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Sieg fail.

Jesse: Why is it the greatest champions of the white race always turn out to be the worst examples of it? You!
Klansman: Wh-wh-wh—
Jesse: Where the fuck is your chin!?
Preacher #46, "Ku Klux Kretins"

The Sub-Par Supremacist is a character (often a villain) who advocates the supremacy of Group X over all others, but is himself a very bad spokesman for the group (to the point of caricature in some cases). For example, a klansman of the Ku Klux Klan who is also a stereotypical Basement-Dweller still considers himself superior to the happy and successful African-American family next door, simply because he's white.

Should the character succeed in his ideological goals becoming the norm, he is often the first victim of a karmic Original Position Fallacy. May lead to Stop Being Stereotypical, Pretender Diss, Contempt Crossfire, Cultural Cringe, or Your Approval Fills Me with Shame from other, more representative members of the group the character is part of.

Sometimes, the character's reason to be this way can be more than a simple narrative Irony. He may in fact be a supremacist precisely because of his low self-esteem and use the Association Fallacy to appropriate the achievements of other people of his kind. Though how this grows into hatred of other group is usually due to external factors.

Note that just because a Sub-Par Supremacist is good or skilled in certain fields doesn't disqualify him from being one. For example, a powerful state leader might still claim to be superior (and will often be a believer of "survival of the fittest") but still not be in position to call others inferior.

For when the character claims moral superiority over a kind he deems evil even though he's actually not much better than them, see He Who Fights Monsters and Van Helsing Hate Crimes.

Use of this trope may result in the Unfortunate Implications that Beauty Equals Goodness. Contrast Flawless Token, where a minority member is shown as superior to all other characters and Defector from Decadence where a character turns against their side because they find it mediocre.

Compare Association Fallacy and Evil Makes You Ugly. Contrast Hypocrite and You Are What You Hate. When taken to the extreme, see Boomerang Bigot. See also Adolf Hitlarious, Bigotry Exception, Very Punchable Man, and Wicked Pretentious.

Not the opposite of Super Supremacist (a person with superpowers who thinks he should rule over the muggles), although they can overlap.

No Real Life Examples, Please!


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Durarara!!: Downplayed. Izaya loves humans and dislikes monsters, either feeling indifference or hatred for them, even going so far as to declare war on Saika. However, while it's noted he's attractive and intelligent, everyone despises Izaya for his utterly deplorable personality, and even the Big Bad, Kujiragi, is more well-liked than him. Izaya is also likened to a monster masquerading as a human.
  • One Piece: Arlong is a Fish-man supremacist hugely racist against humans who constantly extols the superiority of his people to anyone facing him. Later developments reveal that he's little more than a craven racist bully who, after getting pulverized twice while trying his luck in the Grand Line, realized how outclassed he was there and decided to run to the East Blue (the "weakest" ocean in the setting, due to the average bounty being 3 millions or so) to set up shop because he knows the chances of anyone being able to pose a threat to him there are slim to none. Rather than putting in the hard work to get stronger so he won't lose again and achieve his ambitions in the Grand Line where it would actually matter, Arlong just took the easy way out and lived them out in the One Piece equivalent of a backwater, becoming literally a Normal Fish in a Tiny Pond.

  • One World War II-era joke describes the Aryan ideal as "broad like Himmler, tall like Goebbels, and fit like Goering", and another "as tall as Goebbels, as thin as Goering, and as blond as Hitler".note 
  • Scottish comedian Kevin Bridges has a routine where he describes some graffiti he saw for the British National Party, paired with a swastika. And, next to it, several failed attempts at drawing a swastika.
    Kevin Bridges: They'd obviously misjudged the complexity of the operation.

