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  • Accidental Innuendo: "The whites will win."note 
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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: The Rabbids. Dear Lord, the Rabbids. Are they dumber than air? Are they just incredibly naïve with occasional moments of clarity? Are some of them brighter than the rest? Or are they just bored and like to do stupid things for fun? Whatever reason it is, they're a bit too complex to label.
  • Author's Saving Throw: Many initially criticized the show for not having any real plot or characters. Season 2 introduced several recurring characters (Both Rabbids and humans), while Season 4 began to incorporate more story-driven episodes, and even began to develop a few of the aforementioned humans.
  • Awesome Music: The disco music the Rabbids start dancing to in Glow Rabbid. The awesomeness is cranked Up to Eleven when the Glowing Rabbid starts singing to the beat of the music at the end of the episode.
    • The first piece of music from the episode Rabbid Soundtrack is most definitely this. It makes you want an actual soundtrack for the show.
    • Otto Torx's theme in Season 4, which is a dark, synthesized drum beat sound that fits Torx's personality as well as the technological theme of his lair.
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    • The glowing Rabbid from Ghost Rabbid sings an extremely catchy synthesized opera beat sound.
  • Base-Breaking Character: The Rabbids themselves. Are they genuinely fun characters with hilarious blabbering and stupidity, or are they just laughably annoying pests who don't deserve any spotlight at all?
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Lapinibernatus is probably the most popular out of all the Rabbid characters in the show due to him being the most intelligent from their species. This is probably what led him to become a recurring character in Season 3, as well as his surprise appearance in the Season 4 finale
  • Fridge Brilliance: The episode Rabbid Dreams, despite its extremely weird premise and the possibility that it was All Just a Dream (though it's really unclear whether it was or not), still has a very interesting thought. The dream-Rabbid who speaks English says that the Rabbids invaded the human world to conduct experiments on humans. In a twisted way, it represents the games, where the Rabbids were observing human behavior (thus studying them) and then tried to mimic it in their own way (which can be seen as a form of experimentation).
    • And this also serves to emphasize the fact that Rabbids are extraterrestrials. Why do some alien species kidnap humans? To experiment on them.
  • Growing the Beard: While the reception of the show's first season ranged from mixed to negative, many fans consider Season 2 to be a huge improvement, with better episode plots, distinguishable characters and funnier slapstick humor.
    • Season 4 cranks the beard-growing Up to Eleven by featuring a small Story Arc, more continuity-based and story-driven episodes, as well as a Big Bad and a comsiderable amount of Character Development for some of the show's recurring human characters.
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  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Timothy resembles the titular hero of Steven Universe, a show that would air a few months after Rabbids Invasion premiered; the "hilarious" part gets cranked Up to Eleven when you realize they're basically polar opposites with Steven as a sweet, gentle human/alien hybrid from a Cartoon Network program while Timothy is a spoiled, bratty purebred human in a show airing on CN's rival network, Nickelodeon. And then there's the fact that both shows center around a group of cute aliens getting in touch with life on Earth.
  • Ho Yay: No, not even the Rabbids are immune to this trope. And it's often in the context of one Rabbid wearing a blonde female wig. However, this is assuming that all Rabbids are male. In Music Rabbid, a soft song comes on, and the wig-wearing Rabbid winks at another Rabbid, seductively dances towards him, and then they begin to dance like a couple (until they get interrupted, anyway). In Get in Line, Rabbids!, a Rabbid accidentally wears the same wig and another Rabbid instantly falls for "her", cue him chasing "her" around and trying to kiss "her". To be fair, the pursuer thought that he was female and the wig-wearing Rabbid was disgusted at him. However, the former example is definitely straight.
    • One gag in Dream on Rabbids has one of the Rabbids putting on a wig and female undergarments, and then winking at another Rabbid as "she" passes by seductively. The Rabbid watching on waves to "her" in a trance before getting a hold of himself.
    • The gag of one Rabbid accidentally wearing a wig/growing hair and the other Rabbids falling for "her" is used frequently, like in The Rabbid who fell to Earth and Vampire Rabbid. The Rabbid usually never reciprocates, though the ending of Vampire Rabbid seemed to imply otherwise...(it is possible that they just became good friends, but they seemed a bit too touchy for that).
