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Beyond Tomorrow is an Inuyasha Continuation Fic written by HappyCookiie. The fic is split into two parts and can be read here and here.

Arc One takes place two years after the Grand Finale, Inuyasha and Kagome have settled down and recently given birth to a daughter whom they name Hanyuu. However, their peaceful days come to a halt with the arrival of the demon Arina and her mate Ren, who seek to kidnap the couple's newborn child for their own nefarious purposes.


Arc Two centers on Hanyuu trying to find her place in the world and the source of her power, all while Lord Komatsu, Arina's father, seeks to steal her power and Take Over the World.

Now has a character page.

This fic contains examples of the following tropes (Beware of spoilers):

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  • Expansion Pack Past: For both the OCs and non-OCs:
    • The fic provides an expanded (and alternative) backstory to Midoriko and Magatsuhi, stating that, after Midoriko's presumed final battle, Magatsuhi, having fallen in love with her, saved her and nursed her back to health, after which the two eventually became lovers and had a daughter whom they named Haya. Over time, however, the two turned on one another and fought, leading to Haya sacrificing herself to stop them and resulting in the creation of the Shikon Jewel. As it turns out, Hanyuu is the reincarnation of Haya.
    • It also states that Onigumo suffered his crippling burns on the night that Inuyasha was born; Inuyasha's mother was the one who initially saved him and treated his injuries, with a then-two-year-old Kikyo coming across him and taking care of him from then on.
    • In Arc One, the most we learned about Arina's father is that he killed his wife after she caught him with another woman. In chapter 5 of Arc Two, it's revealed that he's a powerful elemental demon lord who directly opposed Inuyasha's father in the past, only to be defeated, stripped of his powers, and banished from the Inu-no-Taisho's territory.

