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"They're kind of like goldfish. They have a very short attention span. So, if you think about it, they can create a spaceship, they're highly intelligent. They can create a spaceship but then they'll forget halfway through because they'll see a shiny object and then they'll stop, and then they'll play with the shiny object and then they'll go "Oh, what was I doing?" and then they'll go back to the spaceship. It's just they have that natural ability to forget whatever the hell they're doing (Laughs)."
'Adrian Lacey from Ubisoft', explaining the stupidity of the Rabbids.

Omelet Party

  • The episode opens with four playful Rabbids happily running across the road until one of them trips and falls flat on the ground.
  • At one point, one of the Rabbids steals an egg from a chicken, causing the chicken to give chase to the poor guy.
  • When the Rabbids are frightened by the rooster, they carefully shove the egg back the same place it came from.
  • At the very end of the episode, the Rabbids sing a song to a cow expecting it to lay an egg, but end up getting something else just as the episode ends.

Rabbid Mollusk

  • When one of the four Rabbids begins to poke the starfish while making ridiculous noises.
  • Louie, the old man who cleans his shop's windows, turns off his hearing aid just to ignore his wife's nagging.
  • The scene where the Rabbids use the starfish and octopi as bras and bikinis. One of them even manages to make Elvis Presley's hair.
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  • When the octopus smacks the laughing Rabbids.

Rabbid, Are You There?

  • When the Rabbids use a plunger to open the window and completely remove the glass. The glass is so heavy that the Rabbid falls on his back.

Stop! No More!

  • When the Rabbids begin to sing and dance around the hitchhiker.

The Rabbid Games

  • The Running Gag during the episode: each 'event' is preceded a blonde wig-wearing Rabbid trying to sing, only to be stopped by something (ex: a bunch of cows nearly running him over) and then showing a white card with the silhouette of the event. The final time he gets cut off by the fade to black.

Rabbids vs. the Vacuum Cleaner

Runaway Rabbids

Rabbids Say Cheese

  • The leader Rabbid accidentally taking all three shots off his butt and has a Twitchy Eye upon realizing it. Then you hear him scream outside of the photo booth.
    • The leader Rabbid demanding a round object to pay for the photo booth. Among other insane things, the Rabbids bring him a bicycle wheel.

Get In Line, Rabbids!

  • One of the Rabbids gets a sticker stuck to his fur, which he keeps pulling off, leaving triangular patches on his body. When we cut back to him a few seconds later, most of his fur is gone.

Until Rabbids Do You Part

  • At the beginning of the episode where two Rabbids kick a third one and he soars through the air until he lands on a trash can.
  • Also, the two instances when the photographer kicks the Rabbids.

Ring! Bwaah!

  • A Rabbid accidentally swallows an iPhone and when it speaks he forcefully does mouth movements along it. They accidentally call the police ("You have reached the police, we will take your call shortly.") A little jingle plays as a waiting tune. The Rabbids get excited and begin to dance along with it, and stop when the message repeats, then begin dancing again. They continue to do that through the whole town, and never once do the police take their call. At least, not before the episode ends.
    • Earlier, the owner's phone begins calling and, since the Rabbid had swallowed it, he speaks as the caller speaks. He says "Hello, are you talking to me?" To which the blonde-wig wearing Rabbid responds by talking into the other Rabbid's ear. He then yells "Is this a joke?" And hangs up.
    • One of the Rabbids playing a racing game on the iPhone upside-down, and the other Rabbids feel sick upon seeing it and do a Vomit Discretion Shot behind the bench they're sitting on.
    • The Big-Lipped Alligator Moment in which the Rabbids begin dancing.

Fast Food Rabbid

  • The episode opens with a Rabbid lightening up and getting sad in time of the neon-sign turning off and on.
    • The Rabbid with the sunglasses followed a customer in his car and eats up his hamburger. He then burps and sighs. Cut to a shot outside when the customer throws the Rabbid into a passing pole.
    • The whole premise of the episode is one Rabbid thinking that the one with the sunglasses was eaten by the fast food sign, and trying to get him out with the help of another Rabbid. What.

Rabbids Against The Machine

  • The Rabbids don't want the candy in the machine. They want to hear the eargasmic tune it elicits when a candy comes out.
    • One Rabbid gets stuck inside the machine and the other Rabbids outside get distracted by a passing fly, leaving him there all night. In the morning, he has stubble, and a passing Rabbid holds a toothbrush and toothpaste. Instead of brushing his teeth, however, he drowsily draws the brush across his back.
      • Later, you see two other Rabbids doing the same thing; one brushes the toothbrush across the other Rabbid's back.

