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Super Robot War: Paradox Cascade is a massive RP where super robots, and other unusual characters from across the multiverse have been forced to fight and survive together on a world that is wholly unfamiliar to them. Due largely in part to a quantum singularity created by Unicron as he threatens to devour the entire cosmos. It started on Spacebattles[1][2] but several problems led to it moving elsewhere. It is now hosted on[3][4], where it has been growing in size ever since. It tends to be a melting pot of every kind of genre you can think of but giant robots are a constant throughout. While it is relatively new it has already garnered the attention of many super robot fans, and it has the potential to grow even more.Official OOC discord server:[5]

Most of the plot focused series so far are


And there's more to come telling from the nature of the RP


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