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Marvel: A Fresh Start is the 2018 relaunch of Marvel Comics, succeeding Marvel Legacy.

The first Marvel relaunch spearheaded by editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski since he took over the position in 2017, Fresh Start sees various changes to many of its titles following the departure of former EiC Axel Alonso, and longtime exclusive writer Brian Michael Bendis.

As the title would suggest, Fresh Start is intended to be a new starting point for many fans of both old readers and newcomers, and was done to make the line more in-tune with what their readers wanted, as opposed to previous attempts to broaden their appeal to wider audiences with mixed results. The relaunch sees many changes via returning to old status quos that previous relaunches shook up, creators leaving titles after long runs (Dan Slott leaving Spider-Man after a decade, Gerry Duggan leaving Deadpool after six years) in favor of being moved to new titles, and an increase in Marvel Digital Originals. The line also sees the Fantastic Four make their grand return, after having their series cancelled in 2015.


One of the most notable initiatives of the relaunch is the promotion of X-Men as an A-list property once again. To do this, famed Fantastic Four, Avengers and Secret Wars writer Jonathan Hickman made a return to Marvel after a long period of only working on creator-owned comics, with all ongoing X-titles being cancelled in favor of Hickman's reboot, which will both change the X-Men forever, and provide a new launch point for future stories. This is such a big move, in fact, that the X-books themselves saw an official relaunch with Dawn of X to signify this.

After spending several years in what some called a creative decline, Fresh Start was a success, akin to DC Rebirth. Tellingly, the relaunch continued into 2019 with no signs of slowing down, and instead would focus on establishing a proper status quo instead of yet another relaunch.


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    General Developments 
  • Return to previous status quos for the A-list heroes.
  • Legacy heroes take on new names and/or appearances. Before, they were often made into a Legacy Character, whereas here they're made much more distinct.
  • Shuffling of creative teams, with writers and artists assigned to new books, in order to make things appropriately fresh.
  • Heavier prominence of Asian heroes (easily the most neglected ethnicity before), with Aero and Sword Master being all-new titles made by Asian creators set in the Marvel Universe. Others, such as Crescent, White Fox and Luna Snow, immigrate from Marvel Future Fight.
  • Higher emphasis on creator freedom and newer ideas. These come in the form of brand new titles such as Immortal Hulk, Asgardians of the Galaxy, Strikeforce, Black Cat, Beware the Ghost Rider, among others.
  • The grand return of the Fantastic Four, who had their title cancelled in 2015 in a move influenced by not having the film rights to them for the Marvel Cinematic Universe until 2019. In addition to their main title, they also get two other adjacent titles with Future Foundation and Doctor Doom.
  • The mutants of X-Men are promoted to A-list again, and The Inhumans are Demoted to Extra. This is a very big move, to the point where they get their own relaunch: Dawn of X.

    Marvel: A Fresh Start — Wave One 

Wave One (May 2018 — December 2018)

The following titles will launch or continue during this phase. Bolded titles are ongoing.

The Avengers

  • Avengers — A brand new team of Avengersnote  assemble to battle the Celestials and the Final Host! Written by Jason Aaron & drawn by Ed McGuinness.
  • Black Panther — T'Challa discovers that Wakanda is larger than he thought as he discovers the Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda ! Written by Ta-Nehisi Coates & drawn by Daniel Acuña
  • Captain America — Who are the Power Elite? And how do they intend to co-opt the symbol that is Captain America? Written by Ta-Nehisi Coates with art by Leinil Yu with covers by Alex Ross.
  • Captain Marvel — Carol leaves Alpha Flight behind and returns to New York. Written by Kelly Thompson and and art by Carmen Carnero.
  • Doctor Strange — Stephen Strange goes into space. Written by Mark Waid and illustrated by Jesus Saiz.
  • Tony Stark: Iron Man — Tony Stark is Iron Man. The future is now. Written by Dan Slott & drawn by Valerio Schiti.
  • Thor — After the events of The Mighty Thor, Thor Odinson is once again deemed worthy. Now, he dives into the War of Realms in search of lost Asgardian artifacts in a race with the Juggernaut. Written by Jason Aaron & drawn by Mike del Mundo.
  • West Coast Avengers — the West Coast branch is reopened after nearly 20 years with a new teamnote  to protect the West Coast. Written by Kelly Thompson & drawn by Stefano Caselli


  • The Immortal Hulk — Spinning out of Avengers: No Surrender, the revived Bruce Banner wanders the globe, dealing with a further mutated Hulk that now can never die. Written by Al Ewing with interiors by Joe Bennett and covers by Alex Ross.
  • Weapon H — In order to fight the Monsters who want to cross Roxxon's Magical Portal, you bring one to fight them. Written by Greg Pak with art by Guiu Vilanova.


  • Amazing Spider-Man — Peter goes back to basics, juggling his personal life with his heroic life at the time of an alien invasion. Written by Nick Spencer with art by Ryan Ottley.
  • Venom — When a primordial evil stirs due to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s dissolution, will Eddie Brock and the symbiote be forced to abandon their morals to stop it? Written by Donny Cates and drawn by Ryan Stegman.
  • Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider — Gwen Stacy makes a fresh start, as the Ghost Spider. Written by Seanan McGuire with art by Rosi Kämpe.
  • Superior Spider-Man — After a short stint as the Superior Octopus, Otto Octavius returns to his other Superior mantle. Written by Christos Cage with art by Mike Hawthorne.
  • Miles Morales: Spider-Man — Miles swings into a new ongoing! Written by Saladin Ahmed with art by Javier Garrón.
  • Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man — Written by Tom Taylor and illustrated by Juan Cabal.


  • Astonishing X-Men — Havok leads a new team of X-Mennote  against the Reavers! But can the team trust Havok? Written by Matthew Rosenberg & drawn by Greg Land. Continuing with #13.
  • Deadpool — Deadpool returns to his "Merc with a Mouth" days just in time to be the only thing to save the Earth from an alien threat. We're boned. Written by Skottie Young & drawn by Nic Klein
  • Domino — Written by Gail Simone & drawn by David Baldeón.
  • X-Men: RedJean Grey is back and she is now in command of her own teamnote  of X-Men. Written by Tom Taylor & drawn by Mahmud Asrar. Began under Marvel Legacy.
  • X-23 — Leaving the Wolverine name behind, Laura seeks out her own identity. Written by Mariko Tamaki & art by Juan Cabal and Nolan Woodward. Replacing All-New Wolverine.
  • Mr. and Mrs. X — After the hyped up X-Wedding, the newlyweds head off to space for their honeymoon... and wacky adventures. Hope you survive the experience, Gambit and Rogue! Written by Kelly Thompson with art by Oscar Bazaldua.
  • X-Force (2018) — In the aftermath of Extermination and Cable's death, the surviving members of the original X-Force teamnote  reassemble to hunt down his killer, Kid Cable. And what does Deathlok have to do with this? Written by Ed Brisson with art by Dylan Burnett.
  • Uncanny X-Men — No one survives the experience in Uncanny X-Men... DISASSEMBLED! A 10-part weekly storyline. Written by Matthew Rosenberg, Ed Brisson, and Kelly Thompson. Drawn by Mahmud Asrar, RB Silva, Yildiray Cinar, and Pere Perez. Covers by Leinil Yu.

