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It sucks depending on blood or souls to survive. Having a talent in blood magic doesn't exactly mesh well with ethical behavior. But what do you do if your best friend or main ally has to have these things? Assuming their Horror Hunger or Blood Magic won't kill you instantly, just offer up a vein! After all, what are friends for?

This trope is for people who agree to sustain someone's Horror Hunger to keep them from taking advantage of the fact that Warm Bloodbags Are Everywhere. There can be multiple reasons why: maybe they are close friends trying to keep the feeder safe, maybe they are Vampire Vannabes excited to get close to one, or maybe it's an emergency and the donor would rather not have anyone else be attacked. If they're lucky, their friend won't be slowly killing them. If they're really lucky, they can work some form of symbiosis into the relationship.

In more idealistic media, this dynamic is likely to come with a level of mutual respect. The donor cares too much to kill the feeder outright and is compassionate enough to make this kind of sacrifice, while the receiver is generally a noble monster who tries to cause minimal harm and not take out their Horror Hunger on others. This could range from a one-time necessity to lifelong arrangement. A romantic and/or sexual relationship may be involved, which could lead to Hemo Erotic and/or Kiss of the Vampire. Compare to Zombie Advocate. In darker depictions, the respect is sorely lacking from one side - the willing donors are portrayed as somewhere between cult members and addicts and their vampiric overlords are quite happy to exploit them.

This trope is not exclusive to vampires, but for all creatures that have a form of Horror Hunger or a need to feed on human energies.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Call of the Night:
    • As part of his agreement with Nazuna, Yamori allows her to feed on him whenever she wants, hoping that eventually it'll stick and he will turn into a vampire himself after falling in love with her. Because Nazuna finds Yamori's blood particularly delicious, she feeds on him often, sometimes in rather inappropriate places.
    • A few nights after a close encounter with a particularly ravenous vampire, Akira tells Yamori that, when he turns into a vampire, she will allow him to feed on her blood so that he won't fall victim to Horror Hunger. A few minutes later, Mahiru makes him the same offer for the same reason.
    • Yamori allows Akiyama to take some of his blood after Anko tries to kill him, which helps him recover. Nazuna is not amused.
  • In D.Gray-Man, Eliade allows vampire-like Exorcist Arystar Krory a taste of her Akuma blood to bring out his other side before fighting the heroes.
  • In Hellsing, a mortally wounded Pip tells a grievously wounded Seras to drink his blood so that she'll have the strength to beat their assailant.
  • Inverted in Naruto: Karin has an unique healing technique where the wounded person can bite her flesh a bit and absorb her Chakra into themselves to heal their body. She has done this to multiple different people, though on-screen she only did it to Sasuke.
  • Nightwalker had Yayoi Matsunaga serves a willing donor to Shido and later Riho, providing him with Nightbreed related cases to solve in exchange for her blood. It helps she is immune to vampire bites thanks to an incident involving the Nightbreed.
  • Phantom Quest Corp.: The first Incident File is about Bosco, a vampire who's been trying to kick the habit, since falling in love with Makiko, who's a 19 year old college freshman. At first, he appears to be stalking her, until it's revealed that she's his girlfriend and has been helping him by allowing him to feed on her 4 times a year, at only 200cc's per quarter.
  • After being infected with the eponymous virus in Pupa, Yume starts hungering for human flesh. Her brother Utsutsu, who has a Healing Factor thanks to the same virus, acts as her food source.
  • In the Yuri Genre manga Seifuku no Vampiress Lord, after Irie is turned into a vampire, the first person she reveals it to is her Childhood Friend Nana, who voluntarily offers her blood to her after watching her suffer through an intense blood withdrawal in the first couple days. Later on, Nana recognizes that she is not always around when the vampiric urge hits Irie and allows her to feed on other girls — on the condition that Nana remains effectively her main "donor". By that point, it is long past the point of ambiguity that the two of them are a couple (who greatly enjoy the fact that vampiric feeding gives both parties involved an intense sexual pleasure).
  • In Seraph of the End, after Childhood Friends Mika and Yuu reunite for the first time in 4 years, and Yuu realizes Mika is a vampire and dying of injury/starvation, he offers his blood and becomes his primary food source.
  • Tokyo Ghoul: When Nishiki's human girlfriend Kimi discovers his ghoul nature, she lets him bite a chunk of meat out of her shoulder to recover.
  • Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-: Kurogane becomes a blood donor to Fai, who had to be made into a vampire to save his life.
  • Vampire Hunter D: Subverted in the 1985 animated film version. Doris Lang is beginning to fall in love with the dhampir (half-vampire) D, so she offers to let him drink some of her blood. He manages to overcome his bloodlust and declines her kind offer.
  • In Vampire Knight, there's consensual blood drinking among tons of characters, including Yuuki and both of her love interests, and vampires with strong relationships won't want any blood but their loved one's. For example, Yuuki offers to help Zero sate his bloodlust and avoid becoming a level E vampire, since he was a normal human who was bitten by a vampire years ago.
  • Vassalord: Rayflo routinely allows Charley to feed on him since Charley's upbringing won't allow him to feed off an innocent human. For context, Rayflo and Charley are both vampires, the latter of whom is a vampire hunter raised by the church. Since Rayflo won't die no matter how much Charley drinks, it's basically the perfect solution to Charley's situation. Overlaps heavily with Hemo Erotic since Rayflo obviously...greatly enjoys being fed on.