    Comic Books 
  • Blacksad: In Arctic Nation, white fur stands in for white supremacy, with The Klan-equivalent's iconography being a Nazi flag with the swastika replaced by a snowflake.
    • When one goon tries to intimidate Blacksad (a black-furred cat with a white chin), Blacksad stands up to reveal he's a head taller than the goon, and easily sends him flying behind the bar.
    • One prominent member of the Arctic Nation has a son with severe intellectual disabilities, strongly hinted to be the result of inbreeding.
  • Captain Marvel: Captain Marvel, Jr.'s archenemy Captain Nazi bears a Dueling Scar marring his otherwise handsome face. He's bitter about it because he's supposed to represent the Aryan ideal but has an obvious flaw.
  • Garth Ennis really likes this one:
    • Preacher:
      • Jesse unmasks a bunch of Klansmen and finds that they're almost all scrawny, balding, unattractive middle-aged losers, one of them even lacking a chin, their leader has a fetish for sniffing seats, and the only one with actual muscles is taken out in a Curb-Stomp Battle before he can even take a swing at Jesse.
      • And then there's Odin Quincannon, a scrawny weak little man with huge glasses that even the other Klansmen find annoying to be around, due in part to his constantly repeating "Boy do I sure hate niggers". The only reason he's tolerated is that he runs the meatpacking plant that keeps most of the town employed, and is later shown to have built a "meat-woman" out of animal carcasses, which he talks to and has sex with.
    • Garth Ennis's World War II plots often involve Nazis insisting on the "Master Race" shtick even as the post-D-Day Allies are plowing through whatever resistance the remaining German forces can put up, while usually being shorter/scrawnier/more brutal than the Allied soldiers they're talking to.
    • The Boys: Uncle Dreams is a shameless white supremacist who also happens to be ancient (he was one of the first supers), demented (he can't remember if he fought "the niggers or the Nazis"), and unable to control his bowels.
    • The Punisher MAX:
  • Hellblazer:
    • The Highwater arc, set in the rural U.S., features a gang of neo-Nazis who use Uzis (a machine gun invented by an Israeli).
    • The same arc features the gang's leader Gage, a homophobic white supremacist given a Sadistic Choice by the Big Bad S. W. Manor: either he or his daughter perform oral sex on Manor. At the end of the story, we see Gage went through with it... and his daughter immediately disowns him for being a homosexual.
  • Locke & Key #4: Keys To The Kingdom introduces Parsons, a bigoted orderly at a local mental hospital. On top of being a racist scumbag who clearly thinks himself superior to the mentally ill patients he's supposed to be looking after, he's not exactly the picture of physical or mental superiority. Obese, corrupt, stuck in a dead-end job and sporting an absolutely ridiculous facial tattoo, he's also pretty stupid: during a conversation at the bar, he firmly believes that Leatherface would win in a battle with Freddy Krueger, and even when his friend points out that Freddy is a Nightmare Weaver and Leatherface is just a Badass Normal, Parsons sticks to his belief that raw physical strength would automatically win out over knives. After tricking Parsons into getting him access to Erin Voss's room, Dodge firmly proves the orderly wrong by stabbing him in the back and letting him bleed out.
  • Lucky Luke: "A Cowboy In The Cotton" has Luke inherit a massive cotton plantation in Louisiana just after the Civil War ends. He immediately declares his intent to divide the property among the former slaves, but is opposed by the former landowners in the region, all of which are either vapid and ugly Southern Belles swooning over the hero who's killed so many Indians, or Upper-Class Twit Klansmen (one of whom has twelve toes, hinted to be from inbreeding). Making it all the more obvious is that Luke works with the historical black sheriff Bass Reeves, who is as competent as Luke himself.
  • In Superman Smashes the Klan, the leader of the Klan is the portly Dr. Wilson. While he is indeed intelligent, he recruits the Chinese Dr. Lee to help him develop weapons to kill Superman. Justified in that he doesn't actually buy into the rhetoric he spouts and started the Klan as a money-making scheme.
  • Dr. Otto Octavius from Spider-Man Noir is a solid deconstruction of the trope. As a fervent Nazi supporter, Octavius despises those he deems as "lower races" and has a particular disdain for black people. His attendant panels make it clear that his racism stems less from ideology and more from resentment of how he grew up surrounded by healthy black children and teens who could live a normal life, whilst he was a chair-bound invalid with dwarfism. He eventually gets to meet the Nazis he practically worshipped only to get insulted and rejected because he doesn't fit their definition of a Master Race.
  • Transmetropolitan:
    • One man proselytizing for a church of Norse gods is dressed like a Barbarian Hero, but is short, skinny, and wears Nerd Glasses.
    • Social Darwinist politician Bob Heller is a bit on the short side (the showgirls introducing his speech are nearly twice his height), with "a really punchable face" in Spider's terms.
  • In V for Vendetta, the more racist a character is, the more defective they are.
    • At the lower end of the spectrum, Bunny Etheridge and Conrad Heyer are government tools with poor nerves.
    • Toward the middle, Richard Almond's bullying behavior and Louis Prothero's boorishness are masks for Almond's impotence and Prothero's cowardice.
    • And at the top, Adam Susan is both a vile racist and an imbecilic manchild, barely able to function without his computer system to tell him what to do.

    Fan Works 
  • Create Your Own Fate:
    • The Circle, a Bajoran ultranationalist terrorist organization, pretty much gets used as a walking punchline throughout the middle part of the story. First, some Circle-affiliated high-school students pick a fight with Sheri Walford, whom the Circle thinks is insufficiently Bajoran, and succeed only in getting their asses thoroughly kicked and the cell broken up by the Bajoran Militia when they respond to the police call about the fight.
      Sheri Walford: khốn kiếp, nghiêm túc? I just thought they were just a pack of townie assholes...
      Kanril Eleya: They are assholes.
    • Then a larger Circle cell is used as patsies by a shapeshifted Undine, and mounts an armed uprising in the city of Hathon that the local Militia regiment crushes with only nonlethal weapons in less than an hour.
    • The Undine, which itself believes itself an example of a superior race, gets captured alive by a Crazy-Prepared Kanril Eleya, who criticizes the imprisoned alien in a "The Reason You Suck" Speech for freaking out and blowing the cover of itself and multiple assets when things didn't go its way.
  • Taylor Hebert, Medhall Intern: This is zigzagged with the Empire's employees. While some are incompetent weaklings, others can be intelligent, hardworking, and live up to the Aryan ideals of masculinity and strength. However, when several Empire members reach out to Taylor and Greg, both see their claims to racial unity as a total sham and have no interest in joining.

