair.
    • While Miles has to contend with a hairy palm.
      Miles: It's just puberty.
    • Not to mention that this is what leads to her Delinquent Hair, rather than the implied rock-and-roller style glimpsed in the trailers.
  • Miles' thoughts getting a little jumbled as he anxiously walks down the hall, trying to hope that no-one at school saw him accidentally stick to Gwen's hair. He looks at people’s reactions to him and a huge text box appears over his head saying “EVERYBODY KNOWS.”
    Miles: [thinking] He knows! She knows! They know— [looks back at the tall girl] wow, she is super tall. Everyone knows!
  • A security guard confronts Miles on sneaking out the night before.
    Security: I know you snuck out last night, Morales.
    Miles: [thinking] Play dumb. [out loud] Who's Morales? [thinking] Not that dumb!
  • What follows is a chase where Miles, among other things, accidentally hides in the security guard's office, a series of events involving his Power Incontinence cause him to lose all of his clothes save his pants, fall out the window, and get his hands stuck to pigeons while running across the side of the school. The pigeons panicking causes Miles to repeatedly slam into the window of an occupied classroom. The class is distracted by their lesson but look up each time they hear something slamming into the window, only for Miles to be dragged away by the birds before he can ever be spotted.
    Miles: Stop sticking! [falls out the window with his feet sticking the wall] Keep sticking, Miles!
    • During his time stuck in the guard's office, he accidentally plays a song from the Spider-Man Christmas album. Hearing it outside, the guard tries to backpedal when he notices other kids are around him:
      Security: [sheepish] He's got a nice voice.
  • Gwen looking up to see Miles on the side of the building being pulled around by pigeons.
    Gwen: ...Okay.
  • When he's running down the street after getting bit by the spider, his thought texts read, "It's just puberty," "It was just a normal spider," "I'm a normal kid."
  • While Peter fights the Green Goblin, there's this exchange:
    Peter: Norman, listen to me. I cannot let you open a portal to another dimension. Brooklyn is not zoned for that.
    Green Goblin: It's not up to me. Why won't you quit?!
    Peter: I guess I like Brooklyn not being sucked up into a black hole. Staten Island, maybe. Not Brooklyn.
  • After Peter saves Miles, the first thing he notices are his shoelaces.
    Peter: You know your shoes are untied.
    Miles: [Beat] Uh-huh.
    Peter: This is a onesie so I don't really have to worry about it.
  • Blond Peter nonchalantly telling Miles to wait where he was since he needed to go turn off the Collider that could destroy all realities as if he was telling Miles that he just needed to go and grab a cup of coffee.
  • There's something hilarious about Miles wordlessly holding up his phone while he takes a video of Spider-Man fighting the Prowler.
  • Chris Pine really nails down the Casual Danger Dialogue you come to know and expect from Spider-Man.
    Peter: Are you mad at me? I feel like you're mad at me.
  • A random New Yorker sees the warped lamp post (resulting from the Collider's first activation) and comments, "I think it's a Banksy." It's made even funnier when you realize that man is voiced by Post Malone himself.
  • During the aftermath of Spider-Man's death, there's a brief scene of levity where Miles buys his own store-bought Spider-Man costume, making small talk with the cashier, who just so happens to be Stan Lee.
    Cashier: I'm gonna miss him. We were friends, you know.
    Miles: [examining the costume] What if it doesn't fit?
    Cashier: It always fits. Eventually. [smiles... before panning slightly over to a sign reading "NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS. EVER.", prompting a devious twinkle]
    • Next to the giant NO REFUNDS sign is an ad for a Hero Guy costume, featuring a decidedly non Heroic Build guy in the most hilariously generic superhero outfit you can imagine.
  • While Peter's funeral is a sad event, with MJ giving an eulogy speech on how everyone had powers and were Spider-Man, Miles has some light banter with a fellow Spider-Man fan.
    Miles: They're counting on me...
    Bystander: Probably not you specifically, I think it's a metaphor.
  • After Miles is told that being Spider-Man is "a leap of faith," he goes up to the roof of a building to leap off of it. Heroic music swells, Miles braces himself... and the music suddenly stops as the next shot is of Miles walking down the stairs, having chickened out. He then selects a much shorter building and actually goes through with it, until his untied shoelaces cause him to trip, falling over the edge of the building, smacking parts on the way down until he hits the sidewalk. Lucky for Miles that his increased durability leaves him with only Amusing Injuries (and a busted goober).
  • Peter Parker starts his day by reading a newspaper and drinking from a mug on the top of a skyscraper.
    • This is accompanied by an opening narration that lampshades how many times they've seen Peter's story.
      Peter: My name is Peter B. Parker. I was bitten by a radioactive spider, and for the last 22 years, I thought I was the one and only Spider-Man. Pretty sure you know the rest.
    • In the full movie, this is accompanied with a montage of the rest of his life, plus a scene where if you pause as the bus hits Peter, Tombstone is driving it with an ad on the side that reads, "Have a nice day!" The montage also includes his marriage to Mary Jane, and their subsequent divorce. But he totally bounced back.
      Peter: But I handled it like a champ. [cut to Peter curled up and crying in the shower in his Spider-Man costume.]
    • If you look closely, you can even see a soggy slice of pizza on the lip of the bathtub.