     Arc One 
  • Absurdly Youthful Parents: Aside from Sango and Miroku, Inuyasha and Kagome also become examples, especially due to Hanyuu's Rapid Aging.
  • Accidental Murder: Ren seemingly does this to Hanyuu when he attempts to telepathically put her to sleep while kidnapping her, but as it turns out, she's Not Quite Dead.
  • Aerith and Bob: Ren's sisters are named Tomoyo and Yuki.
  • All Myths Are True: One myth in particular, which Miroku and Inuyasha often tell their respective children as a bedtime story, centers on Haya, a winged half-demon and the daughter of Midoriko and Magatsuhi, who sacrificed herself to stop her parents' fighting and ended up creating the Shikon Jewel in the process. Not only is the legend of Haya true, but Hanyuu is the reincarnation of Haya.
  • Annoying Arrows: Subverted; as can be expected, both Kagome and Kikyo's arrows cause quite a bit of damage.
  • Artistic License – Biology: Hanyuu is described as being half-demon, but technically, she's only 1/4th demon because Kagome is a full-fledged human.
  • Back from the Dead: Naraku and Kikyo are resurrected by Arina and Ren as part of their Evil Plan; though Naraku is more than happy to be back, Kikyo is naturally mortified that she wasn't left to rest in peace. However, unlike her previous resurrection, Kikyo is revived in a genuinely alive, flesh-and-blood body rather than in an undead clay one.
  • Battle Trophy: Inuyasha and co. are revealed in chapter 17 to have kept Princess Kaguya's mirror as a souvenir; Hanyuu uses said mirror to see her full human form for the first time.
  • Big Bad Ensemble: Arina and Ren, along with Naraku.
  • Big Brother Instinct: In chapter 6, Sesshomaru of all people looks out for Inuyasha and goes to hunt down Arina and Ren for what they did to Hanyuu.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Several examples:
    • In chapter 4, Shippo shows up just in time to catch Hanyuu after Ren accidentally drops her.
    • In chapter 5, Sango and Miroku show up just as Arina is about to kill Kagome and kidnap Hanyuu.
    • In chapter 15, Sesshomaru and Kikyo arrive as Ren is trying to kidnap Kagome and help turn the tables in our heroes' favor. They pull one off again in chapter 17 as Arina is in the middle of kidnapping a powerless Hanyuu.
  • A Birthday, Not a Break: As detailed in the flashback in chapter 7, Arina's Start of Darkness occurred on her eleventh birthday.
  • Blood Knight: Hanyuu becomes one of a sort, much to Inuyasha and Kagome's dismay, taking a liking to roughhousing and playing sword games with Miroku and Sango's kids.
  • Brought Down to Normal: Hanyuu, like all half-demons, transforms into a powerless human once a month, though unlike Inuyasha, her human period is on the full moon.
  • Came Back Strong: When Arina and Ren resurrect Kikyo and Naraku, the ritual they perform to do so brings them both back more powerful than they were before.
  • Cassandra Truth: In chapter 3, when Inuyasha states that he smelled a monkey while searching for the missing Hanyuu (Ren had, in fact, disguised himself with a monkey pelt to mask his scent), Kagome is naturally skeptical that a monkey kidnapped their daughter.
  • Chess Motifs: Arina and Ren reflect at one point that Hanyuu is the perfect pawn. When Kikyo is revived, she explicitly tells them that she will not be a pawn in their "game of chess."
  • Child Prodigy: Hanyuu is depicted as having unusual clarity and intelligence from the minute she is born, being aware of Kagome's fear of Arina and Ren and trying to calm her, as well as realizing that Ren is kidnapping her and even writing her name at one point.
  • Close-Call Haircut/Traumatic Haircut: In chapter 31, Ren's fire breath sets the end of Sango's ponytail on fire, forcing her to cut it down to her shoulders. Though she's unsurprisingly distraught over the loss of her hair, Miroku comforts her by reassuring her that her hair will grow back and telling her that he thinks she looks cute with short hair.
  • Continuation Fic: Of InuYasha.
  • Contrived Coincidence: Jirou Higurashi, Kagome's ancestor, aided Arina and Ren when Ren first arrived in the Feudal Era, and later ended up briefly taking care of Hanyuu when he found her on the ground after Ren believed her dead.
  • Cry into Chest: Hanyuu gets a moment with Inuyasha in chapter 15 after being reunited with him and Kagome.
  • Cute Monster Girl: Hanyuu is described by many characters as being beautiful from the minute she's born.
  • Cute Mute: Hanyuu; she develops the ability to speak telepathically instead and decides not to bother learning to talk out loud.
  • Dark and Troubled Past:
    • As detailed in Arina's flashback in chapter 7, on her eleventh birthday, she and her mother caught her father in his study with another woman, which led to her father beating her mother to death right then and there and Arina running for her life.
