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Creator / Gene Luen Yang

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The version of DC’s most iconic characters that I’m drawn to are rooted in their past. The versions of Superman and Batman that I’m most drawn to are rooted in the Golden Age. The versions of Flash and Green Lantern that I’m drawn to are rooted in the Silver Age. With the current era, Infinite Frontier, the freedom of the multiverse is I can deal with the versions of the characters I love the most. I can write versions of the character that are deeply rooted in the Golden Age, in the 1940s.

A Chinese-American comic writer and cartoonist, most famous for his work for youth heavily involving Chinese culture and heritage.

His works include:


  • Author Appeal:
    • Is very much interested in Chinese culture, its relationship with Western audiences, and the lives of Chinese-Americans.
    • He's critically fond of The Golden Age of Comic Books. Much of his portrayal of Superman has some kind of throwback to his earlier days, often demonstrated by his costume harkening back to how it originally looked. New Super-Man in particular has a critical look at the era by addressing and reimagining the racist overtones against Asians prevalent back then.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: He seems to enjoy finding old, relatively unpopular characters and finding ways to make them work. He did a brilliant job with the old Wonder Woman character I-Ching – making him Kenan's mentor, and finding a logical and interesting reason for his odd name. He also managed to make Sleez, a near-universally loathed character, into a genuinely cool and interesting villain by making him the god of self-destructive desires in general.