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Why is he choking that chicken?

  • One scene in Omelet Party has a Rabbid literally choking a chicken.
  • Also, in that very same episode, the Rabbids putting the chicken's egg back from where it came from is also kind of suggestive.
  • Rabbids have a tendency to wear thongs and quite enjoy it as well.
  • Why Did the Rabbid Cross the Road? might've had the most profane joke in the entire series. In the ending, the Rabbids see two female twins walking in their bikinis on the beach and confuse the bikinis for a sort of sunglasses, although shown offscreen the twins scream in fear as the rabbids steal their bikinis and begin running around wearing them as sunglasses.
  • In Plunger Rabbids, the Rabbids wear plungers in the most suggestive ways possible.
  • In Radio Rabbid, even with limited human dialogue, they manage to slip in a subtle transvestite joke. The Rabbids are listening to the radio and then they hear a punchline of a joke that goes: "...and then the other guy said, 'hey, that's not me, that's my sister!'"
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  • In Rabbids Against The Machine, four Rabbids get stuck inside a snack machine. A female passerby is speaking to her boyfriend, and she's discussing how she doesn't like the bras in the mall, and just as she's about to tell the reason why, she's interrupted by her boyfriend walking up to the machine. She was obviously going to describe the bras related to how comfortable they feel on her breasts.
  • In Get In Line, Rabbids, upon one Rabbid getting infatuated with another Rabbid whom he thinks is female, "she" walks behind him and cocks "her" hip to the side, prompting the other Rabbid to stare down at "her" posterior admiringly. This moment is very brief, but it counts.
  • Rabbid Test N-98006-c The Chair got away with Jessica outright saying "Oh, my God" upon watching the Rabbids' stupidity. How it got past a modern Y7-rated show the world will never know. They got away with this line again in Rabbids' Rules of Order.
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  • Rabbid Undies is about the Rabbids realizing they're naked and stripping humans off their underwear to wear them themselves. And that includes women.
  • The Mystery of the Disappearing Rabbids, two Rabbids are investigating a case in which their fellow Rabbids have disappeared. In one sequence, they are collecting DNA from various suspects and creatures. One of them is a dog, which the Rabbid holding a cotton swab approaches from behind, but then the dog turns around. It was obvious from the look of the way she was holding the cotton swab that she was going to use it in a certain place...
  • If you look closely in the background of this commercial, there's a scene where a Rabbid dresses as an attractive lifeguard, and a human male is visibly seen checking her out from behind her back.
  • "Wild West Rabbid" has a moment in which a Native American Rabbid does random different dances in sequence. One of them is holding onto a cactus, suggestively waving his butt as he winks.
  • In "Welcome to Rabbidland", a new Rabbid is given a tour of Rabbidland by a (assumingly) female Rabbid. One of the things she shows him is the bathroom, where one Rabbid is taking a "shower" (he's really just rubbing a brush all over himself as if he is). Upon discovering he's being watched, he covers himself up and yells at them to get out. They close the door... only for the female Rabbid to reopen the door, suggestively purr at him, getting a response by having a plunger thrown at her, which fails to hit as she closes the door just in time. Who said Rabbids can't have sexual tension?
  • "The Masked Rabbid" from season 4 shows some blood when one Rabbid, parodying Zorro, proceeds to carve his mark on another Rabbid, however, since the Rabbid isn't wearing clothes, his skin is scratched and bleeds.
  • In "Rabbid Kitty Business", when Rooney is being approached by the angry Rabbids, his mutterings as he frantically tries to work the pretzel dispenser include a "Damn!" in the official Netflix subtitles.

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