    Audio Plays 
  • In the Big Finish Doctor Who audio plays:
    • The Eighth Doctor tames a vortisaur by letting it feed on his blood in Storm Warning
    • He also allows a vampire to feed on him in the audio Situation Vacant.
  • In Metamor City Leansidhe are elder fae that offer inspiration and talent to artists in exchange for draining their blood and life force. In "Whispers in the Wood" a Leansidhe has bound herself to a musician with terminal cancer, and focuses the life draining on his tumors, similar to how death-aspected mana is used to treat cancer in-universe.

    Comic Books 
  • Batman Vampire has a Heroic Sacrifice variant during the climax: Alfred offers his blood to his vampirized master so he can have the necessary strength to defeat Two-Face and Killer Croc, requesting that he is beheaded so that he doesn't rise as a vampire himself.
  • In the Cloak and Dagger comics both heroes do this for each other. Dagger is constantly creating energy that must be bled off, and Cloak constantly needs to absorb energy. They maintain a symbiotic relationship.
  • Bloodhorne University holds the titular blood drive in My Very First Vampire Blood Drive every year for the local community of friendly vampires. The students voluntarily give their blood, and Bunny's friend Lala actually seems to enjoy it a bit. Bunny, having somehow missed the important detail of there being vampires involved, quickly tries to high-tail it out of there, but decides to go through with it when she meets Velvet, a vampire who can only drink type AB blood— her blood type— due to a weird allergy. By the end of the comic, the two are dating, and it's revealed that Bunny still regularly becomes Velvet's "victim."
  • Shortly after Rogue first joined the X-Men, Wolverine offered up his powers to save her from lethal injuries received when she intercepted a sustained energy blast meant for him and his fiancee despite having made it clear when she arrived less than a day before that he would happily kill her himself for her crimes and being so badly injured moments ago that losing his regeneration could have easily cost him his own life.
    • In general, when anyone freely offers to transfer thier powers/knowledge/skills to Rogue (or in a few desperate cases initiates same without warning or prior permission) it has overtones of this trope, especially when her touch is outright incapacitating and/or potentially lethal.