Defenders (all books are Marvel Digital Originals)

  • Jessica Jones — Jessica finds her blind spot. Written by Kelly Thompson, with art by Mattia de Lulis.
  • Daughters of the Dragon — Misty balances her work with the Aberrant Crimes Division of the FBI with her friendship with Colleen Wing. Written by Jed MacKay with art by Travel Foreman.
  • Luke Cage — Luke deals with a heat wave in Harlem and someone killing the 1%. Written by Anthony Del Col, with art by Jahnoy Lindsay.
  • Iron Fist — Danny deals with a paranormal problem in "Phantom Limb." Written by Clay McLeod Chapman, with art by Guillermo Sanna.
  • Cloak & Dagger — A mysterious threat from their past forces Cloak and Dagger to reunite after drifting apart. Written by Dennis Thompson, with art by David Messina.

Solo (Other)

  • Black Widow — Natasha travels to Madripoor for some unfinished business. Written by Jen and Sylvia Soska with art by Flaviano.
  • Daredevil — Know Fear. Written by Chip Zdarsky with art by Marco Checchetto.
  • Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur — Moon Girl vs. Princess Fisk! Written by Brandon Montclare with art by Natacha Bustos.
  • Moon Knight — Moon Knight hits 200 issues! Written by Max Bemis with art by Jacen Burrows.


  • Champions — Welcome to the Champions, Ironheart, Unstoppable Wasp, and Snowguard! Written by Jim Zub & drawn by Sean Izaakse; numbering continues at #19. A new volume launched after issue 27, with Zub continuing on.
  • Ms. Marvel — Kamala celebrates 50 issues... in issue 31. Written by G Willow Wilson.
  • Unstoppable Wasp — Nadia Van Dyne and the Agents of G.I.R.L. return in an all new series. Written by Jeremy Whitley and illustrated by Gurihiru.
  • Riri Williams: Ironheart — Riri Williams returns in her new ongoing solo. Written by Eve L. Ewing and illustrated by Kevin Libranda.

Teams (Other)

  • Runaways — Written by Rainbow Rowell & drawn by Kris Anka.
  • ExilesBlink, Iron Lad, Khan (a middle aged Ms. Marvel), Wolvie and Valkyrie are recruited by Nick Fury, to travel the multiverse. Written by Saladin Ahmed and drawn by Javier Rodriguez.
  • The Invaders — Cap, Bucky, and Jim Hammond reunite and face Namor as the Sub-Mariner tries to unleash a new deadly threat. Written by Chip Zdarsky with art by Carlos Magno.
  • Marvel 2-In-One — The Thing continues to team up with other heroes. Written by Chip Zdarsky.
  • Asgardians Of The Galaxy — Spinning out of the events of Infinity Wars, a new teamnote  emerges to replace the disbanded Guardians of the Galaxy. Written by Cullen Bunn and drawn by Matteo Lolli.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy (2019) — Who are the Guardians? Written by Donny Cates and drawn by Geoff Shaw.

Limited Series

  • Ant-Man and the Wasp — When Scott Lang gets lost in the Microverse, Nadia Van Dyne goes after him. Just that he won't admit he's lost... or he's in trouble. Written by Mark Waid & drawn by Javier Garron.
  • Cosmic Ghost Rider — Spinning out of Thanos, featuring Frank Castle from an alternate future as the Spirit of Vengeance. Written by Donny Cates & drawn by Dylan Burnett.
  • Iceman — The founding X-Man's solo title unthaws as Bobby seeks to prevent a second Mutant Massacre. Written by Sina Grace with art by Nathan Stockman.
  • The Life of Captain Marvel — When Carol suffers a massive anxiety attack, she must dive back into her past to figure out what went wrong and rediscover her own origins. 5-issue miniseries written by Margaret Stohl & drawn by Carlos Pacheco.
  • Marvel Knights 20th — A six-issue miniseries celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Marvel Knights Imprint. It begins with an amnesiac blind man in a graveyard. Without memories, without a past, can Matt Murdock figure out what's wrong with the world? Written by Donny Cates, Matthew Rosenberg, Tini Howard, and Vita Ayala with art by Travel Foreman, Niko Henrichon, Damian Coucerio, Joshua Cassara, and Kim Jacinto.
  • Marvel Rising — 5 issue mini where Ms. Marvel, Inferno, Squirrel Girl, and America Chavez are joined by Quake and Spider-Man (Miles Morales). Written by Nilah Magruder and drawn by Roberto Di Salvo.
  • Multiple Man — Despite becoming patient zero to the M-Pox in Death of X, it seems Jamie Madrox isn't quite dead. Written by Matthew Rosenberg & drawn by Andy MacDonald.
  • Return of Wolverine — 5- issue miniseries written by Charles Soule and illustrated by Steve McNiven. Sequel to Hunt for Wolverine and Death of Wolverine.
  • Quicksilver: No Surrender — Set during Avengers: No Surrender, Quicksilver is stuck on a frozen Earth, and he's being hunted. Written by Saladin Ahmed & drawn by Eric Nguyen.
  • Extermination — Exterminate the past, eliminate the future. The O5 X-Men are in trouble. Written by Ed Brisson with art by Pepe Larraz and cover by Mark Brooks.
    • X-Men: The Exterminated — A one-shot focusing on Hope Summers and Jean Grey in the wake of Cable's death.
  • Death of the Inhumans — Written by Donny Cates with interiors by Ariel Olivetti and cover by Kaare Andrews.
  • Venom: First Host — Written by Mike Costa and illustrated by Mark Bagley. The Venom symbiote's original host returns to reclaim his old symbiote and save the universe from cosmic ruin; acts as a continuation of and finale for Costa's Venom run.
  • The Sentry — Bob Reynolds returns. Written by Jeff Lemire and illustrated by Kim Jacinto.
  • Winter Soldier — Five-issue miniseries. Written by Kyle Higgins and illustrated by Rod Reis.
  • Shatterstar — Written by Tim Seeley and Carlos Villa.
  • Black Order — Five-issue mini-series. Under the leadership of the Grandmaster, Thanos' Cull Obsidian set off to wreck things. Written by Derek Landy with art by Philip Tan.
  • Dead Man Logan — 12-issue mini-series. Old Man Logan's time is almost up. Time for him to go out in a blaze of glory and tie up loose ends. Written by Brisson with art by Mike Henderson.
  • Avengers: No Road Home — Sequel to Avengers: No Surrender in which a new teamnote  assembles. Written by Mark Waid, Jim Zub, and Al Ewing with art by Paco Medina and Sean Izaakse.
  • Wolverine: Infinity Watch — 5 issue miniseries. In the aftermath of Infinity Wars, Wolverine and Loki form a new Infinity Watch. Written by Gerry Duggan and drawn by Andy MacDonald


