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  • In Agents of the Realm, Adle and Kendall both ship Jordan and Mackenzie, although the two's relationship seems to be going along well even without their imput.
  • Doctor Phage in Awful Hospital arranges lunch dates for his colleagues and waxes eloquent in their personnel files about their romantic possibilities, despite being an asexual Mega Microbe himself.
  • Bastard!!: Manny tries to help Jin when he starts to develop a crush on Kyun.
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  • Pretty much everyone in Bittersweet Candy Bowl tries to get Mike and Lucy together. While Lucy is all for it (though she hates the interference in her life, she does love Mike... probably), Mike has a long-distance girlfriend and rejects Lucy, leading to much angst. This is complicated by the fact that several cast members have crushes on Mike or Lucy, but still want them to get together... Yashy is especially egregious in this regard, particularly in the earlier strips. This is complete with her viciously insulting any other girl who displays an attraction to Mike — which happens to be most of them.
  • Both Hod and Loki from Brat-Halla ship Thor and Sif. Loki mostly does it to cause Thor anguish. For Hod, that seems to be a bonus.
  • In the Buildingverse even the Sentient Cosmic Forces ship Sarah/Jareth, not to mention most of Jareth's family (his sisternote  and fathernote  in Roommates, his mother in Girls Next Doornote ); also Sarah ships Erik/Christine in GND, who sadly weren't meant to be.
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  • Beau the angel is a smirky kind of shipper in Catena, prior to its reboot. Not only is he evidently in favor of a match between Bryony and the Grim Reaper, but he's rather smug during those moments that indicate it will eventually happen.
  • At separate times in City of Trees, both Amir and Emil express their support of Ophidian and Jasper, and encourage their friends to pursue the relationship.
  • Wildy San of Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures ships Abel and Jyrras (see last panel).
  • Daughter of the Lilies: Thistle is delighted when she figures out that Lyra and Margot are a couple.
  • Velvet of Deer Me has this view in regards to her roommates Thomas and Viana. This is naturally lampshaded during the "Dog Daze" story arc when Velvet notes that not all of her matchmaking efforts have panned out, gesturing towards the two of them.
  • Dumbing of Age:
    • Joyce ships Billie/Walky—hanging a lampshade on her Shipper on Deck status in the process.
    • She also insists on pushing Jacob and Sarah together.
    • Meanwhile, Billie has been shipping Walky/Dorothy, if only to get the former out of her hair.
    • Sarah on the other hand, is pushing Joyce towards Jacob... but it's mostly out of mutual enmity with his current girlfriend Raidah.
  • El Goonish Shive:
    • Susan's suggestion in this strip probably qualifies.
    • While Sarah's various and relatively subtle attempts to influence Ellen and Nanase (putting them together for the pictures, seating them together for dinner, and maneuvering them into sitting side-by-side on the couch) definitely qualify.
    • The unnamed "Star Trek fangirl" ships Susan and Elliot to the point that she shows up at the video store to ask Susan about it, rather than renting a video. And just happens to be there for Sarah telling Susan about breaking up with Elliot. Cue Squeeing.
    • Susan declaring her support for the Ashley/Elliot ship here.
    • As of the Squirrel Prophet storyline, there's Sarah and Grace shipping Justin with Luke. Also serves to illustrate the different ideas of shipping they both have.
    • Amanda ships Eliot and Justin. Although as a character mostly used for out-of-continuity stuff like the Q&As, it's debatable how "on deck" she is.
  • Nephilim from Fetch Quest: Saga of the Twelve Artifacts, despite being straitlaced compared to her twin sister, has this as her quirk. Or so Word of God says...
  • While Fox and Collin in Friendly Hostility are a canon couple, Derringer certainly qualifies by referring to them as his "OTP", and he's not afraid to defend it.
  • The main Love Triangle in Girl Genius.
  • Girls with Slingshots has Jamie, who ships a new couple every arc. Best example here.
  • Kat and Jones from Gunnerkrigg Court are both solidly on Team Parley and Smitty. Jones casually hands Smitty a flower and nudges him towards Parley, which triggers Parley's latent etheric powers. Immediately after the pair's Relationship Upgrade, Kat is happy to haul Antimony away so the two can make out in peace.
    • Kat also pushes Antimony into talking with Jack, though they almost immediately decide just to be friends.
  • In Here U Are, Wang Wang is one towards Yu Yang and Li Huan. Also deconstructed, her attempts to get them indirectly causing a few problems on their relationship.
  • Homestuck has a few cases:
    bro. SLOPPY M4K3OUTS. NOW. on the roof. H3H3H3 >:o]
  • In Housepets!, King falls in love with Fox's cousin, Bailey. She seems to reciprocate right away, and Fox approvingly observes the situation as it unfolds, happy to see the two together and dropping hints to King that he's in love... which King strongly denies to himself since he was only turned into a dog not long ago by a petty demigod as a gambit in a divine roleplaying game and he, of course, thinks it's icky to be in love with a dog... an attitude which changes when he reckons he should make the best of his situation since he probably won't become human again anytime soon.
  • Syren of The Jupiter Palladium is pretty much made of this trope. There's a wallpaper of the face.
  • Lore Olympus:
    • Eros is very encouraging of Persephone's budding feelings for Hades.
    • Zeus and Poseidon are happy to encourage Hades in pursuing his interest in Persephone. Their "help" is rarely all that helpful, but Zeus does point out to a disapproving Hera how rare it is for Hades to take such an interest in someone. This prompts Hera to reconsider her objections and meddle a little on Hades' behalf herself by assigning Persephone to an Underworld internship.