    Fan Works 
  • In Massively Multiplayer Crossover fic Blood and Revolution, Kenshin and Aoshi are vampires, and Saitou tries to function as their handler; he starts off feeding them occasionally when they can't get someone else just so they don't go crazy, then he gets Claimed by the Supernatural as their own personal prey and becomes their primary food source, and then of course it gets sexual. Kaji later fills a similar role when Saitou isn't available, and in time Rei acts as portable breakfast and lover for Atem. After Seth is turned into a vampire, he categorically refuses to feed on anyone who doesn't volunteer. This practice is presented as a possible solution to the Fantastic Racism against youkai, which is somewhat justified by how many have to feed from humans - pair them up with people who are willing to feed them so they don't have to go hunting.
  • In the RWBY Fanfic Cursed, where Ruby has been turned into a vampire and eventually caught/surrender after several nonlethal attacks. Ruby locks herself in an observation room to keep anyone from getting in so she doesn't attack them for the much needed blood she is thirsting for. Her sister Yang persuades Ruby to let her in by threatening to break the door down. When Ruby lets her in Yang locks them both in to keep anyone from stopping her from offering some of her own blood to help her sister from losing complete control of herself.
  • Nosflutteratu: Rainbow Dash serves as a willing donor when Fluttershy really needs it. In a Downplayed sense, Ponyville as a whole steps up with its annual blood drives frequently resulting in excess blood that doesn't get used otherwise, which they give to Fluttershy.
  • In the Honkai Impact 3rd fanfiction, There Are No Thought Crimes, it’s Kiana to Mei and Fu Hua. She lets Mei and the latter take blood from her willingly, but for the latter, it’s as a way to make up for ruining her packs of blood.
  • Some Touhou Project fanworks have Sakuya be this to Remilia and Flandre, usually playing up the Lesbian Vampire aspect in the process. Whether Sakuya or Remilia is more anxious for the actual bloodsucking depends on the artist.
  • Watson to the vampire Holmes in "The Vermillion Problem". Willingly given, it takes only a little amount to satisfy Holmes's hunger. It also has the effect of making Watson's blood poison to any vampire that tries to take it by force.
  • It is a common trend in My Hero Academia fanfics where Himiko is not a villain for other characters to volunteer their blood for her, especially whoever happens to be her love interest in the fanfic. A Hero Rises has Izuku constantly letting Himiko bite him.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Karen gave her blood to the titular character in Blade when he was wounded and needed to regain his strength to fight the Big Bad.
  • Happens in the live action version of Blood: The Last Vampire. Sharon feeds Saya from her own blood so she could gain strength for the final fight.
  • In Daybreakers the vampire protagonist Edward joins a group of humans. Audrey intuitively knows he has not drunk blood in a while and, though Edward protests, she draws her own blood into a cup and gives it to him. Edward is a Reluctant Monster who abstains from human blood, so his distress and shame are obvious as he drinks Audrey's.
  • In Dracula Untold, Vlad's wife Mirena tells him to drink her blood and complete his transformation into a vampire so that he can rescue their son, who has been kidnapped by the Ottomans. Also counts as an Heroic Sacrifice, given that she was already dying anyways.
  • Played with in Near Dark; Caleb has been made a vampire, but refuses to kill. His love interest Mae lets him drink from her — taking blood which Mae got by killing, and meaning she'll have to kill again sooner, making the ethics quite problematic.
    Severen: It ain't right for her to be carryin' him like this!
  • At the end of Raw, Justine's father opens his shirt to show several ragged scars where he had previously allowed his wife to feed on him, as a way of demonstrating that his daughters' cannibalistic cravings are In the Blood.
  • Theresa & Allison: Some of the vampires have humans they feed on who agreed to this, finding it pleasurable.
  • Vampire Diary: Vicky pays a homeless man to let her feed on his blood, though she goes too far, killing him. Later she also drinks some of Holly's when she's offering it. This doesn't last though, as it weakens Holly enough she can't continue. She's shown at the end to be feeding Vicki's little daughter with her blood, looking quite haggard given this. It may be implied that this kills her.
  • In the Ashcan Copy Vampirella movie, the bad guys deliberately lock up Vampirella with Adam Van Helsing so she'll have to kill him for his blood sooner or later. He eventually gives her permission to feed on him just enough so that she can break out.
  • In X-Men Wolverine accidentally stabbed Rogue, so she had to "borrow" his healing power to save herself. This drained him enough to knock him unconscious. This instance wasn't quite voluntary, but it sets up a similar situation later, when Magneto's machine nearly kills Rogue, and Wolverine again saves her, almost sacrificing his own life to do so.