  • Ant-Man and the Wasp: Living Legends — Scott Lang teams up with Janet van Dyne to fight the Living Eraser, a classic villain from Tales to Astonish. Written by Ralph Macchio and drawn by Andrea Di Vito.
  • Best Defense — The original Defenders are back!
    • Immortal Hulk: The Best Defense — written by Al Ewing
    • Namor: The Best Defense — written by Chip Zdarsky
    • Silver Surfer: The Best Defense — written by Jason Latour
    • Doctor Strange: The Best Defense — written by Gerry Duggan
    • The Defenders: The Best Defense — written by Al Ewing
  • Dazzler: X-Song — The songstress mutant finds herself protecting her Inhuman fans from the darker side of the underground punk scene. Written by Magdalene Visaggio with art by Laura Braga.
  • Web of Venom — A series of one-shots that tie into the main Venom comic.
    • Ve'Nam — Featuring a story about SHIELD's Symbiote Soldier program during the Vietnam War. Written by Donny Cates, art by Juanan Ramírez.
    • Carnage Born — Cletus Kasady's legacy lives on in the form of a cult that worships him. Written by Donny Cates, art by Danilo Beyruth.
    • Venom Unleashed — The Venom symbiote tours Eddie Brock's old life in San Francisco. Written Ryan Stegman, art by Kyle Hotz.
  • Superior Octopus — The die is once again cast as Otto Octavius gets his own one-shot. Written by Christos Gage, with art by Mike Hawthorne.
  • Wakanda Forever — The female warriors of the Dora Milaje take center stage for three one-shots teaming up with Spider-Man, the X-Men and the Avengers.
  • X-Men: Black — A series of one-shots all about X-Men villains:
    • Magneto #1 – written by Chris Claremont, illustrated by Dalibor Talajic.
    • Mojo #1 – written by Scott Auckerman, illustrated by Nick Bradshaw.
    • Mystique #1 – written by Seanan McGuire, illustrated by Marco Failla.
    • Juggernaut #1 – written by Robbie Thompson, illustrated by Shawn Crystal.
    • Emma Frost #1 – written by Leah Williams, illustrated by Chris Bachalo.
    • Apocalypse — backups in each issue written by Zac Thompson and Lonnie Nadler, illustrated by Geraldo Borges.
  • Love Romances — The 1950s long-running anthology returns. Written by Dennis Hopeless, Gail Simone, Jon Adams and others, with art by Roge Antonio, Annapaola Martello and others.
  • Gunhawks — The return of the 1970s western. Written by David and Maria Lapham, art by Luca Pizzari.
  • Ziggy Pig Silly Seal — Timely's 1940s funny animals are back. Written by Frank Tieri with art by Jacob Chabot.


  • Infinity WarsInfinity Countdown was leading to this. Written by Gerry Duggan and drawn by Mike Deodato.
  • Spider-Geddon — Written by Christos Gage. Morlun and the Inheritors are back for vengeance against the Spiders and it's up to Peter and the multiverse's various Spideys to stop them again. Five issue mini-series.
    • Edge of Spider-Geddon — Five issue mini-series featuring various other Spiders leading up to the main event.
    • Spider-Girls — Three issue mini-series starring Mayday Parker, Annie May Parker, and Anya Corazon.
    • Spider-Force — Three issue mini-series as Kaine Parker recruits a team of Spiders for a suicide mission
    • Vault of Spiders — An anthology of stories starring various web-slingers.
  • Age of X-Man — When the dust settles on "X-Men Disassembled", the only thing left... is the Age of X-Man. Written by Lonnie Nadler and Zac Thompson, art by Ramon Rosanas. Following the Age of X-Man Alpha one-shot, six five-issue miniseries will follow.
    • The Marvelous X-Men — The Age of X-Man's premiere mutant team has created the perfect world and are hailed as the saviors of mutantkind. And no one dares says otherwise.. Written by Lonnie Nadler and Zac Thompson and drawn by Marco Failla.
    • Nextgen — In an era of peace and harmony for mutantkind, teenagers still need to rebel. Written by Ed Brisson and drawn by Marcus To.
    • The Amazing Nightcrawler — Kurt Wagner has finally made it and is now both a Marvelous X-Man and A-list actor. Surely thing will be easy from here on, right? Written by Seanan Mc Guire and drawn by Juan Frigeri.
    • The X-Tremists — The secretive X-Tremists protect their perfect world from hidden threats. Written by Leah Williams and drawn by Georges Jeanty.
    • Apocalypse and the X-Tracts — Written by Tim Seeley and drawn by Salva Espin.
    • Prisoner X — Written by Vita Ayala and drawn by German Peralta.

    Marvel: A Fresh Start — Wave Two 

Wave Two (January 2019 — TBD)

The Avengers

  • Savage Avengers — Displaced in time to the present day, Conan the Barbarian must ally with an unsanctioned team of Avengersnote  to stop a cult led by his longtime enemy Kulan Gath from summoning an Eldritch Abomination. Written by Gerry Duggan with art by Mike Deodato.
  • Black Panther And The Agents Of Wakanda — Black Panther and his team of handpicked heroesnote  undertake covert ops missions in the name of Wakanda! Written by Jim Zub and drawn by Lan Medina.
  • Thor — The Black Winter comes and Thor, now the King of Asgard, is powerless to stop it! Written by Donny Cates and drawn by Nic Klein.


  • Black Cat — The cat burglar gets into some high-strung heist drama! Written by Jed Mackay and drawn by Travel Foreman.
  • Ghost-Spider — Gwen Stacy: Ghost-Spider goes to school in the main Marvel universe. Written by Seanan McGuire with art by Takeshi Miyazawa.
  • The Amazing Mary Jane — The web-head's favorite redhead gets her own series! Written by Leah Williams and drawn by Carlos Gomez.
  • Morbius: The Living Vampire — For years, Nobel Prize-winning biologist Michael Morbius has been struggling to cure himself of his vampirisim, and now for the first time one may be within reach! Written by Vita Ayala and drawn by Marcelo Ferreira.
  • Scream: Curse of Carnage — The aftermath of Absolute Carnage starts here in November. The original and possibly strongest offspring of the Venom symbiote at last stars in her own self-titled ongoing series set in the Marvel Universe! Written by Clay McCleod Chapman and drawn by Chris Mooneyham.
  • Spider-Woman (2020) — Spider-Woman Is Back, And Pulling No Punches! Written by Karla Pacheco and drawn by Pere Pérez.
  • Non-Stop Spider-Man — BUCKLE UP, TIGER! Get ready for the most action-packed, pulse-pounding, adrenaline-pumping comic OF ALL TIME! As the name implies, once you read page one, panel one, SPIDER-MAN DOES NOT STOP! Written by Joe Kelly and drawn by Chris Bachalo, Dale Eaglesham, Gerardo Sandoval.

