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Sunspot: It's almost perfect.
Mirage: Now you're going to tell me what would make it perfect is if Sam was here with us, right?
Sunspot: He should see this. He'd love it more than anyone.
Mirage: Yeah. Problem is he's several hundred thousand light-years away, Bobby. With his family. In Shi'ar space.
Sunspot: That's true... Hey, Dani.
Mirage: Yeah?
Sunspot: Wanna go for a ride?
New Mutants #1

The fourth volume of the New Mutants series, and the first ongoing since 2012. This series launches as part of the Dawn of X initiative, and the first arc will be written by Jonathan Hickman and Ed Brisson with art by Rod Reis. After the first arc ends, Hickman intends to hand the reins completely to Brisson.

The most classic members of the team consisting of Magik, Sunspot, Wolfsbane, Karma, Mirage, Cypher (merged with Warlock) and Boom-Boom reunite along with three newcomers in the form of Chamber, Mondo, Glob and Armor. Their first missions takes them to space alongside the Starjammers, where they seek out a missing member, Cannonball, to share the good news.

The first issue was released November 6, 2019.


New Mutants (2019) provides the following tropes:

  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: The Starjammers' Wanted Poster lists their crimes as going from "Assault" to "Spitting" and then back to "Murder," before finally ending on "Assault [Pheromonal]." It also lists the bounties they have on their heads, including Cr'reee, Ch'od's ferret-like pet, who is worth only 500 space credits.
  • Blatant Lies: Illyana attempts to deflect Roberto's desire to try some of the coffee she has by claiming that the transparent jug is empty.
  • Breather Episode: The book will have one-off issues taking a look at other "new mutants" (like Glob and Armor) and what their duties are on Krakoa.
  • Brick Joke: When they get to the Shi'ar station Benevolence, Sunspot mentions he knows a "very reputable space lawyer." At the end of the first issue, after they are all captured by Shi'ar guards, he mentions it again and we see who it is: Murd Blurdock.
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  • The Captain: Appointed as one of four battlefield captains as shown in the notes of House of X #6, Magik will be assuming leadership duties as opposed to Mirage or Karma.
  • Continuity Nod:
    • In the first issue, the Starjammers stop at the "ass end" of the Shi'ar space empire, the space station Benevolence. However, this isn't the first time readers have heard that name: during Powers of X, Benevolence was one of the last sanctuaries for mutants ninety years in the future.
    • Cypher is experimenting with Mondo in communicating with Krakoa and ends up seeing that Krakoa can seize control of his body. Later he puts a gate flower in Mondo's abdomen. This alludes to a potential future where Krakoa apparently assumes control of Cypher's body as the new Famine, and can open gates in his torso.
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome: Corsair miscalculates when he attempts to get the New Mutants to stay on the Starjammer with claims that the Benevolence is under the control of a highly oppressive religious sect that'll likely imprison them for any inadvertent sin. That and stir craziness makes them jump at the first chance to leave as soon as the Starjammer crew leaves.
  • Gender-Equal Ensemble: Magik, Karma, Mirage, Wolfsbane, Boom-Boom and Armor being the girls and Sunspot, Cypher, Chamber and Mondo as the guys. Notably, the latter two members are new, and it's not hard to imagine them being added in part to balance them out.
  • Genre Shift: New Mutants often favored spooky and mystical adventures over the sci-fi/soap opera stuff of the main X-Men. This is the first comic that sees the team on a space adventure complete with them teaming up with the Starjammers. In the past, the X-Men were far more likely to go on a journey to space than the New Mutants.
  • Hard-Drinking Party Girl: Boom-Boom gets very drunk during a Krakoa party, and doesn't even stop when going on a mission.
  • Hostile Terraforming: The Krakoan portal flower Cypher brought onto the Starjammer interacts with the active gate already on the ship and alters the atmosphere in their greenhouse. Ch'od is very upset by this because he has a very finicky plant delicacy from his homeworld that's dying from the change to its environment.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: At the end of the first issue, after the New Mutants have all been captured by Shi'ar guards and Sunspot has been kicked off of the Starjammers' ship, he looks to turn to the reader and say, "Is this where I save the day? It feels like it. Doesn't it?" The next page shows, however, that he was probably talking to the other New Mutants.
  • Multinational Team:
    • The reformed original New Mutants and their additions have: Magik (Russian), Sunspot (Brazilian), Wolfsbane (Scottish), Karma (Vietnamese), Mirage (Native-American), Cypher (American), , Chamber (British) and Mondo (Samoan).
    • The younger, Earth-based team consists of: Armor (Japanese), Glob (American), Boom-Boom (American) and Maxime and Manon (French).
  • Must Have Caffeine: A mutant has cultivated a new strain of coffee on Krakoa and everyone loves it, claiming it tastes like it was made with sincerity and innocence. Illyana takes an entire jug for her own and even threatens to cut Roberto for asking for some. The only one who doesn't want any is Mondo who saw, and smelled, how it was made.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: Robert taking everyone on an impromptu space mission is commented on in other titles as leaving them shorthanded; particularly one teleporter and oh, just the only mutant in the world capable of communicating with Krakoa. So when problems arise with it, they're left in the dark as to the source and only have a spontaneous space trip as reason why.
  • People Puppets: Cypher has Mondo take on Krakoa's composition to test if he can commune with it in some way. He can't, but Krakoa can seize control of his body and speak through him. For its part Krakoa considers it a very bad thing and stops it as soon as possible.
  • Retraux: The cover art looks very retro, and wouldn't look out of place in the '80s when the comic series first debuted. Even the logo, while updated from the original, is only made to look more '80s rather than a modernization.
  • Space Pirates: The New Mutants hitch a ride with the Starjammers to Shi'ar space. Of course, the Starjammers are pirates and end up stopping to steal something, which doesn't help the New Mutants when they get caught in the middle.
  • Sword Fight: Magik has one with Raza in order to pass the time. She ends up cutting his metal arm off.
  • True Companions: The story started because Roberto saw how much fun everyone was having together and began to miss Sam. It didn't take much for him to convince everyone to hitch a ride to Shi'ar space to invite him back.


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