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"Yes! Yesss!! Oh, let me taste your tears, Scott! Mm, your tears are so yummy and sweet.."
Eric Cartman, South Park, "Scott Tenorman Must Die"

A character who has an incredibly odd palate for tears, such as talking about how they wouldn't mind drinking them or tasting them like a sweet delicacy. Often, they may be seen licking the tears off someone's face or just catching one to taste off their fingers.

Usually a form of Horror Hunger and almost always Squicky, and, depending on how they get the tears, may involve Eye Scream. Very often a sign of a depraved Sadist or Ax-Crazy character, but not always. You still would be (probably) safer if you stay as far away from them as possible.

In real life, people who have tasted tears while crying have remarked them having a distinctly salty flavor due to tears mostly being made from the water inside of the human body that contains salt ions/electrolytes. Interestingly enough, the level of saltiness and taste of one's tears is dependent on a person's emotional state. Emotional tears have various ingredients which cause them to taste slightly different depending on one's emotions at the time. Sad tears taste a bit sour because their acidity is higher, happy tears or Tears of Joy taste slightly sweeter, and angry tears or Berserker Tears taste the saltiest.


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  • In one episode of The Legend of Snow White, as Snow White and Prince Richard travel through a mysterious forest, Snow White's tears awake two goofy fairy-like beings named Giza and Melba. A young girl's tears are their favorite food, so they try various tricks to make Snow White cry again, but all humorously fail.

    Comic Books 
  • In X-Force (2019), Phoebe from the Stepford Cuckoos playfully tastes one of tears of Quentin Quire after putting him through a mental therapy session to hash out his issues.

    Film — Animated 
  • In Inside Out, Bing Bong cries out tears made of candy instead of water. After Bing Bong has been locked in a cage made of balloons, he mentions that Jangles just wanted candy and there are a lot of wrappers on the floor, indicating that Jangles ate Bing Bong's candy tears.

  • In Hannibal, there is the extremely depraved Mason Verger, an affluent child-molesting sadist who brutally raped his own sister. After the mutilation mishap via Hannibal Lecter, the crippled Verger resorted to verbally and emotionally abusing children and afterwards drinking martinis made with their tears.
  • First averted, then played straight in The Fairy Rebel. When Tiki sees Jan crying, she asks to taste one of her tears because she's heard that they taste funny. Jan complies, and Tiki, who as a fairy is used to an entirely sweet diet, is revolted by the salty taste. When Tiki later cries her own first tears, they have a sweet flavor instead, as Jan and Charlie discover when Tiki kisses them and her tears touch their lips.
  • Sunshine has a rare positive example: when Rae is trapped with a (relatively) Friendly Neighborhood Vampire who's trying to Resist the Beast, he asks for permission to drink her Tears of Fear, since they provide a bit of nourishment when they're willingly offered.
  • That's Good! That's Bad! concerns a boy who gets lost in a zoo and has encounters with many animals. After he runs into a dark jungle, he becomes frightened and cries a puddle of tears. The puddle then attracts a stork that drinks from it before the bird takes the boy back to his parents.

    Live Action TV 
  • In Grimm, there is the Jinnamuru Xunte, one of the most terrifying creatures on the show. It drinks the tears of its victims, which have a pleasurable opiate-like effect on the creature, leaves behind parasitic worms that will destroy entire eye of its victims, and often returns to places it has fed before in order to do the same to the weeping families of said victims. It's also horrifying-looking, with the head of a giant fly when woged.
  • Mason Verger's sadistic habit is further demonstrated in the series Hannibal, where after breaking his sister Margot's arm, a pre-crippled Mason Verger drinks her tears to highlight his sadism. He says that tears of pain and fear taste best.

  • Rammstein's "Mein Herz Brennt" is about a villain who sends out demons to scare children in their sleep and collect their hot Tears of Fear so he can inject them into his cold veins.

    Video Game 
  • Occurs as part of a quest in Fran Bow. While in the Fifth Reality, a realm of monsters and nightmares that feed off other's misery, the titular Fran Bow meets a monster who feels sick, claiming he is lacking enough misery to keep him healthy. Fran seeks help from a friendly monster named Okhula, who gets her to cry and bottles her tears to give to the monster. The monster takes and joyfully drinks the tears, sufficiently giving him enough misery and claiming it "tastes like the most profound and darkest elixir [he's] ever tasted before". He even asks for more.
  • Occurs as part of a Power-Up in The Binding of Isaac The item Lachryphagy lets a player feed tears to Isaac's own tears, increasing their damage and causing them to burst into 8 shots if fed enough.

    Web Animation 
  • In the Oversimplified episode, "The French Revolution: Part-1", a tax collector tells a peasant woman she is being taxed for everything, from the number of windows on her house to the amount of salt (used for cooking and preserving food) she had. When her son appears, the collector says the boy has to pay taxes as well, and when he starts crying, the collector eagerly tastes his tears and cruelly states the boy now has to pay a salt tax.
  • In Pokemon Gold (Fanmade), when Gold comes back for his first rematch with Whitney, he sees that she's just beaten a bug catcher so badly that the poor kid has been reduced to tears. One of her Trainers gathers the tears in a cup and offers them to Whitney, who drinks them with smug satisfaction.
  • In Safely Endangered, one comic that became a Memetic Mutation had one character saying mean things to another to make them cry, since they steady needed a source of water to consume in the wild.

  • Gabe, Killer Game-Master extraordinaire from Penny Arcade, has this advice for dealing with players that try to break the game, implying he's personally done so himself:
    Gabe: Lie to them. Rob them. Drive them mad. Concoct impossible scenarios whose only outcome is their death. And then, when their eyes glisten with shame and rage, drink their tears.

    Web Original 
  • Josh Scorcher does this metaphorically sometimes, drinking from a bottle labelled "Brony Tears".
  • The Memetic Mutation of "Your tears are delicious" became viral since 2007 thanks to the South Park episode, usually referring to haters' tears, accompanied by this image or similar ones (Cartman's scene included), or someone drinking from a mug (sometimes with a straw) with a Psychotic Smirk and a "your tears" inscription on the mug.

    Western Animation 
  • In the South Park episode "Scott Tenorman Must Die", Eric Cartman (as seen in the page image) licks the tears of despair off Scott Tenorman's face as another Kick the Dog moment to add to his Evil Gloating over successfully managing to make the boy eat the ground-up remains of his parents in the form of chili.
  • Done as part of a show of machismo in the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Blackened Sponge". One of SpongeBob's made-up stories about him fighting Jack M. Crazyfish ends with his defeated foe leaving behind a trail of tears that SpongeBob triumphantly "proceeded to scoop up in [his] victory tankard and enjoy a nice refreshing beverage."
  • In "Adventure Time S 4 E 2 Five Short Graybles" of Adventure Time, the penguins drink Ice King's "Salty Tears" that he makes after crying while in a deep depression.
  • Inside Job (2021): In "Ghost Protocol", Glenn reveals that Ann Coulter made him role-play as a liberal so she could drink his tears.
  • In the M.O.D.O.K. (2021) episode Beware from What Portal Comes!", the Ciegrimites, being depraved party animals, force various members of a party to celebrate until they die, with one live victim crying in despair as one of the Ciegrimites licks the tears off his face.