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Shout Out / Rabbids Invasion

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  • The majority of the egg showdown scene in "Omelet Party" is a reference of the iconic scene from The Matrix.
  • One of the Rabbids in "Rabbid Mollusk" somehow manages to make Elvis Presley's hair out of a starfish.
    • They take their fondness of Elvis to the next level in the episode "Rabbid Anthem", where one Rabbid just flat-out imitates the way Elvis dresses and moves, and even sings a not-so-subtle parody of "I Can't Help Falling in Love with You"
  • A Rabbid imitates the famous viral dance Gangam Style in "Rabbid 2.0" The date on the time machine says October 26th 1985, which the exact same time Marty McFly traveled back to the future.
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  • In "The Mystery of the Disappearing Rabbids", the Rabbids get a fun little moment where they dress up as cops and parody the opening sequence of CSI: Miami.
  • The entire episode of "Gangs of Rabbids" is a direct parody of West Side Story
  • "Rabbid 00Zilch" is just one huge shout out to just about every single James Bond film and lampshades any trope you can think of.
  • In "The Pact of the Super Rabbids", one of the Rabbids sees a superhero billboard with very similar characters to that of The Avengers, the most notable being one that looks nearly identical to Captain America.
  • The climax of "Gorilla Rabbid" is a parody of King Kong (1933).
  • Season 3 has a documentary-style episode called "The March of the Rabbids" where the titular creatures travel to the artic and drive the penguins that are living there completely insane, parodying the documentary film March of the Penguins.
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  • "Rabbid Charming" is about a Rabbid with a crown who travels to the artic and wants to build an ice castle while singing. This might very well be the Rabbids' version of Frozen.

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