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  • Assassin's Creed: Odyssey: Expect every interaction with Deimos to either begin or end with "DEEEIIIIMOS!" as Kassandra/Alexios is perpetually pissed at them.
  • Assassin's Creed Syndicate's modern day storyline has a fight between Abstergo's Sigma Team and Assassins Shaun, Rebecca, and Galina. During the fight, Violet picks up a gun, intending to kill Shaun. Rebecca throws herself in front of him, screaming "SHAUN!"
  • In the final mission for Assassin's Creed: Unity, "ÉLISE!" is about the only word Arno is capable of saying, in all varieties of whispers and shouts, as he watches her die before his eyes, unable to do anything about it.
  • In Bare Knuckle 3, if the player fails to save General Ivan Petrov in Stage 6: "IVAAAN!"
  • The Binding of Isaac: Isaac's name is shouted in the boss fight with Mom. And in the fight with Satan. ISAAAC!
  • With Central Fiction we have new villains entering the stage and they have plenty to be angry about. Hence we get both Phantom and Izanami's takes on "RAGUNA ZA BLOODOEDJI!", as well as Phantom's "Suffer the same fate I have, Rachel Alucard!"
  • In Brain Dead 13, Dr. Neurosis tends to shout Fritz's name a lot, especially in the final confrontation.
  • Castlevania
    • Portrait of Ruin: Your characters call each others' names when switching, or when summoning them onscreen for support. This results in...
      • Jonathan! Charlotte! Jonathan! Charlotte! Jonathan! Charlotte! Jonathan! Charlotte! Jonathan! Charlotte!
      • Loretta! Sister! Loretta! Sister! Loretta! Sister! Loretta! Sister! Loretta! Sister! Loretta! Sister!
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    • Upon his defeat in Order of Ecclesia, the Fake Boss Albus bellows a truly epic "SHAAANOOOAAA!"
    • Dawn of Sorrow: When you reach the final boss in Julius Mode, you get one depending on which character is leading the strike: "ARIKADO!" "VERUNANDES!" "YURIUSU... BELMONDOOO!"
  • Likewise, Maxim of Harmony of Dissonance also yells "JUSTEEE!" when beaten.
  • Castlevania: Judgment has multiple examples of subservient villains calling out their master's name upon defeat. Carmilla and Death both call for "LORD DRACULAAA!", while the Time Reaper reveals the identity of the Greater-Scope Villain with a cry of "LORD GALAMOOOTH!"
  • One character pressing the "Dual Crush" button near another result in them calling the other character's name in Harmony of Despair.
  • Episode 1 of Code 7 has an interesting variation of this. Whoever dies of the Phantom Plague does so while calling Alex. It's mentioned that - based on the victims' condition - it can range from a whisper over a desperate cry to an angry scream. The only time during the game where someone actually dies from it, the victim cries for Alex almost endearingly before going Laughing Mad and dying.
  • In Daemon Bride, Kuon will let loose a furious "REIZEEEIII!" if Reizei, his rival, defeats him in a match.
  • Dawn of War
    • Lord Bale's infamous "SSSINDRIIIIII!" on Sindri's betrayal.
    • Subverted in Retribution: On finally having undeniable proof that their Chapter Master has fallen to Chaos, something that Diomedes has been denying for the past two decades as he's been working for him for four centuries, he only says the name with quiet contempt.
  • Dead Rising's sniper trio miniboss, depending on what order they're taken out in: "JAAACK!" "THOMAAAS!" "DAAAD!!"
  • Dead Space 3: Isaac seems to spend half the game saying "Ellie!" at varying volumes.
  • In the Devil May Cry series:
    • Dante and Trish do this quite a bit in Devil May Cry. 'Dante!' 'Trish!' Commented on in this YouTube review.
    • In Devil May Cry 4, Nero has a terrible habit of screaming Kyrie's name whenever she's in danger.
      Nero: Kyrie! KYRIE! I swear it! I swear I'm going to get us out of here! TOGETHER, KYRIE! KYRIE!
