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The name is Bond. Rabbid Bond.

  • The Rabbids have had some pretty awesome moments in the series despite often being portrayed as the most idiotic creatures to ever exist. To further elaborate, some of them have managed to:

    • Detonate a bomb in Special Agent Rabbids
    • Tame a vicious dog in the same episode.

  • Rabbid 00Zilch is made entirely out of both awesome and hilarious moments. A Rabbid becomes a supervillain and builds a working death ray which he plans to blow up the moon with, prompting another Rabbid to cosplay as James Bond and try to stop him.

  • The climax of the season 2 finale On the Rabbid Trail where the Super Rabbids, although destroy the airplane they were boarding, also manage to save the President of the United States using their Terrible Tornado superpower, and the President actually thanks them for it.

  • On a meta level, The show itself lasting longer than anyone expected it to, and also improving as it went along definitely counts as this.

  • Season 4 almost re-imagines the show's entire formula completely with addition of antagonists, more continuity-focused episodes that form a small Story Arc, and even a few Darker and Edgier storylines.
    • The Cyborg Rabbid from The Rabbid From the Future. It is shown to be nearly unstoppable and impossible to destroy, even more so than the regular Rabbids. At one point, the other Rabbids attach him to a giant magnet truck, only for the cyborg Rabbid to drag the truck along with him while still being attached to it.
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    • Lapinibernatus gets one in the Season 4 finale, when he builds a giant mecha out of a washing machine.

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