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TEC: The Echo Chronicles follows Bran Kidd and his group of modern-day dysfunctional knights as they try to save the city of New Mercy. Unfortunately, the only thing that New Mercy needs saving from is them. Throw a mysterious healer with an agenda into the mix and things. . . well, they don’t always go well.

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Tropes in this series include
  • Action Girl: Most of the female cast.
  • Aerith and Bob: a result of the multiple planes, one of which resembles 'our world' another which is a realm of Fantasy, and another that contains a Celestial Bureaucracy.
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  • Prison Rape: Subverted! A scene has an inmate flirt with one of the Knights, but immediately backs down when the other Knight claims him as 'taken' Leading to some Ho Yay.
  • Comic Fantasy: The series is very silly right from the start.
  • Full-Name Ultimatum: "Yuki Allison Shinrin! This is your family! Open the damn door before I break it!"
  • Heroic Fantasy: The plane where priestesses come from takes on this form.
  • Magicand Powers: Comes in three flavors!
    • Psychic Powers: Psionics, which draw power from the mind and the Gods. Crossing over with Theurgy.
    • Ki Manipulation: Energy attacks. Which are drawn from internal energy only
    • Functional Magic: Magic. Drawn from external sources(elements/nature) that is then combines with internal energy.
  • Magical Land: The plane where priestesses comes from could be thought of as this in relation to the '3rd' plane; Where The Masamune Knights reside and where the story starts.
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  • Power Source/Mana: Internal energy.
  • There Are No Therapists: Averted! The Framing Device from the first chapter is some of the Knights gathered in a therapists office, recounting one of their most recent misadventures.
  • Urban Fantasy: The story starts in a setting of this type.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Belle and Vincent have Green hair.


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