    • In Devil May Cry 5 Urzien during his Villainous Breakdown at one point bellows "DAAAAANNNTTTEEEE" in pure fury.
    • One of Vergil’s voice lines in both DMC3 and DMC5 during gameplay is just saying/shouting in his brother’s name in utter fury.
  • In Eternal Sonata, Allegretto gives a very dramatic POLLLKA! when she attempts her Heroic Sacrifice by leaping off the cliff at the end of the game.
  • Evil Zone:
    • "Say my name!" — "Which one, Gally?" — "I'm Gally 'Vanish' Gregman! The bounty hunter!"
  • Fallout 3:
    Crag: Slavers? You led the slavers here?! To Rockopolis?! You idiots! Do you realize what you've done?!
    Herbert "Daring" Dashwood: Inspired you to... tighten your defenses?
    Argyle: Warm welcome's over, boss! Time to scram!
  • Final Fantasy VII: Many though the first and iconic time being when Cloud makes his Dynamic Entry onto the escape train causing Biggs, Wedge Jessie, and Barret to yell "CLOUD!!" in surprise. Though Tifa one-ups them by repeatedly saying "Cloud" over the course of three discs especially in dream sequences. Cloud's favorite word is the name of his idol turned Arch-Enemy "SEPHIROTH!!!", though he says "Tifa" and "Aerith" a lot too. In the Final Fantasy VII Remake Cloud is a big fan of "Tifa" or "TIFA!" when she's in trouble.
  • Final Fantasy X:
    • "YUUUUUNA!" Yelled by Tidus when the party arrives to Yuna's arranged wedding with Seymour, Just in Time.
    • "SEYMOUR!" Tidus again, when Seymour reveals he just finished destroying the Ronso on Mt. Gagazet.
    • "Maester Seymour!" Wakka, towards Seymour when he first reveals his evil intent. It's out of disbelief more than anything else.
  • Final Fantasy XIII: Expect Snow to yell "SERAAAH!" any time she's mentioned.
    • During fights with "BARTHANDELUS!", the current party leader will often say his name during paradigm changes.
  • Final Fantasy XIII-2: Snow gets another one (two in quick succession, in fact), when Serah and Noel arrive to help him defeat Royal Ripeness.
  • Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII: Everyone has these moments.
    • As nearly a Running Gag, Snow emphatically says Serah's name again in this game. Bonus points if it happens during his more advanced c'eith transformation.
    • Expect to hear "LUMINAAA!" from most of the main characters, once they've had enough of her insufferable pranks.
    • Fang yells "VANILLE!!!" to try and get her to stop the soulsong, or at least, to not do it alone.
    • Lightning alternates between Serah and Hope, depending on who's in the forefront of her thoughts. Her lack of emotions make these instances all the more powerful.
    • Lightning will also shout "BHUNIVELZE!" during and after the final battle.
    • Hope does this twice with Lightning's name at the end of the game. The first is a whisper, while the second is a shout. It's important given that her name is the first words he says after being resurrected.
    • Lightning, Snow, and Noel all scream "SERAH!" once her soul joins the others.
  • Final Fantasy XIV has a boss whose lyrics in the song actually tells you to say his name.
    "I am the end and the beginning. The faith that feeds the unbelieving. A tightening knot to staunch the bleeding. Say my name! Say my name! Sephirot!"
  • In Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Marche will call Montblanc's name if Montblanc dies in a Jagd, "Montblanc? Montblanc!"
    • Exclusively for its Audio Adaptation, Marche calls Montblanc's name while crying at the end of the series, along with the very ending where Montblanc calls Marche's name softly, along with an echo, after his One-Liner.
    • That's not just enough. Montblanc actually went exaggerated when Marche goes to Prison (along with Ritz) and before he faces Llednar Twem.
  • In Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage, Jagi still has this as his catch phase (only now, it's "Say my name, bitches!"). He also has a special attack called "Say My Name", where a stone bust drops from the sky in front of him.