  • American History X, a film centered around Neo-Nazi gangs, is chock full of these.
    • Seth, Derek's neo-Nazi comrade, is an obese, slow-witted, and perverted loser. He is so inept, he can't even kill Derek while holding him at gunpoint.
    • Cameron, Derek's Evil Mentor, talks tough about white supremacy and solidarity among the whites, but he's just a power-hungry Dirty Coward who will throw his own "kids" under the bus to save his skin. Derek outright calls him a chickenhawk, and then sends the bastard to the floor with a single punch.
    • The Aryans Derek encounters in prison yell at Derek for hanging out with a black guy, but they're all too eager to do business with a Mexican drug gang. And when Derek calls them out for this, they proceed to rape him in the shower. This incident is what opens Derek's eyes to how sick and twisted white supremacy really is.
    • The fact that Derek himself averts this made him a prime target for Cameron's efforts to turn him into a "white power messiah". He's intelligent, articulate, and athletic, being driven to racism by the murder of his father. He's also the only neo-Nazi in the film who has an epiphany and turns away from it (along with his brother Danny, but he's really just following Derek's lead).
  • A fixture of Mel Brooks comedies. Brooks has said he has made it his life goal to reduce the Nazis and other groups focused on bigotry to objects of ridicule.
    "Rhetoric does not get you anywhere, because Hitler and Mussolini are just as good at rhetoric. But if you can bring these people down with comedy, they stand no chance."
    • The Producers: Franz Liebkind is a proudly card-carrying NSDAP member and ex-German Army soldier... who lives in a dingy apartment in New York City raising pigeons, drinking schnapps, and writing odes to Hitler's glory, all while living in terror of investigation by the US government. Even his attempted murder of Max and Leo for inadvertently turning Springtime for Hitler into a comedy satirizing Nazi Germany is Played for Laughs because he's so incredibly bad at it.
    • Blazing Saddles: To a man, the racists in the film are depicted as bumbling fools, easily outwitted by the black Sheriff Bart and his washed-up ex-gunslinger deputy, Jim. To show how stupid these people are, Bart held himself hostage and the racists genuinely believed he was in danger and in need of help.
      Jim: You've got to remember that these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the new West. You know... Morons.note 
  • Becky: In the movie, a neo-Nazi group breaks into the summer house of a little girl. With one exception, the group is composed of rather dumb and out-of-shape men, all of whom get overwhelmed and killed by a little girl. Said exception, a tall, ruggedly handsome, and muscular man named Apex, is a case of Even Evil Has Standards and actually loathes what the group is doing, doesn't want to kill the people he's being forced to kill by Domnick, and drops out of the group altogether when he gets fed up with how evil the group is.
  • Deconstructed BlacKkKlansman. Ron/Flip first meets the local chapter of the KKK, who are all pretty much this trope. Then he has the dubious honor of meeting David Duke himself, who is pretty much the opposite - charming, polite, intelligent... But still as racist as his pathetic underlings. He is well aware of the fact that people like them are hurting his "cause" and works on rebranding his organization into something seemingly more respectable and palatable. What's worse, this is Truth in Television; David Duke did indeed put a lot of work into making white supremacy more mainstream and many of his tactics are now used by elements of the alt-right, though younger racists like Richard Spencer look down on the Klan and see David Duke as a washed up fool.
  • C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America: For white supremacists, the Confederate powers-that-be are culturally inept (since much of the vim and vigor we get in real-world American culture comes from black and/or foreign influences), and the country they run is both economically and politically inferior to Canada, which actively embraces racial and ethnic diversity.
  • Django Unchained:
    • The Regulators are a proto-KKK of breathtaking incompetence, trying to ride horses in masks with eyeholes that don't fit, arguing over whether or not to wear the masks, and ending up blundering straight into a trap set by the heroes.
    • Calvin Candie is a slave owner with delusions of culture, such as naming his slaves after characters in The Three Musketeers, but is incapable of speaking French and unaware that the author was black (by the standards of the time, as Alexandre Dumas' grandmother was black). It's made very clear that the real brains of the outfit is Stephen, the head house slave.
  • Don't Worry Darling: Despite presenting himself as a strong and influential figure who will lead the Victory Project to change the world, Frank's power doesn't go any further beyond the boundaries of his own simulation. While he has dedicated members, he has far less reach and influence in the real world as his presentation would suggest, and it's heavily implied that his real world counterpart is simply a misogynistic nobody spouting his outdated views on an obscure podcast. In the climax he can do little to stop Alice when she ultimately tries to escape, and he's easily killed by Shelley, who then takes over the project.
  • In Falling Down, the only person Villain Protagonist Bill directly kills is a Neo-Nazi running an army surplus store. His Establishing Character Moment is terrorizing a gay couple browsing his merchandise, but he's implied to be a case of Armored Closet Gay himself as he dresses in Manly Gay fashion and graphically fantasizes about Bill suffering Prison Rape at the hands of a black man.
  • Knives Out: Grandson Jacob is called an alt-right troll and a Nazi by everyone but his own parents. He's a weedy, skinny kid who barely speaks during the movie, is called out for being too much of a coward to back up his opinions offline, and is accused at one point of "joylessly masturbating to pictures of dead deer" in the bathroom. The family in general, all of whom are suspects in the murder of patriarch Harlan, are mostly self-absorbed, vain, loutish, ineffectual, and at the very least casually racist toward immigrants such as Harlan's nurse Marta.
  • Race is a sports drama about Jesse Owens, the black athlete who won four gold medals at the Olympic Games hosted by Nazi Germany. After he gets first place in one event, he isn't congratulated by Hitler for obvious reasons. (This is a case of "Common Knowledge": while Nazi Germany's treatment of blacks was overall mixed to negative,note  historically, after Hitler gave personal congratulations to several German and Finnish gold medalists in the first few days, the IOC told him he could either congratulate all the gold medalists or none at all; he chose the latter. Despite this, Owens himself recalled Hitler waving to him from the stands after his wins, and was more insulted when he was snubbed by President Roosevelt for political reasons: FDR maintained segregationist policies to avoid alienating Southern members of his party.)
  • V/H/S/94: The "Terror" segment shows a group of far-right militants intent on making a terrorist attack on a federal building using vampire blood as an explosive. They're all portrayed as out-of-shape, dumb hillbillies who are simultaneously incompetent, stupid, but also dangerous because of it. By the end, the viewer is probably cheering for the vampire they tortured to use as a weapon to kill them all.