  • In Anita Blake, somebody who regularly allows a specific vampire to feed from them is known as a "pomme de sang" (French for "blood apple").
  • The Anno Dracula series has several instances of humans offering their blood to friendly vampires, as well as several less purely voluntary variations, such as poor people with no job prospects finding employment as living beverage kegs in vampire pubs. On the more friendly side, the human Charles and the vampire Genevieve develop a long-lasting friendship that includes the occasional friendly snack, which is suggested to confer health benefits to Charles and contribute to him living to a ripe old age.
  • In Bakemonogatari, the tad-bit-vampire-himself protagonist Koyomi is a high-school boy who is seen occasionally letting a detached, mute, just-sitting-there small girl vampire bite his neck and feed on him in gentle embrace. Vampire girl is portrayed to be apparently in the care of full-of-quirks advisor figure Oshino. Backstory of their tight relationship is mostly left to a prequel, Kizumonogatari. In other stories it moves forward.
  • The Brothers Cabal: While the Dee Society is fighting off an army of monsters, the Major offers a pint of blood to Horst to boost Horst's superhuman powers. Played for Drama shortly later when the Major, mortally wounded by a monster, asks Horst to finish him off and help save the others.
  • Alluded to in the Discworld series.
    • Although there's a teetotaler vampire movement (drinking animal blood and transferring the addiction to, say, coffee) and standard bedroom-invading vampires, there are also vampires who arrange for stylish evenings with volunteer "dinner companions". Salacia (a teetotal vampire) comments in Thud! that people think vampires and werewolves are weird, but the people who agree to that are weirder.
    • Zig-zagged in Carpe Jugulum: The Magpyrs like to claim the Arrangement in Escrow (everybody in the village "donates" some blood) is a civilised way of doing things in a spirit of mutual co-operation, but it's not voluntary. The locals turn out to actually prefer the Old Count's more ... traditional approach, because at least you had a chance to fight him off. On the other hand, Granny Weatherwax points out that, while they may have hated the Arrangement, they still went along with it, and vampires can only go where they're invited.
  • The Dresden Files:
    • Thomas Raith has one in the form of his (eventual) girlfriend Justine - it's somewhat justified in this case, because Justine is The Ophelia and him feeding on her actually helps her think clearly.
    • Irwin, son of a bigfoot, has vast amounts of life-energy; his girlfriend, Connie, is a succubus who drains life-energy during sex. Normally this can kill the victim, but in Irwin's case, his supply is more than a match for her demands, even when her father manipulates her into feeding continuously in an attempt to get her to kill him like every other White Court vampire kills their first victim.
  • In the Eighth Doctor Adventures novel Vampire Science, the Doctor lets vampire scientist Joanna Harris drink his blood.
  • Elcenia:
    • Pretty much all the modern-day vampires depend on voluntary donors; it's the central tenet of their religion. This came about after a blood plague swept the world, causing typical symptoms of weakness and fever in those infected, but proving fatal to any vampire who drank their blood. Only the vampires who had accepted the religion and formed peaceful arrangements with their communities could count on a steady supply of clean donors. (The fact that a Friendly Neighborhood Vampire can protect a community from more sinister specimens helped them gain acceptance.)
    • Talyn actually finds himself on both ends of it, at different times; he's a regular donor for his vampire girlfriend, but also gets temporarily stuck in vampire form himself at one point, and visits a neighbor for a top-up.
  • Fevre Dream is about a friendship that develops between a human and a Friendly Neighborhood Vampire who has sworn off human blood. Near the end of the novel, the human volunteers his blood so the friendly vampire will have the strength to defeat the distinctly unfriendly vampire Big Bad.
  • In Fledgling, the Ina vampires have compounds of humans with whom they live in symbiosis: vampires get blood, humans get improved health and extended lifespans, and both get very emotionally invested in the relationship. Whether it's Getting Smilies Painted on Your Soul is debatable, since it overrides the human's original sexual preferences and causes fatal withdrawal symptoms if they back out after a certain point, but for many, it's More than Mind Control.
  • After rescuing Allette, Kitty Norville offers her blood to the badly weakened Vampire Mistress of D.C.note  to give her the strength to fight her renegade childe and his allies. Downplayed in the sense that the potency of lycanthrope blood meant that she did not need that much and Kitty's regeneration would restore her swiftly.
  • In One Stormy Night, Mei and Gabu are starving while stuck in a cave during the winter. Mei, being a goat, realizes he'll likely starve anyway and offers himself so that his friend, a wolf, can eat. Gabu refuses.
  • Team Human: After Principal Saunders' husband is turned into a mindless blood-sucking zombie, she imprisons him in a cave and feeds him with her own blood to keep him "alive".
  • In the last book of The Saga of Darren Shan, when Darren is exhausted from a bunch of stressful physical tasks one after another, former cop Alice grabs a knife and cuts open a vein so he can restore himself before the final battle. There's nothing romantic between them — Darren's old girlfriend actually left him for Alice — but it isn't supposed to mean that. They're all just making use of what resources they have, in a struggle for survival.