  • In Mystical Ninja starring Goemon, as Kyushu is floating away Goemon yells OMITSUUU!
  • Used in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex The Game, when Batou comes across two Motokos fighting (not unlike Pazu's situation in 2nd Gig), he figures out who the impostor is by yelling out, "MOTOKOOO!" and shooting the one who responded because the Major does not react when someone yells her given name.
  • Halo: The Master Chief is a quiet, stoic fellow. The closest we ever hear him shout is raising his voice a bit to get Cortana and Guilty Spark to stop fighting. But come the last level of Halo 4, when the AI interface pedestal that Cortana is presently inserted into is vaporized by the Didact, the Chief actually shouts Cortana's name in horror at the apparent death of his ailing friend, reaching out to where she'd just been. (...She, of course, survives this, only to die shortly afterward to save the Chief's life one last time.)
  • Haunting Ground:
    • "Fiii-ona!" yelled in a raspy voice by old Lorenzo as he crawls after you.
    • "Miss Fiona..." a rarely-heard phrase Daniella says in a sing-song voice if you're hiding from her. Contrasted against her usual Emotionless Girl demeanour, it's creepy as hell.
  • In the Normal Ending of Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2, Nepgear shouts for her sister Neptune after the CPUs sacrifice themselves to eradicate CFW Arfoire.
  • Happens after Jak's Suicidal "Gotcha!" in Jak 3: Wastelander
    Daxter: Jak? JAAAK!
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage For The Future:
    • Both Josephs do this in their "Master's Teachings/Unforgettable Memories" super. Old Joseph whispers "Lisa-Lisa..." his teacher and mother from Part 2. Compare that to Young Joseph, on the other hand, who screams out "CAAAEEESAAAAR!" as in Caesar Zeppeli.
    • Every hero character (And Devo) shouts out "DIO!" as their special intro against him. Chaka has a Dummied Out vocal where he does this as well.
  • Kid Icarus: Uprising:
    • Played for Laughs with Pit and Hades. The camera even dramatically switches between them. First time:
      Hades: I've been so looking forward to your arrival, Pitty-Pat!
      Pit: Hades.
      Hades: Pit.
      Pit: Hades!
      Hades: Pit!
      Pit: Hadeees!
      Hades: Piiit!
      Both: It's ON!
    • Happens again later. It gets louder, but then eventually ends with them saying the names softly:
      Hades: Hello again, Pit.
      Pit: Hades!
      Hades: Pit!
      Pit: Hades!
      Hades: PIT!
      Pit: HADES!
      Hades: Piiit...
      Pit: Hadees...
      Hades: HACHOO!
      Pit: Excuse you. But anyway...
      Both: Now it's REALLY on!
      (epic fist clash that causes rocks to fly up all over)
      Hades: On to death!
      Pit: On to victory!
  • Inverted in Kill Switch: part of the game's Mind Screw flashback story is a mystery girl's insistent question that the main character say her name. The trope's name itself is Arc Words for the game.
  • Killzone 2: "Sev?! SEEEV!!!" Dick Richardson was surprised it actually didn't morph into "SNAAAKE!!"
  • Kingdom Hearts:
  • Kingdom Hearts II:
    • TRON's new password is the heroes' names, which gets shouted dramatically by the heroes themselves. Here's a video that shows nearly every instance. Granted, there is one time in the game where they are addressed as "Donald, Sora, Goofy." This is only because Donald got there first.
    • Kairi's favorite word seems to be "Sora" or "SORA!" or "Soo... raa..." She can even say it while disembodied!
  • Speaking of Roxas, one scene in the prologue features Axel and DiZ screaming Roxas's name at him over and over again. A lot of the Organization XIII members will also cry out "Roxxaaaaasss..." upon being defeated in battle.
  • The "cutscene" that occurs in the middle of the final boss battle consists entirely of Sora and Riku saying each others' names.