    • Likewise, as established in chapters 22 and 23, Ren was a juvenile delinquent who continually got into gang fights, often hiding in the Higurashi Shrine from the police. On one such occasion, shortly after Kagome first traveled to the Feudal Era, he ended up falling down the Bone Eater's Well himself, where he met Arina. He remains bitter towards Kagome, Hojo, and his younger sisters, Tomoyo and Yuki, for their part in turning him in.
  • Due to the Dead: When Ren believes he has accidentally killed Hanyuu in chapter 5, he elects not to simply dispose of her body as Arina ordered him to and instead takes her to a human village in the hopes that she will receive a proper burial, only to be pleasantly surprised to discover that she's Not Quite Dead.
  • Expy: Hanyuu appears to be based on the character of Furude Hanyuu from Higurashi: When They Cry in both name and design (though she has black dog ears as opposed to horns).
  • Eye Scream: In chapter 15, Kikyo shoots out both of Ren's eyes with her arrows.
  • Fantastic Racism: Like many other members of Inuyasha's Rogues Gallery, Arina and Ren come down on him for being a half-demon.
  • Find the Cure!: In chapter 32, Hanyuu is poisoned by Naraku, and according to Sesshomaru, since the poison struck her directly in the heart, she will inevitably die. Nonetheless, Inuyasha and co. are determined to find a cure or at least ease Hanyuu's pain.
  • Fish out of Temporal Water: As revealed in chapter 23, Ren is from Kagome's time and in fact knew her personally, having been best friends with Hojo. However, having lived in the Feudal Era since he was eleven, he has grown so accustomed to life there that he no longer feels that he belongs in the present time.
  • Friend to All Children: Kikyo hits it off with Hanyuu rather quickly.
  • Furry Reminder: Hanyuu is referred to as Inuyasha's "pup" on more than one occasion.
  • Group Hug: Near the end of chapter 5, Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango, and Shippo all end up in one while grieving over Hanyuu's apparent death at Ren's hands.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: Hanyuu; her father, Inuyasha, is half-demon, whereas her mother Kagome is a full-fledged human.
  • Handsome Lech: Being Happily Married to Sango hasn't curtailed Miroku's perverted tendencies a bit, much to Sango's irritation.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Arina and Ren during the second-to-last chapter.
  • I Just Want to Be Normal: Hanyuu expresses a wish that she was just an ordinary human rather than half-demon, but is nonetheless grateful that she grew up with friends and family who accepted her for who and what she is.
  • Identical Grandson: Identical ancestor, in this case; one of the supporting characters in the fic is Jirou Higurashi, Kagome's ancestor, who is noted to be the spitting image of her grandpa.
  • Intangible Time Travel: In chapter 29, Hanyuu witnesses the entire story behind her family and friends, as well as their battle with Naraku, in this manner. In chapter 34, she also witnesses the story of Haya in the same way.
  • Kryptonite Factor: Kikyo acquires a Dragonsbane bow, which is specifically designed to harm dragons.
  • Lap Pillow: In chapter 6, Kagome cries into Sango's lap while grieving over Hanyuu's death.
  • I Have Your Children: Arina and Ren initially try to kidnap Hanyuu, and then later kidnap Miroku and Sango's children to use against Inuyasha and co.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: This line from chapter 29, while Hanyuu is watching her parents' journey and battle with Naraku:
    It was as if she was watching the story of Inuyasha as a series - she saw everything.
  • Love Triangle: Discussed and defied. Inuyasha reassures Kagome that, even if Kikyo is brought back to life again, he is over his feelings for Kikyo and now loves only her. Kikyo herself, upon revival, ends up falling for Sesshomaru of all people.
  • Made of Iron: As detailed in her flashback in chapter 7, Arina survived jumping through a glass window to escape her father, along with a thirty-foot fall onto a rosebush. She manages to get up and stumble on while bleeding for hours before reaching the Bone Eater's Well, where she meets Ren, and passing out.
  • Magic Pants: In chapter 13, Sesshomaru gives Hanyuu a kimono made out of a mystical material that will grow along with her.
  • Mama Bear and Papa Wolf: Inuyasha and Kagome, as well as Miroku and Sango.
  • Meaningful Name: Hanyuu is named in part due to her demonic heritage.
  • Never My Fault: Part of Ren's backstory is that he fell down the Bone Eater's Well while in hiding from the police, meeting Arina upon arriving in the Feudal Era, and that he despises his little sisters for their part in turning him in. He just can't seem to accept that perhaps he needed to be punished for his actions.
  • No Name Given: Inverted; here, Sango and Miroku's children are named Akane, Setsuko, and Hiroshi.