  • The Cancelled Czech by Lawrence Block features a Nazi group led by a shabby, unintelligent guy with dwarfism and a bad leg, who only avoided being purged in the Nazi eugenics program due to family connections.
  • In The Fall Of Giants, Billy Williams notes that one of his squadmates who is half-illiterate and a convicted criminal who joined the British Army to get out of prison still thinks that because he's British he's more entitled to an empire than the Germans, Dutch, or French.
    Barrow, who evidently had never seen an atlas, felt superior to Descartes, Rembrandt, and Beethoven.
  • In Fatherland, March reflects on this trope, noting that the most vehement supremacists were those that were not considered ideal specimens by the Nazi leadership:
    ...the racial fanatics were seldom the blue-eyed Aryan supermen- they, in the words of Das Schwarzes Korps, "were too inclined to take their membership of the Volk for granted". Instead, the swampy frontiers of the German race were patrolled by those less confident of their blood-worthiness. Insecurity breeds good border guards. The knock-kneed Franconian schoolmaster, ridiculous in his Lederhosen; the Bavarian shopkeeper with his pebble glasses; the red-haired Thuringian accountant with a nervous tic and a predilection for the younger members of the Hitler Youth; the lame and the ugly, the runts of the national litter- these were the loudest defenders of the Volk.
  • Gotrek & Felix: In "Elfslayer", Aethenir (the haughty high elf leading the expedition to retrieve a magical book) turns out to have been responsible for the book's theft in the first place, after being seduced into it by a disguised dark elf's fake sob story. His captain of the guard (who's just as haughty, but at least has the martial skill to back it up) is not happy about the entire thing and swears to kill Aethenir if he screws up again, although unfortunately he's too competent to be allowed to live long.
    Felix found a lump blocking his throat, and fought down the unworthy thought that he would rather that it had been Aethenir who had died and Rion who had lived, for the captain had been the epitome of elven virtue that Aethenir should have been.
  • Men at Arms: The main subplot involves a flatulence-prone dog named Big Fido advocating that dogs should rise up against their human masters, and makes long speeches about the nobility and savagery of wolves despite never having met one and being a tiny poodle himself. No prizes for guessing which hypocritical, grandiloquent demagogue Big Fido was based on.
  • Le Silence de la mer: The Wicked Cultured Nazi Werner truly believes that the party's ideals will result in a better Europe and a better world, and explains this at length to the French people quartering him (who never answer or talk to him). Then he meets some other Nazis including his friends and realizes that their brutish Rape, Pillage, and Burn attitudes are in fact the true Nazi ideal. He requests a transfer to the Eastern Front after that.
  • In Mother Night by Kurt Vonnegut, Lionel Jones and his circle of Neo-Nazis are ridiculous and pathetic rather than menacing. One is so frail and out of shape that he dies of a heart attack from walking up a couple of flights of stairs, another is a black man who dresses in Waffen SS Uniforms and calls himself "the Black Fuhrer of Harlem."
  • In Tom Sharpe's satires of South Africa in The Apartheid Era, most of the white South African characters are lacking or deficient in some way. Lieutenant Verkramp, the extremely racist political policeman, is portrayed as a chinless, scrawny undersized runt with a hysterical streak.
  • Marvolo Gaunt in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (appearing only in a Pensieve Flashback) is a pure-blood wizard descended from Salazar Slytherin and believes that this gives him special status over other wizards. This is despite the fact that he lives in squalor and suffers the effects of generations of inbreeding. Harry himself reflects on the trope, noting that even Voldemort is half-Muggle as is Snape, the self-named "Half-Blood Prince" of the title.
  • In the Otto Prohaska novels, Otto discovered that his father—a fanatical believer in Greater Germany—tried to get him into the German military but was given the boot at the recruiting office, as to their minds he was just a Funny Foreigner with a thick accent.
  • The Prague Cemetery. Simonini encounters several anti-Semitic propagandists who are Jewish, or resemble common caricatures of what a Jew is supposed to look like.
  • The Ben Elton book Stark features a Basement-Dweller skinhead thug who believes in the supremacy of the White race. The omniscient narrator expresses amazement that looking into the mirror every day hasn't snapped him out of that belief.
  • Walker's Crossing: Gil Walker is a virulent white supremacist who has only held one minimum wage job since he graduated from high school, and lost it in a month. Since then, he's moved back in with his parents and never does any more work around the ranch than he has to. Multiple characters explicitly state that he tears down anyone whose skin is a different color because it's the only way he can feel remotely important and powerful.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Doctor Who:
    • The Daleks are a race of aliens who are breed with the sole purpose of hating all lifeforms outside of their own. Their goal is to exterminate every other species so they can reign supreme on the universe. They also are obsessive over their "purity" and will readily kill any impure among their own, assuming the impures aren't willingly killing themselves. While the Daleks are indeed powerful, they're essentially shapeless slug-like aliens entirely dependent on their robotic shell to do anything. They have no culture of their own, no individual personalities and no ambitions outside of their goal of accomplishing genocides. There's little reason anyone would want to be them.
      • Out of all characters to call them out on this, the one doing a Dalek. Dalek Sec, a member of the Cult of Skaro, who was made to ensure the survival of his kind no matter what by thinking outside the box of what Daleks usually do, comes to this conclusion:
      Dalek Caan: Daleks are supreme. Humans are weak.
      Dalek Sec: But there are millions of humans and only four of us. If we are supreme why are we not victorious?
    • An Invoked Trope with Ashad (aka The Lone Cyberman), who is a partially-converted Cyberman who despises organic life, hates his imperfect body, and is fanatically dedicated to resurrecting the Cybermen. When the Doctor points out that these qualities are antithetical to the nature of Cybermen, he's entirely willing to acknowledge this, and says the Cyberium chose to link with him because he's more determined to achieve its goal than any ordinary Cyberman would be.
  • Horrible Histories: In an Awesome USA segment, the series shows how Agent Moses freed slaves and showed how she outsmarted the slave owners; she was actually a woman called Harriet Tubman, she hid by simply reading a newspaper, and distracted slave owners with a chickennote .
