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Comic Book / X-Force (2019)

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"There is us, and there is them."
— The Man with the Peacock Tattoo, X-Force #1

X-Force is a 2019 comic book series, and the sixth volume of the title focused on the titular team. It is part of the Dawn of X relaunch, written by Benjamin Percy (Wolverine: The Long Night) and drawn by Joshua Cassara (The Falcon).

After the foundation of the nation of Krakoa, it's quickly deemed necessary that the X-Men are going to need their own intelligence agency to keep up with any and all threats to their people. Enter X-Force, the group that will ensure that the mutant nation will continue to exist, free from foreign influence... And by any means necessary. Featuring Jean Grey, Wolverine, Domino, Black Tom, Beast, Colossus, Sage, and Quentin Quire.

The first issue was released November 6, 2019.


X-Force provides the following tropes:

  • Anti-Hero Team: As usual for the X-Force, although this iteration of the team is different in that a number of traditionally-heroic X-Men (such as Marvel Girl, Beast, and Colossus) are on the team as well.
  • Artificial Human: Issue two has the team of invading assassins dissected and it's discovered they're entirely constructed. According to Sage they're not superhumans yet but they have built in mechanisms such as retractable blades made of bone in their arms and multipurpose wire filling their ears instead of cartilage. Wolverine and Quentin discover they're being build in some kind of factory, with pieces grown and grafted together.
  • Crossover: The first issue contains the first crossover of the Dawn of X books, as Kitty Pryde's team of Marauders arrives with mutant refugees from Russia.
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  • Darker and Edgier: Than probably all of the other Dawn of X books. The first issue has a team of assassins killing a number of mutants on Krakoa including Professor X.
  • It's Raining Men: The first issue has four assassins (called "the Reavers" in the script) parachuting into Krakoa from a hijacked plane.
  • Organic Technology: Forge is able to run wild with Krakoa's biological functions and create gear and weaponry from it.
  • Realpolitik: What the series is functionally about. You can't just have a new global superpower appear overnight without having to get your hands dirty to ensure that it can continue existing as a state.
  • Third-Person Person: Black Tom affects this.
  • War Refugees: The first issue has Krakoa taking on a bunch of mutant refugees from Russia, as seen in Marauders. A lot of them are suffering, especially because it appears Russia was using chemical weapons on them.
  • Wham Episode: Prior to release, the first issue was said to have an event that will reverberate across the other Dawn of X titles. This turned out to be the apparent assassination of Professor X, and the destruction of Cerebro.


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