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Quotes / X-Force (2019)

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    X-Force #1: "Hunting Ground" 
Healer: I can't ask my new patients where it hurts. But perhaps you can.
Jean Grey: I see muddy tank treads cutting through a meadow of red flowers. I see a corpse with flies crawling in and out of its open mouth. I see a silo on fire and a barn on fire and livestock on fire. I can't tell you where they hurt. Because they hurt everywhere.

"I talk to the dirt, yeah? And the dirt talks back. And sometimes we get a feeling, you understand? Like all the worms are twisting inside us. I've got that feeling right now. It's a bad one, yeah?"
— Black Tom Cassidy

"We were stupid and slow and careless. It's time to be smart and swift and violent. This can never happen again."
— Jean Grey

    X-Force # 3 
"What I'm saying is… without the fear of death, life is less about me – and more about us."
— Jean Grey

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