    • It turns out that Peter made an unwise investment in a Spider-Man themed restaurant (TGI Spidey's!) which folded. He warns Miles not to do the same, as it resulted in Peter losing a lot of money and explains why he's living in a crappy apartment post-divorce.
    • There's also the blink-and-you'll-miss-it Black Comedy portion of the montage: The breakneck Smash Cut from Peter's details of his exploits as Spider-Man to a forlorn Peter standing in front of Aunt May's grave, dropping the bouquet of flowers he left there. With heroic music still blaring in the background.
    • After mentioning his divorce, Peter breaks off his run-down of his life to go on a long tangent about watching a show on seahorses and learning that they mate for life, and just imagining what it must be like to be a seahorse seeing another seahorse and knowing you're just going to make it work. The projection is sad and hilarious at once because he's desperately trying to convince the viewer it's completely unrelated to his hangups over losing MJ and failing spectacularly.
    • He then adds after saying flashforward that he did half-crunches and push-ups to stay strong. However, the camera clearly shows that Peter went overboard with his Comfort Food and has a large gut. When he notices his ceiling glitching out, he tries to continue eating his pizza, but even that glitches out of his hand to his confusion. He fails to take the slice with him when he gets sucked out of his dimension as he attempts to web it, but the portal closes as soon as the slice is brought upward, hitting the ceiling.
    • In case that wasn't clear, a weird hole just appeared above Peter B's ceiling and is sucking him through it, and all he can think of is finishing his pizza. Either he's so used to danger that eating is more important, or something like this has happened before and he knows he'd better get a snack in before getting dragged along another crazy adventure on an empty stomach.
    • The Japanese dub adds an extra layer of funny thanks to Mamoru Miyano sounding like he gagged at the "B" in Peter's name.
    • Both versions also seemingly sound like they're Corpsing for real at the sight of Peter sleeping with his butt in the air.
    • When Peter B. looks up to see the notice about his other self's death, the ticker underneath shows "Bitcoin hits new high", followed immediately by "Bitcoin hits new low". Some things never change no matter what universe you're in.
    • Peter and MJ getting divorced is funny in a meta way when one remembers the controversial One More Day. Joe Quesada stated that they went this direction because "getting a divorce would make Spider-Man feel old". Yet somehow performing a Deal with the Devil was the right thing to do.
  • Peter arriving in Miles universe, bouncing off the buildings and ground, losing the lower parts of his outfit in the process, which was why he needed the jacket and sweatpants.
    Peter B.: [narrating] I was in New York but things were different. Also, I was dead... and blonde. I was kind of... perfect. It was like looking in a mirror.
    • As he said this, he pulls his mask off, providing a contrast between the currently face-injured Peter B. and the clean-faced Peter that just died.
  • After accidentally hitting Peter with his venom strike, Miles accidentally sticks himself to Peter and is forced to flee from the police while carrying the older Spider-Man's unconscious body by triggering his web shooter, which hooks onto a train. The two then proceed to fly through New York traffic, with Peter taking a lot of abuse while still unconscious, leading up to the police report classifying him as a homeless guy's corpse. When he finally does wake up, he's convinced Miles is trying to kill him. When the two finally come to a stop and crash in the middle of a crosswalk, all Miles can do is weakly request that the pedestrians (one of whom is, again, Stan Lee) walk around them... which they ignore/indifferently oblige.
    Miles: Alright. Thanks, New York.
    • One moment of exceptionally dark humor is the lead-in to them being pulled across the city by the train. As they're being dragged along, Peter regains consciousness just in time to see his own grave speeding towards him.
    • Special mention to those very confused officers who get a report about "a child dressed like Spider-Man dragging a homeless corpse behind a train".
    • At one point they bounce off the roof of a cop car... just as the cops are hearing about the alert on the radio. Their look at each other sells it.
    • Afterwards they crash into a snowman, with Peter getting the smiling head stuck on his own. They then hit a bus and slowly get dragged along the windows, Miles giving the confused passenger a little "Sup" nod as the snowman's smile gradually morphs into a frown.
  • Miles interrogating Peter B. with Peter having to use the tips of his toes to maneuver himself around since the punching bag keeps slowly spinning him.
    Miles: Why's your hair different? Why are you older, and why is your body... [stares at Peter's bulging gut] a-a different shape?
    Peter: [grumpily] Pretty sure you just called me fat.
    Miles: No!
    Peter: Hey, you don't look so hot either, kid. Most superheroes don't wear their own merch!
  • Miles trying to figure out how this Peter exists, since his is dead, which leads Miles to hypothesize that this Peter is also dead.
    Miles: Are you a ghost?
    Peter B.: No.
    Miles: Are you a zombie?
    Peter B.: Stop it.
    Miles: [worryingly looking at his own hand] Am I a zombie??
    Peter B: You're not even close.
    Miles: Are you from another dimension? Like a parallel universe where things are like this universe but different? And you're Spider-Man in that universe? But somehow travelled to this universe, but you don't know how?
    Peter B.: [impressed] Wow. That was really just a guess?
    Miles: Well, we learned about it in physics.
    Peter B.: Quantum theory.
  • Miles threatening to swallow the USB drive by putting it in his mouth. Peter B. tricks him by pretending he didn't understand what he was saying and when Miles opens his mouth he yanks it out anyway.
  • Peter B. is fully set to leave for his own dimension, but then notices that the "goober" is broken.
