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Empyre is the 2020 Marvel Comics event starring The Avengers and Fantastic Four, written by Dan Slott and Al Ewing.

Hulkling embraces his destiny as the King of Space, unifying the Skrull and Kree Empires in the Incoming! one-shot. Now he's leading them to their next target: Earth. The only thing standing in the way of his armada? The Avengers and the Fantastic Four.

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    Main Titles 
  • Avengers/Fantastic Four: Empyre #1-6

  • Captain Marvel #18
  • Empyre: Avengers #1-3
  • Empyre: Captain America #1
  • Empyre: Ghost Rider #1
  • Empyre: Invasion of Wakanda #1-3
  • Empyre: Stormranger #1-3
  • Empyre: Squadron Supreme
  • Empyre: Savage Avengers #1-3
  • Empyre: Spider-Man #1-3
  • Empyre: Thor #1-3
  • Empyre: X-Men #1-4
  • Fantastic Four #21
  • Lords of Empyre: Emperor Hulkling #1
  • Lords of Empyre: Celestial Messiah #1
  • The Union #1-5
  • X-Men #10


  • The Alliance: The Kree and the Skrulls are this, putting aside their centuries long war to unite under their shared heir.
  • Bring Help Back: Cap's mission in his Empyre miniseries: Gather every military force on Earth to help the Avengers defeat the Kree-Skrull Armada.
  • Cluster Bleep-Bomb: The video trailer, though it's hiding spoilers rather than swearing.
  • Conveniently Interrupted Document: The bleeps on the video trailer and [[REDACTED]] on the press release.
  • Crisis Crossover: While most of the story seems confined to mini-series and not full titles outside of a handful, it does involve most of Marvel's mightiest. It's also quite notable for being the first crossover to feature both the Avengers and the Fantastic Four as the main cards.
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  • Face–Heel Turn: It looks like Hulkling has done this. Though Incoming! is careful to dance around the fact that he's leading the Kree/Skrull to defeat an enemy on Earth, not necessarily to conquer Earth...
  • Genre Throwback: Dan Slott and Al Ewing pitched Empyre as a modern re-imagining of the cosmic alien invasion stories that laid the groundwork for much of the Marvel Universe from the 70s and 80s, pulling characters and themes from The Bronze Age of Comic Books, The Dark Age of Comic Books, and The Modern Age of Comic Books.
  • Gondor Calls for Aid: In the Fantastic Four's main title, Franklin and Valeria call in Spider-Man and Wolverine to be part of their de facto Fantastic Four team, complete with black and blue-themed variations of their costumes. The following issue reveals that Ghost Rider (Danny Ketch) and the Immortal Hulk join them, reuniting the All-New Fantastic Four
  • Mechanical Lifeforms: The Kree warsuit Stormranger merges its programming with Kamala Khan's memories and fights against the invading Skrull armies.
  • Motif Merger: The superhero logo associated with this event is the Avengers' "A" logo overlaid by the Fantastic Four's "4" logo.

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