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2008 Series Examples:

Despite being incredibly dark, the 2006 series isn't without its moments.

  • Kyle and Yost seem to be able to poke some fun at themselves and just how dark and bloody the series is; a variant cover for the second issue is filled with rainbows and puppies!
  • Deadpool's special brand of insanity, bringing a bit more levity to Messiah War than it would have otherwise.
  • Pretty much everything out of Dr. Nemesis's mouth when he puts in an appearance.
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  • The Black Comedy of Elixir giving Vanisher a brain the shape of the X-Men logo.

2010 Series Examples:

Like the last series, it's plenty funny when it needs to be.

  • Wolverine gets hit by Pestilence, who has wind up the size of a small balloon filled with pus. Wolverine concludes that he needs to get mobile again, so opens himself up with his claws. The funny part? It lands on Deadpool.
    "What's that smell?!"
    "Wolverine's Weightwatchers program."
  • Similarly, Fantomex has the gross (in every sense of the word) misfortune to have the Age of Apocalypse Blob land on his head, and get keistered. Fantomex's immediate response after struggling free? Screaming "UNCLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAN!" and diving into a pool to try and wash off.

2014 Series Examples:

  • Doctor Nemesis various comments and threats he makes about or towards team members.
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  • Psylocke rewiring Marrow's brain so that all her cursing comes out as gibberish, without Marrow even realising it.
  • Fantomex revelation about his ability to speak french and the teams reaction to it.

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