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Rayman will come in for a cameo.
He would be the guy running the whole scientists department.

The scientists who used the Rabbids for behavioral science experiments in one episode were working for Aperture Science.

The humans will eventually revolt against the Rabbids
If the series were to continue for quite some time,it is quite possible that the humans will grow tired of the Rabbids' antics and constant sabotage of their daily lives and will proceed to form a sort of riot to rid the world of the Rabbids. Having the TV series based off the Raving Rabbids franchise, which has done this before on games like Rabbids Go Home for the Wii as well as the short-lived Rabbids Invasion Facebook game.

The Rabbids are genderless.
Think about it. We only see male Rabbids, but are all of them really? Un

The humans in the show are in purgatory.

It makes sense if you think about it. The first season of the show has at least 20 different character models for humans that are regularly recycled for every episode. Even though they change jobs or clothing, they are indeed the same people. It could be inferred that these 20 humans are stuck in some sort of purgatory universe where they are free to continue a life of endless consumerism, which would explain why they are often seen in malls. The Rabbids are just small demons created to torment and drive the humans insane.


The Rabbids did have a reason for coming to Earth

They probably just forgot what their mission was by the time they arrived. After all, these are Rabbids we're talking about.

The show takes place sometime before Rabbids Go Home

Zak and the two scientists will team up

When Alice grows up, she'll become the official guardian of the Rabbids
Aside from the hitchiker who appears in Stop! No More!, Alice is the only human in the show who is able to communicate with the Rabbids, and the only one who doesn't consider them obnoxious, nor dangerous.

Zak is actually Rayman in disguise
Think about it, Zak is the only human who sees the Rabbids as genuine threats to humanity, and studies their every move. Then there's also the fact that both Zak and Rayman have blond-ish hair and to top it all off, they're both voiced by David Gasman.

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