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Heartwarming / Eerie Cuties

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  • Layla's rare moments of affection towards Nina.
  • The last panel of the "War Dance" story arc. Layla and Kade make up and share a kiss, causing Laura's body temperature to ignite with jealousy, which set off the school's sprinkler system. Everyone else runs for cover, Layla and Kade continue unabated.
  • In "War Dance," Ace accidentally implies Brooke is ugly. The first thing he does when he gets turned back into a boy is show up at her house with flowers. And now they're dating.
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  • Chloe faints after losing the Doom Panties. When she wakes up, she finds put that Brooke has been sitting on her bedside all night, and Nina is sleeping next to her holding her hand - she hasn't let go since Chloe fainted.
  • Well, it was a long time coming. The fans could see it and, now at last, it's official. Layla and Tiffany are BFF's. Awwwww.
  • Nina and Ace's Date, shows some genuine insight from Nina.
  • The conclusion of chapter 18: Layla thanks Nina for saving her from her past incarnation, Queen Quintessa and assures Nina that she'll remain herself.

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