  • In Straight Outta Fangton as part of The United States of Monsters universe says that these are actually the majority of vampire victims once the supernatural is exposed to the rest of the world. The Kiss of the Vampire effect of the Bite means that they have no end of volunteers but that it is still greatly unhealthy for them. Many vampires keep "Harems" of these that become their regular permanent live-in victims.
  • In Vampire Academy, Mori vampires have human volunteers around to feed off of. However, given the effects of long term feeding, consent can get...questionable. Their Dhampir bodyguards could offer some blood in a pinch.
  • A common trope in The Vampire Chronicles.
    • The teenage Armand plays this to Marius, the mysterious reclusive gentleman he has become romantically involved with, allowing him to feed on him in a Lover and Beloved-type relationship until Marius eventually turns him.
    • Daniel, after his plot-catalyzing Interview with the Vampire, tracks down Armand and requests to be turned himself. Armand resists for a while, but in the meantime regularly feeds on Daniel.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Being Human (US): Three "monster" roommates live together and make a pact to keep each other on the straight and narrow, which for them means not feeding on or harming humans. Sometimes, they need help sticking to the pact.
    • In one episode, Sally, a ghost, is being possessed and goes into a fugue state. While in fugue, Sally seals all exits to the house she shares with her roommates, locking in Josh, a werewolf who will soon transform because of the full moon, Aidan, a vampire who hasn't fed in days, and Zoe, a human that is unaware of the danger she is in. Josh offers his own blood to keep Aidan from feeding on Zoe who is unaware that Josh and Aidan are anything other than human.
    • Sally learns a spell that allows her to have a tangible physical body which is euphoric after years of existing only to the monsters whose own supernatural abilities allow them to see her. However, she finds out that in order to maintain the body, she has to feed on human flesh, the fresher the better. To keep her from feeding on normal humans, Aidan offers to be her food source, reasoning that he has regenerative powers as part of his vampirism. That does not keep the process from being insanely painful, though.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • In the season 3 finale Buffy's vampire Love Interest Angel has been poisoned and the only cure is Slayer blood. Buffy tries to capture rogue slayer Faith for her blood, but when Faith escapes Buffy gives Angel herself. He feeds a lot and she ends up in the hospital for blood loss.
    • It's revealed in season five that there's an actual market for this kind of thing. Humans pay or otherwise volunteer to be non-lethally sucked on by vampires. Buffy discovers this when she learns her current boyfriend Riley has been "donating". The Angel spin-off had an added twist; the voluntary victims are heroin junkies so the vampires can get high on the heroin-infused blood.
  • In Community episode "Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps", a subplot involves Britta being Vampire Jeff's casual blood donor. He keeps her in a closet for when his Horror Hunger comes. She looks all pale and covered in bite wounds. But she claims she is fine with that treatment.
  • In Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency Amanda starts hanging out with the Rowdy Three because their feeding on her fear relieves her neurological disorder.
  • A Discovery of Witches:
    • Jack and other vampires have humans who allow the vampire to feed on them in exchange for money and other favors.
    • Diana lets herself be bitten to save Matthew's life after Juliette attacks him.
  • Forever Knight
    • Nick Knight is a Vegetarian Vampire who feeds on cow blood and the very occasional pint of donated blood from a blood bank; but once in a while when the urge is upon him he calls upon his fellow vampire Jeanette who allows him to feed on her.
    • In the pilot episode Nick has to fight Lacroix, but needs human blood to match his strength. The Damsel in Distress urges Nick to feed on her, as Lacroix is going to kill them anyway, and if she survives she'll become a vampire and live forever. Nick refuses, and ironically Lacroix feeds on her and turns her into a vampire anyway.
  • Interview with the Vampire (2022):
  • In Lost Girl, main protagonist Bo is a succubus who feeds on the sexual chi of others, usually during sex as the chi is strongest when the donor is sexually aroused. It is established earlier in the series that she accidentally killed her first boyfriend when she was unable to control her pull during her first sexual encounter. While she is first learning to control her powers, Dyson, a wolf-shifter with regenerative powers, willingly serves as her food source. Later, when she has more control, she shifts to Lauren, a human doctor who works for the Fae and with whom Bo shares a mutual attraction.
  • Moonlight: Some vampires like Josef Kostan prefer to keep a harem of human women (or men) to feed on occasionally. They usually don't mind.
  • Stargate Atlantis: Sheppard willingly offers up his life force to a Wraith in order to give said Wraith enough energy to defeat their pursuers and ensure their escape. Of course, this forces him to trust the Wraith to give it back afterward. He does.
  • In season 2 of The Vampire Diaries, Stephan is trying to wean himself back on human blood for a power boost against the increasing number of enemies popping up. His girlfriend Elena offers her blood.

