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Nightmare Fuel / Ralph Breaks the Internet

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Insecurities can be fatal. Just ask Ralph!
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  • We get to see the possibility of Sugar Rush being unplugged permanently just because of Ralph trying to do something nice for Vanellope. Imagine the possibility of nearly destroying an entire world just because of a good deed that went bad, or too well...
  • Ralph runs into Slaughter Race to rescue Vanellope just seconds before the game is scheduled to reboot, which would kill them both. Even though the viewer knows they'll be fine, it's suspenseful to watch the outside of the game, with the countdown calmly progressing, before Ralph finally breaks a hole in the wall.
    • The brief switch in perspectives when Vanellope gets caught under a falling, rebooting building can also be pretty unsettling, especially for first responders or viewers who've survived instances of building destruction. Just as she crashes and gets knocked out, the camera goes black, and every audible sound is white noise and distorted sounds of rebooting (the countdown being the clearest sound in the scene), only coming back into blurred focus when Ralph finds and pulls her out of the wreckage.
  • Arthur, the Insecurity Virus. When unleashed, it can spy on you and use your insecurities against you. An example of this power is when it copies Vanellope's glitch, breaking down Slaughter Race and causing it to be rebooted. The result is Ralph getting a huge What the Hell, Hero? from Vanellope who temporarily burns bridges with him. That's when the virus appears, copies his (emotional) insecurities of letting Vanellope go, and unleashes the viruses throughout the Internet. Said Ralph viruse copies are creepy looking enough, but their groaning of "frieeeeend" and empty stares showcases them as something completely different. And then they form a colossal Ralph to take Vanellope by force, and it's composed of hundreds of Virus Ralphs crawling over top of each other like a mound of ants while spewing red electricity through sunken empty eyes. The fact it nearly murdered Ralph only made it worse, in that he was about to be deleted by his own insecurities taken shape in front of his best friend. Ralph said it better himself:
    • Worst of all, Arthur itself is last seen shooting a beam at the camera and is never recaptured or otherwise dealt with by the end of the story. Who knows what other troubles it might cause in the future?
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    • The last shot it fires of the Ralph Virus before the scene cuts away includes this lovely image as a Freeze-Frame Bonus. It's supposed to be the 8-Bit Ralph face we see plastered on the computer screens of users affected by the virus, but the combination of the color distortion and the close up propel it into Nightmare Face territory.
  • Double Dan. Even looking past his "brother" on his neck, he's very menacing and practically humorless. He's also the one responsible for many viruses located throughout the internet, including the aforementioned Insecurity Virus.
  • The bunny in the "Pancake Milkshake" game exploding after being fed one too many pancakes is a subtle example. The toddler screaming with horror after witnessing the whole thing exemplifies this.


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