X-Men (Dawn of X)

  • X-Men — The saga of Cyclops and his band of mutant powerhouses (namely, his family) begins here! Described as the "hub world" of the new X-Men titles. Features Cyclops, Jean Grey, Kid Cable, Rachel Summers, Havok, Vulcan, Corsair and Wolverine. Written by Jonathan Hickman and drawn by Leinil Francis Yu.
  • Cable — Cable was a grizzled old veteran of the wars to save the future… and he will be again. But for now, he’s a young mutant living in paradise leading a life of adventure! Written by Gerry Duggan and drawn by Phil Noto.
  • Excalibur — A new connection forms between mutants, the magic of the world and the Otherworld. Featuring Captain Britain III (Betsy Braddock), Gambit, Rogue, Apocalypse, and Rictor. Written by Tini Howard and drawn by Marcus To.
  • Fallen Angels — Not all belong in paradise. Kwannon finds herself in a new world for mutantkind and unsure of her place in it, and when a face from her past is killed, she seeks help to get vengeance. Featuring Psylocke II (Kwannon), X-23 and Kid Cable. Written by Bryan Hill and drawn by Szymon Kudranski.
  • Marauders — Led by Captain Kate Pryde and funded by Emma Frost and the Hellfire Trading Company, this new team of Marauders sails the seas to protect those feared and hated. Featuring Kitty Pryde, Lockheed, Emma Frost, Storm, Iceman, Bishop, and Pyro. Written by Gerry Duggan and drawn by Matteo Lolli.
  • New Mutants — The New Mutants re-form and set out on a quest that takes to them to space! Featuring classic New Mutants Sunspot, Magik, Cypher (merged with Warlock), Mirage, Karma and Wolfsbane, joined by Chamber and Mondo. Written by Jonathan Hickman and Ed Brisson and drawn by Rod Reis.
  • S.W.O.R.D. — The mutant nation of Krakoa has quickly become a major force on the world stage...but why stop there? In the startling aftermath of X OF SWORDS, mutantkind will take the bold next step in claiming their destiny by relaunching the Sentient World Observation & Response Directorate to deal with all things extra-terrestrial on behalf of Earth. Written by Al Ewing and drawn by Valeroi Schiti.
  • X-Force (2019) — The cost of the future isn't cheap, but X-Force is here to help. Featuring Jean Grey, Wolverine, Domino, Black Tom, Beast, Colossus, Sage, and Quentin Quire. Written by Benjamin Percy and drawn by Joshua Cassara.
  • Wolverine — Wolverine does what he does best to protect Krakoa from those that would exploit its resources. Written by Benjamin Percy and drawn by Adam Kubert and Viktor Bogdanovic.
  • Hellions - Mr. Sinister assembles a team of dangerous mutants to take on threats the rest of Krakoa won't do, in order to earn their place. Written by Zeb Wells, with art by Stephen Segovia.
  • X-Factor (2020) — Mutants have conquered death through The Five, but when a mutant dies, X-Factor is there to investigate the circumstances to follow the rules of resurrection. Featuring Northstar, Daken, Prestige, Eye-Boy, Prodigy, and Polaris. Written by Leah Williams and drawn by David Baldeón.

Fantastic Four

  • Fantastic Four — The Richards Family return to the Marvel Universe! Written by Dan Slott with art by Sara Pichelli.
  • Future Foundation — Under the leadership of Alex and Julie Power, with some help from Yondu Udonta, the Future Foundation will undergo their most dangerous mission yet — a prison break! Written by Jeremy Whitley and drawn by Will Robson.
  • Doctor Doom — One of Marvel's most enduring and dangerous villains finds himself at a crossroads between danger and a better future. They say every villain is the hero of their story, what about Doom? Written by Christopher Cantwell and drawn by Salvador Larroca.


  • Aero — Shanghai-based architect Lei Ling fights giant golems with her wind powers, even though she sometimes just wants to have dinner with her boyfriend in peace. Written by Zhou Liefen and drawn by Keng, adapted by Greg Pak.
  • Sword Master — Haunted by dreams of demons, Lin Lie hunts for missing archeologist father and for the secret of the black sword he left behind. Written by Shuizhu and drawn by Gunji, adapted by Greg Pak.

Solo (Other)

  • Loki — Written by Daniel Kibblesmith with art by Oscar Bazaldua.
  • Magnificent Ms. Marvel — Kamala embarks on a new chapter of her life, with a new creative team in 2019. Written by Saladin Ahmed and drawn by Minkyu Jung.
  • Shuri — The smartest mind in Wakanda must lead the nation after their king goes missing. Written by Nnedi Okorafor with illustrated by Leonardo Romero.
  • The Punisher — Frank is back on the streets after his stint as War Machine and he’s got his sights set on bigger targets. Written by Matthew Rosenberg and drawn by Riccardo Burchielli.
  • Jane Foster: Valkyrie — Brunnhilde and the Valkyrior are no more... so Jane Foster takes over as the all-new all-different Valkyrie! Written by Jason Aaron and Al Ewing and art by CAFU.
  • Ghost Rider — New series starring Johnny Blaze as the king and warden of Hell, with Danny Ketch taking over full-time as the Spirit of Vengeance! Written by Ed Brisson and drawn by Aaron Kuder.

Team (Other)

  • Marvel Team Up — Kamala Khan stars in a new volume of the classic series. Her first co-star is the star of the original run, Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man! Written by Eve L. Ewing.
  • Strikeforce — An all new black ops teamnote  in the service of the Avengers forms to do the dirty work. Written by Tini Howard and drawn by German Peralta.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy (2020) — The Guardiansnote  must protect the cosmos as it falls apart. Their first threat? The return of the Dark Gods of Olympus! Written by Al Ewing and drawn by Juann Cabal.
  • Strange Academy — Doctor Strange and a host of other sorcerers and magic users have finally founded a school in New Orleans in order to teach up-and-coming magic users the ropes. Written by Skottie Young, with art by Humberto Ramos.
  • Champions (2020) — The Kamala Law has been enacted, going against everything the Champions stand for. But the team isn't going away quietly. Written by Eve Ewing and drawn by Simone di Mio.