  • No Plans, No Prototype, No Backup: Like Urasue before them, Arina and Ren absolutely fail to anticipate that Kikyo will not be willing to go along with their plans simply because they brought her back to life.
  • Not Afraid to Die: While fleeing from an explosion with Hanyuu in chapter 12, Kikyo remarks to herself that, having died twice already, she's not afraid of death, but since Hanyuu is with her, she has no intention of killing Hanyuu as well.
  • Oh, Crap!: Inuyasha's word-for-word reaction when Rin informs him that Kagome has gone into labor.
  • Painful Transformation: In chapter 17, Hanyuu undergoes her first full human transformation, which is described as being this trope. Inuyasha recalls that his own first human shift was much the same.
  • Panicky Expectant Father: Inuyasha, due in part to Kagome going through a Screaming Birth.
  • Pinky Swear: In chapter 12, Kikyo makes one with Hanyuu to reassure her that she isn't prejudiced against half-demons and won't hurt her, even reciting the Japanese pinky oath for good measure.
  • Power Glows: Ren and Tomoyo's tattoos glow when they use their powers.
  • Power Tattoo: Ren's dragon tattoo, along with Tomoyo's phoenix tattoo.
  • Psychic Powers
    • Mind over Matter: Ren kidnaps Hanyuu via telekinesis.
    • Telepathy: Hanyuu communicates via telepathy rather than verbal speech; she initially can only do so through physical contact, but later learns to communicate at will.
  • Rapid Aging: Hanyuu. A month after her birth, she appears to be in her early-to-mid teens.
  • Really 700 Years Old:
    • During Hanyuu's second Intangible Time Travel trip in chapter 34, it's established that Kirara really was Midoriko's sidekick back when she was still alive.
    • Likewise, it's stated that Onigumo was actually alive during Midoriko's time, having worked as a merchant, and was Haya's lover; his extreme longevity is explained as having been bitten by a demon spider, which also gave him his signature spider scar.
  • Rescue Romance: Ren helped Arina and got her treatment for her wounds when she was a child, and they later fell in love while traveling together.
  • Right Behind Me: In chapter 13, Sango and Miroku gripe about all the grief the Love Triangle between Inuyasha, Kagome, and Kikyo caused them in the past and how insensitive and stupid Inuyasha was back then... only to discover that Inuyasha and Kagome were standing nearby and heard everything.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: After Arina and Ren seemingly kill Hanyuu in chapter 5, Inuyasha and co., after grieving for a bit, resolve to hunt the two down to take revenge on them.
  • Say My Name: Inuyasha and Kagome's tendency to invoke this has been lampshaded twice so far; in chapter 15, when Ren grabs Kagome and begins to make off with her, Miroku and Sango get so annoyed at the two that they tell Inuyasha to just shut up and save Kagome already, and in chapter 22, when Inuyasha begins to call for her after she jumps down the Bone Eater's Well, Sesshomaru promptly Dope Slaps him and tells him not to start.
  • Screaming Birth: Kagome goes through one in the first chapter while going through her labor pains. Her comments actually make Inuyasha worried that she's serious until Kaede informs him that Sango said the same things during her first delivery.
  • Ship Tease: Quite a bit.
    • The author ends up pairing Kikyo and Sesshomaru and shipping Shippo and Akane, Sango and Miroku's eldest daughter.
    • In the final chapter, it's revealed that Rin and Kohaku have feelings for each other, with the latter bringing the former flowers every now and again.
  • Shirtless Scene: Ren gets one during Arina's flashback in chapter 7 while revealing the dragon tattoo on his back; Arina immediately starts blushing over him.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: Hanyuu is stated to more closely resemble Kagome than Inuyasha.
  • Undying Loyalty: Despite Ren's criminal past, Tomoyo still cares about him and visits the Higurashi Shrine every Saturday to pray for his safety.
  • Unusual Ears: Hanyuu has dog ears just like her father, though hers are black rather than white.
  • Technicolor Eyes: Arina has platinum-colored eyes and naturally red eyelashes.
  • Three-Month-Old Newborn: From the minute she's born, Hanyuu has a full head of hair, can open her eyes, and even laugh.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Everything Arina did was so she would be able to help Ren return home to the future.
  • Weredragon: Ren is able to morph into a dragon thanks in part to a mystical dragon tattoo on his back.

    Arc Two 
  • Archnemesis Dad: Arina's father, Lord Komatsu, serves as this to her. Not surprising considering the fact that the last time she saw him, he beat her mother to death and then tried to kill her.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: Komatsu outright identifies as evil when Arina demands to know how he can possibly want to harm someone as innocent and pure as Hanyuu.