  • In any game, whenever a party member heals another, they will usually yell the name of whoever they're healing. The one exception is for Captain Jack Sparrow in the second (third?) game, who gets referred to as "Captain!" because "Jack!" was already used for Jack Skellington.
  • In the second game, summon characters will always say Sora's name upon being summoned.
  • Klonoa does this to pretty much everyone he meets. "GRANDPA!!"
    • As he's being pulled out of Phantomile: "HUEPOW!!!"
    • When Leorina teleports away: "LEORINA!!!"
  • Near the end of the Sandral/Matale feud quest in Knights of the Old Republic: "There you are, Shen!" "Father!" "Mr. Matale!" "Rahasia!" "Father!" "Mr. Sandral!" "Nurik!" "Ahlan!"
  • The Legend of Dragoon has the scene near the end of chapter 1 where Lavitz, seeing Lloyd having stolen a Cosmic Keystone from Albert, lunges at him, turning into a Dragoon in the process. Lloyd waits for just a moment, before brandishig the Dragon Buster and skewering the knight through the heart. Lavitz falls, and entrusts the rest to Dart. Dart, in shock of the death of his friend, can only say Lavitz's name, once quietly, then as a shout full of grief.
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie has Lloyd Bannings scream Rean's name before the two groups get separated when entering the final dungeon. Crow also manages to pull off this trope in the same game when Ishmelga-Rean attempts one last attack against Rean.
  • The opening of the Japanese version of The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II has the other characters saying repeatedly the name of the protagonist, Rean. It was determined this wouldn't work well for the English-language version, so it was changed to a selection of important lines from the previous game.
    • Cold Steel III gives out a more proper version of this trope when Jusis screams "MILIIIIIUUUUUUM!!!" after she dies protecting Rean from the Nameless One.
    • In Cold Steel IV, Giliath Osborne of all people ends up screaming "ISHMELGAAAAAAAAAA!!!" in a flashback sequence for The Reveal.
  • Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals, when the world's greatest boyfriend sacrifices himself to save her:
    Tia: DEKAAAAAAAR!!!!
  • Count how many times you see "ALEX!" "LUNA!" in Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete. I dare you.
  • Mass Effect:
    • Mass Effect 2:
      • In the prologue, Joker yells "Shepard!" while the commander is sacrificing themself to launch Joker's escape pod.
      • Shepard will yell the name of squad members who die from being carried off by seeker swarms or getting a rocket to the face during the suicide mission.
      • Zaeed's "SHEPARD!" if you leave him to die.
    • Mass Effect 3:
      • Male!Shepard, yells "STEEEVEE" when Steve Cortez, the Normandy's shuttle pilot, gets hit by a Harvester when you return to Earth for the final assault. He will survive if you help him get over his husband's death.
      • The "Citadel" DLC for 3 not only hangs a lampshade on it, but hooks up a tri-light bulb as well, as one optional conversation between Shepard and one or both of Wrex and Grunt consists solely of them saying each other's names with different intonations. It's looped, so you can let this go all day. "Shepard." "Grunt." "Wrex." "Shepard." "Grunt." "Shepard, Shepard, Shepard." "WREX!" "Grunt!" "Shepard!" "Grunt." Etc. etc. etc.
      • Grunt via email if you choose Aralakh Company over the Rachni Queen/Breeder, announcing that he has his entire company of elite krogan warriors chanting, as he puts it, "SHEPERD S HEPAURD SHEPARUD". In his defense, he's a) basically been raised on words and pictures but very little actual written content, and b) is drunk at the time.
  • Zero says "Iris" at least ten times in his infamous ending in Mega Man X 4.
    • In a turnaround, Mega Man Zero's Ciel cries Zero's name at least three times, and the last time was a hopeless bid for Zero to get out of Ragnarok even though it's already too late by that time.
    • So far in the series, the first thing X says upon seeing Zero destroyed or resurrected has been "Zero!"