  • Thanos — The tragic tale of Thanos and the girl who would be his daughter and his murderer, Gamora. Written by Tini Howard with art by Ariel Olivetti.
  • House of X — In one month, everything changed for the mutant race, redefining their place in the Marvel universe. Written by Jonathan Hickman with art by Pepe Larraz.
  • Powers of X — Revelations about the history of mutantkind are uncovered which changes how they are seen in the universe. Written by Jonathan Hickman with art by R.B. Silva.
  • Spider-Man: Bloodline — A new tale of Spider-Man and Mary Jane. Written by sci-fi film director J. J. Abrams and his son Henry, drawn by Sara Pichelli.
  • Invisible Woman — Written by Mark Waid with art by Mattia de Lulis.
  • Domino: Hotshots — A team of six femme fatalesnote  join forces. Written by Gail Simone and drawn by David Baldeon.
  • Death's Head — 5 issue mini, written by Tini Howard with art by Kei Zama.
  • Fearless — Anthology miniseries featuring various Marvel heroines by various all female creatives. 4 issues.
  • Gwenpool Strikes Back — 5 issue mini involving Gwen Poole trying to carving a niche and not disappearing in Comic-Book Limbo. Written by Leah Williams with art of David Baldeon.
  • King Thor — King Thor of the far future clashes in this four issue mini with his adopted brother Loki wielder of All-Black the Necro-Sword. Written by Jason Aaron with the art of Esad Ribic.
  • Major X — Who is Major X? A mysterious new player enters the Marvel Universe and the X-Men are in his crosshairs! Written and drawn by Rob Liefeld.
  • New Agents of Atlas — A team of Asian and Asian-American superheroesnote  is formed to defend Asia from the War of the Realms. Written by Greg Pak.
  • Silver Surfer Black — Spinning out of the annual of the current Guardians of the Galaxy run. Written by Donny Cates with art by Tradd Moore.
  • Spider-Verse — Miles traverses the multiverse and meets some good friends. Written by Jed Mackay and slew of artists including Juan Frigeri with Arthur Adams, Stuart Immonen, Stacey Lee and more.
  • Iron Man 2020 (Event) — Arno Stark is Iron Man! Six issue miniseries continuation of Dan Slott’s Iron Man run. Written by Dan Slott and Christos Gage and drawn by Pete Woods.
  • Falcon & Winter Soldier — After an attempt on Bucky Barnes life, he teams up with Sam Wilson to figure uncover the new leader of Hydra. Written by Derek Landy, with art by Federico Vicentini.
  • X-Men / Fantastic Four — Krakoa. Every mutant on Earth lives there … except for one. But now it’s time for Franklin Richards to come home. It’s the X-Men Vs. the Fantastic Four and nothing will ever be the same.
  • Comic Book/Tarot — An all-new epic adventure teaming the classic Earth’s Mightiest Heroes with Marvel’s premiere Non-Team. Written by Alan Davis and drawn by Paul Renaud.
  • Power Pack — The Power family are reunited... but what will they do when teenage superheroes are banned? 5 issue mini written by Ryan North and drawn by Nico Leon.
  • Silk 2021 — A continuation of the adventures of Cindy Moon, who has settled into working as a reporter for J. Jonah Jameson's Threat & Menaces media empire, and investigating a new gang crime-ring. Written by Maurene Goo and drawn by Takeshi Miyazawa.
  • Gamma Flight (2021) — Spinning Out Of Immortal Hulk, Bruce Banner’s Gamma-Powered Allies Go On The Run! Co-written by Al Ewing and Crystal Frasier, and illustrated by Lan Medina.


  • Power Pack: Grow Up — Marvel's Kid Hero team returns for a one-shot special. Written by Louise Simonson and drawn by June Brigman, their original creators.
  • Alpha Flight: True North — Three stories written by Jim Zub, Jed MacKay and Ed Brisson, and drawn by Max Dunbar, Djibril Morissette-Phan and Scott Hepburn.
  • Red Goblin: Red Death — An anthology by Pat Gleason, Rob Fee, and Sean Ryan depicting Norman Osborn's reign of terror as the Red Goblin.
  • Marvel Future Fight Firsts — The origin stories of popular characters introduced in the mobile game Marvel: Future Fight, set to expand on their histories and set them up for the mainstream universe.
    • Crescent & Io — How did Dan Bi, a young girl from South Korea, an ancient mystical bear spirit in the modern world? Written by Alyssa Wong and drawn by Jon Lam.
    • White Foxnote  — Ami Han is a spy, a superhero, and the last of the kumiho—a mystical race of shapeshifters. But who was she before she became White Fox? Written by Alyssa Wong and drawn by Kevin Libranda.
    • Luna Snow — Seol Hee is a South Korean pop sensation that melts the hearts of her fans, and a superhero who can freeze her enemies with ice! But how did she gain those powers, and what does Stark Industries have to do with it? Written by Alyssa Wong and drawn by Gang Hyuk Lim.
  • Incoming! — A murder brings together the heroes of the Marvel universe as they hunt down the assailant. The one-shot is said to tie together everything that happened in 2019 and set the stage for 2020. Written by Al Ewing, Dan Slott, Chip Zdarsky, Kelly Thompson, Greg Pak, Eve L. Ewing, Matthew Rosenberg, Ed Brisson, Saladin Ahmed, Tini Howard, Jonathan Hickman, Greg Pak, Donny Cates and Jason Aaron. Art by Humberto Ramos, Jim Cheung and others.
  • Outlawed — After the Coles Disaster, a new law is enacted - all vigilantes under the age of 21 are illegal! What are the Champions going to do? Written by Eve L. Ewing with art by Kim Jacinto.


  • War of the Realms — The 2019 Crisis Crossover. War rages across the Ten Realms, and Midgard is the next target. Thor enlists the help of allies both old and new to stop him. Written by Jason Aaron and drawn by Russell Dauterman.
  • Absolute Carnage — Everyone is a target when Carnage begins his hunt on everyone who was ever bonded to a Symbiote! Written by Donny Cates and drawn by Ryan Stegman.
  • Contagion — New York City is infected with a strange new force in this five issues miniseries, crossing over Defenders alums Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist as well as Moon Knight and The Thing. Written by Ed Brisson and drawn by Roge Antonio, Stephen Segovia, Mack Chater, Damian Couciero, & Adam Gorham.
  • Annihilation — Scourge — The third Annihilation event involving Marvel's Cosmic heroes, who must unite to fend off the new threat of Scourge. The story will be told through various one-shots:
    • Annihilation: Scourge Alpha — Written by Matthew Rosenberg, with art by Juanan Ramirez.
    • Annihilation — Scourge: Nova — Richard Rider teams up with his enemy, Annihilus. Written by Matthew Rosenberg, with art by Ibraim Roberson.
    • Annihilation — Scourge: Silver Surfer — The Silver Surfer returns in time to witness the Scourge's atrocities and must find a way to save the innocents around him. Written by Dan Abnett, with art by Paul Davidson.
    • Annihilation: Scourge — Beta Ray Bill — Beta Ray Bill combats the Scourge and the Annihilation Wave. Written by Michael Moreci, with art by Alberto Albuquerque.
    • Annihilation: Scourge — Fantastic Four — Marvel's First Family tries to assist as the Scourge from consuming all. Written by Christos Gage, art by Diego Olortegui.
    • Annihilation: Scourge — Omega — There is no room for heroes in the face of the Scourge, only survival. Written by Matthew Rosenberg, art by Manuel Gracia.
  • Empyre — With Hulkling having embraced his heritage as heir to both the Kree Empire and the Skrull thrones, Teddy Altman secretly returns to space and is crowned Dorrek VIII, Emperor of Space. The first target of the unified Kree/Skrull Imperium's fleet? Earth. Coming in Spring of 2020. Written by Dan Slott and Al Ewing, and drawn by Valerio Schiti.
  • King In BlackCrisis Crossover for Winter 2020-2021. Written by Donny Cates and drawn by Ryan Stegman, it serves as a sequel of both Empyre and Absolute Carnage.