    Peter B.: Did you break this?
    Miles: No, it... broke. I don't remember what happened.
    Peter B.: [pulls at his face in frustration] This is why I never had kids, this is why I never did that!
  • At first Peter B. just wants to get home and has absolutely no intention of training Miles as the next Spider-Man. He takes the USB key and makes to leave, and Miles simply sits there on the side of a building. Peter comes back, looks over the ledge and asks Miles what he's doing.
    Miles: Making you feel guilty. ...Is it working?
    • And the best part? It totally works. Even knowing he's being played, Peter's inherent good nature combined with his sense of responsibility overwhelm his cynicism, to the point he literally yells into the crook of his arm in frustration.
      Peter B.: [muffled] HRRRAAGGH!!! NO! NONONONO! DO NOT! LET HIM! WIN!
      Peter B.: ...Alright kid, you win.
    • Also adding to it is that Peter pretends to ignore him and keeps pacing back and forth between just ignoring this kid who's giving him Puppy-Dog Eyes and trying to get home and he's clearly at war with himself the whole time before he relents.
    • Another funny moment here, is the fact that Peter calls the USB key a goober — reason being is that he's had to use so many override keys, bypass keys, you name it, to the point where he won't remember what it is, so he just calls it a "goober". Made even funnier later on, when other characters call it that too.
  • Peter tells Miles that he can come along and that they don't have a moment to lose. Cut to Peter who apparently took Miles out to get burgers. And then the bill comes.
    Peter: You have money, right? I'm not very liquid right now.
  • Peter B. claims that in his dimension, the restaurant closed several years ago for some reason. Look behind him and you'll see the place has a "C" rating. You Can't Fight Fate, we suppose Explanation 
  • When Miles asks for advice on how to be Spider-Man, Peter just ends up telling him on how to take care of his suit by disinfecting the mask and to put baby powder in it to avoid chafing.
    Miles: ...anything else?
    Peter: Nope. That's it. Hey, are you gonna eat that? [steals Miles' burger]
    Miles: [beat] I think you're gonna be a bad teacher.
  • When Miles looks up where Alchemax is located, you can see Peter B. stealing Miles's fries while he's distracted.
  • Miles tries to wear a cape with his costume, and Peter grumpily pulls it off, claiming that Spider-Man doesn't wear a cape. What makes the scene funnier was the music playing behind the two ("St. Elmo's Fire" of all things), before it immediately stops once Peter takes note of Miles cape and calls it "disrespectful". Jump to when he and Miles are looking at other Spider-Man costumes, and Miles smugly points out one that has a cape.
    Miles: Hey, Peter. I think this is a cape.
  • Look closely when Peter whips off his jacket and you can see his belly jiggly slightly.
  • The entire scene where Miles and Peter enter and escape Alchemax is pure gold.
    Peter: [thinking] What would I do if I were me...
    • Miles wants to learn everything about being Spider-Man from Peter, and he adorably shows this by mimicking Peter when he strokes his chin in contemplation.
    • Some bits of the Imagine Spot of Peter's planned break-in to Alchemax.
      • Step two is to find the head scientist, there's an accompanying visual of Spider-Man spying on a man, only for Miles to tell him that the woman with the bike is the head scientist. Peter hastily amends step three to, "Re-examine my personal biases."
      • Step six is stealing a bagel from the cafeteria. Then escaping.
    • Miles grumbling at why he got stuck with the "janky, old, broke Hobo-Spider-Man" and hits a rock in his frustration, causing it to split where his fist impacted. He's mildly impressed.
      Miles: That's new.
    • Miles climbing through the vents to try and find Peter. He ends up running into his butt.
    • Peter's hand miming the villains conversation from below the vent with a bored expression. He then explains to Miles that everything up 'til now is the usual Spider-Man schtick and even predicts what's going to happen next.
      Peter: Watch this, he's going to say, "You got twenty-four hours."
      Kingpin: You got twenty-four hours!
      [Peter winks at Miles]
    • Peter trying to help Miles unstick, but it just makes the young man even more nervous. Peter even looks up to the side at one point with boths of his arms in a position that just screams, "Why does this always happen to me?"
      Peter: Just relax, be in the moment!
      Miles: I am in the moment! It's a terrible moment! [their silhouettes through the window are frantically squirming around while the villains are busy talking]
    • Miles has trouble getting unstuck from the ceiling, and when Peter tells him to just try and do what he does to relax, Miles starts poorly singing Post Malone's Sunflower, to Peter's chagrin. And when he finally gets unstuck in the middle of a verse, Miles botches the landing hard.
      Peter: [slumping his shoulders after Miles falls] Teenagers are just the worst.
    • Miles and Peter discovers that Miles can turn invisible, and Peter says that it could be like a fight-or-flight response. Miles asks what that is and, they see a shadowy-figure coming towards the lab they were hiding in. Cue Miles disappearing in a heartbeat.
    • Peter managed to look at the computer's password from the vent then later recites it to Miles so he can search it. Its length is ridiculously long.
    • Doc Ock excitedly examining Peter, after he tries to "turn on the charms", which doesn't grab her attention at all. She notes that not only is he a Peter Parker from a different universe, but he appears to have a gut, poking at his stomach (BLORP). She hypothesizes that his shape could be different due to the dimensional warping.
