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  • The UK, Ireland, Russia and Germany adored the series, where it managed to pull in 7 million viewers per episode in the UK alone. For comparison, that's about 20% of the UK's late 80s population. After the series ended in 1992, CBBC kept airing it in reruns for 12 years. You read that right, this series that originally aired in 1985 was a CBBC mainstay until 2004.
  • The series is getting a reboot! Naturally, the small yet devoted Raccoons fandom went wild with excitement.
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  • Kevin Gillis himself announced via a Facebook interview that to celebrate the franchise's 40th anniversary, the entire series, specials included, would be remastered and released on DVD and Blu-Ray!note  Needless to say, after years of using less-than-legal methods to watch the entire series in English, the fans went NUTS.
  • In the series itself, Bert scoring the hockey game-winning goal in The Raccoons On Ice. You can tell he was happy about it!
  • Cyril's Character Development throughout the franchise, big time. From an evil businessman to a much more sympathetic and environmentally-conscious one over the course of 4 specials and 60 episodes. LOOK AT THIS.
  • Bert negotiating with the pigs in "Gold Rush!"
  • Schaeffer saving Bert from a fatal fall in a deflated hot air balloon in "The Sweet Smell of Success!"
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  • Melissa overcoming her fear of heights to save Bert and Cedric in "Blast from the Past!"
  • Bert saving Sir Malcolm and Broo in "Paperback Hero!"
  • Bert riding the Mechanical Monster in "Monster Madness" after "taming" it with a couple of lassos.
  • Sophia leading the mission to rescue Cedric in "Surprise Attack!"
  • Snag saving Cedric from a fire in "Picture Perfect!". Later in the episode, he, Melissa and the pigs save Cyril after he gets pinned down by a fallen tree.
  • Mrs. Pig going into Mama Bear mode and saving the pigs (and Cyril) from going over the edge of a cliff in "Mom's the Word!".

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