Marvel: A Fresh Start contains examples of:

  • Arc Words: "A fresh start." So far, it's been used in Two-in-One Annual to refer to Doctor Doom's turn to heroism and Amazing Spider-Man #2 to refer to Peter and MJ's relationship status.
  • All Just a Dream: The Death of Daredevil in a nutshell; Matt Murdock is hit by a bus, but is quickly hospitalized and recovers. He then proceeds to investigate the rigged Mayoral election that got Wilson Fisk into office and finds enough evidence to get Fisk impeached. Matt then wakes up and realizes that he's still on the operating table and that his big victory was just a dream.
  • Ascended Meme: Asgardians of the Galaxy name was originally coined by fans in response to Thor: Ragnarok. But the first time the phrase was ever used was as an Incredibly Lame Pun by a member of the original alternate-future Guardians of the Galaxy after they saved Asgard from an invasion by Loki and his Inhuman servants.
  • Back from the Dead:
    • Bruce Banner comes back from the dead as a result of the Hulk being immortal.
    • Cletus Kasady is resurrected by a cult that worships Knull and sees Carnage as his new vessel.
    • Nearly a decade after his death, the original Red Skull has been resurrected, once again in Aleksander Lukin's body.
    • Cyclops is once again among the living and sets out with Wolverine to reassemble the X-Men.
    • In an unusual twist, Thanos comes back from the dead by transferring his consciousness into the body of Starfox. All the while Hela and the Black Order attempt to find his body and consciousness to bring him back to life.
      • Inverted as Starfox is killed by Gamora preventing the full transference of Thanos' conciousness to his repaired body, resulting in a brain dead Thanos, who is then promptly shot in the chest by a black hole missile, causing a black hole to open up, presumably killing him in the process.
  • Bait-and-Switch: The X-Wedding. After hyping up the wedding of Kitty Pryde and Colossus, Kitty gets cold feet thanks to talking to Illyana and decides not to get married. However, Gambit decides to finally admit his feelings to Rogue and asks her to marry him, which she agrees to, leading to the two of them to get married in Kitty and Colossus's stead.
  • Bling of War: Odinson's return to being Thor includes giving him a new golden arm and hammer.
  • Body Backup Drive: Comes up a lot in this phase.
    • Spider-Geddon is kicked off by Otto Octavius attempting to duplicate the process that the Inheritors used.
    • Thanos is attempting to do this, after first hijacking Starfox's body to get his consciousness to his clone body.
    • Hickman's X-Men has the Charles Xavier devise a way to apply the powers of five mutants to do this to not only resurrect dead mutants but also make death meaningless to them from then on.
    • It's revealed that the Red Room has similar protocols with a telepath live recording the minds of all their agents to upload into bodies in waiting should any of them die.
    • Downplayed when Tony learns that he inadvertently did this to himself when he finds out that he did die at the conclusion of Civil War II and his mind is a digital copy. His body is the same, it's just been regenerated to house the backup consciousness.
  • Book-Ends: The first Superior Spider-Man ended with Otto, realizing he wasn't good enough as he is to defeat Norman Osborn as the Goblin King, electing to give Peter's body back to him. The second run ends with Otto realizing his newfound morality is holding him back from defeating a Spider-Norman from a parallel universe, so he deals with Mephisto to be restored back to his old body so he can.
  • Brought Down to Normal: Jane Foster and Sam Alexander are temporarily depowered, though Sam later gets his powers back, and Jane becomes the new Valkyrie.
  • The Bus Came Back:
    • Jocasta and Bethany Cabe will return in Tony Stark: Iron Man.
    • The Richards family are finally back and the Fantastic Four are finally reunited.
    • Asgardians of the Galaxy sees the return of Angela, Valkyrie, Thunderstrike, Throg, and Skurge the Executioner.
    • Tigra returns in West Coast Avengers #1.
    • Banshee returns in Astonishing X-Men #13.
    • Venom #7 sees the return of the Maker.
    • Minor Daredevil character Nyla Skin returns during Conan: Battle for the Serpent Crown of all series after not being seen in 19 years. The same with the mini-series main antagonist Imus Champion, who haven't appeared in 10 years.
  • Came Back Strong:
    • The Hulk. And not only is he stronger — he's immortal now.
    • Wolverine's claws heat up now.
    • Carnage has absorbed the Grendel symbiote, essentially acquiring god-like power.
  • Canon Immigrant:
  • Continuity Nod: Before Tony Stark and Janet Van Dyne get together, readers are quickly reminded of the one issue they were dating decades ago (Avengers #224). Lampshaded though as Jocasta, watching Tony' memories, sees the time they were dating and notes it as coinciding with "Avengers case file #224".
  • Continuity Snarl:
    • The revelation in Donny Cates's Venom that Klyntar is a planet-sized conglomerate of symbiotes conflicts with portrayals of it being an actual planet where all the organisms are bonded to symbiotes — which the concurrently-published Venom: First Host shows it as being.
    • Venom: First Host establishes that a Kree soldier named Tel-Kar was the Venom symbiote's first host, which conflicts with what was stated in Venom: Space Knight — leading to some debates among fans over which first host came first.
    • Avengers seems to basically ignore Robbie Reyes' past portrayals, with the spirit of Eli Morrow never communicating with him or even be acknowledged (Robbie instead treats it as the car is what's possessed him), as well as the fact Jennifer Walters had regained control of her Hulk powers and form, continuing to treat her as a Gender Flipped version of Bruce. Similarly Loki is also depicted as a more malicious and actively evil character, something that contradicts his appearances in Doctor Strange, Infinity Wars, and even Aaron's own Thor.
      • Continuing this, the book now has Namor go through a Face–Heel Turn and attack the surface world with impunity...contradicting how in X-Men Red and other X-Men books, he's serving as Jean Grey's benefactor and providing her team diplomatic protection in their new underwater base, and is in general presented as abrasive but noble.
      • Actually averted in regards to the She-Hulk development there are key differences compared to the previous Grey version. She indeed DID get her proper control back, but the current development being a power upgrade from a dying Celestial meaning she takes in more gamma radiation which leads to the more Hulk-like form. It's also worth noting Jen enjoys the power up, despite the lack of control, with the first issue more than implying she's still largely guiding her Hulk form even if not directly in control. It's literally her... Just with less intelligence and more amped up aggression. Compare this to the Gray "Hulk" series prior to Avengers wherein she really was a case of "CAN'T GET ANGRY!" like Bruce. In fact she seemingly has plenty of control over her Hulk form in as far as choosing to transform in and out of it in a lot of cases, much like she has for the past decade or so.
    • Despite Mephisto being dethroned and imprisoned in Damnation, he's popped up in a number of books (e.g. Champions, Deadpool) apparently free, while other books (e.g. Avengers, Valkyrie) have specifically portrayed him as still locked up and having to pull what strings he can from his cell. In Ghost Rider, however, after being freed by Johnny Blaze, he implies that the former appearances may actually have been lesser demons impersonating him to benefit from his reputation.
  • Cosmic Horror Reveal:
    • One of the big reveals, carrying over from Legacy, is that the reason why Earth is a hotbed of superhuman activity is due to a Celestial infected by the Horde crash-landing on the newly formed Earth and dying there, its cosmic blood and vomit mixing into the very foundations of the planet.