    Slave: Lady, either you very, very clever, or these slave owners are very, very stupid.
    Agent Moses: A little bit of both boys, little bit of both.
  • 1000 Ways to Die: "Fire in the Hole" is about two neo-Nazis, one of whom is an idiot who can't stop mangling the gang's slogans.
  • Bones: In "The Purging of the Pundit," the Victim of the Week is a right-wing radio presenter. As a shouty, money-grubbing hypocrite he's a solid example himself, as is his producer. But they're Only in It for the Money, while one of the suspects is a true believer: a white supremacist with a history of assaulting minorities who was building a fertilizer bomb when Booth arrested him. He's also a high-school dropout who seems to think that saying "I do not recognize your authority!" means he can't be arrested.
  • Stormfront in The Boys (2019) was a 1930s Nazi and Super Supremacist who hadn't aged since World War II thanks to the Super Serum. Her ultimate goal was to elevate white people into a Master Race of literal supermen using Compound V, but despite having almost an entire century to work with she made no progress on this whatsoever aside from random acts of violence against black people (while taking orders from one). Bonus points for being played by a Jew. Funnily enough, she only became worth anything to the Nazi cause once she was dead, as after being unmasked and Driven to Suicide she became an Inspirational Martyr to American neo-Nazis, resulting in the "Stormchasers" becoming shock troops for Homelander.
  • One of the suspects in the Cold Case episode "Volunteers" was a washed up Black militant who ranted about interracial relationships and abortion (it was just a means for The Man to commit "Black genocide") while also claiming to be all about peaceful and nonviolent protest, despite being in prison for robbing convenience stores at gunpoint, something which he tried to brush off by claiming that it was justified as "reparations."
  • Community: While Pierce Hawthorne's bigoted views are mostly due to his ignorance and have no real malice behind them, his father Cornelius is a virulent white supremacist/misogynist who constantly spouts about his natural superiority; he's also a frail, decrepit old man who wears a wig made from solid ivory because he fears getting a racially-mixed hairpiece, and is so weak he dies from a heart attack after Jeff gives him a blistering "The Reason You Suck" Speech. Cornelius also never bothers mentioning that his black assistant Gilbert is actually his biological son.
  • Elementary: In the episode "Once You've Ruled Out God", Holmes and Watson are tracking the "shot-caller" for a white supremacist prison gang who was recently paroled. Reviewing his file:
    Joan Watson: I don't know how this guy ended up in charge of anything. He's a high school dropout and his whole life is a rap sheet.
    Sherlock Holmes: Well, you only have to be the brightest bulb of a dim lot. Racist ideology mostly attracts failures and reprobates. Gives them a sense of elevation that they cannot otherwise justify.
  • The Body of the Week on one episode of CSI was part of a small white supremacist gang at his high school. The others are brought in for questioning after being found huffing spray paint in a park, and one misspells a written note asking for an attorney—prompting Greg to wisecrack later that "they've all 'layered' up."
  • Jerry Springer: Whenever a self-proclaimed white supremacist appeared on the show, such as a Klan member, they tend to be either rather poor, very dimwitted, or laughably overweight while advocating some sort of race war in which they'd be the first casualties. It makes for better mocking.
  • Kaamelott: Lancelot's rebellion is sparked in part because he always thought the quest for the Grail should be reserved for an elite rather than the squabbling bunch of incompetents that make up the Round Table. Ten years after he seizes power, he's no closer to finding the Grail than Arthur was, his council are sycophants just as inept as the Round Table ever was, and he's even mocked for his inability to get Guenièvre to love him back.
  • In the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode "Info Wars" the two prime suspects are on opposite sides of the extremist aisle with both portrayed as losers. The first was an Antifa member who worked as a barista at Starbucks, and the other was a neo-Nazi Basement-Dweller. The episode ends with the team giving up on figuring out who the real rapist was, and the barista (who was heavily implied to be the real culprit) seething as the victim would visit the shop and force him to serve her.
  • My Name Is Earl: Before Earl's quest for redemption, he and Joy insulted everyone by referencing racial stereotypes and they did whatever they wanted with impunity. Earl made fun of people with accents while Joy often referenced black stereotypes while she was married to Darnell. Both of them are idiotic, binge drinking trailer trash and Joy cheated on Earl while they were married, producing Earl Jr.
  • In Peacemaker (2022), the Aryan Brotherhood are a white supremacist militia whose membership consists entirely of homely, stupid, badly-dressed losers living in a dumpy suburb. Their leader, Auggie Smith aka the White Dragon, is a serious threat to the heroes due to his high-tech weaponry and sheer ruthlessness, but even he is mostly shown as an out-of-touch blowhard whose glory days are long behind him.
  • Sons of Anarchy: The Sons of Anarchy motorcycle gang dominates the town of Charming and has little tolerance for any competition. Since they are Equal-Opportunity Evil they particularly dislike the Nords, the local neo-Nazi gang. Over the years the Sons have driven out or killed any competent Nords members and the current gang is composed of Charming's dregs. Darby, the Nords' current leader is easily cowed and turns out to be a Punch-Clock Villain who is secretly not very racist at all. This changes when the League of American Nationalists set their sights on Charming. LOAN are a tough, ruthless, sophisticated, Villain with Good Publicity gang that come close to destroying the Sons.
  • Star Trek: Enterprise: In "Terra Prime", John Frederick Paxton idolizes Colonel Green, a ruthless 21st-century tyrant who forcibly euthanized irradiated victims of World War III to purify humanity's gene pool. However, Paxton himself has a genetic disorder that would have marked him for execution under Green's regime. The fact that Paxton, who leads a xenophobic terrorist movement, is treating his condition with Rigelian medicine further marks him as a major hypocrite, which T'Pol tries to blackmail him with.
    Paxton: I'm not the first significant leader who failed to live up to his own ideal.
    T'Pol: You're not significant!
    Paxton: HISTORY will determine that! So go ahead, tell my followers whatever you wish. See if they'll take the word of a Vulcan over mine.

