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  • Why do the author/artist/moderators fly into a rage whenever a reader expresses attraction for the female cast members, when the author/artist goes out of their way to put said female cast members into borderline pornographic scenarios? How is it the reader's fault?
    • The official forums seem pretty open about that sort of thing, at least to the occasional observer.
    • It's possibly because most of the cast is around 14 years old.
      • Again, by the author's own choice.
    • They don't fly into a rage. If anything, it's encouraged.
  • It bugs me that Brooke is considered a bifauxnen, because she doesn't look very boyish. She does have breasts, just not big ones, she has a feminine hairdo, and wears a freaking skirt. I have trouble believing others think she's a guy.
    • That might be the artstyle though when wearing ace's old uniform she could pass for a guy by the artstyle albeit an adrogynous one
  • Am I the only one completely missing the point of what Laura and Cessily are accomplishing by trying to prove that Layla is into girls? What started as a fast push for social standing and power has seemingly derailed itself the moment they got the idea that Layla might swing that way. Even if it works and they make the school think its true its only going to very quickly incur Layla's wrath. I'm not sure if recent events are supposed to be going anywhere or if its supposed to be one big Layla/Brooke shiptease. .....Not that there's a problem with if it does turn out to be a shiptease.
    • As it turns out Laura and Cessily don't know where they're going with this either.
      • The plan backfired. The shiptease continues.
  • Maybe it just rubbed me the wrong way but Ace staying a girl just bugged the crap out of me. It served little purpose people were weirded out in the story and when he does girly stuff it's just weird. I don't see him as a girl now I see him as a really realistic drag queen. Yeah he's actually a girl but still.. I'm ecstatic that he's going back to a man.
    • He does girly stuff because the orb made him mentally female as well as physically, he want's to be a guy again but at the moment he's a girl through and through, besides him staying a girl helped further Brooke's character development so it did have a point
  • Wait... so Melissa, Cerise, and Jacqui are witches who attend a school with vampires, werewolves, ghosts, demons, and the like... but they find it ridiculous that someone would believe in a haunted mirror?
  • So the only person in the entire comic to go "What the hell" about Nina's ludicrous immaturity is the boy whose life Nina innocently put the torch to? No one in her family is worried about her? None of her teachers? None of her friends?
    • Not sure about the others, but for her family, Nina is their thirteenth child. I think its a miracle her parents even know her name. Of course, there's also that theory that she's actually the reincarnation of the Vampire Queen, and they've intentionally made her as sweet as possible in order to try and avert that, but that's WMG territory.
  • Why does Brooke wear a Bajoran earring? Is this an intentional reference?
  • From what i understand, Eerie Cuties, Magick Chicks and Dangerously Chloe share the same universe as Vampire Cheerleaders and Paranormal Mystery Squad. However, in the first three webcomics, everyone is a paranormal being (eg. Witch, Vampire, Demon, Esper) who secretly hides to the rest of the world that they're not human for fear of being hunted down and killed(eg. by Slayers or Witch Hunters) yet in the latter two webcomics, not only does America (and possibly the rest of the world) knows the existence of paranormal beings but also accepts them as citizens. So why in the first three series they continue to hide their identities as paranormal beings despite the world already knows about them and why do the people that hunt paranormal beings continue to do so despite there will be repercussion from the government since they committing murder (and possibly hate crime) to a citizen?
    • Some paranormal beings are known to the public. Specifically, the broad category known as "cryptids". Werewolves are apparently considered cryptids, but it's unclear whether vampires, witches, succubi, and so on also count as cryptids (probably not) or if their existence is well-known among the general public. Even if they are, it's unclear whether the government has any stance on their rights or not. It's possible the government considers vampires and witches a clear and present danger to the public and has no qualms about letting Slayers hunt them down. EDIT: It's also possible that all the series take place during a transition period when the existence of the paranormal is only just now becoming known to the public.
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    • In Magick Chicks, the principal specifically mentions that witches have the same "cursed cryptid blood" as the rest of the monsters, so they're technically not human, even though there's not a meaningful difference in their powers and a human magic-user's.
  • so Ace had a growth spurt at some point and lost hairy hands and grew up, but, somehow, this was apparently Tia Darknesses doing despite her not turning up waaaaaaaaaay after his spurt happened?
    • Ace's growth spurt was... weird. He was in an "akward phase" (aka puberty) when the comic started, but then he got transformed into a girl, and apparently girl werewolves go through that phase faster, so when he turned back, he didn't have "wolf hands" and then he went into a date with Melissa, who took him to a magical make over. Tia removed "residual" magic, which undid the magic make over and somehow nullified the growth he got as a girl.