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Heartwarming / Rabbids Invasion

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"Why don't you transform yourself too? We'll be together"

  • The ending of Stop! No More! might possibly be the first time a human befriends the Rabbids. The episode ends with the hitchhiker sitting on the side of the street and a Rabbid pats him on the back.
    Hitchiker: Hey guys, I guess you're pretty cool after all.
    • Heck, just watching the Rabbids take so much interest in the guy and mimic everything he does and follow him is really cute. They're not even intentionally trying to annoy him, they're just being playful.
  • It's kind of cute seeing how the Rabbids, although often slap each other and act like jerks, also show a soft side and care for each other as family.
    • Get In Line, Rabbids has one of the Rabbids being mistaken for female since he's wearing a wig, prompting another Rabbid to fall hard for "her". However, even if "she" does not reciprocate, he still advances on "her". The heartwarming moment is when "she" is held captive by a guard, which elicits anger from the other Rabbid and he immediately comes to "her" rescue by attacking the guard, despite him being a lot larger. The moment is, oddly, really cute. Earlier on in the episode, he was also chivalrous and let the "female" Rabbid cut ahead in line. Rabbids may be jerks, but some of them know how to treat a lady. A Rabbid lady, at least.
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    • The Rabbids panic when they think one of them basically died in Elevatorus Rabbidinus. When they think he came out as human, they instantly feel relieved, joyous and begin to gleefully follow him around, thinking he's the Rabbid they lost.
    • The ending of Vampire Rabbid. Upon both of them being mistaken for vampires and are feared, they realize they still have each other and begin to walk down the sidewalk in each other's company.
    • The science episode with the Blue Rabbid has two blue Rabbids being shunned by everybody else for being blue, but then they notice each other and begin to hug and play. The end of the episode has one Rabbid, being white and blue, telling the different groups of white and blue Rabbids to shake hands and get along. They do and hug. However, this is quickly glossed over when a Rabbid is painted red and is immediately belittled by everyone. He didn't seem to mind and just laughed along with them.
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    • In Zombie Rabbid, the infected Rabbid tries to warn everyone not to eat the old donuts, even if they laughed and poked fun at him earlier in the episode. Aww.
    • In Wild West Rabbid, a cowboy is looking for the Rabbid who broke his rocking horse, with the only clue to where he went being a screw that fell off their rocket cart. When he tracks him down, the two fight with hairdryers for a few seconds... Then bond over their mutual love of making goofy faces into it. The rocket cart rabbid fixes up the cowboy's rocking horse, and offers to take both of them on a ride with the cart.

  • The entire relationship between the Rabbids and Alice (the little girl introduced in Season 2) is this. Unlike many other humans, who often see the Rabbids as annoying pests or dangerous threats, Alice seems to treat them as the local neighborhood kids whom she can invite to play with her whenever she feels like.

    • "Rabbiddoll" was adorable and hilarious through-and-through as it was about Alice mistaking one of the Rabbids for a baby doll and taking it home with her to play with.

    • The ending of "Rabbid Stratagems". Not only does Alice rescue the Rabbids from hurting themselves with a lawn mower, but she also feels sorry for them after foiling their plans of using her tricycle to launch themselves off a ramp, so she gives them the idea of stealing a motorcycle instead. The two Rabbids become so overjoyed that they even both give Alice a kiss right before resuming to steal the bike.

    • "Lost Rabbids" is, for all intents and purposes, a Rabbids/Alice bonding episode. They all become locked inside a supermarket and begin to play around together. The climax where the Rabbids rush to save Alice from a raging vacuum cleaning machine is especially sweet.

    • "Queen of Rabbids" probably has the sweetest moments between Alice and the Rabbids. Throughout most of the episode, the Rabbids confuse her for a professional magician and spend the entire episode admiringly watching her perform tricks, gaining her respect and her friendship. They even wave goodbye to each other when Alice's father returns to pick her up.
    • In the Season 4 episode "Viking Rabbids", the Rabbids end up feeling sorry for Alice after their viking antics end up destroying her favorite doll, so they end up bringing her every box of the same doll they could find from the supermarket.
  • "Being Rabbid Part 3" is without a doubt the most gut-punching episode in the entire series. The Rabbids' genius ancestor, Lapinibernatus becomes infatuated with scientist Gina, who is trapped inside a Rabbid's body. Gina, of couse, is known for constantly conducting experiments on Rabbids, so she has an utter distaste for them, but Lapinibernatus manages to get her attention by building a wrist-watch that translates Rabbid language to english, which causes Gina to realize that he is different from the other Rabbids, which opens doors for many tender moments between them.

    • This wonderful exchange between Lapinibernatus and Gina:
    Gina: I don't want to spend my entire life in this ridiculous Rabbid body
    Lapinibernatus: (Sad) This ridiculous Rabbid body...
    Gina:'Oh, I didn't mean you, of course. I find your little beard to be very charming.

    • Near the end of the episode, when Gina is about to transform herself back into her human form and Lapinibernatus is about to say goodbye to her, she offers him the helmet so he can transform himself too, so that the two can be together. The two of them could've probably lived happily ever after in Lapinibernatus' original time period, unfortunately though, the ending ruins it

  • Zak's surprising amount of Character Development in Season 4, growing fond of three Rabbids and risking his life while trying to return them to their home in the flying submarine.
    • Seeing Zak in a healthy, romantic relationship with Zoey is also very sweet.
    • Near the end of the season, Once the Rabbids return to their submarine, and save the city from mutant Rabbid/Fly hybrids, they hang a drawing of themselves with Zak on their fridge

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