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Chainey wakes up dead in a dump one day to find himself in a very strange and unfamiliar situation. Enter Maggot Boy, the resident hero, who takes Chainey under his wing so to speak. Shenanigans occur!
— Official description of Maggot boy on co-creator Jess's deviantart

Maggot Boy is a webcomic co-written by Eli and Jess.

Chainey is a narcoleptic amnesiac who meets the self-proclaimed hero of Soverign City, Maggot Boy (a.k.a. Davey) after waking up dead in a land fill. Together they protect the city from zombies. Actually, it's more like a zombie, but he's a very troublesome one.


Went on an indefinite hiatus as of August 2019, and resumed updating as of May 2021

Now with an (in progress) Character Page!

This webcomic provides examples of:

  • Break the Cutie: PJ is going through this, having an ammoral psyopathic zombie stalker on top of bullies and a dead older brother has pushed him off the edge somewhat
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  • Death of a Child: Claire Lazaro's 5-year old daughter is a zombie.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: Davey on being dissected by Marianne has parallels to rape.
    I couldn't get the feeling of you out of me for months!
  • Horror Hunger: When an aware zombie doesn't eat they go into a feral state, and only humans can satisfy their hunger. Luckily for the heroic awares, the government of the city provides them with organs, so they don't hurt anyone.
  • Sympathetic P.O.V.: During Marianne's and Owen's confrontation reader sympathy was largely on Owen's side, likely because readers know what she wants to do with him and the fact that he spends most of it fighting off a tranquilizer, leaving him looking young and helpless.
  • Teeth Flying: We're fairly sure this is how Owen chipped his tooth.
  • Tempting Fate: Owen gives back PJ's gun since it's empty, and thus can longer be used to hurt him. PJ hits him in the face with it.
  • Terms of Endangerment: Davey meets the doctor who dissected him when he was freshly undead. She calls him "sweetheart" and says "I missed you terribly". Davey is less than civil.
    • Refers to Owen as "Cupcake" during their first meeting after shooting him in the arm, considering she wants to continue her experiments on him...
  • Toothy Issue: Owen has a chipped front tooth and a serious overbite.
  • Troubling Unchildlike Behavior: Owen, most prominently. Now he's unintentionally getting PJ in on it.