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Charlie's Angels, eat your hearts out.

Considering the naturally humorous nature of the internet; with The Internet Is for Cats, Memetic Mutation, and the general insanity of Trolls, Social Media and much more, the film is bound to be packed with humorous moments.

Moment Subpages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

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  • Near the start of the film, Vanellope and Ralph discuss whether or not Zangief waxes. Ralph says that he doesn't since he "looks like a yeti". But then Vanellope points out how every bit of hair on him is perfectly sculpted.
    Vanellope: Riddle me this, do you or do you not think that Zangief waxes?
    Ralph: No way, look at guy, he looks like a yeti.
    Vanellope: I don't know. I mean if the fur were confined to his chest I might agree, but look at those two very specific tuffets of shin hair poking out of his boots. That just does not happen, Ralph. That is a choice.
    Ralph: You're totally right kid. He's baby smooth everywhere else!
    Vanellope: I rest my case.
  • Ralph and Vanellope enter Slaughter Race and watch as a car flips over and explodes. Then they're frightened by a dog...who then gets swallowed whole by a shark that pops out of the sewer.
    Ralph: [clearly having second thoughts] Let's just find Shank's car and get out of here. Okay?
    Vanellope: Agreed.
  • Shank and her gang. In their game they’re ruthless, murderous criminals, but when they’re not “on”, they’re almost a parody of an enlightened workplace, with everyone having thoughtful suggestions, listening to everyone else and showing mutual respect.
  • After they’re trapped by the gang inside Slaughter Race, Ralph assures Vanellope that he’ll deal with Shank, and he steps out of the car full of confidence...only to quickly dissolve into a helpless blubbering mess. This actually works.
    Shank: Okay! Okay. You can stop crying. Though I do respect your wonderful display of vulnerability.
  • Ralph journeys into "the Dark Net", and is warned not to look at Double Dan's "little brother", which turns out to be a malformed face on the guy's neck. When he explains what he came to do, the rest of his dialogue really doesn't give Double Dan a good first impression.
    Ralph: The reason I came to your neck in the face... I mean there's a face in your neck... I mean woods, neck of the woods. I heard a tumor— RUMOR that you had a virus that can help us.
  • Vanellope meeting the Disney Princesses.
    • Right when Vanellope glitches into the room, you can see Ariel combing her hair with a "dinglehopper", Aurora sleeping, and Belle reading. Cinderella is combing Pocahontas's hair and finds a stray leaf in it. Also, you can hear Elsa say as she approaches Anna and Moana, “Anna, did you change my password?”
    • Their immediate response to Vanellope's sudden appearance is to leap towards her (Mulan in particular jump-kicking into frame) and try to attack her, which includes, as seen in the image above, Jasmine holding the Genie's lamp like a gun (on in proper gun safety, she has her finger along the "barrel" rather than on the "trigger"), Pocahontas readying Chief Powhatan's club, Cinderella smashing a glass slipper and threatening her with the broken end, Merida draws her bow, Mulan pulls out a sword (with a loud battle cry that would make the Huns quiver), Belle uses the book she was reading, Ariel grabs the infamous dinglehopper, Tiana and Rapunzel both use kitchen tools (a rolling pin and a frying pan respectively), Aurora uses the spindle that pricked her finger, Elsa positions her hands like she's about to shoot ice, Moana grabs her oar, and Anna puts up her fists.
    Vanellope: Whoa whoa, ladies! I can explain! [pushes Cinderella's slipper shiv away] Say, uh, I'm a princess too.
    Anna: Wait. What?
    Vanellope: Yeah. Princess Vanellope von Schweetz of the...Sugar Rush von Schweetzes? I'm sure you've heard of us. It'd be embarrassing for you if you haven't.
    • Then as Vanellope tries to tell them that she really is a princess (which is half-true, since she did become a princess after her game reset, but decided to become President of her game instead), the others try to see if she is telling the truth or not.
      Pocahontas: (with her hair blowing in a Dramatic Wind that is affecting no one else) What kind of a princess are you?
      Vanellope: What kind?
      Rapunzel: [holds up her hair] Do you have magic hair?