Escalator Rabbid

  • This episode contains one of the stupidest Rabbids you'll ever see. He's at the bottom of an escalator which goes down, and at the top two Rabbids are teasing him with candy and trying to entice him to come get it. The entire episode he attempts to get up said escalator, with little success. One would think he doesn't know there's an escalator beside it that goes up, however, he later walks up that escalator with a shopping cart of plungers, staring at the other Rabbids menacingly, who are understandably looking surprised. He then goes over to them, picks plungers, and builds stairs by the escalator that goes down. Then he goes down and attempts to get up by the stairs of plungers he just made. Really, he's so stupid, even the other Rabbids are disturbed by his mind.
    • The episode ends with himself finally reaching the top, but the other two Rabbids have gone down to the bottom of the escalator that goes up, and despite having thrown tons of candy the other idiot Rabbid's way, he only wants the candy the Rabbids are tempting him with. So the whole premise repeats at the end, but with him at the top of the escalator and the others at the bottom.
    • Is the Rabbid a genius or an idiot if he uses a fire extinguisher to get up the escalator instead of using the escalator that goes up to get to them? Nevertheless, it's hilarious.

Keypad Rabbids

  • The episode begins with a Rabbid talking on a slipper as if it was a phone. Yes, really. The episode is barely 5 seconds in and they're already being absurd.


  • The ending of this episode hits the spotlight when the poor Rabbid is zapped, flies through the air and then falls flat on the ground. The zapped Rabbid then chases the one who zapped him with the same pads to get back at him.

The Rabbid Who Fell to Earth

  • A Rabbid cosplays as a girl from a fairytale book and the other Rabbids are trying to compare her to the pictures between the cow and the girl. They conclude that she's cosplaying as the cow, making her angrily correct them.
    • Later, two of the Rabbids meet a robot and begin to make fun of it by mimicking the noises it makes, but the robot proceeds to make fun of them by mocking their Bwa speech, the two Rabbids are clearly not amused.

Rabbids' Rules of Order

  • The entire sequence of the Rabbids annoying the lifeguard to death, especially when they use a fishing rod to rip his pants off.

Rabbid Anthem

  • The episode opens with the Rabbids hosting their very own version of American Idol.
    • Even funnier is the fact that all of the contestants are actually the same Rabbid with a horrible singing voice, which causes the judges to launch him off a platform with the push of a button
    • The multiple attempts to impress the Rabbid judges include lip syncing to a chick singing and dressing up as a toddler Rabbid sucking on a pacifier, which, at first the judges find cute , until opens his mouth and starts singing again.
  • As a last resort, the Rabbid inhales the helium from a balloon, which somehow gives him the ability to sing perfectly. He later takes advantage of this by dressing up as Elvis Presley and sing what appears to be a not-so-subtle parody of I Can't Help Falling in Love With You.
Rabbid Dummy
  • The gag near the beginning where the black-haired girl Rabbid grabs her friend with a plunger and throws him out of the couch, simply because he turned off her TV after she was making too much noise with it.
  • The entire episode is pretty much an Overly Long Gag of the female Rabbid falling in love with a sock puppet her friend is wearing on his hand. It's very stupid, yes. But it works.

Glow Rabbid

  • All of the prankster Rabbid's antics at the start of the episode, especially when he uses a flashlight to create a Rabbid Symbol in the sky, which of course, scares off all the other Rabbids
  • When the prankster Rabbid swallows the flashlight, he starts glowing from the inside, this causes all the other Rabbids to start pulling his ears to turn his light on and off, driving him insane.

  • The Rabbids then proceed to use their now glowing friend as a refrigerator light and even sun tanning.
  • The Rabbids use their glowing friend as a disco ball to have a dance party.
  • The glowing Rabbid starts accidentally zapping everybody, which causes them to stop partying, but Glow Rabbid wants to keep dancing, so he disturbs the other Rabbids in their sleep only to be kicked out in the end.
  • The gag near the end of the episode where flies start buzzing around the glowing Rabbid, which makes him run around in circles screaming.
  • Zak mistakes the glowing Rabbid for a mutant alien, and when he tries to read his mind with an electronic device, disco music starts playing and the Rabbid starts short-circuiting everything.
  • The very final scene has the glowing Rabbid dancing, singing while zapping everything in sight. Also counts as a Moment of Awesome.

Rabbid Soundtrack

  • The Rabbid with headphones doesn't realise his friends can't hear the music he's dancing to and he basically looks like he's completely lost it from their point of view.
  • The rapping scene.

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