    • The first arc of Venom — described as "Lovecraftian action"— reveals that the already-Lovecraftian symbiotes were manifested from the "living abyss" by Knull, a primordial god of darkness older than the universe itself.
    • The Immortal Hulk establishes that gamma radiation has a connection with a multiversal, corrupting being known as the One Below All.
  • Crippling Overspecialization: The Griever at the End of All Things is a multiversal cosmic being meant to usher in the end of universes under her own power. She's a being of destruction and as such she's incapable of innovating or repairing technology, meaning she has to steal the technology she uses to travel to a new universe and is entirely dependent on it. Furthermore, her immense power is less effective directed at individual people, analogized as a person sterilizing an environment versus destroying specific germs.
  • Crisis Crossover:
    • War of the Realms by Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman is the official big crossover event of 2019. Thor enlists the help of just about every hero on Earth to defend defeat the invading forces of Malekith. It incorporates every corner of the Marvel Universe, heroes of all kinds take roles, and builds off of years of storytelling from Jason Aaron's Thor run.
    • Absolute Carnage by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman is also this, albeit less officially. It's considered to merely be a Bat Family Crossover, but in practice it's really another one of these. The titles aren't just limited to Venom or the Spider-related works, but everyone who has ever been a symbiote host ever has a role. You wouldn't believe how many of those are running around.
  • Cynicism Catalyst: Phil Coulson is back from the dead, but the events of Secret Empire that lead to his death has completely embittered him against all heroes. He now completely aligns himself with the American government and conspires to undermine the Avengers' actions as independent peacekeepers, starting with running the government's version of a superhero team. Issue #18 reveals that he's a willing accomplice of Mephisto.
  • Darker and Edgier: Not as a whole, as there is no shortage of lighter and general titles, but there is a higher amount of darker, more violent and mature titles than before, which recent years saw lessened in order to gain more general appeal, to the fans' chagrin. These include:
    • Venom — Reimagined '90s dark age for the present day. The artwork itself is halfway superhero, halfway horror.
    • Immortal Hulk — Described as an outright horror comic, the story is much more brutal and delves deep into the titular character's psychological issues.
    • The Marvel Digital Originals are all more bleak in general.
    • Daredevil — Noir mixed with superhero action, and plenty of brutal violence.
    • The Punisher — After a stint as War Machine, Frank Castle returns to his bloody roots.
    • Savage Avengers — Unsanctioned team of Avengers consisting of violent anti-heroes.
    • Strikeforce — Unsanctioned team of anti-heroes fighting dark and bloody threats.
    • Ghost Rider — Focused on Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch, who deal in the business of Hell itself.
  • Dead All Along: The 2015 graphic novel Avengers: Rage of Ultron ended with Ultron merging with Hank Pym. Whenever the Ultron/Hank Pym hybrid showed up in past Marvel stories, fans have always speculated whether or not some part of Hank Pym was alive (even when a part of his soul gets trapped within Soulworld only to be eaten by Devondra in Infinity Countdown). During "The Ultron Agenda" story arc of Tony Stark: Iron Man'', Ultron Pym attempts to fuse humanity and robots together similar to how he and Pym were fused, but when Iron Man reverses the process on his hybrids, revealing that the humans had died during the fusing process, officially confirming that Hank Pym has been dead all along and that the "Pym" personality of Ultron's is nothing more than a simulation of Ultron's Oedipal mind.
  • Deal with the Devil:
    • In Champions, Miles Morales unwillingly makes a deal with Mephisto after a mission gone wrong saw most of his teammates dead.
    • Avengers #18 implies Coulson has made a deal with Mephisto as well in exchange for his resurrection.
    • Otto makes a similar deal to be restored to his old body at full health with memories of his time as Superior Spider-Man excised.
  • Demoted to Extra: After being pushed as the Suspiciously Similar Substitute for the mutants and X-Men for so long, The Inhumans have been reduced to practically nothing in terms of narrative with them only having one book (a miniseries) in the entire relaunch: Death of the Inhumans, which essentially served to have them Put on a Bus. The only ones to remain active are Breakout Character Ms. Marvel and Kid-Appeal Character Moon Girl. This is because, with the film rights now in Marvel's hands (and thus the reason the Inhumans were ever pushed to begin with), the X-Men are now being treated as a core pillar of the Marvel Universe again, and thus leaving the Inhumans with no niche to call their own.
  • Discard and Draw: Danielle Moonstar. When the other Valkyries are slain, she loses her own Valkyrie abilities too. However, just before this, she'd regained her original mutant powers.
  • Divergent Character Evolution: Amadeus Cho and Ironheart both have new looks, which set them apart from Hulk and Iron Man.
  • Face–Heel Turn: Namor is fully evil again (in the Avengers book, at least, not so much elsewhere). The same is true of Phil Coulson, who's also back from the dead and is working with Mephisto.
  • Gender Flip: As mentioned above Jack McGee from The Incredible Hulk (1977) debuted in Immortal Hulk—as a black woman.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Havok is back to normal due to Emma Frost telepathically restoring his original personality.
  • Irrational Hatred: The solicits for Venom note that while Eddie doesn't have a beef with the Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales hates Venom — something previously established when he fought Flash Thompson during Civil War II. However, the Venom symbiote that Eddie is bonded to isn't the same Venom that previously murdered Miles' now-resurrected mother and Miles was previously indicated to not even remember Earth-1610.note 
  • Legacy Character:
    • Inverted — while many legacy heroes are shown to be still active in the teaser picture, namely popular characters Kamala Khan, Miles Morales, and Robbie Reyes, this initiative sees a heavier leaning towards restoring classic heroes and classic storytelling.
    • X-23 gives up the Wolverine mantle and is now left to seek out her own identity.
    • Jane Foster no longer wields Mjolnir, but she continues doing superhero work as the new Valkyrie.
    • Sam Wilson returns to his Falcon identity, and mutters a bit about how he just let some teenager take on the Falcon name. Sam Wilson and Joaquin Torres operate as two largely unrelated Falcons the same way Peter Parker and Miles Morales operate as separate Spider-Men.
  • Literal Split Personality: In Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 5, Peter Parker and Spider-Man are split into separate individuals. However, it becomes apparent that this process isn't perfect due to their physical and psychological traits being split between them — Peter Parker is an ordinary human lacking all his powers and scientific knowledge, while Spider-Man lacks Peter's restraint and moral compass.
  • Monster-Shaped Mountain: The Avengers are now based in the half frozen over corpse of a Celestial, posed in a standing position and holding a staff with an outstretched hand, deemed Avengers Mountain. It's body's features become an invaluable resource, among them being it's brain being an incalculably large database and having a global teleporter. Eventually, T'Challa works out ways to channel its lingering cosmic energy for various purposes.
  • Official Couple:
    • Peter Parker and Mary Jane get back together after a decade of being apart.
    • Tony Stark and Janet Van Dyne rekindle their romance from Avengers #224 in Tony Stark: Iron Man #4.
  • Opening a Can of Clones: Clones have always been a long-standing fixture in the Marvel universe but in these new storylines, cloning takes prominence as a plot point.
    • In Amazing Spider-Man it's been revealed that Kraven forced the High Evolutionary to clone him a large number of times in an attempt to raise a better heir. One of them took his Egomaniac Hunter ideals to the point of murdering all his "brothers" and ends up taking Kraven's place once he dies.
    • Hickman's X-Men run has the mutants devise a way to resurrect their dead by cloning new bodies and uploading the latest backup of their minds into it.
    • Tony Stark learns he really did die in Civil War II and that he's just a mental backup in a reconstructed body. This also applied to Rhodes, who he resurrected by the same means, and his parents, who Arno brought back in the same way when he found out.
    • Natasha Romanoff is alive again after Secret Empire because the Red Room has similar clone backup protocols for all their agents. The telepath in charge of the process was bribed into using the heroic Black Widow's memories instead of one loyal to them.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: A plot point in unrelated stories is dragons having innate dimension crossing powers. The city of Pan in Agents of Atlas has portals powered by the scales of a captured dragon. Meanwhile, over in Excalibur, Shogo in the form of a dragon accidentally burned a hole in the dimensional barrier separating Earth from Otherworld with his dragon fire.
    • There's also Knull and his symbiote dragons, capable of traversing space and being his living WM Ds.
  • Put on a Bus:
    • The Future Foundation doesn't return with Reed and Sue, wishing to stay behind and figure out a way to reconstitute the Molecule Man.
    • A villain example: In Tony Stark: Iron Man #19, Ultron Pym surrenders After realising that he is not the perfect hybrid of Hank Pym and himself, that Hank Pym is actually dead all along after they merged in Avengers: Rage of Ultron, and that Pym's personality is nothing more than a simulation created from his oedipal mind, and is then locked up in a vibranium cell laced with Asgardian magic by the Avengers.
  • Race Lift: Again, Jack McGee from The Incredible Hulk (1977) appears in Immortal Hulk as a black woman.
  • Reset Button:
    • The Hunted arc in Amazing Spider-Man concludes with Kraven, realizing the error of his ways, dying and being replaced by a clone he had made raised on all of his Egomaniac Hunter ideals.
    • In the climax of Superior Spider-Man Otto accepts a deal from Mephisto to be restored to his old body, healed back to perfect health, with all his memories as Superior Spider-Man excised.
  • Ret-Canon: Spider-Gwen will now officially be called "Ghost-Spider" instead of Spider-Woman to distinguish herself from Jessica Drew. This name was introduced in the animated movie Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors before being brought here.
  • Retcon: Because of Comic-Book Time, the Fantastic Four's motivation for their rocket ride is changed from a race to beat the Russians to the Moon to testing out Reed's FTL drive to an inhabitable planet. This planet, paranoid from the probe he sent, spied on them and sent the cosmic ray storm to destroy them but ended up empowering them instead.
  • Retroactive Legacy: The "Ruins of Ravencroft" mini establishes Carnage as having an ancestor during the settlement of America named Cortland Kasady who was corrupted by a Native American cult of Knull worshippers.
  • Retool: Generally, many of the newer elements that stick are reimagined here, to allow the old guard to shine and to make them less intrusive to their fans.
    • Robbie Reyes, who they promoted as the main Ghost Rider before in the place of the old, joins the Avengers. Meanwhile, Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch star in Beware the Ghost Rider.
    • Jane Foster lost her status as Thor in favor of Odinson, but was moved to becoming the new Valkyrie as a compromise.
    • Ironheart is made completely distinct from Iron Man, and given a deeper personality in general.
    • Amadeus Cho moves from being the new Hulk and into a distinct identity as Brawn.
    • Spider-Gwen since debut was essentially an Elseworlds take, unconnected to the main universe. Ghost-Spider (2019) sees Gwen officially becoming part of 616 with all that it entails.
  • Revisiting the Roots: While still green, Immortal Hulk deals with a Hulk that, once more, transforms at night.
  • Self-Plagiarism: Some of this era's titles employ suspiciously similar plot points at suspiciously similar times.
    • Black Panther and Doctor Strange are thrown into unrelated outer-space adventures at the same time.
    • Spider-Man and Daredevil face simultaneous "superhero and alter ego split into separate people" storylines.
    • Savage Avengers and Strikeforce are both Darker and Edgier superhero black ops teams tied to the Avengers in some way. Some were even confused when the latter was announced due to how similar it is to the former.
    • Venom and Immortal Hulk both deal with the Darker and Edgier heroes learning more about the eldritch nature of their origins, up to and including having battles with horrors older than the universe itself. It's even lampshaded in Absolute Carnage: Immortal Hulk when Spider-Man brings Bruce Banner up to speed, and later again by She-Hulk when Venom informs the Avengers about Knull.
  • Shipper on Deck:
    • Tony and Janet getting together is mostly due to Jocasta fixing them up. Being connected to Tony's memories and witnessing how happy the memories of the two dating make him, Jocasta pushes the two together. Amanda Armstrong, Tony's biological mother, also seems pretty up for the two when she meets Janet, too.
  • Snap Back: Wendell Vaughn is Quasar once again.
  • Status Quo Is God: With many of the titles concluding their long-running legacy-based angles, expect many heroes to return to classic identities and status quos.
    • Odinson back to being Thor, with Jane Foster now taking up the Valkyrie mantle.
    • She-Hulk is restored her classic green look, though she's still Not Quite Back to Normal.
    • Bruce Banner is now the main Hulk of the setting, and Amadeus Cho has renamed himself "Brawn".
    • Spider-Man is once again in poverty following the end of Slott's run.
    • Jessica Drew now wears her iconic skin-tight costume as of Strikeforce, instead of the controversial new and more modest outfit that she was given in 2014.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: The Spyricans, a race of aliens the FF encounter, are similar to the Inhumans, whose titles are shelved until further notice; a culture of isolationist xenophobes in a self-proclaimed utopian society, with a method to play the Superpower Lottery at the risk of being deformed, with an oppressive caste system becoming apparent when that happens. Johnny even (rather abruptly) ends up with a love interest that he outright compares (or rather, contrasts) with Crystal.
  • Uncancelled:
    • Iceman and Unstoppable Wasp, due to strong trade sales.
    • Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage have all returned, although as Marvel Digital Originals. After three oversized digital issues, however, they will be collected into physical trade paperbacks.
    • An entire imprint, Marvel Knights, is being resurrected by Donny Cates.
  • Vodka Drunkenski:
    • Ursa Major is returning, now heavily alcoholic yet for some reason still both employed by the Russian government and used as their ambassador to T'Challa's international superhero meeting.
    • Colossus is drinking to a worrying degree when he joins up with Havok's Astonishing X-Men - he's in a downward spiral after Kitty called their wedding off at the last minute.

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