  • The Dead Kennedys song "Nazi Punks Fuck Off" is a song denouncing Nazi punks as foolish, easily led cowards who don't understand the fundamental nature of either the punk subculture or Nazi ideology, nor comprehend the fact that totalitarianism is antithetical to the rebelliousness they embrace. It goes so far as to claim that they'd be among the first victims in a real Fourth Reich. The song was written when real Nazis started showing up at their concerts because they completely missed the satire of some of the band's songs, like "California Uber Alles" (which was actually a commentary on then-governor Jerry Brown). The band promptly then wrote the song so that there would be absolutely no mistaking their actual viewpoint.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Champions: In the 4th Edition sourcebook Golden Age Champions we have Doctor Quall, a Nazi Mad Scientist. His description is as follows: Quall is a blond, white, male, weighing 98 lbs. He suffers from dwarfism, an enlarged cranium, bad eye-sight, flat feet, pattern baldness, and ulcers. He is a member of the "Master Race."
  • Warhammer 40,000:
    • The Eldar talking down to humans tend to have shades of this, by holding themselves to be the Superior Species and the only ones capable of fighting against Chaos. Never mind that the Eldar created one of the Chaos gods in the first place through millennia of relentless hedonism, or that their manipulations have a tendency to backfire on them (in Dawn of War, their interference and refusal to explain the situation led to the ascent of a Daemon Prince).
    • The human-supremacist Imperium has certain issues in this department. Imperial dogma is that the human form is intrinsically superior and aliens and mutants deserve fear and extermination. Meanwhile, those "intrinsically superior" human soldiers are thrown into the meat grinder, dying in droves on every front and callously sacrificed by every General Ripper they can find, while glory is piled on transhuman Super Soldiers with two hearts, three lungs and acid spit, and interstellar travel depends on an entire class of mutants known as Navigators.