    Tabletop Games 
  • In GURPS Technomancer, the effects of Kiss of the Vampire are so pleasurable, it's possible to become addicted to it.
  • In Vampire: The Masquerade, has the "Herd" background as well. There are people known in Vampire society as "Blood Dolls", humans addicted to the way the Kiss makes them feel who enjoy being fed on by Vampires. On a more positive note, the Salubri Clan's flaw made them unable to gain sustenance other than from a willing victim.
    • In Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition, both the positive and negative aspects are more pronounced: There is a whole Predator Type called Consensualist who only feeds from people who at least know and accept they're giving away their blood (though they may or may not know their partner isn't just indulging a kink). Sticking to this type of feeding actually increases the starting Humanity of the vampire. However, the game's rules make getting fed on more dangerous as well: Elders who have the resources to safely set up herds also draw so little sustenance from human blood that they need to drink more of it. There is also a discipline power that enhances the effect of the bite, giving the victim strong bonuses to their stats from their high. The downside is that it settles them with an addiction after the first "hit" and a hellish withdrawal period that will have them come crawling back within days. Fun fact: To preserve the long-term health of your herd, you're not supposed to feed from a single person more than once or twice a month.
  • In Vampire: The Requiem, the "Herd" Merit grants a pool of willing victims that a vampire can automatically get blood from, which can represent anything from random people who've become addicted to the Kiss of the Vampire to a Cult founded in the vampire's name.