  • Mage & Demon Queen: Queen Velverosa's lieutenant Melathia is especially enthusiastic about getting her and Malori together, to the point of writing fanfic about them.
  • Magick Chicks had this as a popular pastime in Artemis Academy. "I am shipping those two soooooo hard!"
  • Raji is one for Yuki and Alex in Mahou Shounen Fight!.
  • Megatokyo:
    • Erika and Largo seem to ship Piro and Kimiko. Yuki's friends ship her with Piro at first, until they encourage her relationship with Kobayashi.
    • Yuki's mother obviously ships Erika/Largo. Not that it needed help anyway.
    • And Yuki herself is probably the biggest Piro/Miho fangirl in the series.
  • Gabby successfully shipped Tipper and Chiachi together in Namir Deiter.
    • Falco, on the other hand, was not so lucky — her attempts to ship Tipper and Gabby just pushed the two of them apart for a while, even before outing Gabby.
  • A bonus strip in one of The Order of the Stick books makes Elan into this. He not-too-subtly attempts to get Hinjo and Lien to hook up, out of the belief that they need to "repopulate the paladin race". They are not amused.
  • In Our Little Adventure, the Big Bad Duumvirate Brian and Angelo Souballo decide that Warren and Jordie, whom their lackeys had kidnapped, would make a cute couple, and send them off with a sack of gold for a date in a rare Pet the Dog moment. Unusually for this trope, their actions do encourage the pair to start dating.
  • Sara of Penny and Aggie spent a while convinced that the title characters were a rolling storm of lesbian Foe Yay. It turns out she was projecting, and she eventually comes to terms with her own sexuality. Later still, she turns out to have been right all along, and she couldn't be more ecstatic about it.
  • Questionable Content:
    • As of this strip, Dora is shipping Angus/Faye. The strip is even called "Dora's OTP?"
    • A later strip has her shipping Marigold/Tai.
    • Both Marten and Hannelore ship Marigold/Francis here.
    • Marten and Faye tried to get Dora and Tai to hook up, which eventually happened.
    • Conversely, Tai is quite open about her shipping tendencies (regarding Marten and Claire there).
    • Later on, Tai and Claire bond over shipping Faye/Bubbles. They are very much on the same page. Faye's sister Amanda and her girlfriend Evie were fully aboard this ship too, even earlier, though sadly they never got to join Tai and Claire for a circle of squeeing.
  • Though relatively passive about it, everyone in Red String ships Reika and Eiji. Multiple characters comment "haven't those two gotten together yet?"
  • Cloud's mother Ye Thuza and his younger sister Yuna from Sandra and Woo try to ship him with Sandra, in the most annoying way possible. He even lampshades their fandom.
  • Sister America and Sister Japan of Scandinavia and the World are both Yaoi Fangirls. Sister America's ship of choice is Denmark/Norway (with Sweden occasionally thrown into the mix) and Sister Japan's ship is Netherlands/Belgium. Although Sister Japan isn't above fantasizing about Denmark/Netherlands/(modern day) Germany; particularly since Denmark and Netherlands encourage it. Sister America does not approve.
  • Selkie has Keisha and Selkie both attempt to do this with Georgie and Te Fahn. Keisha is pretty good at it, while Selkie... isn't. She's astonishingly bad at it, actually.
  • In Shortpacked!, Robin's fixation with Ethan and Thad, even after they'd both told her they weren't gonna do it... To the point where she tried to pass a bill through Congress to make them "do it".
  • The Shufflers: Saphy Dutchkiss in “The Tea Girl”, who ships Märchen and Hiddenite within minutes of meeting them both together. It’s later established that she loves writing romantic fanfictions of people she meets and thinks would make a good couple.
  • Siren's Lament: Tua is "Team Ian" when it comes to whom Lyra should end up with, while Pele supports Shon/Lyra.
  • In Sleepless Domain, Bud's first reaction to seeing Undine and Heartful Punch eating lunch together is to call it a "sorrow date" and start thinking up team names (she's torn between Heartful Wave and Water Punch).
  • In Slightly Damned, Rhea's support of Kieri and Buwaro's relationship is obvious early on. The support of an elite angelic Seraph, the warriors skilled in exterminating Demons, was a bit of a surprise.
  • PeeJee ships Davan with Vanessa in Something*Positive. Having coerced Davan into following up on Vanessa's interest in him when he never would have bothered, she likes Vanessa and she's not going to let anyone mess up her Platonic Life Partner's happiness, especially not Davan himself. Davan and Vanessa eventually get married, much to her satisfaction.
  • Spinnerette: In what is perhaps the weirdest example of this trope, Spinnerette's bottom left hand (she has three pairs of arms) ships her and Mecha Maid.
  • In Squid Row, Max aggressively shipped Randie and Ryan for a short time after Ryan returned from London.
  • Sticky Dilly Buns: Yaoi Fan Girl Ruby becomes very interested in Dillon's love life, treating it as live-action yaoi.
  • Pretty much the defining character trait of Miley Smiley in Sparklecare. Why is she this and only this? Because she dies on the same page she's introduced.
  • Bryce in We Are The Wyrecats is quick to nip the Cannot Spit It Out situation between Lamar and K.A. in the bud. His interference makes things that much more awkward, naturally.
  • In Wilde Life, we have these reactions to Clifford staring at his crush, with Darcy being the most enthused.
    Oscar: Is that The Girl?
    Darcy: There's a The Girl?


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