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"I see this spark in you. It's amazing. It's why I push you. But it's yours. Whatever you choose to do with it, you'll be great."

WARNING: Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies to Moments pages. All spoilers will be unmarked!

  • The movie opens with Miles' Peter Parker, who gives us his backstory and admits that even though he's been beaten, bruised and battered countlessly over the span of his hero career, he still loves being Spider-Man.
    Peter: So no matter how many hits I take... I always find a way to come back.
  • Peter recounting his story to the audience, and we get a scene of him falling in love with Mary Jane, a la the famous upside-down kiss, which is made sweeter when we see it's her upside down hanging back from a ladder.
  • Uncle Ben's split-second cameo, imparting his famous Comes Great Responsibility speech while walking into a bright light. Instead of dwelling on the tragedy, this movie emphasized how Ben had a helping hand in creating New York's greatest hero and implies that Peter has moved on from blaming himself for his death.
    • Additionally, they used the audio of Cliff Robertson saying the line.
    • Given how perfect this Spider-Man's life seems to be, there's always the outside chance his uncle Ben was never shot by a mugger but passed on through less violent causes.
  • Miles' mother is shown to be a very caring and loving towards her son, comforting him when he comes home upset and allows him to stay over. She still does tease him in her own way, but even that is done with great affection.
    Miles: (grumpily being smushed by his mother's kisses) Mom, I gotta go.
    Rio: (giddily stopping her kisses) Mmmmwah! In a minute!
  • Miles passing by his old school and getting acquainted with all the students he knew there sets up how down-to-earth he is, already possessing Spider-Man's quality for being "neighborhood friendly" before he was even Spider-Man.
    • If you pay close attention, you notice that almost every kid that Miles passes by, including the ones he doesn't briefly interact with, smile at him. Meaning Miles was on friendly terms with almost, if not all, of his previous classmates.
    • Another quick moment, but when Miles moves his suitcase to play pass ball with a former classmate, another classmate catches Miles' suitcase with his foot. A quick and sweet gesture.
  • Jefferson making an effort to try and connect with his teenage son on the drive over to Visions, even though Miles isn't engaged with the conversation.
    • Miles and his dad's interactions. Sure, his dad likes to tease him, but you can see the genuine love between them.
    Miles: Dad... I love you.
    Jefferson Davis: That's a copy.
    • This is humorously repeated by Miles (most likely as payback) when he is talking to his father as Spider-Man.
      Miles: Officer, I love you.
      Jefferson: (laughs) Wait, What?
      • Right before this, the hug he gives his father whilst under the guise of Spider-Man. Even under a mask, it's incredibly expressive how much Miles appreciates his father, and how his words inspired him.
      • Adding onto the hug moment, Jefferson is unaware that the new Spider-Man is his son but still returns the hug, albeit still confused by it.
    • He even encourages his son about the things he's capable of. These words helped Miles accept and embrace his role as the new Spider-Man, seen when he immediately gains control of his powers.
      Jefferson: I see this spark in you, it's amazing. Whatever you choose to do with it, you'll be great.
    • In that speech to Miles, he even parallels their earlier conversation by telling Miles he doesn't have to say "I love you" back. He will love his son regardless.
    • In the epilogue scenes, Jefferson invites his son to the precinct he works at to let him work his talent on one of the bare walls nearby, as a way of bonding with him and to show he approves of his son's artistic talents. Even better, Miles decides to spraypaint a posthumous dedication to his uncle Aaron via his portrait and initials, no doubt something his father would appreciate looking at everytime he goes to work.
  • Props to Miss Calleros, the teacher, that didn't fail Miles when he intentionally got all the answers on a test wrong. She didn't have to do that, but she gave him a perfect score because she knew the only way to get a zero on a true or false test is if you know all the answers. She also instantly understands Miles' real problems and asks him to write an essay about his life and what he wants, nurturing his self-improvement.
  • Aaron being Miles' go to place for relaxing and talking when he can't express something to his parents. He clearly looks up to his uncle and Aaron almost treats Miles as his own son, even giving him tips on how to flirt with girls, claiming the shoulder touch was "science".
