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A creator of YouTube Poop, mark3611 started his work in 2008. He gained fame for his frequent use of Billy Mays commercials in his poops, with one of his most famous being The Big City Toilet.

In 2012, mark's channel was hacked and all of his poops deleted, although fans quickly saved most of them. Mark quietly returned in 2014 at a new channel, marck3611. This channel was unfortunately taken down due to copyright claims, but he thankfully returned again in 2022 as marke3611.

Poops with their own pages:

Tropes present in his work:

  • Adaptational Villainy:
    • Billy Mays was an upbeat salesman in his commercials. In Mark3611's poops however, he knowingly and maliciously sells dangerous products that kill people (while encouraging his customers to kill themselves), ruin the environment, and runs a phoney health insurance company designed to line his pockets. He's also very full of himself, telling a woman to "shut [her] whore mouth when Billy Mays is talking", and kills an entire office of people when they waste his time with a product called the "Rake and Bake".
    • Doctor Rabbit. In his original cartoons, he was a kindly dentist who wanted to teach children the importance of good dental hygiene. Mark3611's portrayal of him paints him as a racist child-hater, who embarks on a "Suicide World Tour" to encourage children all around the world to kill themselves. He also embarks on a subsequent "World Conquest World Tour" to enslave the human race, bombing several human population centers in the process.
  • Black Comedy Rape: In "Billy Mays Green Away", Billy Mays at one point threatens to rape the viewer with onions.
  • Blunt "Yes": Used in "Jack Off 2000" when the kid asks if the angel is here to take him to Hell
  • Brick Joke: "The Big City Toilet, Part 3" references the "rundown, 80-year-old bungalow" from "Billy Mays and the Ravages of Orange Glo".
  • Even the Guys Want Him: As said by Le Fou in "Gastanna"...
    Le Fou: Every girl here'd love to suck your dick, Gaston... even the guys!
  • Evil All Along: The "Cory" poop has Frederick Douglass admit to Corey Baxter that he invented slavery.
  • Food Eats You: "Big City Sliders Attack Your Family"
  • Historical Villain Upgrade: "Cory" not only has Frederick Douglass claim to have invented slavery, but also claim that Marcus Garvey was the supreme president of the KKK.
  • Insane Proprietor: Referenced in "Crazy Gaston" — Gaston declares that "Crazy Gaston says no to no-one", and Description Cut to his used car dealership proudly declaring "100% off".
  • Pandering to the Base: Used in-universe and likely Played for Laughs as the concept behind "Hannah Montana Likes Moose". At the beginning of the video, mark3611 checks his YouTube Analytics page and discovers that his viewership is predominantly male, which prompts him to create a Poop using Hannah Montana.
  • Politically Incorrect Villain:
    • The videos' interpretation of Billy Mays is depicted as a misogynist at times. It is rare for him to talk to or about women without making sexual remarks or denigrating them.
    • "Dr. Rabbit - Thy Kingdom Come" features Dr. Rabbit turning Africa into a carrot plantation, referring to Africans as "negroes" and calling Middle Eastern people "sand negroes".
  • Ret-Gone: The Suicide Time Machine allows whoever uses it to erase themselves from history by either giving their father a vasectomy or their mother an abortion.
  • Running Gag
  • Signature Style: He has often used direct response commercials (and especially Billy Mays) and Disney animated movies (particularly Beauty and the Beast).
  • Suicide as Comedy:
  • Take That!: This line from "Billy Mays Sells Zorbeez in a Bad Mood":
    Billy Mays: Zorbeez attracts liquid like Vince attacks hookers!
  • Toilet Humor: Heavily present, of course, in "The Big City Toilet", which concerns a product people can use to defecate anywhere they want to.
  • Unstoppable Force Meets Immovable Object: [slam] "Burnt-on cheese!"
  • Visual Pun: In "Billy Mays is in Your Car", he advertises the "Crack Hoe" (a garden hoe with a crack pipe for a handle).