      Vanellope: No.
      Elsa: [conjures ice] Magic hands?
      Vanellope: No.
      Cinderella: Do animals talk to you? [As Cinderella says this, she is flanked by Jasmine petting Rajah and Pocahontas with Meeko on her arm, all while Cinderella herself is carrying Gus and one of the female mice in her hands and has Jaq and the birds from her film perched all over her]
      Vanellope: No!
      Snow White: (holding up a poison apple) Were you poisoned?
      Vanellope: No!
      Tiana and Aurora: (Tiana holding Aurora back from pricking her finger again) Cursed?
      Vanellope: No!
      Belle and Rapunzel: (excitedly) Kidnapped or enslaved?
      Vanellope: No! Are you guys okay? Should I call the police?
      Ariel: And I have to assume you made a deal with an underwater sea witch, where she took your voice in exchange for a pair of human legs?
      Vanellope: No! Good lord! Who would do that?!
      Snow White: Have you ever had True Love's Kiss?
      Vanellope: Eww! Barf!
      Jasmine: Do you have daddy issues?
      Vanellope: I don’t even have a mom!
      Jasmine, Ariel, Pocahontas, Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, Elsa & Anna: (excitedly while posing) Neither do we!
      Rapunzel: And now for the million-dollar question: Do people assume all your problems got solved because a big, strong man showed up?
      Vanellope: Yes! What is up with that?
      All the other princess: She IS a princess! (Snow White sings in delight)
    • When Snow White sings delightedly, Merida gives her a disapproving look.
    • After Cinderella says she’ll get her mice to make new clothes, it cuts to a Batman (1966)-style transition with the Disney castle.
      • After which we see all the princesses in everyday clothing, and so relieved to be out of their overly-elaborate, uncomfortable dresses that Snow White starts bursting into another song.
    • All the princesses' casual outfits are full of hilarious Mythology Gags:
      • Merida's shirt as the image of a bear with the word "Mum" on it.
      • Aurora's shirt says "Nap Queen."
      • Elsa's shirt says "Just Let It Go".
      • Moana's shirt reads "#Shiny", with a picture of Tamatoa at the bottom.
      • Cinderella's shirt has an image of her pumpkin coach and the phrase "G2G," meaning "Got to Go" in Internet speak.
      • Tiana's shirt says "NOLA".
      • Snow White's shirt says "Poison" with a picture of the poisoned apple.
      • Anna's shirt has a picture of a sandwich on it and the words "Finish Each Other's".
      • Mulan's jacket has images of Mushu embroidered on it.
      • Rapunzel's shirt has images of ducklings on it and says "Snuggly Ducklings" on the front.
      • Pocahanta's is a wolf in a blue corn moon.
      • Belle's shirt has an image of the Beast's head with "BFF" inside it; probably for "Big Furry Friend".
      • Ariel's is one of the best:
    • Rapunzel is sitting in a bean bag... that is made out of her hair. Also, all the princesses are in contemporary slumber-wear.
    • Speaking of Merida, no one can actually understand her, due to her heavy use of Scottish phrases.
      Merida: Ach! Lang may yer lum reek, and may a moose ne'er leave your girnal with a tear drop in his eye! Haste ye back, me lassie! note 
      Vanellope: ...Uh huh. (to the others) What did she just say?
      Tiana: We don't know.
      Moana: We can't understand her.
      Anna: She's from the other studio.
      • It's worth noting that Disney actually changed Merida's dialogue as the Internet figured out what she originally said in the trailers.
      • Also noteworthy is the television caption simply reads "Speaking in Scottish English," making this a literal case of Even the Subtitler Is Stumped.
    • At the princesses' suggestion, Vanellope tries to sing an "I Want" Song...which results in her pathetically singing an attempted ditty called "Oh Steering Wheel" to the tune of "O Tannenbaum", which is so nails-on-chalkboard bad that Cinderella cringes hard and Meeko can't stand it.
    • Ariel almost breaking out a new verse of "Part of Your World" complete with the actual background music, spotlight, etc - the whole general shebang! Pocahantas give Vanellope advice on finding her special song: finding a body of water and staring at it. Which earns a Flat "What" from Vanellope.
