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  • In the War of Austrian Succession arc of Axis Powers Hetalia, Prussia mocks the idea of Maria Theressa ruling Austria and uses the opportunity to snag Silecia. The Lemony Narrator makes a lot of jokes about the Values Dissonance of Prussia's reasoning. Maria Theresa, meanwhile, retaliates by bringing in Hungary to get rid of Prussia.
  • Basilisk: Tenzen firmly believes that the best and only way to submit a woman is by raping her. He's also convinced that "rape is love" and thus has two rape attempts on Oboro.
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  • Adon Corborlwitz from Berserk mainly existed to be a sexist asshole and antagonize Casca.
  • Bleach:
    • Nnoitra is openly sexist. He openly mocks the more highly ranked Harribel as "scared" when she reacts with restraint to Ichigo's invasion of Hueco Mundo. He openly attacked Nelliel because she was a woman who was ranked higher than him. He loathed the idea of a woman having a higher position than a man on the battlefield and went to great lengths to plot her removal from the Espada ranks.
    • Yhwach openly uses arrancar as shock troops, explaining to a subordinate's query that they're disposable and easily replaced. He's only using them because they don't need training to fight, so he really doesn't care how long they last before they die. He also performs The Purge on any Quincy he regards as "impure" or no longer useful. This caused the deaths of Masaki and Kanae, Ichigo and Uryuu's mothers, and destroys other Quincies in the final arc.
  • This is a major reason why Nina of Code Geass was considered The Scrappy. Despite the fact that it would be safe to assume that some Britannians are racists, she's the only major character to hold such opinions and thus comes across badly. Though she originally doesn't tout any personal supremacy, she's "just" paranoid that any Eleven might be a terrorist. Later, after Princess Euphemia's death she becomes rather unhinged, and starts considering the use of a weapon that's for all thoughts and purposes a nuke against one man. Supplementary material says she once got lost in a Japanese ghetto as a child and something horrible happened to her there, explaining her general fear of Japanese people, but this is never brought up in the show itself.
    • Jeremiah Gottwald isn't paranoid like Nina, but he's easily the most racist out of everyone in Britannia's army, given that during his brief stint as Margrave of Area 11, he takes a little too much joy in executing the Japanese. His racism begins to dwindle as he begins to lose his sanity due to public humiliation, and it more or less mellows out after he encounters Sayoko several times.
    • Luciano Bradley also has moments like this, although they're less prominent because he's unpleasant in many other ways. His last words are "My life is taken by a lowly Eleven?"
  • Dragon Ball Z:
    • It's more due to fear than hatred, but Frieza has a beef against the Saiyan race, personified when he calls Goku and Vegeta "Saiyan monkeys." He's also quite disdainful of Namekians and their stubborn resistance to deny him the Dragon Balls.
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    • The Saiyans have a very strict class hierarchy based on strength. People born with very low Power Levels are automatically relegated to the lowest class as babies and dismissed as genetic trash only fit for tasks like the Suicide Mission. Saiyan society as a whole rejects the idea that one can ascend classes with hard work or that acquired qualities are more important than birth ones. This attitude is therefore freely expressed by characters who actually lived in Saiyan society:
      • One of Vegeta's beefs with Goku throughout the series, both before and after his Heel–Face Turn, is that Goku is a lower-class Saiyan, born at the absolute bottom of the pecking order, and thus should be a nobody while he's the Saiyan prince and should be the strongest by default. Right before their first battle, Vegeta rubs in the fact that Goku was a "reject" according to their society, and states "no amount of training will let you reach an elite like me." He also remorselessly kills Nappa after Goku breaks his back, because in his words, "Saiyans have no use for the paralyzed."
      • Raditz is a low-class warrior himself, but still expresses this attitude when meeting his little brother, Goku. He calls him a race traitor for identifying with his adopted home of Earth, disdains Goku's Half-Human Hybrid son, and says that Earthlings are weak and therefore undeserving of life. He planned to exterminate Earth's population and tried to force Goku into going along with it.
      • Nappa is a Saiyan noble with a similar attitude to Vegeta. He goes absolutely ballistic when Goku surpasses him via his latest training and starts beating him to a pulp.
        Goku: You're not used to fighting someone stronger than you.
        Nappa: You're not stronger than me, you little runt! Your strength was tested when you were a baby! You're a third-class Saiyan! I'm a Saiyan Elite, you low-class dog!
  • Gundam:
    • A large majority of the villains in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny, since most of the conflicts are sparked by racial tensions between normal humans and Coordinators, (genetically engineered humans). Blue Cosmos, which has a lot of influence in the Earth Alliance, actually wants to wipe out all Coordinators and calls them 'the monsters in space'. The radical factions in the Coordinator PLANT colonies aren't much better, with General Ripper Patrick Zala and Knight Templar Ezalia Joule plotting to wipe out Earth's entire Natural population.
      • Bonus points to Blue Cosmos leader Muruta Azrael who adds He-Man Woman Hater to his already severe Fantastic Racism. It isn't to nearly the same degree, but he treats the female captain of the Dominion with utter contempt ("Ms. Captain"), and is the only male character in the show to actually use the phrase "bitch" when describing a girl.