    • There's a short moment in Rabbid Star where a fan of another Rabbid attempts to kiss him. Note that none of them are wearing wigs to have the other tricked. However, a Rabbid who does have a wig in the same episode (or maybe not), seemed to get mad/jealous and wrestled the fan Rabbid down, prompting to become the star Rabbid's bodyguard, and then he attempts to kiss "her" through his helmet.
    • "The Princess Rabbid" from season 4 once again has a male rabbid mistaken for a female after putting on a dress and another male pursuing him, with the former rejecting the latter's advances. In the end however, after dealing with two bully rabbids, the two end up romantically dancing together.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Barranco. Despite being an Alpha Bitch, he's also a Butt-Monkey object and is often a victim of the other Rabbids' Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!:
    • When the show first premiered, a lot of fans were not happy with the fact that the overall feel of the show, as well as the personalities of the Rabbids themselves, were noticeably less Denser and Wackier compared to that of the video games. However,as the show progressed, opinions of this changed. See:Growing the Beard.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character:
    • Otto Torx, the Big Bad of Season 4 rarely redirects his focus towards fighting the Rabbids, despite them constantly destroying his lair and thwarting his plans. Instead, most of the episodes featuring him often involve generic villain tropes and Bond Villain Stupidity. This is especially jarring considering the Special Unit is entirely focused on hunting down the submarine, which would have given Torx the opportunity to use the Rabbids to gain the recognition he desired.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Season 3's overall time travel theme could have been used to travel to different historical periods and locations,similar to that of Raving Rabbids Travel in Time. Sadly, the time traveling TV is only used to visit two new locations (pre-history and the artic, and occasionally medieval times). Any other historic location is only shown from one angle and for very brief moments.
    • Season 3 gave the Rabbids' smart ancestor, Lapinibernatus the title of Ascended Extra and many episodes were focused on him trying to get back to his original time period, which remains a mystery to many fans. There were possibilities to see other types of Rabbids and explore different worlds, but unfortunately this never came to be as the Rabbids always ended up destroying Lapinibernatus' time machine by the end of the episode, keeping him from leaving.
    • The episode "Being Rabbid Part 3" had Gina, a scientist trapped inside a Rabbid's body actually bond with Lapinibernatus, almost romantically. The climax of the episode even hinted the idea of Lapinibernatus and Gina both becoming human and escaping together in his time machine, unfortunately, Gina's assistant John whisks her away before they could even finish their conversation, and by the end of the episode, she's already transformed back into her human form and no future episodes bring up this storyline again.
    • The show in general could be considered this. Unlike the games, the Rabbids don't do anything particularly crazy to make the humans fear them, and it is never shown how the Rabbids arrived on Earth in the first place.
    • Season 4 introduced a genuinely engaging setup for a season-long Story Arc involving Zak and Zoey helping three Rabbids hunt down their flying submarine, while being on the run from The Special Unit. As well as a Big Bad for the season, Otto Torx. While the adventures of Zak, Torx and the Rabbids are compelling and entertaining individually, they hardly connect with each other, if at all, and both conflicts are resolved pretty easily by the end of the season.
    • The reveal of Lapinibernatus being the creator of the flying submarine could have been used to provide a deeper insight about the Rabbids's origins. Sadly, this is never expanded upon.
    • In addition to the above example, the true purpose of the flying submarine, and the Secur-X robot are never fully explained.
    • The season's synopsis as well as its first episode imply that the Rabbids will use the submarine to travel all over the globe (similar to Rayman Raving Rabbids 2). Sadly, with the exception of a farm and tropical island no other locations outside of the already pre-rendered city and artic locations are ever explored. The second episode even shows the Rabbids arriving to what appears to be Paris, but the top of the Eiffel Tower is the only thing shown.
  • Ugly Cute: The Rabbids, obviously. And there are rare instances where they are ordinary cute in a weird kind of way, what with their endearing curiosity and stupidity. In fact, in "Never Refreeze a Rabbid", one Rabbid does Puppy-Dog Eyes towards a human and succeeds.
  • The Woobie:
    • Occasionally, there's a Rabbid who's belittled by everyone else for stupid reasons or no reason at all ("Escalator Rabbid", "Dueling Rabbids", "Green Rabbid" and "Zombie Rabbid"), and will leave in sadness. The fact that he tries everything he can to get their approval, but fails several times, makes it impossible not to sympathize with him.
    • Lapinibernatus in "Jurassic Rabbid" and "Rabbid 2.0.". He cries upon being Surrounded by Idiots, and tries to build a time machine to travel away from them and live in solitude.

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