    • One of the last lines in Day of Sigma is this one from Zero as he's regaining consciousness: "Sigma...X...X? X! X!"
    • Sigma, Vile, Dr. Cain, and all of the Mavericks get the chance to say X's name over the course of the game the OVA comes with.
  • Metal Gear:
    • Done with Raiden in Metal Gear Solid 2 whenever you die, by both Colonel Campbell and Solid Snake, who use "Raiden", and Rose, who uses his real name, "JAAACCCKKKK!". The "Raiden" variant returns in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, where it's done by Doktor, Kevin, Courtney and the other members of Raiden's suport team.
    • At the end of MGS1, where Snake's old partner-turned-cyborg ninja Grey Fox gives his life to destroy the radome on Metal Gear REX, Snake screams out a mighty "FOOOOXX!!!"
    • Nearly every example from the second half of MGS2 can be viewed here, while those from the entirety of MGS3 can be viewed here.
    • And of course there is perhaps one of the most well known examples of the trope from across the franchise whenever Snake gets killed:
      "Snake? Snake?! SNAAAKE!
  • In Mortal Kombat X, a lot of pre-fight banter between kombatants begins with one kombatant calling their opponent by name. In story mode, the reformed Scorpion also pulls this when he's about to kill Quan Chi.
    Quan Chi: Scorpion, we can—
    Scorpion: (cold-cocks Quan Chi) My name is Hanzo Hasashi!
  • Namu Amida Butsu! -UTENA-: The recollection between Nanda Ryūō, die-hard Shaka Nyorai fanboy, and General Sanshi, die-hard Tamonten fanboy, consists of these two's rapidly firing "SHAKANYORAISAMASHAKANYORAISAMASHAKANYORAISAMA" and "TAMONSAMATAMONSAMATAMONSAMA" at each other.
  • The opening to the Naruto video game, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3, does this, in a scene taken from original Naruto manga/anime. "NARUTOOOO!" "SAAASUKEEEEEEE!"
  • In Neo Contra, after Bill Rizer and Jaguar defeat Pheromone Contra, or Lucia: "LUUUCIAAA!!!"
  • Ninja Gaiden II (part of the original trilogy for the NES) had Ryu Hayabusa and his love interest Irene Lew saying their names constantly. One particular sequence has Ryu and Irene repeat each other's name three times in succession, though the context (they find each other, then she gets shot almost immediately, and she struggles to say something else before passing out from shock) does have each successive repetition imply different emotions.
  • Not for Broadcast: Toward the end of Day 296, if Jeremy dies before you cut to the ad (either by suicide or by security), you get this reaction from Jenny if you stick around to hear her on broadcast (just make sure you cut to the ad PDQ after this):
    Jenny: Jeremy!
  • Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan:
    • OOO-UUU-EEEN-DAAAN! (Though in the first game's "Over the Distance" level, it was delivered instead as a quiet, heartfelt "Ouendan...". Also parodied in "One Night Carnival", the main character tries to scream, but is suffering from severe stomach cramps so it comes out as a weak, strained "Ouen...daaan...").
    • And in its across-the-pond counterpart, Elite Beat Agents: AGENTS! — right after the eponymous Agents are zapped by a Rhombulan petrification beam.
  • In the Persona series:
    • In Persona 3 and Persona 4, this if you score a Critical Hit when using a Persona to attack.
      Aigis: Athena!
    • Late in Persona 4, when you finally deduce the culprit's identity, Dojima screams their name in rage as they escape into the TV world.
      Dojima: Adachi... Ngh... Dammit... ADAAACHIIIII!!
    • Persona 5: When first summoning their "Persona" Guardian Entity in a dramatic battle for their lives, nearly every one of your characters end up screaming their Persona's name:
      Protagoinst: Come, ARSENE!
  • Red Dead Redemption II has the drunken memetic "LEENNNYYYYYY!!!" Which you can repeat a lot while you're searching for Lenny while drunk. There are also other names that are shouted whenever something happens to the other characters in different scenarios.