    • Aaron casually gives Miles genuinely good dating advice with “smart girls is where it’s at.” He’s not just telling Miles to prioritize intellect in possible girlfriends but is subtly encouraging Miles to stick with the academy when we know Miles is purposely trying to sabotage his standing in the school.
    • He also tells Miles that his father used to tag buildings with him when they were younger, but changed after he got a family and joined the PDNY. Even after that, Aaron shows no ill will towards his brother, understanding that they just had different views and ended up drifting apart. It's clear Aaron also wishes to prevent the same thing from happening with Miles.
    • Blink and you miss it, but Aaron's choice of background on his phone is one of him and his brother smiling with Jeff giving him an affectionate noogie. Later on, Jefferson shows that his background image is of him and Aaron posing for a picture while leaning on a rail.
    • When Miles is off with the other Spider-Heroes, and is missing to his parents' knowledge, Jefferson still calls Aaron because he knows that Miles trusts him more and feels safe around him.
  • Blink and you'll miss it, but during the speedy montage of Miles deeply sleeping after being bitten by the spider, you can see his roommate Ganke (to whom he hasn't even introduced himself yet) checking up on him a few times, clearly worried.
  • Blond Spider-Man going out of his way risking his life for Miles Morales, a boy he just met and has no personal and family connection with, right down to his fatherly concern to shoo Miles away so that he doesn't see him dying, and warning him to protect himself and his family. This is even more selfless than his death in Ultimate Spider-Man where he took a bullet for Captain America, his mentor whose approval he wanted, and died to save Aunt May, Mary Jane, and his friends from Norman Osborn. But here is Spider-Man going out of his way for some kid he just met and doesn't know. For Peter, it's also a bright spot in the middle of his imminent death, that even if he failed to defeat Kingpin at least he died saving the life of an innocent, and that his legacy would continue without him.
    • Once he works out that Miles also has spider powers, Blond Peter eagerly offers to teach Miles how to handle them, and sounds relieved to know there's someone else going through this.
    • Miles Morales' recounting to the Spiders underneath Aunt May's house the danger of the collider and how none of them can stay there and how it has to be him who inserts it so that they all go back and none of them dies. He says this not only to unburden himself but out of a selfless concern for their lives.
    • Miles in the later half being Shipper on Deck for Peter B. and advising him to go back and make it work with his MJ again as well as how he doesn't want another Spider-Man to die. Even if Peter B. is a screw-up and more immature in his late 30s than Miles is at 13, Miles wants him to live, and go back and find happiness.
    • Peter's development as the movie progresses. He goes from being Mid-Life Crisis Spider-Man to the hero we know and love. His change is cemented in the You Are Not Ready speech, and he finishes by realizing how mentoring Miles has become a proxy for the children he didn't want, and at the conclusion, he tries to make things work again with Mary Jane. His experience with Miles even makes him reconsider the idea of having kids.
  • Where does Miles go to after seeing his original Spider-Man killed and then chased by the Prowler? To his home where his parents are. At his most scared and confused, Miles' first instinct is to seek his loving parents.
    • Jefferson barges into Miles' room thinking it's an intruder only to find his son and ask why he isn't at school. A still-shaken Miles immediately runs up and hugs his father. Jefferson instantly returns the hugs while soothingly telling his son, "It's okay". And if you look closely, he's tightening the hug as he states the comforting words.
    • Rio then shows to worriedly ask Miles what's wrong. After seeing her son's scared face, she assumed it's because of the earthquake with no hint of shaming him for being afraid.
    • When Miles ask if he can stay the night, Jefferson initially objects, reasoning the former made a commitment to the school. One sentence from his wife and pleading look from his son, Jefferson relents.
  • Despite saying he does not like Spider-Man, Jefferson is shocked and speechless when he hears the news of Spider-Man's untimely passing. It's especially heartwarming that he doesn't gloat over his death.
  • Mary Jane's eulogy at Peter's funeral.