    Video Games 
  • Blacksad: Under the Skin: While investigating a suicide, Blacksad finds a message written on the wall of Bobby Yale's locker reading "Fuck Negrose". The writer misspelled "Negroes" twice, the first attempt was crossed out and the second attempt was the final version.
    Blacksad: The racist brain is so full of hatred that there's no space for trifles such as common sense or, say, spelling. But this most cultured writer spotted the error and attempted to correct it... Not sure what to make of the outcome.
  • Bully: The Preppies are the Old Money types who see themselves as superior to everyone else because of their inherited wealth. The Preppies are said to be physically deformed through inbreeding because they refuse to date people outside of their social class (Tad mentions he has webbed feet and Gord defensively claims that first cousins are legal). In the game, they are failing classes and have been selling test answers on Mr. Hattrick's behalf.
  • Grand Theft Auto V: One of the NPCs is a racist, xenophobic asshole who wants to "protect" America from immigrants, legal or otherwise, and is too stupid to realize his partner in crime is a Russian who barely speaks English. Speaking of the Russian guy, he considers himself a red-blooded American, but doesn't know as much about his adopted homeland as he thinks he does and mistakenly uses British and French patriotic phrases.
  • Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number: Jake hates the Russians and he's also shown to be a neo-confederate, as evident by the confederate flag in his apartment and his tattoo idea being of "Old dixie" on his shoulder. Jake himself is a former junkyard worker and a fat boarish man who lost his job because he berated and insulted his boss. Jake's death was also a result of stupidity and naivety, he told 50 Blessings that he knows about the phone calls and he automatically assumed they would trust him with this information. Causing him to be shot by The Volunteer for knowing too much about their operation.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess: Zant believes that the Twili are the only ones worthy of living in and ruling Hyrule, and reacts poorly to any implication that he isn't the undisputed leader of such a tribe. Near the end of the game, he's revealed to be a witless, cringing Psychopathic Manchild who took all of his power from Ganondorf.
  • Manhunt: The Skinz are a xenophobic Southern gang that lynches anyone who isn't of pure white ethnicity and proclaim that white people are the superior and strongest race. All of them are shown living in poverty, most of them have daddy issues (one member only joined because his dad told him to), two of their members are obese, one member complains about wearing contact lenses, and they are wearing items that denounce their ideals. They wear the lyrics to "Nazi Punks Fuck Off" by the Dead Kennedys and one member wears yellow shoelaces despite the item representing an apolitical skinhead. In their opening cutscene, they are easily intimidated by Ramirez, Starkweather's right-hand man and a black man after he breaks the neck of one member despite the gang outnumbering him.
  • Disco Elysium
  • Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus:
    • There are numerous examples of Nazis who are utter weaklings, but the biggest example of this is the elderly Adolf Hitler, who has gotten so feeble and unstable with age, he pisses blood and shoots random actors for the crime of calling him "Mr".
    • A more humorous example can be seen in occupied Roswell, New Mexico when an SS Doom Trooper runs into two KKK members walking down the street in full hood. He grows increasingly agitated as the two rather dimwitted Klansmen repeatedly mispronounce a simple German greeting, eventually warning them that he'll be keeping an eye on them.
    • Rip, B.J.'s abusive father, was a harsh bigot who punished his son for hanging out with a black girl. He was also a complete failure in terms of business and being a family man. When he finally gains success, it is due to selfishly selling out his Jewish wife and non-white neighbors.
  • In Red Dead Redemption II, members of the Klan can be found in a series of random encounters in Lemoyne, and if left to their own devices will typically end up accidentally killing themselves.