      Peter: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, I was way flatter before I warped.
    • When Doc Ock grabs his face to further examine his features:
      Peter: [slightly squished] Okay, that's m'face.
    • Invisible Miles does manage to almost type it in while Peter is distracting Ock. But he forgets the end bit and turns the monitor around to show Peter. He then hides the final part in his talk with Ock.
      Peter: Hey, how old are you? 'Cause, you don't look a day over thirty-five!
    • Then Miles finds a really messy desktop with hundreds of scattered files and folders. Running out of time, he decides to take the whole computer with him.
      Miles: [whispering] Organize your desktop, lady!
    • After the Oh, Crap! moment when Peter realizes he's talking to an alternate version of his long time enemy, he nervously jokes out that her friends call her 'Doc Ock', Olivia actually says her friends call her 'Liv'...and that her enemies call her Doc Ock.
    • There's something mildly amusing about Doc Ock of all people having a yoga ball for an office chair.
    • Peter trying to reassure Miles that everything was fine and he has the situation handled as Doc Ock is easily thrashing him around like a rag doll with glee while wondering who Peter is talking too.
      Peter: [using the yoga ball as a shield] In the moment that I'm losing the fight!
    • Peter congratulates Miles on stealing the computer. Then points out that they don't need the monitor.
    • When the two move through the cafeteria, Peter tells Miles to act normal by selecting a bagel. It doesn't take long for them to get found out. You know, because they're still dressed as Spider-Man.
      Peter: Bud, this would be a good to turn invisible.
      Miles: [meekily] Yup...
      Peter: OK, not gonna turn invisible? Selecting a bagel. Act super normal.
      Alchemax Worker: Spider-Man?
      Peter: You know, it's funny, I get that a lot.
      Miles: Hey.
      [all the Alchemax workers immediately pull out laser guns]
      Peter: Okay, now time to do the switchy-switchy. [gives Miles the bagel while he takes the computer]
      Alchemax Worker: Get back here! Where do you think you're going?! HE TOOK A BAGEL!
    • As all of the Alchemax scientists whip out their guns, one scientist just looks down at their table in defeat like they were thinking, "Can't I just peacefully have my coffee without having to fight off Spider-Man?" And before that, you can see her pour an entire container of sugar into her coffee.
    • The two run out onto a balcony immediately after this, and Miles actually throws his bagel at one of the employees. It beans him right in the head with a "BAGEL!" sound effect.
    • Peter instructs Miles to swing "just like I taught you", while the two are escaping, and when Miles asks when he ever taught him that, Peter replies that it was a little joke for team building. Miles, on the other hand...
    • Miles slamming into a tree while web-swinging with Peter in the trailer. Decidedly less so in the movie, where they're under fire from Alchemax agents.
    • As Doc Ock is chasing Miles, he still hasn't figured out how to swing, with Peter beginning to panic with his instructions and ends up yelling, "Then stop listening to me!"
      Miles: That's the best idea you've had all day!
    • Peter instructing Miles on how to swing from a web makes him sound like a game tutorial.
      Peter: Double-tap to release, and then thwip it out again!
  • Spider-Gwen saving Miles and Peter, and revealing her identity to them. Miles, however, is incredibly confused.
    Miles: Gwanda?
    Gwen: It's Gwen, actually.
    Peter: Oh ho, you know her? Very cool.
  • In an extremely dark way, there's something funny about Gwen nabbing Peter in a web while he's in freefall.
  • Miles tries to compliment Gwen's new haircut, but she angrily tells him he's not allowed to like it, since his Power Incontinence is what forced her to get it cut in the first place.
    Miles: [nervously] I like your haircut?
    Gwen: [angrily] You don't get to like my haircut.
  • Miles' confusion as he wonders how many more Spider-Man are in his dimension.
    Miles: How many spider-people are there?
    Peter: [rolling his eyes] Save it for Comic-Con.
    Miles: What's Comic-Con?
    Peter: Let's go! [web-yanks Miles]
  • The trio are taking the bus out of Alchemax and Gwen holds up the broken USB drive.
    Gwen: He broke this?
    Miles: Yeah, he's actually kind of embarrassed about it. So let's keep it between us.
    Gwen: [giggling] Well, I know a place where we can fix it, and we won't let him break it this time.
  • There is something hilarious about Peter B. being so lazy that he uses his web-shooters to ring the doorbell rather than walking up and ringing it himself.
  • As the three of them stand in front of Aunt May's house, Peter B. tries to make a run for it but Gwen shoots out a web that catches him and pulls him back.
  • Aunt May and Peter B. talking to each other, at first is tearjerking, but then Aunt May looks at the state of her nephew from an alternate universe. Gwen seems embarrassed for him when explaining that yes, it's exactly what it looks like.
    Aunt May: You look older. [opens Peter's coat] And thicker.
    Peter: Yeah, I heard that already.
    Aunt May: [looks down] Oh geez, are those sweatpants?
  • Spider-Man Noir really plays up the noir aspect of his character this time, as he's dressed more like a Hard Boiled Detective, complete with a trench coat and fedora. His trenchcoat is always blowing in the wind. Even in a basement.
    Spider-Man Noir: Where I go the wind follows... And the wind? It smells like rain.
    • Noir in general gets lots of Black Comedy, or coming off sounding like a teen edgelord. Especially since it's Nic Cage's voice coming out of his mouth.