    Mary Jane: "My husband Peter Parker was an ordinary person. He always said that it could be anyone behind the mask. He was just the kid who happened to get bit... He didn't ask for his powers. But he chose to be Spider-Man... My favorite thing about Peter is that he made us each feel powerful. We all have powers of one kind or the other and in our own way we are all Spider-Man, and we are all counting on you."
    • Kravitz' line delivery when she says "he didn't ask for his powers" and talking about her favorite thing communicates how much she loved him, as well as highlighting Peter being an "ordinary person" and the fact that she loved both sides of his life.
    • At said funeral, a massive crowd of people come to pay their respects, many of them wearing Spider-Man masks or costumes. It really highlights just how beloved Peter was in New York and how much its citizens will miss him.
  • For someone who didn't initially want to help Miles and doesn't want kids, Peter B. sure took a shine to Miles in a hurry, to the point of pushing him as the point man for the supercollider mission, even though Miles is clearly not ready.
    • During the scene at the diner, just before the two set out for Alchemax, Miles asks if Peter can teach him to web-sling along the way, and mimics the "thwip, thwip" motions, which gets a genuine laugh out of Peter.
    • Peter B. quietly shipping Miles and Gwen is also sweet when you consider how jaded he has become when his marriage ended. He's not so crusty to not be moved by young love. This is even more heartwarming when you consider just how much Peter B's history resembles that of the mainline comics' Peter; this isn't just any girl, it's Gwen Stacy, the same person he failed to save in so many tellings of his story. Assuming there was once a Gwen in his life, what must it mean to him to see a version of her that could have a happy ending?
    • Initially all Peter B. Parker wants to do is go home, and has no intention of training Miles as Spider-Man. He even gets angry when Miles makes an attempt at equating great power with... you know. Miles is left sitting on the side of a building, but Peter comes back. While played for laughs (Miles even admits he's sitting there looking forlorn to make Peter B. feel guilty), the fact that he does relent and help Miles despite his cynicism and world-weariness shows that no matter how far gone he might seem, Peter B. is still the Amazing Spider-Man. He relents, and the two begin their friendship in earnest.
    • Amid the various "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue shots in the Epilogue, Peni is seen rebuilding the SP//dr mech, and Peter B. is seen reconciling with Mary Jane.
    • Watch closely during the scene where Peter meets Mary Jane again. The faintest hint of a smile can be seen forming at the corner of her mouth when she recognizes Peter. Their relationship has a chance. One thing that Peter B. makes clear the relationship didn't end on account of her not wanting to be with him which is amazing when you consider as per Peter B's montage that she stuck with him through bad investments, klutzy superheroics, the emotional fallout from his Aunt's death and she still wanted to have children with him.
    • While Peter B. Parker is nowhere near The Cape that his counterpart from Miles' universe was, he was still a hero even during his darkest moments. The fact that however reluctantly he consistently does the right thing and was the one who decided to stay and sacrifice himself to get the other Spiders home and protect Miles shows that he was a hero through and through.
    • Peter B's experience with Miles shows us that he has a lot of parental instincts still inside that he never knew he had. He was willing to act as a mentor to Miles until the latter could develop his powers, and once Miles is finally able to harness his power, Miles is able to give some motivational words to Peter B before dropping him into the portal. Peter B's face clearly shows how proud he is of Miles and that despite his own fears of parenthood, that he does have what it takes to be a good parent to his future child.
  • Peter's grave in Miles' universe has quite a bit of memorabilia from people who wished to pay their respects, showing how much New York misses him. Same with Aunt May's house.
  • When Peter B. infiltrates Alchemax, Miles refuses to let him go alone, saying he can't stand by and watch Spider-Man die without doing anything again. Peter is genuinely touched by this sentiment - which is saying a lot given how jaded he is.
    Peter B.: Go back outside!
    Miles: No! I can't sit there and just let Spider-Man die without doing anything about it. I'm not doing that again!
    (Peter's expression softens)
    Miles: What?
    Peter B.: Most people I meet in the workplace try to kill me, so... you're a nice change of pace.