    Vanellope: What.
    Snow White: Oh yes, I like to stare at a wishing well.
    Moana: I stare at the ocean.
    Mulan: Horse trough.
    Cinderella: Soap bubbles.
    • Mulan's face and posture when saying "horse trough" screams "I totally don't wanna talk about this".
    • Ariel eagerly adds in, "Important Water." It's her face that sells it.
      • Which is even funnier when the "important water" Vanellope uses is just a puddle on the sidewalk.
  • The birds in the Twitter tree are all tweeting about Grumpy Cat!
  • Just outside the entrance to Oh My Disney are signs for Bland-Name Product versions of real-life hotel chains that have locations near Disneyland in California.
  • When Vanellope first enters Oh My Disney...
    Vanellope: Oh come on! Princesses and cartoon characters?! Lame!
    Eeyore: (indignant, but with trademark gloominess) Hey!
    Vanellope: Oh! I mean, no offense. [pats Eeyore's mane]
  • The fact that eBay, of all places, is displayed as an auction house, while the payment area is set up like the checkout lines at Costco or Walmart.
    • Some of the items up for auction in the background include a cast-iron frying pan, a unicorn figurine, and a magic lamp. There's also a slightly worrying one of "a gently used artificial hip."
    • Ralph and Vanellope are sidetracked watching one customer bidding $400 on a corn chip with the image of Beyoncé. When the bid closes, the avatar yells "Yay! So happy!" as he collects his checkout voucher.
  • The first post-credits stinger is a genuine side-breaker. Ralph plays a game on a little girl’s tablet that lets him feed pancakes to a bunny and milkshakes to a cat. When Vanellope shows up with a cart full of pancakes, the bunny gets a hilarious Oh, Crap! face - right before Ralph starts feeding him pancakes like crazy, causing him to fatten up to comically massive proportions. Ralph then feeds him one more stack of pancakes where he reaches critical mass and promptly explodes (with only a small popping sound coming out from the kid's tablet), causing the girl playing the game to scream in the funniest way! Bonus points for the girl resembling Baby Moana. (But not to worry. The bunny's perfectly fine, because he died in his own game, and therefore can and will respawn. Still won't erase that sight from the poor kid's eyes, though...)
  • Upon entering eBay, Ralph is briefly distracted by pop-ups and clickbait articles, like "Sassy Housewives Want to Meet You!" and "These Ten Child Stars Went to Prison (Number 6 Will Amaze You!)"
    • The woman pictured in the Sassy Housewives ad is, naturally, Aunt Cass.
  • There's something amusing about a "pop-up blocker" being represented by a bodyguard who accosts Spamley when he tries to show his ad to a potential customer.
  • During the montage of Ralph making viral videos, he does one of himself as Bob Ross, with the members of Imagine Dragons watching it and laughing.
    • Ralph is seen doing the Floss in a dancing video.
    • One of Ralph's videos begins as an unboxing video, but the box is actually full of angry bees ("OPEN SESABEES!"). Yesss is impressed that Ralph managed to make a "bee pun" that was Actually Pretty Funny.
      • This is spurred by Yesss' British-accented assistant Maybe noting that a bee pun video managed to trend for two weeks — "a fortnite of bee puns."
  • Felix and Calhoun decide to adopt the Sugar Rush racers...only to immediately regret it when they see how rowdy they are. It even drives Felix to join Ralph in Tapper.
  • What's the source of Ralph's Eureka Moment? Felix making a frustrated "eeh-oh boy" noise (which kind of sounds like "eBay") after chugging a glass of root beer. Ralph even has to ask Felix to repeat the noise a few times before it sinks in, much to the latter's confusion.
    • It gets Brick Joke status during the climax when Ralph makes the same noise during an Oh, Crap! moment.
  • Ralph leaves Felix with the tab at Tappers, then announces to everyone else there that drinks are on him.
    • Ryu in the background goes "Shoryuken" at this, raising his glass in triumph.
  • While it is an awesome moment, Ralph being saved by the Disney Princesses deserves a mention.
    Rapunzel: Look! A big, strong man in need of rescuing!