  • Resident Evil: So many examples that RE almost gives Metal Gear a run for its money when it comes to this trope.
    • Chris loves to scream "REBECCA!" "JILL!", "CLAIRE!", "SHEVA!!" and especially "WESSSSKEEER!".
    • Leon also yells "ADAAA!" very, very often. Especially in the original RE2.
  • Resident Evil 4:
    • Expect to get very used to Ashely screaming "LEEEEEOOOOOOOOOON!" any time she's trapped, or an enemy grabs her.
    • Leon screams "LOOUUIIS!" when the latter dies — not quite addressing him by the right name to the very end. Which can kind of kill it a little.
    • "Mr. Kennedy" from Salazar to Leon, usually mocking him for one reason or another.
    • The few times they see each other, Leon says Ada's name in exasperation, due to her continuing antics.
    • Likewise, in her Separate Ways campaign, Ada whispers "Leon..." to herself, usually whenever she sees he's in danger or is worried about him.
    • "MIIIIKE!" Leon in grief over the unseen helicopter pilot after he's shot down by an RPG.
  • Wesker takes the cake during the climax of Resident Evil 5 where he shouts the name of his Arch-Enemy "CHRIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSS".
  • Alfred Ashford from Resident Evil – Code: Veronica: "Alexia...” ''Alexia...!" or "REDFIELD!" when referring to Claire.
  • Resident Evil 6:
    • Every playable character will scream the name of their partner if they die. This includes the character you're controlling.
    • Chris spends his time yelling “WONG!” in fury because Carla, Ada's Evil Doppelgänger, is tormenting him most of the game.
    • Simmons is also pissed at Ada, yelling her name constantly. Most of this wrath is actually directed at Carla, but he's so obsessed with Ada they're practically the same person to him. He is also still mad at Ada for abandoning him all those years ago.
    • Leon is once again shouting Ada's name, mostly to try and get her to stop running away and talk to him. He's unaware he's actually chasing Carla Radames most of the time, who was cloned to look like Ada. In a fight against Simmons, he shouts Ada's name after watching her get knocked unconscious.
  • Resident Evil 7 has several including “MIA!!” from the protagonist and “ETHAN!!” from everyone else.
  • In Resident Evil Village while not quite as venomous as Wesker's version, Ethan does bellow "CHRIS!" when he kills Mia.
  • Parodied in Saints Row: The Third; every single one of the radio promos for Nyteblayde end with the title character doing one of these.
  • In The Secret World, Lilith does the "saying their own name" variant, with bonus Voice of the Legion, and with all of the seventeen names she's had.
  • Sengoku Basara: Masamune and Yukimura's matches tend to include a "DAAATEEE MAAASAAAMUUUNEEE!" and "SANADA YUKIMURAAA!" call before they get down to it.
  • Silent Hill 2 seems to use name-calling as a replacement for actual dialogue in a few places. ...Actually, no. Most of the time, with "Mary"... "James".
    • One (although there are many examples of excessive name repetition) is during the scene when Pyramid Head impales Maria in Brookhaven Hospital:
      Maria: Jaaames!? JAAAMES!
      James: NOOO!
      Maria: JAAAMES!!
      James: MARIAAA!
    • But the true harrowing example comes from the final playable section when James's subconscious takes the form of a terrifying version of his late wife, when "Mary" is defeated she lies on the ground saying "James... James... James" over and over again until the player does the finishing blow.
  • In Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), Sonic calls out Elise's name after the Egg Carrier explodes.
  • Then Knuckles shouts Sonic's name when he sees him dead before his and the others' eyes. Amy does this too, but with more emotion.
  • Space Channel 5:
    • Ulala calls Pudding and Jaguar's names after they get pimp-slapped by Blank and proceeds to do absolutely nothing about it but continue the fight without them.
    • When Ulala gets pimp-slapped by Purge in Part 2, Noize does this as well.