  • In Little Shop of Horrors, when Seymour accidentally discovers that the Audrey II plant feeds on human blood, he feeds it his own.

    Video Games 
  • In Baldur's Gate III, when Astarion reveals himself to be a vampire he'll ask if he can feed on you in order to quench his thirst, thus making him more effective in battle. The blood loss gives the donor a minor penalty to most actions until they rest or receive a Lesser Restoration spell.
  • Boktai 2: After Django is turned into a vampire, his admirer Lita will offer him her blood should he visit her at night. However, biting her will result in a Non-Standard Game Over.
  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2: Gabriel Belmont is tricked into biting Carmilla, unaware that her blood will turn him into her slave. In order to save him, his wife Marie descends from Heaven to let him feed on her so her blood can purify the corruption.
  • Guilty Gear: Slayer the vampire regularly feeds on the blood of his wife, Sharon. She's okay with it because she's immortal, so she won't actually be hurt even if he drains her completely.
  • Puzzatales story Bite My Valentine has a vampire fall in love with a girl in goth-like clothing, but she thinks he's just a regular creep. He lets himself gets captured when he can't obtain love - but the girl changes her mind after reading a newspaper. The vampire instantly breaks free from the restraints and claims the voluntary victim.
  • The Sims:
    • In The Sims 3 vampire Sims can feed from Sims they are friends with, which gives the vampire a +15 moodlet for 8 hours. Though the interaction is started by the vampire, the non-vampire Sim involved always seems happy to oblige.
    • The Sims 4 has a Vampires game pack, where vampires can avoid making enemies out of victims and witnesses by asking for permission to drink someone's plasma. Developing a friendship before asking makes it more likely that permission will be given. The Good Vampire aspiration requires getting permission to drink from two different sims for one of its milestones, and the reward trait greatly boosts the likelihood that even random strangers will offer the vampire their wrist.
  • Vampyr (2018): Sean Hampton is a clergyman that takes pity on a member of his flock that had been turned into a vampire and offers his blood to ease his hunger. This turns out to be a bad idea since said vampire is insane and would have killed him if Jonathan hadn't arrived in time to stop him. Hampton ends up getting infected and becomes a feral vampire himself as a result.

    Visual Novels 
  • The Halloween Episode of The Freshman has Kaitlyn turn into a vampire. Her friends volunteer to be blood sucked, and also ask others to give Kaitlyn a drink or two.
  • In Tsukihime, Kohaku is revealed to be this to Akiha, who suffers from vampiric impulses as part of her family's heritage. The relationship between them is very complex, however, combining different shades of master-servant, culprit-victim, and, indeed, some pent-up sexual desire.

    Web Comics 
  • Subverted in Eerie Cuties, when Nina told Chloe she was starving, Chloe assumed Nina wanted to feed on her and panicked. But soon relented and offered Nina her neck, except Nina was busy scarffing down Chloe's chocolate.
  • In the LGBT Webcomic Grant, one way to satisfy the hunger of a werewolf without getting eaten is french kissing the said werewolf. The eponymous werewolf discovered it that way, with added copulation.
  • Leif & Thorn: Imri as a human enjoyed feeding Stanczia.
  • In The Order of the Stick, when Durkon is turned into a vampire, the other party members decide to take turns feeding him and then using his own clerical magic to bring them back up to full health (except for Belkar, who does not trust Vampire Durkon).
  • Unsounded: Evelyn Five-Eyes has history of worshipers who give themselves up to her to be fed on and die in ecstasy as she consumes their souls.
  • In this strip of Wondermark, a girl gives herself up to a blood-thirsty psychopath because she mistook him for a vampire who she thought could turn her into a vampire also.

    Western Animation 
  • Rick and Morty: A variation of this done in a very squicky manner (all played for very dark humor. You have been warned) in the Season 3 episode "The ABC's of Beth". Tommy, a grown man by the present, was stranded in Froopyland (a dimension Rick Sanchez created as a play area for his daughter) and only had a honey to subsist on initially. Eventually he mated with the indigenous creatures of Froopyland and would eat these Half-Human Hybrid creatures as a source of meat. The hybrid creatures willingly gave Tommy their flesh and just born infants to eat.
  • The Ripping Friends: In this parody Superhero cartoon, after Slab (one of the eponymous superheroes) resolves a beef shortage due to cows being held hostage by the Ovulator, he is rewarded by one of the cows. The cow in question does this by literally cutting out a pound of her flesh for Slab to make a steak out of later.
  • In a The Simpsons episode Homer dreams of Adam and Eve. In that dream Adam (Homer) has a talking pig as his best friend, who offers Adam to eat parts of him. Since he is in Eden, he doesn't feel pain and it heals back very rapidly.


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