  • Peni Parker shows up, showing off her extremely anime-influenced design and her Genki Girl personality while striking a typical Kawaiiko pose. Even better, when Peni talks, her lines don't match up with the lip flaps, which are animated to look more like anime lip flaps than the more detailed mouth movements of everyone else in the movie.
  • Right after Peter B. says things can't get any weirder, in comes Spider-Ham, a cartoon pig.
    Spider-Ham: It can get weirder. [extends his hand while being sopping wet] I just washed my hands. That's why they're wet! No other reason...
    • Peter's reaction is to tilt his head back in a way that says, "I really need to keep my mouth shut..."
    • Freeze-Frame Bonus, look down at Peter's feet and you see that he's wearing mismatched shoes.
  • When it's Noir, Peni and Ham's turns to introduce themselves, they reach the point where they simultaneously talk about being bitten by a spider... except for Ham who says he was bitten by a radioactive pig and was originally a spider. You can see Noir and Peni do a Double Take at him when he explains this.
    • In Noir's dimension, it's 1933, and he's a private eye. He likes to drink eggcreams and he likes to fight Nazis. A lot.
    • He interrupts Peni's introduction by going from her talking about how she and her spider are BFFs to...
      Spider-Man Noir: Sometimes I let matches burn all the way to my fingertips just to feel something! Anything! [match burns out] Aww...
      • The visual for this line has him burning a match between his fingers only for it to go out before reaching the tips and SMN giving a OOC comical look of disappointment.
    • Most of Spider-Ham's backstory involves a lot of canine puns.
      Spider-Ham: I'm a photographer for the Daily Beagle! When I'm not pooching around, I'm working like a dog, trying to sniff out the latest story! I frolic, and I dance, and I do this with my pants and I—
      Peter: [pushes the flashback down] Okay, enough!
    • The thing Spider-Ham does with his pants is that he pulls his pants over his head and pushes his snout through his pants. It, uh, looks exactly like what you think it looks like.
    • They also get asked how they came here but reply that It's a Long Story. Then the Super-Collider causing dimensional distortions scene that was seen several times already happens again anyway, with the three entering Miles's dimension, but sped up to an instant before smacking into a Jumbotron like Peter did. They add that the story wasn't so long after all.
  • Also when Peter tries to help Miles show off to the other Spider-Heroes, Miles always adds that not only can he not use his two main abilities on command, but those are the only two stand-out abilities that he has.
    Peter: But he can do so much more, like, what else can you do?
    Miles: Just those two things.
    Peter: Just those two things!
  • Spider-Man Noir prepares to prep Miles, asking him if he could fight off Kingpin's men on his own.
    Spider-Man Noir: OK, little fella, Kingpin’s gonna send a lot of mugs after ya, I’m talking hard boys, real biscuit boxers. Can you fight them all off at once?
    Miles: [with his fists up] Uh, I don't know, I've never actually fought anyone—
    Spider-Man Noir: Surprise attack! [Swipes Miles' legs]
  • The other Spider-People all get Drill Sergeant Nasty in Miles' face on what abilities he should have as a Spider-Man, and this leads to some absolute gems.
    Peni: Can you rewire a mainframe while being shot at? [throws a motherboard at Miles]
    Miles: Can I what?
    Peni: SHOW ME!
    Spider-Man Noir: Surprise attack! [punches Miles]
  • As the Spider-Heroes group up to discuss how to handle Miles since he doesn't seem to be ready to fight alongside them, Noir turns around and makes note that Miles is still there.
  • Noir is horribly confused by a Rubik's cube and mistakes one of the colors for purple. Noir can see colors normally, his universe is just naturally black and white. He's confused because he has no concept of actual colors period.
    Noir: This is...purple?
    Spider-Ham: No.
    Spider-Ham: No.
    SP//dr: ^_^
    • A Funny Background Event during that scene involves Peni rolling in on wheelies and giving Peter B. the goober with a ridiculous anime girl smile. According to the commentary, this was done because the scene wasn't long enough for Peni to actually walk into the room and give the goober to Peter B.
      • It's just funny to think that wheelies would still be a thing even in the year 3145.
  • When a panicking Miles talks about how he just learned that his uncle is a supervillain who just tried to kill him, Noir actually compliments the "hardcore" backstory, only to get an elbow from Peni while the others glare at him.
    • Note that Noir in the comics probably has the darkest origin story of any of the other Spider-People. His uncle was cannibalized, he watched someone get eaten alive by spiders, got his mentor murdered, and had his best friend lobotomized by a Nazi. If anyone knows a hardcore origin story, it's him.
  • Aunt May's reaction to Doctor Octopus busting into her home is "Oh great, it's Liv" in an annoyed tone, implying that this is not the first time this has happened, or that they used to be friends (since Doc Ock said earlier that only her friends call her "Liv").
  • Aunt May initially asks if the costumed combatants can take the fight outside and spare the Parker house. Spider-Man Noir's comeback?
    Spider-Man Noir: We don't pick the ballroom, we just dance.
  • When the fight breaks out there's a quick shot where Noir pushes Peni down out of the way of one of Ock's tentacles, during which for only a few frames Peni's face switches from an anime-style awkward/embarrassed face (with small white eyes and a V shaped mouth) complete with Sweatdrop, to a cheerful grin, to finally a grumpy face with a squiggly line for a mouth.