    • Before Gundam SEED was the original Mobile Suit Gundam saga. Ghiren Zabi expressed the superiority of the "spacenoid" race (those who were born and raised in space) and sought to get rid of those from Earth. In Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam the Titans were the reverse - they actually refused to allow those who were born in space to join their group. And then, Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn revealed how harsh the level of animosity towards Newtypes were: the original Universal Century charter revealed that, should a Newtype emerge, they should be given control of the space colonies. When a terrorist attack struck, the Earth Federation hid away the original charter and set it up so that they continued to control the colonies.
  • Hajime no Ippo: To add to the huge list of jerkassery of Bryan Hawk, he's also shown to be racist against Japanese. In an Ax-Crazy rant, he tells the Japanese that if they want to be world champion so badly, they should send him all of their women so he'll give them his genes. In twenty years, Japan would be crawling with world champions.
  • Heavy Object gives us Prizewell City Slicker who borders on Absolute Xenophobe. He wanted to reinstate slavery and rid the Legitimacy Kingdom of its foreign languages, attempted to wipe out a mine of miners defecting to the Kingdom, and tried to destroy the immigrant city on Victoria Island. He's also implied to have been behind several terrorist attacks involving the assassination of foreign language band members and foreign language school bombings, however, there was no evidence to him being involved.
  • In Iron Ladies, nearly every antagonist is either racist, misogynistic or classist, usually a combination of all three.
  • Every single villain in Me and the Devil Blues is some level of racist. It's pretty telling that one of the least racist villains, who actually asks R.J. to play for his party, calls the blues "nigger music." Yeahhh...
  • Naruto: As if there weren't enough reasons to hate him already, Madara Uchiha reveals himself to be a He-Man Woman Hater during his fight with Tsunade, spending much of said fight making sexist remarks.
  • Arlong and Hody Jones from One Piece are astoundingly brutal, sadistic, and unrepentant racists and Fishman supremacists who consider humans as little more than vermin and see nothing wrong with enslaving them or engaging in a full-on genocidal pogrom. Arlong has the slightly redeeming feature of caring greatly for his own men, but that means very little when you consider the many, many awful things he's done. Hody, on the other hand, doesn't even have that and is even nastier than Arlong, enough so to put him in the running for "biggest monster in the series". And making things worse, Hody had minimal interactions with humans and created his genocidal New Fishmen Pirates based on his own conclusion of Fisher Tiger's legacy (believing he was killed by humans, when he died because of his own stubborn racism), and the stories Arlong passed along.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Kyubey is a firm believer in Mother Nature, Father Science. Specifically, it thinks of females, especially teenage girls, as overemotional, disposable pawns to be used in their energy-siphoning operation; and the fact that it doesn't seem to have contracted with any males seems to imply that it doesn't think males are "emotional enough". Justified since Kyubey is a Hive Mind with no concept of individuality, so it's only natural that it would see every other species in the same light.
  • Radiant: Konrad de Marbourg's prime goal is to rid Rumble Town of immigrants − he already killed many (indirectly but willingly) during the Norst-East Suburb incident − and he's notorious even among his co-inquisitors for being a racist jerk. The author clarifies that some of his dirtiest lines are almost verbatim quotes from real politicians, including former French Prime Minister Manuel Valls.
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena: The villains generally tend to be massive misogynists who think Utena is just a little girl. In the final battle, the Big Bad End of the World/Akio Ohtori, who had already been established as the worst of them, tells Utena to stop fighting for Anthy's freedom and become his princess because, according to him, girls can't handle any power and dresses don't go with swords.
  • Rurouni Kenshin: In the arc that introduces Sanosuke, we encounter three very minor characters, (they don't even get names) drunkenly and nastily arguing while the Kenshin gang is trying to eat at Akabeko. We know they're not nice characters right away, and it's taken up a notch when one of them throws a sake jug that hits Kenshin in the head and then refuses to apologize, but things get taken up to a whole new level when one of the waitresses very politely comes over and asks them to keep it down and the biggest of the three responds by saying "And now a female is mouthing off?!!" and hitting her. Notably, these drunkards were democratic activists; at this stage in Japanese history the 'government of the people' was extremely elitist and political parties were illegal. The guys drop a bunch of real names and are apparently using the cause to make themselves feel important while talking about freedom. Sano calls them on hypocrisy: he was mentored by a real populist. They also bring up the separatist leader Saigo Takamori as a 'hero.' Given his army was Satsuma samurai and was defeated by a conscript army of citizens from all backgrounds, and Kaoru's father was killed on the government side just the previous year, it all brings up a lot of emotional complexity.
  • Sailor Moon:
  • Similarly, Samurai Champloo also has a very similar scene to the Kenshin one in its first episode, where a boorish nobleman is sexually harassing the waitresses at the restaurant Fuu works at and generally attacking very threateningly. After being promised free food to intervene, Mugen slaughters the guy's guards and performs Mutilation Interrogation on him.
  • In Shitsurakuen, the terms "villain" and "misogynist" are pretty much synonyms.
  • Soul Eater: After revealing his betrayal Justin Law, besides being an Ax-Crazy psychopathic Hero Killer zealot who worships a God of Evil, is revealed to be an extreme misogynist. He looks down on Marie's fighting abilities for being a "lowly woman" and later after killing a female hero calls her an "abject pig".
  • A lot of unpleasant characters in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's fit, at least in the first season, seeing as the upper class of Neo Domino City tended to look down on the lower class of Satellite. The term "Satellite scum" is a common slur. Oddly, enough, Rex Godwin, the first Big Bad of the series does not, seeing as he was actually born there.


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