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A creator of YouTube Poop, mark3611 started his work in 2008. He gained fame for his frequent use of Billy Mays commercials in his poops, with one of his most famous being The Big City Toilet.

In 2012, mark's channel was hacked and all of his poops deleted, although fans quickly saved most of them. Mark quietly returned in 2014 at a new channel, marck3611. This channel was unfortunately taken down due to copyright claims.


Poops with their own pages:

Tropes present in his work:

  • Aluminum Christmas Trees: Billy asks for Diet Kool-Aid in "Billy Mays Gets a Free Happy Meal". Before the video was taken down, commenters were curious to know if that drink was real. Turns out it is, although it's marketed as Sugar Free Kool-Aid.
  • Black Comedy: "Suicide Putty", about a magical putty with which one can commit suicide.
  • Blunt "Yes": Used in "Jack Off 2000" when the kid asks if the angel is here to take him to Hell
  • Brick Joke: "The Big City Toilet, Part 3" references the "rundown, 80-year-old bungalow" from "Billy Mays and the Ravages of Orange Glo".
  • Evil All Along: The "Cory" poop has Frederick Douglass admit to Corey Baxter that he invented slavery.
  • Food Eats You: "Big City Sliders Attack Your Family"
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  • Pandering to the Base: Used in-universe and likely Played for Laughs as the concept behind "Hannah Montana Likes Moose". At the beginning of the video, mark3611 checks his YouTube Analytics page and discovers that his viewership is predominantly male, which prompts him to create a Poop using Hannah Montana.
  • Running Gag
    • [slam] "Burnt-on cheese!"
    • Often, The Stinger is a clip of a sea turtle.
    • Clips from The Wicker Man (2006) often show up, particularly Nicolas Cage's memetic "NOT THE BEES!" scene.
    • "Third Wave of Feminism" introduced the gag of a "permanent seal" which has been in the corner of all subsequent videos.
  • Signature Style: He particularly uses direct response commercials, especially Billy Mays.
  • Take That!: This line from "Billy Mays Sells Zorbeez in a Bad Mood":
    Billy Mays: Zorbeez attracts liquid like Vince attacks hookers!
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  • Toilet Humor: Heavily present, of course, in "The Big City Toilet".
  • Unstoppable Force Meets Immovable Object: [slam] "Burnt-on cheese!"


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