  • Scorpion singling out Miles for a fight, and as Miles lifts his hands up to fight, they're unfortunately sticking to Aunt May's sofa cushions. This brings out a laugh from Scorpion.
    Scropion: [Bring It gesture to Miles] Stand, ninito, dale.
    Miles: [deep voice] Preparete a morir. [beat] Aw, man! Stupid pillows!
  • As Peni pilots Sp//dr it stands up with this face "OvO" before turning into something like this "T_T".
  • In the background of the fight, Spider-Ham smashes a toilet on Tombstone's head.
  • When the hero-bad guy fight erupts in her living room, all Aunt May can see is her house getting smashed up. So she grabs a bat and starts whacking on the baddies to get them out of her house. During the split-screen shots of Aunt May noticing all the damage that the villains are causing to her house, the final split screen consists of Spider-Ham smashing a plate on his own head.
    Aunt May: I said take it outside!
  • The Spider-Gang is having an emotional moment in Miles' room, discussing the downsides of being Spider-Man... and then Miles' roommate Ganke arrives at their dorm room, prompting the Spider-Gang try to avoid being spotted by hiding on the ceiling in a cluster, changing position as Ganke keeps moving around in his chair. When he eventually sees them:
    Miles: Hey there...
    Spider-Ham: Do animals talk in this dimension? 'Cause I don't wanna freak him out. [Ganke promptly faints]
    • Because a talking pig wearing a Spider-Man costume probably wouldn't, at the least, confuse him...
    • During this scene, Peni (whose Spider-powers are from her currently-unavailable mech) is awkwardly smushed between Gwen and Miles while Spider-Ham cartoonishly goes from being next to Spider-Man Noir to next to Spider-Gwen every time they change positions.
    • You might also notice that Peni is not only staring at Ganke the most during this, but she's also blushing like mad. She even gives a brief grin before they start moving.
    • This becomes even funnier when you consider that Spider-Ham is played by John Mulaney, who once asked "why do people shush animals? They've never spoken."
    • The comic Ganke is reading is a What If? expy proposing the concept of multiple Spider-Men.
    • Not to mention the song Ganke was listening to amusingly fitting the scene.
      "Who that swingin’ in the air?"
  • The Spider-Gang (sans Miles) have to infiltrate Kingpin's building to get to the Super-Collider underneath it.
  • Peter spots Mary Jane at the gala. Knowing that they have to stick to the plan, Gwen is struggling to keep him on task, only for Mary Jane to approach them, letting them know that table 12 needs more bread. Cue emotional breakdown from Peter while Gwen facepalms in the background.
    Peter B.: I'm just, uh... I'm really sorry.
    MJ: Oh, don't be sorry, it's just bread.
    Peter B.: I wasn't there for you when you needed me.
    MJ: [clearly confused] Mm-hmm?
    Peter B.: I didn't even try!
    MJ: That's fine; y'know I should really get going—
    Peter B.: I know I could do better! If I just had another chance to give you, uh... the... bread... that you deserve...
    • Unintentional or not, this whole conversation becomes even funnier when remembering that one of the reasons Peter and MJ split is that he didn't want kids. An idiom for pregnancy is having a "bun in the oven."
    • This also involves the dining cart, where SP//dr is hiding under, being moved while Peter B. contemplates MJ. Must have been weird for those two...
  • Doc Ock asking Peter for his final words as she slowly constricts him.
    Peter: [choking] Can I get a minute to think about it? You got a pen?
  • When Peter congratulates Miles for coming back as a legitimate Spider-Man to save him as Doc Ock, Peter tells Miles how he loves him and is so proud of him before looking off to the side and wondering aloud, “Do I want kids?!?!”
  • While the other Spider-Heroes are swinging around and fighting, Spider-Ham is shown with a large magnet catching the villains' assorted firearms before casually dropping it into the active Collider.
  • Noir vs Tombstone, featuring Written Sound Effects like: "Slug!" "Jab!" "Applesauce!"
    Noir: You gonna fight or you just bumping gums you hard boiled turtle slapper?!
  • While Scorpion is busy attacking Peni and SP//dr, an anvil suddenly slams on the former's head, later revealing that Spider-Ham dropped it. Cue the following exchange:
    Scorpion: Puerconote ? [chuckles] What are you, some kind of silly cartoon?
    Spider-Ham: [in an offended tone] You got a problem with cartoons?
    [after Scorpion is defeated]
    Spider-Ham: Awwww, did THAT feel like a cartoon?! Pbbbtthh!
    • Maybe coincidental, but this cross actor allusion territory a little: Scorpion is voiced by Joaquin Cosio, and one of the most known characters he has played is "El Cochiloco" in the mexican movie El Infierno (Hell, 2010). The kicker? The english translation of "Cochiloco" (contraction of "Cochino" and "Loco") is "Crazy Pig", and just look who gave Scorpion an awesome lesson of cartoon physics...
    • The anvil he used on Scorpion also reappears at the end of Miles and Kingpin's fight when it's the last thing to hit the Collider before it explodes.
  • This exchange before Miles, Peter, and Gwen get ready to take on Doc Ock:
    Spider-Gwen: Buckle up, guys. This is going to take a while.