    • When Miles gets stuck to the ceiling and is struggling to get down, Peter calls him "bud". He's already warming up to him.
    • The whole bonding scene between Peter B. and Miles as they are escaping. After Miles manages to shoot a web to escape from Doc Ock, Peter B. starts guiding Miles with earnest, like a father teaching his son, and soon, they start saying "Thwip and release" together, like a team. It is at this point that Miles' image of Peter B. is rebuilt to the point that he calls him amazing.
      Miles: (laughs) I'm doing it!
      Peter B.: Good, you're doing it! Double tap to release and thwip it out again.
      Miles: Ok!
      Peter B.: Thwip and release.
      Miles/Peter B.: And thwip and release. Thwip! Release!
      Peter B.: You're a natural.
      Miles/Peter B.: Thwip. Release.
      Peter B.: Feel the rhythm?
      Miles: Woohoo! And release!
      Peter B.: Good, Miles!
      Miles: I gotta say, you're amazing man!
  • As they ride in a bus away from Alchemax, Miles tells Gwen that he's sorry about what happened to her best friend and asks if he could be her friend, once she feels like opening up to others again. She seems a little taken aback by this, but doesn't push Miles away.
    Gwen: (smiling) I'll... keep you posted.
    • A little fun fact is that the bus ride they're on would be about four hours long, meaning they spent a lot of time bonding off-screen and gives a further heartwarming meaning to Gwen staring affectionately at the selfie they took together during that ride afterwards.
  • The fact that the older “mainstream” Peter seems to be finally loved by the citizens of New York City having cereals and comics named after him. This Spider-Man has definitely escaped his Hero with Bad Publicity status.
    • In the epilogue, it is shown that the New York citizens have no problem accepting Miles as the new Spider-Man. Unlike the comics where at the beginning, people saw someone else being Spider-Man, being in bad taste.
  • Miles bumping into "Gwanda", and the two seem to be set up as romantic interests, if the music video for "Sunflower" is anything to go off of. While the film never has them go beyond Just Friends, there is some mild Ship Tease.
    • In her epilogue scene, she's even seen smiling as she stares at a selfie she and Miles took on the bus when they left Alchemax.
  • The Peter of the alternate universe and the Aunt May of Miles' universe meeting becomes this when one realizes that, in their respective universes, the other has died.
    • There's also the fact that it's implied all of the Spiders who ended up here almost immediately sought out Aunt May. No matter what universe we're in and whoever's slinging the webs, Aunt May is Spider-Man's mother figure. She sees the familiar face of her late Peter Parker and she knows it isn't her nephew but she accepts him immediately with warmth. And she has done the same to all the Spiders.
  • Also remember that one of the things that sent Peter B.'s life down the drain was May's death. This May might not be the May from his universe but they are the same woman in every way that counts. Instead of opening wounds, seeing May again helped to sooth his inner turmoil. Notably, Peter's attitude from then on becomes softer and much less abrasive. You can tell it was at that exact point in the movie that Peter B. started his way back to the man he used to be.
    Aunt May: (touching Peter B.'s face) You look tired, Peter.
    Peter B.: (smiles faintly) Well, I am tired.
  • Peter eagerly talks Miles and his unique abilities up to the other Spider-Folks, and when Miles can't use his invisibility or electrical powers on command, Gwen tells the others that Miles still has potential.
  • Being overwhelmed by the other Spider-Heroes badgering him with the kind of hero he should be, Miles runs off to the only safe place he knows, his uncle's place and starts writing a letter to him, saying how he only feels comfortable talking to him.
    • When Peter sees that the Spiders' training methods are overwhelming Miles, he tries to get them to back off.
      Peter B: Alright guys, cool it!
