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Konga (or I Was a Teenage Gorilla) is a 1961 British/American science fiction horror film starring Michael Gough (of Batman fame) in the lead role of Dr. Charles Decker. After being assumed dead for a year, Decker returns home with several specimens of carnivorous plants and a baby chimpanzee, whom he dubs Konga. Decker had conducted experiments on plants during his time in the African wilderness, and seeing the potential of stimulating plant growth, Decker injects a serum into Konga's circulatory system, causing him to reach his adult size in less than a minute. However, when the dean of the Essex University threatens his research, Decker doubles the dosage and sends the primate to kill all of his rivals.

An obvious ripoff of King Kong, the film served as a basis for a comic book series, and a novel based on the film was published around the time of the film's initial release.


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