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It's teamin' up time!

Marvel Two-in-One is a Marvel Comics title that usually features Fantastic Four member Ben Grimm —The Thing himself— teaming up with various characters of the Marvel Universe.

After a brief test run in two issues of Marvel Feature, Two-in-One officially replaced the former in January 1974. Capitalizing on Thing's popularity with younger readers, Two-in-One was generally used to introduce new characters, or reintroduce obscure ones. His gruff, abrasive personality also led to many entertaining matchups, providing further fodder for the series as it ran.

Because of its anthology comic nature, Marvel Two-in-One has been written and drawn by many creators over the years, including (but not limited to) the likes of Jack Kirby, Chris Claremont, Steve Gerber, Bill Mantlo, John Byrne, Frank Miller, and George Perez.


Marvel Two-in-One ultimately lasted a hundred issues and seven annuals, getting replaced by a Thing solo series in 1983, which in turn ran for three years.

In 2017, it was announced that a revival of Two-in-One would be written by Chip Zdarsky, as part of the Marvel Legacy initiative. The main thrust of this new series pairs Thing with the Human Torch (and later, Doctor Doom's Iron Man) as they search for the rest of their missing F4 family through the vast multiverse. Despite its initial premise, Two-in-One continued even after the Fantastic Four's return in August 2018, but officially ended in December 2018.


Two-in-One contains examples of:

  • Anthology: The original series largely had this quality, with stories generally standing on their own as individual adventures. The revival, however, averts this, opting for connected story arcs.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: Team-ups with Doc Savage and ROM: Space Knight haven't been reprinted since their initial release, since the licensing rights of those characters are no longer held by Marvel.
  • Team-Up Series: Almost always involving The Thing and another character. The 2017 revival usually partners him up with Human Torch, though certain issues have swapped the latter out with Doctor Doom (as Iron Man) and Mr. Fantastic.


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