    • After Miles overcomes his Darkest Hour and returns to Peter's hideout, Aunt May is actually there waiting for him. Even after the other Spiders had lost faith in Miles being able to step up, Aunt May didn't. She even created some webshooters for Miles and gives him a proper costume, which he customizes. So not only did she have faith in Miles, she also gave him her blessing to take up Peter's mantle. Particularly telling with her line "Took ya long enough". Here's a lady who has raised a Spider-Person. She knows the guilt and the doubt and the existential crisis that go along with the mask. And, apparently, that experience told her when she first met Miles that he was going to be a great hero and successor to her nephew. Not might be. Would be. This was a foregone conclusion, so certain that she can jokingly reprimand him for how long it takes for Miles himself to realize his potential. Just something particularly heartwarming about waiting to help the new kid out when he's ready and otherwise just patiently sip tea in the hideout to pass the time.
    • There's a small moment even earlier. During the "Get Up, Miles!" montage, May asks "Can you help your aunt create an online dating profile so she can get out of the dang house once in awhile?" She's known Miles for maybe an hour, and he admitted he was there when her Peter died. Not only does she not show any resentment, not only does she support him becoming the new Spider-Man, but she's already begun thinking of him as part of the family.
  • During Miles’ first jump on his way to the reactor battle, you can see citizens taking notice of him. It's been only two days since their hero died and they're witnessing what appears to be one of his fans attempting suicide. Then this kid suddenly shoots web from his wrists and swings through the streets. This is the night that New York City realizes there's a new Spider-Man in town.
    • When you get down to it, this scene acts as the Spiritual Antithesis to that Signature Scene from All-Star Superman. The DC Universe needs a Superman to talk people out of jumping off buildings. The Marvel Universe doesn't, with this moment being a reason why.
  • While also serving as a smug Brick Joke, Miles pointing out a cape on a Spider-Man suit to the alternate Peter is clearly an attempt to liven him up when he sees and broods over a framed photo of Mary Jane.
    Miles: Hey, Peter. (Tugs on the cape) I think this is a cape.
  • Mid credits - A picture of Stan Lee's glasses with a quote of his: "That person who helps others simply because it should or must be done, and because it is the right thing to do, is indeed without a doubt, a real superhero.”
    • Followed by: "Thank you Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, for telling us we aren't the only ones."
    • Stan Lee's cameo in the film also provides a similar emotional reaction. "It always fits, eventually". Whilst it quickly turns into a funny moment, the meta-commentary and meaning behind it still aren't lost. Commentators have even noted the Self-Deprecation joke is exactly how Stan would have wanted it.
    • It should be noted that Stan Lee passed about four weeks before this movie was given its wide release. This happened while Into the Spider-Verse had already finished post-production and was at the latest, already being primed for distribution. That means these people surely found the time after post had already been completed to feature a final tribute to Stan The Man as well as Steve Ditko.
  • The next day at Aunt May's home, Gwen asks if anyone had seen Miles, and looks guilty. She probably realized that she and the others pushed Miles too far the day before and regrets it. Peter assures her that he knows Miles and he'd be back recharged and ready to fight.
  • A small moment, but when Noir describes Miles learning that his uncle is the Prowler as "one heck of an origin story", Peni gives him a disapproving smack on the shoulder.
  • As Kingpin's henchmen attack each of the Spider-Heroes and the Prowler shows up, Peter tells Miles to run while he slams into Prowler.
    Peter: I got this, buddy! Leave the kid alone!
  • When the Prowler catches Miles at Aunt May's house, Miles (knowing that his beloved Uncle Aaron is the Prowler) takes off his mask. Aaron is so shocked that he takes off his own mask, leaving both of them completely revealed. When he puts Miles' mask back on at Kingpin's urging to kill him, it's ambiguous if it's to make killing his nephew easier or to keep him protected if anybody sees them. In the end, he can't go through with it....and pays with his life.
    • As he lays dying in the alleyway, Aaron tells Miles he's the best of both his father and himself, and urges him to always do the right thing before he dies.
    • When Jefferson stumbles upon Aaron's body seconds later, he breaks down in tears. Even after they drifted apart, Jefferson still cared for his little brother.
