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Robonyan is getting way too much pleasure out of being penetrated.


  • A few yokai have less than SFW origins. For example, Everfore is named "Oiran" in Japan. Oiran predate geisha and were entertainers as well as prostitutes.
  • The 'Merican Legendary Yo-kai Last Nyanmurai has a running gag where he tries to commit seppaku. The English localization of Wibble Wobble does NOT hide this fact, even naming his Soultimate "Harakiri Sword".

Video Games

  • In Blossom Heights, there's a high-schooler admiring one of trains from a bridge, but the dialogue makes it seem that he's ogling at some girl at first, by saying that "she looks even more amazing from this angle."
  • This line, from Carniboy's medal trading.
    "So we finally meet... I've heard such thick and juicy things about you."



  • In episode 7 of the Disney XD dub, when Whisper's head swirl is mistaken for ice cream by Komasan and subsequently attempted to be eaten, Whisper says that it feels surprisingly good, while blushing. To take the cake, his scream when the camera pans away is even more suggestive. Plus, before the aforementioned line, he gasps in a suggestive way.
  • Manjimutt tries to pass himself as a professional photographer. At first it seems perfectly normal however he soon starts taking photos focused on the woman's chest. This is also kept in the English dub.
  • When Manjimutt is trying to make pottery, he makes a vase that is quite obviously in the shape of a busty woman. Plus, after that a poster of a woman in a bikini is shown after a piece of paper falls off. The English dub shrinks the breasts, replaces the picture with a more innocent one, and removes the panting, but nothing else, not even the music! The next episode even has him admit that he couldn't hide his "true nature" in being popular with women.
  • In the sleepover episode, Nate and his friends try to watch an adults-only channel. Nothing explicit is shown, but the implications are still blatantly obvious, with Whisper stating that the channel is for "mature audiences only" and Jibanyan mentioning "scantily-clad ladies". The English dub doesn't modify Whisper's dialogue.
    • This wonderful bit of dialogue was actually added in to the English dub:
      Girl: (on unseen TV) Let's get this party started in the bubble bath!
  • Fidgephant is a Yo-kai that makes all the boys have to pee, so naturally his episode contains lots of Toilet Humor. One particularly risque moment is when Illoo tries to "solve" the situation by creating illusions of urinals in the hallway. That's right, the boys almost went potty in the hallway. Fidgephant himself takes the shape of an elephant constantly holding water inside his trunk.
  • In the trailer for Manjimutt's "The Great (Dog) Escape", one viewer starts to say "This movie kicks-", before being cut off by other viewers.
  • In the recap for episode 13, Wiglin, Steppa, and Rhyth cause Whisper to start pole dancing.
  • In episode 16, they managed to get away with showing Komasan hitting a guy in the crotch.
  • The extended version of "Yo-kai Exercise No. 1" contains a verse asking why their poop smells badly.
  • In episode 20, when Dandoodle makes the ramen stand owner handsome, one of his Instant Fanclub shouts out that "He can canoodle me any time!" While it's a Stealth Pun, the word "canoodle" is synonymous with "fondle" or "pet amorously." Yes, she really did basically say he could fondle her any time.
  • In episode 23, B3-NK1 sticks his sword into Robonyan's body in order to obtain a screw. Robonyan, however, actually enjoys the feeling of being penetrated a little too much, and is blushing and moaning like crazy while suggestive music plays in the background. To top it all off, he even demands that B3-NK1 do it more afterwards, and when Robonyan malfunctions, he basically has an orgasm. Keep in mind that this scene was actually kept in the English version with only light editing. note  There's a reason why this episode made the page image.
    • Episode 119 revisits this, with B3-NK1 accidentally impaling Robonyan during a racing competition... causing the latter to orgasm out of control and lose the race. That's right— the future version of a series mascot has "weakness for gay sex" as a recurring character trait.
  • In "Yo-kai Espy", Espy embarrasses Nate and his friends by reading their minds, until Nate suddenly thinks about having to pee. This severely grosses out Espy, so Nate imagines himself rapidly changing in and out of his underwear to make her go away. Even more audacious is Nate's song while doing it:
    Nate: Up, down, do not slump!
    If you don't watch out you'll see my rump!
    Down, up, lightning fast!
    Don't look now, you'll see my—(Jibanyan and Whisper Face Fault before he can finish)
    • If you listen closely, you can actually hear Nate say "ass".
    • At the start of the episode, Nate, Bear, and Eddie drool over an older woman walking by. The "camera" pans in on her legs and chest while sultry music plays. They then get worried that Katie was reading their mind, as they were undoubtedly thinking dirty thoughts at that time. In fact, while Nate is grossing out Espy with his thoughts (but before he reveals what they were), the same music plays, and given Nate's facial expressions, the scene seems to expect viewers to assume that Nate is actually thinking of something rather perverted to freak Espy out. Even Jibanyan and Whisper think that Nate's thoughts are dirtier than they turned out to be, given their own expressions while trying to ask Espy what kind of thoughts are making her that bothered.
  • In episode 41, When Shmoopie uses his power to make Manjimutt look cute, Manjimutt flat out admits to wanting to use it so he can fondle a bunch of ladies without repercussion. Unsurprisingly, it doesn't work.
  • In episode 68, Negasus inspirits Nate to try and sneak up on Katie. The way he is wiggling his fingers and where they were moving towards makes it appear like he was about to grope Katie's butt.
  • In episode 79, the Yo-kai Swosh makes the boys forgiving, calm, and carefree. This initially impresses Katie and her friends, until the boys' swimming trunks fall off, horrifying the girls. However, that's still not the radar moment. The boys try to improvise with a plastic bag, a seashell, and some seaweed, then they use octopuses. This turned out to be too much for the English version to handle, as the segment was skipped entirely in the U.S. version.
  • The recap for episode 94 has the wrong transformation of Buchinyan, that even the television won't show what he looks like, just because how atrocious it is!
  • Oh boy, episode 143. First off, Nate gets naked in front of the school due to Soname inspiriting him. What really tops it off is that Soname is using his tongue on Nate, in which looks like tentacles. Makes you wonder how this will be in the English dub.
    • In episode 182, his clothes are again removed while a leaf covers his 'area'.
  • Eventually the radar caught up to the show before too long: the anime received enough backlash that the show was eventually compelled to showcase said complaints in a segment called "Komasan Taxi", where the perpetrators of the acts are vilified (this is partly why early episode recurring characters like Manjimutt were Put on a Bus for a time). This segment itself can count as getting past the radar, as even if the characters are "reformed" the violent/risque material is shown yet again in the segment via a TV in the taxi.
    • Episode 212 takes all of the characters that were in the Komasan Taxi previously and puts them on a bus, bringing together a ton of the...questionable content shown before, and putting it all in one place. And as if Nate being naked for most of the segment (again) wasn't enough for the radar, during a scene where everyone's desperately apologizing for their behavior, Robonyan wears a Chastity Belt, proclaiming "no more rubbing!"
  • The third movie's end credits depict scenes from the anime in live action, one of them is Manjimutt's vase.


  • Zundoumaru, just Zundoumaru. He's a hot pot Yo-kai whose Lightside form is a muscular man wearing only a speedo, and said speedo has a very phallic spout, and he likes to gyrate his hips. The first time he gets summoned he URINATES ON HIS OPPONENT!!! Though the Radar didn't mind, the Moral Guardians certainly did and complained.

Yo-Kai Watch!

  • Right into the second segment we have Whisper with his face deep in a Play Boy magazine.

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