  • As shown in the Rise of the Falcon trailer in SpeedRunners, the Falcon screams Speedrunner's name in the furious text as he's left to struggle to keep his home from burning down.
  • Star Fox 64's Japanese version: when you lose a stage. In English versions, it is replaced with the Big "NO!".
    Peppy/Slippy/Falco: FOKKUSUUU!!!
  • In Star Stealing Prince, one of the bosses is a Dual Boss, and they care about each other. So when you kill either of them, the first thing the other one says is the name of the one who fell. And then they become so distraught they start spamming their most powerful attack.
  • In Star Trek Online, the mission "Surface Tension" has Undine-Cooper screaming out Tuvok's name in anger after the Vulcan turned the tables on him.
  • Street Fighter IV (Arcade Edition):
    • When Oni uses his Ultra in his rival battle, he will shout the name of his brother and nemesis: "GOUUKEEEN!"
    • Sagat cries the name of his opponent during his rival battle with Ryu.
      • Characters such as Guile, Chun-Li and Charlie will frequently yell "BISON!!!" when the Big Bad shows his mug.
  • Super Mario Bros.:
    • Princess Peach often calls out Mario's name when she's getting kidnapped, or if he's just rescued her.
    • Luigi has truly epic ones in Luigi's Mansion bypressing "A" with no other context action available will cause Luigi to call out in search of his brother. These can range from a tentative "Mario?" to a full blown Narm Charm "MAA-REEE-OOO!". Which you need to hear for yourself.
    • In the Mario & Luigi series, the other brother's name is one of the few intelligible phrases Mario and Luigi can say, alongside token things like "Let's-a go" and "Mama Mia".
  • Summon Night Swordcraft Story 2 loved this a lot. Characters names are shouted right and left shamelessly.
  • Tales of Monkey Island: In Chapter 1, when a blunder with the Cutlass of Kaflu ends with the fuse being unintentionally lit in Elaine's ship: "Elaine!" "Guybrush?" (monkey does a Face Palm, gunpowder barrel explodes) "ELAAAaaaine!!!"
    • And at the end of Chapter 4, when LeChuck runs Guybrush through: "Guybrush!" "Elaine?" "GUYBRUSH!!!" "LECHUCK! (laughs) Arr, this name-shouting is jolly good fun!"
  • Within the Tales Series, it is common for the lead male character to scream another character's name during a dramatic scene. This video only scratches the surface of how much the Tales Series loves this trope.
  • Asch (who is not the lead character, but a party member who nonetheless plays an immensely important role in the story) in Tales of the Abyss screams "REPLICAAA!" in reference to Luke.
  • Team Fortress 2:
  • Telepath Tactics features a lot of this in characters' death messages: Gavrielle, Farasat, Teresa, and Phoebe will all do this is if the other member of their pair dies. Scarlet will also do this if Edwin dies, as will Louise if Madeleine dies.
  • Touhou: Mostly in Fanon, but Ran Yakumo seems to be fond of yelling her Shikigami's name: "CHEEEN!"
  • Zoran Lazarevic in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, upon drinking from the source of awesome power and sensing Nathan Drake's presence.
    Lazarevic: Drake... DRAKE!
  • Until Dawn: Due to the nature of the game, several characters will scream out another's name while looking for them.
    Beth: after Hannah runs of into the woods. HAAANNAAAAH!
    Mike: when she gets kidnapped by a wendigo. JESSICA, JESSICCCCAAAAA!
    Chris: when she goes missing and when she is found in a saw trap. ASHLEY!
    Josh will scream Hannah's name if he recognizes her in her wendigo form.
  • Vanquish, from the main character Sam Gideon: "BURNS!!" especially after old man's Heel–Face Turn. Elena the radio support has a heartbreaking example near the end where she thinks the hero has exploded along with the space station
    Elena: "SAM!!, SAM!! SAM!!... no (despairing)"
  • The World Ends with You: If Beat is your partner, he'll sometimes cry out "RHYYYME!" when you get a Game Over.