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Wakanda Forever is a 2018 Marvel Comics storyline written by Nnedi Okorafor and drawn by Alberto Alburquerque, Ray-Anthony Height & Oleg Okunev.

Originally introduced in Christopher Priest's Black Panther, Wakanda Forever features the Dora Milage —Black Panther's all-female security force— in their first-ever starring role of a Marvel Universe comic book.

When General Okoye learns their former comrade Nakia —now the brainwashed and crazy criminal known as Malice— is wrecking havoc in New York City, she and her fellow Doras (Ayo & Aneka) take charge of the situation.

Through team-ups with the likes of Spider-Man, Storm (with her X-Men), and The Avengers, it's up to the Doras to stop their fallen friend before she inflicts greater harm on New York.


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