    [Doc Ock lunges, laughing maniacally... and is suddenly hit by an 18-wheeler in the Collider's room]
    Spider-Gwen: ... alright, never mind.
    • Additionally, Peter's shocked expression following her sudden exit. It's very reminiscent of Deadpool.
  • As Miles goes to place the goober in, Peter says that he has it, only for Miles to show that he took it.
    Peter: [grumpily] Oh, you gotta be kidding me.
    Miles: Don't watch the mouth, watch the hands.
  • Miles proceeds to show off some pretty slick web-slinging skills, directly inspired by the maneuver his Peter did, Peter B. tries to take credit for teaching him.
    Peter B.: We taught him that, right?
    Gwen: I didn't teach him that. And you definitely didn't.
  • As the various Spiders are returning to their own dimensions, Spider-Ham says "That's all folks!".
    • Before that, Spider-Ham leaves Miles his parting gift: a cartoon hammer, which he claims can fit in his pocket. ...Hey, wait a minute!
      • To make it even funnier, we don't see the mallet again after he hands it to Miles, so apparently it really did fit in Miles' pocket.
  • Noir meanwhile decides to take with him the Rubik's Cube. In the end credits, he even shows it to the citizens in his world as if it were the most wonderful invention ever created.
  • Before Gwen's departure, Miles asks if he's allowed to like her haircut now.
    Spider-Gwen: [laughs] You know I'm older than you. Fifteen months, but it's pretty significant if you ask me.
    Miles: Well, Einstein said time was relative, right?
    Spider-Gwen: [laughs] Nice...
  • Miles dispatching Kingpin with his bioelectricity and his uncle's shoulder touch technique. Made all the funnier because it failed miserably with Gwen earlier and resulted in her terrible haircut.
  • While dressed as Spider-Man, Miles says "I love you" to his father, causing his father to chuckle before saying "Wait, what?" in confusion.
    • Also, he talks to his dad using a deep voice and an exaggerated accent. When he hugs him, all Jefferson can do is awkwardly hug back, probably wondering why Spider-Man is hugging him.
  • Miles showing off to the neighborhood as the new Spider-Man and briefly fails to stick onto the building, causing him to fall off. He recovers and says that he did that on purpose.
  • He adds that one of the great things about being Spider-Man was how he could finally put his tags somewhere his dad will never find. As he says this, he puts a sticker on the stone arch he was sitting on.
  • Just like in Peter B.'s origin story, Miles gets hit by a drone.
  • As part of the "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue, Spider-Ham is seen eating a hot dog. Of course, that could be considered Fridge Brilliance: not just because Spider-Ham is actually a spider bitten by a radioactive pig but because Word of God confirmed that the meat in his universe is human meat.
  • The end credits show hordes of Spider-Men playing jump rope with their webs and riding progressively long bicycles together. One instance shows them cooking Spider-Ham on a rotisserie, while the very next shows their roles reversed.
  • Hordes and hordes and hordes of Spider-Men sitting at desks, with a wall full of Spider-Man headshots behind them, which eventually progresses into the entire bunch getting up to dance.
  • When Miguel O'Hara jumps to Earth-67, he recreates the famous Spider-Man double meme with that universe's Spider-Man, and the two proceed to get into a squabble over who pointed first before being cut off by the end card. Even the onlooking police officer and Classic Jameson get in on it.
    Classic Spidey: Whoa! What the —?
    Miguel: I'm Spider-Man. I need you to come with me.
    Classic Spidey: Who the heck are you?
    Miguel: I — I just told you that — Listen, listen: I'm from the future.
    Classic Spidey: How dare you point at me?
    Miguel: You — you were pointing first!
    Classic Spidey: It's rude to point!
    Miguel: You're being very rude! You're not even believing what I'm saying, you're saying I'm not who I say I am when I tell you who I am —
    Police Officer: Which one pointed first?
    Jameson: Spider-Man pointed first, obviously!
    Miguel:You're pointing at me right now, as you say that! Look at you! Look at your finger! Look at your finger right now! What you're doing! You're pointing! YOU'RE ACCUSING ME OF POINTING WHILE YOU'RE—!
    Classic Spidey: [at the same time] I'm not pointing, you're pointing! I'm just pointing at your pointing, which is different than normal pointing! You haven't seen pointing until I'm through with you, and then you'll know
    • Even more hilarious is the Limited Animation of that universe kicks in, leading to a temper-tantrum throwing Miguel hopping in place as he's arguing with Classic Spidey.
    • Even more, even more hilarious is that they got Oscar Isaac, one of the most charismatic and gifted performers of his generation, to be Miguel's voice actor. You can tell the producers had a lot of fun making this movie when they went out of their way to cast him just for this ridiculous joke bit.
    • There's also the bit where Miguel goes "Let's start at the beginning... one last time." When he said "at the beginning one last time", he meant at the beginning, one last time.
    • There is something oddly hilarious that, while all of the other Spideys had Origin Story flashbacks, Miguel simply just shows up without showing one.
    • The script outright calls the scene "the most expensive dumb joke of all time."
    • The script also just refers to the '60s characters as "Meme Spider-Man" "Meme Jameson" and "Meme Police Officer".
    • By the way, right before he jumps universes when Lyla tells him that he's late, Miguel retorts that he was only gone for less than two hours. The film is one hour, fifty-six minutes, and forty-nine seconds long, or less than two hours.