  • One for all the alternate Spider-People. Before Miles volunteers to stop the super-collider himself, it looks like one of them will have to stay behind to destroy it after sending the others back to their home dimensions. That one remaining Spider-Person will then surely die a slow and agonizing death from the cellular degeneration that is affecting them all, thanks to their being in the wrong universe. Every single Spider, from the anime girl to the cartoon pig, immediately nominate themselves to stay behind in order to save the others, cementing each and every one of them as a true hero.
  • After Miles's Uncle Aaron is killed by the Kingpin all the other Spiders come to comfort him. When Miles tells them that they couldn't possibly know how he feels, they tell him that they are pretty much the only people who can understand what Miles is going through.
    • Spider-Ham doesn't share who he lostnote , but all the same, he says they've all lost someone. The fact that the single most irreverent character in the movie delivers the single most touching line with the utmost empathy says a lot about him.
      Spider-Ham: (tearfully) Miles, the hardest thing about this job is... you can't always save everybody.
  • As the Spider-Heroes are defending themselves against Kingpin's henchmen, Spider-Man Noir starts glitching out and lands on a walkway. Peni in her Sp//dr suit jumps in to protect him from incoming shots.
    Peni: I got you covered!
  • Miles finally gaining control of his powers and joining the climactic fight with the other Spider-People.
    Peter B.: Wow, Miles! You're doing it on command!
    Miles: It's about time, right?
    Peni: Miles!
    Spider-Ham: (happily) Look who's here!
    Gwen: You figured it out.
    Peter: I love you! I'm So Proud of You! (to himself) Do I want kids?
  • When Peni mourns for her un-repairable mecha, Spider-Noir carries her on his shoulders to safety like a big brother.
    • Seconds before Sp//dr shuts down, it flashes "愛" on its screen. What does that mean? It's the Japanese kanji for love.
    • Before Noir and Ham leave, Spider-Ham gives a sad goodbye wave to the Sp//dr suit as they go off to join Miles and the others.
    • Blink and you miss it, but when Noir puts his hand on Peni's shoulder, on the other shoulder is her spider, who moves closer to her neck and puts a leg on it to likewise comfort her.
  • Gwen taking a heavy hit from Doc Ock and Miles dives down to save her.
    Gwen: I like your suit.
    Miles: Thanks, I made it myself.
    Peter: (pulling the two up from Miles' webshot) That was adorable, team! Now hold on tight!
    • Peter, Miles and Gwen all get hits on Doc Ock, with Gwen and Miles giving each other a fistbump afterwards.
  • All throughout the movie, Spider Noir has been characterized as a laughably darker and edgier version of Peter Parker, though not without his Comically Serious and considerate moments. His parting words to the other Spiders before he goes back to his dimension? "I love you all." D'awwwwww...
    • The faces of all the Spiders when Miles opens a portal for everyone to return back to their dimensions. It's apparent that even though they have to leave or face cellular decay, they really enjoyed the time they had together. Especially when Peni Parker says, "At least we know we're not alone..."
      Peni: Thank you Miles. (her spider on her arm squeaks) From both of us.
    • Spider Noir somberly (and sincerely) admits he loves everyone... and that he's taking Aunt May's Rubix cube with him.
    • Spider-Ham gives Miles a parting gift: his cartoon hammer. He's also the only Spider to do so.
    • As Gwen prepares to go home, Miles asks her if he's allowed to like her haircut now and she laughs. He also asks "friends?" while holding out his hand to her. Gwen smiles and shakes it, saying that they would still be friends before bidding farewell and jumping back into her dimension.
      Gwen: See you around, Spider-Man.
    • Miles and Peter's mutual refusal to let the other be the one to shut off the collider and face Kingpin.
      Peter B.: This guy could kill you! I can't let Spider-Man die!
      Miles: Neither can I!
    • Miles' Surpassed the Teacher moment with Peter B. Miles convinces Peter to leave handling the Kingpin and shutting down the Super Collider to him. Peter is reluctant, both out of concern for Miles being on his own and his own anxiety at returning to his Universe. Miles ends up giving Peter the same pep-talk that Peter had previously given Miles; he's got to be willing to take that leap of faith. Peter ends his fall through the portal back to his dimension with a smile and sense of pride that Miles has become his own hero.