    Visual Novels 
  • Zig-Zagged in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. Nagito is very adamant that Ultimates are inherently better than the untalented masses. However, Nagito has an Inferiority Superiority Complex in that he considers himself worthless despite having one of the most powerful talents as the Ultimate Lucky Student (the severe Blessed with Suck elements of his talent have something to do with that) but still sees normal people as beneath him, to the point that he'll cut ties with Hajime, the only person to try to understand him, when he learns that Hajime was not actually an Ultimate. His classmates largely detest him for his inability to care for them as people, his deranged behavior, and his expressed willingness to get them all killed in Monokuma's game if it means their killer has a 'greater hope'.
  • Katawa Shoujo has comic relief in Kenji Setou, a boy who believes that feminists are conspiring against him and who exhorts the protagonist about the importance of manliness. The thing is, Kenji is a scrawny, almost blind boy who is shut in his room most of the time, and generally the farthest possible from conventional manliness.

    Web Original 
  • Inverted in the comedic Cracked article Dumb Things White People Secretly Suspect About Other Races, in which the narrator (a "young, white, middle-class American male") believes anyone not white has abilities far beyond his own (acceptance, conversation, endurance, Animorphism...). The reason he's in court-mandated therapy was that he saw a woman trapped on a building and tried to beat a Native American onlooker into turning into an eagle to rescue her.
    Therapist: Most offenders placed in my program have some hostility to work through, but yours seems to be rooted almost entirely in jealousy.
  • Joueur du Grenier: The Fort Boyard video has one of the contestants identify himself as a card-carrying member of the Front National (the main French far-right party). He's then shown to be an utter dumbass and a wifebeater.
  • Discussed in the What the Fuck Is Wrong with You? episode "Pants On Fire." Here, a Florida man attempted to burn down a store for not stocking his favorite kind of juice and claimed he was trying to "run the Arabs out of the country," much to the confusion of the Indian business owner. Nash remarks "thank god for the incompetence of the American racist," while Tara comments that people who believe in white supremacy always look and act like they don't belong to any kind of Master Race - especially the perpetrator, who looks like an alcoholic garden gnome.
  • Thought Slime: Discussed while reviewing The Turner Diaries, Matt points out that supremacists in the book have pretty much ruined everything for themselves and The Order is contradictory and hypocritical. At the end of the book, 90% of humanity is killed off (the protagonist points out they killed people under the accusation that they were "race traitors" despite having no evidence to prove that claim), The Order created a nuclear apocalypse for themselves to inherit, and The Order forgives Turner for failing his suicide attempt despite The Order telling everyone that there are no excuses for failure. The comment section of the video goes as far as to claim that the line "Nature took her course" actually meant Turner crapped himself in front of his crush instead of having sex with her and he lied in his diary to save face.
  • The "2/10 Would Not Bang" meme is a parody of the hypercritical culture of the Internet, consisting of a picture of an attractive person with arrows pointing at what the poster deems unattractive features, a bad grade, and an affirmation that the poster would never lower their standards enough to have sex with them... and then a picture of the presumed poster, an overweight Basement-Dweller with bad skin who looks like he couldn't buy sex from a blind hooker.
  • The Reddit board r/BeholdTheMasterRace is all about gathering and mocking such examples.
    • Also from Reddit is the Kevin in a Big Rig saga, in which a truck driver with No Sense of Direction and actual brain damage repeatedly proves he can't function in society yet brags about his position in the KKK.

    Web Video 
  • The Nostalgia Critic: The Meninists are a trio of men who spend their days complaining on the internet about works involving female leads. When the Critic tells the Furiosa parody character Curiosa to stand outside, the Meninists are immediately intimidated and shy away. When Devil Boner comes out to join Curiousa, the Meninists attack him for siding with the enemy. Devil Boner instead retaliates by insulting their thin-skinned attitude and calls them out for judging peoples' masculinity despite doing nothing manly themselves. All the Meninists do is complain about women on the internet, insult women in the military despite none of the Meninists being in service (until the end of the review, where they are drafted after convincing the president to remove women from the military), and cry about their inability to get a date when they don't even take any initiative to talk to women.
    Jim: Hey, look! Devil Boner's on her side! TRAITOR!
    Malcolm: You ain't no man!
    Jason: YEAH!
    Devil Boner: And you are?! Christ! If you're in the future what being a man is, slap a fucking vagina on me! I'd much rather be a badass like her (Curiosa) than whiny little bitches like you! Hey, here's a thought! If you have to complain about how someone's stealing your manhood, chances are you never had your manhood to begin with! What are you, five?! You afraid you're gonna get cooties?! And how's that working out for you, anyway? Are women just falling at your feet because you bitch and complain about them online? Real chick magnet, guys! You must get laid a lot! You know what? Keep living in your mama's basements, because the grown-ups are gonna make a more badass world, and we don't need your cry-baby tears pussing it up!

    Western Animation 
  • In the Dexter's Laboratory episode "Accent You Hate", a Barbaric Bully named Gary (who looks like a teenager, but his age is unstated) thinks he's superior to kids because of his fairly standard American accent, picks on kids with "funny accents" like Dexter (even wearing an "I HATE KIDS WITH FUNNY ACCENTS" T-shirt), but gets easily beaten up by other schoolkids with funny accents (including a possible Author Avatar of Genndy Tartakovsky, the show's creator) when they finally stand up to him despite them being a good deal smaller than him, ending up with a lisp and deformed mouth after running into a fist statue. Gary then does a Heel–Face Turn, having been Hoist by His Own Petard.
  • Family Guy:
    • One gag shows a scrawny Hitler in a gym struggling to lift weights, then glaring venomously at a hugely muscular rabbi being fawned over by non-Jewish women, implicitly launching his anti-Semitic beliefs.
    • Another episode had a gag about a neo-Nazi with down syndrome and another episode had a deaf kid who performs a Nazi salute after a disagreement with Chris. This despite the Nazis being infamously ableist.
  • South Park:
    • Mrs. Garrison is particularly nasty in the episode "Follow That Egg", where, after having gender reassignment surgery in an attempt to run away from her own closeted homosexuality, she rallies against homosexuals and changes an egg-sitting assignment she set in order to make them out to collectively be unfit to parent.
    • Eric Cartman is a narcissistic fat little brat who frequently puts down Jews, black people, and other minorities (idolizing Hitler on more than one occasion), but said minorities often prove to be much smarter and more level-headed than he is. This is best shown in "Up The Down Steroid", where he fakes being mentally handicapped to enter the Special Olympics, thinking he'll automatically win just because he's not really handicapped and the rest of the participants are. He comes last in every single event.