  • Have you ever actually noticed how Doc Ock's Evil Laugh sounds? It's not menacing or scary at all. It sounds like a kid trying to sound evil, but either their voice just doesn't allow for such a menacing aura or they're just bad at it. Although considering that she's Affably Evil, it sort of makes sense, but still.

Deleted Scenes

  • In one of the Missing Trailer Scenes, Peter B. compares the universe Miles comes from to a soggy french fry, while the universe Peter comes from is a delicious normal fry.
  • The gala scene was originally longer and featured Tombstone confronting the disguised Spider-Gang, leading to several great moments.
    • When Tombstone stops the gang, Peter B. starts putting his fists up, and Gwen pushes them down. While Noir tries to make small talk, Peter raises his fists again, and Gwen pushes them again without even looking his way.
    • Tombstone lifts up the cloche the group is carting around, revealing that Spider-Ham is indeed hiding inside it, naked except for his mask and with an apple in his mouth. While Tombstone laughs about how even the pig dinner has a Spider-Man mask on, Spider-Ham coughs up the apple and quickly shoves it back in before anyone notices. Followed by this exchange:
      Tombstone: I don't eat pork.
      Spider-Ham: You don't deserve pork! [Gwen hastily covers him up with the cloche]
    • The end of the scene.
      Tombstone: Right through there. Have fun.
      [the Spider-Gang exits the room as Tombstone pulls out a phone]
      Tombstone: Yeah, they think we're dumb.
      [cut to the Spider-Gang tossing off their bowties]
      Peter B.: Oh, they are dumb.
      Gwen: They are so dumb!
  • Another scene during the infiltration had Spider-Man Noir regarding a painting at Kingpin's office.
    Noir: What a beautiful painting. I love the use of purple.
    Ham: Again, color's not his strong suit.
    Noir: IT'S PURPLE!


  • The Spider-Man Christmas Album is real.
    • The ultra-cheerful and cheesy Spidey Bells suddenly breaks into Miles' Peter being depressingly contemplative about the direction of his life and whether or not he's becoming a cheap sellout, along with regretting what he's done before suddenly jumping back to being cheerful. The whiplash is so sudden and out-of-there for the "Perfect" Peter that it's depressingly hilarious.
      Oh, Spidey Bells, Spidey Bells
      Is this who I've become?
      Selling out my good name
      For an impulse-buy album
      Oh, Spidey Bells, Spidey Bells
      I'm filled with deep regret
      I'm canceling this song's release
      For the press I get
    • "Joy to the World (That I Just Saved)" has Miles wishing that he could get paid for his hero work. At the end of his song, he even quickly throws in a GoFundMe website link to help pay for the manufacturing costs of his web fluid.
      And literally I don't get paid
      Kinda weird that I don't get paid
      I make my own web fluid
    • Peter B.'s rendition of "Deck the Halls" is a recording done at a live lounge show, and he proceeds to bomb hard while embarrassing Mary Jane along the way.
      Peter B.: One take! What I'd tell ya?
    • 1960s cartoon Spider-Man reads "The Night Before Christmas"; halfway through the poem, he gets bored and decides to skip right to the end. The track ends with him talking about how he's still nursing a hangover from last night's Christmas party.
      Earth-67 Spider-Man: Threw up on the train tracks on 34th. Kids saw me, and... NOT A GOOD LOOK FOR SPIDER-MAN. *coughs* Anyway... not still recording, are you?
  • In the artbook of Into the Spiderverse, on Miles' universe of Peter Parker, the note below says that he was known as "RIPeter" by the crew since he doesn't live that long. One of the animators additionally noted that they called Peter B. "Burrito Peter", due to him eating burritos rather than pizza in an earlier version of the film.
  • John Mulaney has a few Hilarious Outtakes of Spider-Ham cursing up a storm, because the producers didn't tell him until after he was done with the session that the movie was PG. They just wanted him to have fun for his first recording.
  • In an interview, Peni's actress Kimiko Glenn admitted to knowing only basic Japanese phrases, worrying she'd have to make up some words for her character and watch the movie with her mother asking what she said correctly. Thankfully, she didn't have to say too much in Japanese.
  • According to Rodney Rothman, there was an alternate line during the scene where the Spider-People are relating over their shared tragedies and failures that had to be cut for being too funny and ruining the tone — Spider-Ham crying that he lost his Uncle Frankfurter, before adding, "He was electrocuted, and it smelled so good..."
  • Movies and shows are often available for purchase on YouTube, with videos of clips having an ad off to the side promoting the availability. Into the Spider-Verse is no exception but since they had no official cover art at the time, they instead use... this.
  • Nicolas Cage's first few recording sessions were reportedly not what the filmmakers wanted. In response, Cage asked if they wanted him to "go full Cage." Guys, he might be becoming self-aware...
    • The fact we have freaking Ghost Rider voicing a version of Spider-Man is its own brand of comedy.
  • With John Mulaney voicing Spider-Ham, it was only a matter of time before someone gave us "The One Thing You Can't Replace: Spider-Verse edition.
  • MAFEX announced that they were releasing both Miles Morales and Peter B. Parker Spider-Man action figures which are extremely accurate to the source material. So accurate, in fact, that the Peter B. figure has visible love handles (and comes with pizza, coffee mug, mismatched shoes, and sweatpants accessories)