      Peter B.: Not bad, kid.
  • The final blow Miles deals to Kingpin (the "Hey" shoulder touch) is one when you consider who taught it to him: his Uncle Aaron. Miles managed to beat the Kingpin down with the advice of the man Fisk himself killed.
    • "I'll always have my family!"
    • Jefferson encouraging Miles/Spider-Man to get back up when it seems Kingpin has defeated him. Also crosses over into a Moment of Awesome when one recognizes he managed to do what the other Spiders could only badger Miles to do: "Get up!" Given "get back up" were Arc Words attributed to the webslinger regardless of what universe they came from, it's ambiguous if Miles was actually responding to his father's encouragement or if his heroic resolve had kicked in.
  • Miles last words to the audience at the end reminding us the core message that the film delivers: anyone can be a hero.
    Miles Morales: My name is Miles Morales. I was bitten by a radioactive spider, and for the last two days, I've been the one and only Spider-Man. I never thought I'd be able to do any of this stuff, but I can. Anyone can wear the mask... you can wear the mask, and if you didn’t know that before, I hope you do now.
  • By the end it's implied Gwen found a way to contact Miles through the dimensions, and Miles' face grows into a warm smile when he realizes who's calling for him as the movie comes to a close.
    Gwen: Miles! You got a minute?
    • The scene is continued in the trailers for the sequel Across The Spider-Verse. Miles has drawn a pretty elaborate drawing of her, which she sees while flicking through his notebook. Rather than be offended or creeped out by it, she's actually rather flattered.
    Gwen: I missed you too.
  • As truly despicable as Kingpin is, there's no denying how genuine his love was and still is for his wife and son.
    • Flashbacks to their happier times are as followed: Kingpin and Vanessa cooing over Richard when he was a baby, celebrating their son's birthday, going on a family vacation, and then taking a family portrait.
    • The only reason why Kingpin is making the Collider is because he deeply misses his loved ones.
  • Watch the epilogue scene where Peni is building her new mech closely. The spider is helping by pulling a screwdriver larger than itself and it's adorable.

Alternate Dimension version

  • In the extended cut, after Miles leaves the Spider-Shed after overhearing the rest of the Spider-Team conversing about his tepidness, there is a brief scene that is almost fully animated where Peter B. talks to Miles on a billboard. This is where he was originally going to say, "Don't do it like me, do it like you," which is heard in the trailer, and also where the "leap of faith" line was originally going to be, which is why, in the flashback echoes during Miles' Spider-Man transformation montage, he says, "When will I know I'm Spider-Man?" and not "How will I know?".


  • Peter advising Miles, telling him that instead of thinking about saving the world, he should think about saving one person.
    • He also gives Miles this bit of solid advice on being Spider-Man.
      Peter: First of all, don't do it like me. Do it like you.
    • He also makes sure to assure Miles that what makes him different is what makes him a good Spider-Man.


  • That GoFundMe link that Miles plugs in at the end of Joy to the World (That I just saved)? It's actually real. What makes this heartwarming is that the creator of the GoFundMe page plans to donate all proceeds to charity helping out with Hurricane Maria relief, citing Miles' Puerto Rican heritage as his main reason to do so, stating that this was the perfect cause to help out.
  • Stan Lee isn't the only person given tribute by the crew in this movie, as instead they opted to pay homage to all three of the fathers of the Marvel Universe. Spider-Man co-creator Steve Ditko is credited in the mid-credits tribute. On top of that, the effect the dimensional rifts have are Kirby Dots, a sneaky tribute to The King.
  • Bob Chipman pointed out that this film transformed the broader public image of Gwen Stacy, from a love interest with no practical agency in the Spider-Man franchise who inevitably must be killed off to further motivate the hero to an active heroine with her own life and waves to make in popular culture.
  • During the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, Jake Johnson offered to make a personalized message from Peter for the kids of anyone who asked on his Instagram.