    • Tiana wakes up a unconscious Ralph with a kiss... from Naveen. What seals it is that Ralph isn’t even shocked; he just casually thanks Naveen, mistaking him for Frogger.
  • As Ralph is saying his goodbye to Shank:
    Shank: Don't be a stranger!
    Ralph: Oh, can't be any stranger than you!
    Shank: Ha! That was a pretty good dad joke, Ralph.
  • Ralph rips out an eBay sign and throws it into the air. It crash-lands on a user's avatar, causing her to lose her internet connection. She then repeatedly refreshes the page with a forced concentrated look on her face.
  • The way the two human player characters in Slaughter Race move; they have stiffly limited face/head animation, stutter into idle poses when standing still, and jump around in a "realistic" way, as many players do when moving about in any game.
    • Even best is when Shank carjacks them to chase a fleeing Ralph and Vanellope. Which drives the poor gamer into a meltdown.
  • The entire "A Place Called Slaughter Race" sequence, a parody of a traditional Disney Princess "I Want" Song. Then taken Up to Eleven with the pop cover by Julia Michaels that plays during the end credits.
    Vanellope: I know I should go, but home feels so slow! These roads are paved with dreams!
    Clown: (while riding on a tricycle in mid-air) Happy dreams! Not creepy clown dreams! (pedals away, backwards)
    • And this, by thet way, is from Alan Menken, the same man behind so many of the classic Disney songs.
    • The fact that one of the denizens of Slaughter Race is clearly dressed to cook meth.
  • When Ralph is on the verge of making enough money, the server ends up crashing at a crucial moment. As Yesss rages and tries to get rid of the Rainbow Beachball of Doom, Ralph asks her why she's "so angry at that lollipop."
  • In the epilogue when it's revealed that Felix and Calhoun have raised the remaining 15 bratty Sugar Rush racers to be completely polite children in roughly 24 hours, Surge Protector asks how they did it. Cue passing racecars drowning out first Felix's response and then Calhoun's. Surge Protector responds by saying it's advice every parent should hear.
  • Ralph discovers Wi-Fi:
    Ralph: "Wiffy"? Or... "Wifey"? Well, it's either wiffle ball or an arranged marriage game.
    Sonic: (snark on high) It's actually pronounced "why-fy", Ralph.
    Ralph: Yeah, that's what I said.
    Sonic: And Wi-Fi is the Internet! Which is an online community where human beings go to shop, and play games and socialise!
    Vanellope: Ooh, fun!
  • Vanellope sees how much fun being a popup is and wants to try for herself.
    Vanellope: That looks so fun! Can I be a popup?
    Yesss: I dunno, can you be annoyingly aggressive?
    Yesss: (annoyed) Yes! You're perfect.
  • Ralph and Vanellope have a conversation in Sugar Rush that's a Call-Back to one from the first movie.
    Ralph: (holds the cookie medal) You know I take my duty as your hero very seriously.
    Vanellope: You took a serious doody where?!
  • "And now... an exclusive sneak peek at Frozen II." It turns into a Rickroll.
    • Even better: If you were reading the credits, you probably noticed Rick Astley and "Never Gonna Give You Up" being credited, leaving you with plenty of time to wonder when that showed up in the movie, maybe even brushing it off as a background gag in Buzzztube or something that you missed on that first viewing, before the gag actually happens.
    • Ralph calls the song "a real earwig".
  • KnowsMore in general, from his interrupting people's sentences by predicting what they were going to say, to his complaining that nobody thanks him when the searcher finds what they were looking for.
  • Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is holding an AMA at Oh My Disney. All of his answers are "I Am Groot". Vanellope takes advantage of this by answering for him before showing the person in line her pop-up.
    Vanellope: I got this one. He is Groot. I am Vanellope. (holds up her board) Click here to meet Wreck-It Ralph!
    • After this, Vanellope runs into Stormtroopers (the site's popup blockers) who immediately confront her on her running around the Disney zone with unauthorized click-bait. She promptly tags the lead Stormtrooper with the click-bait pad, forcing the Trooper into a transport pod to link out of the zone. He makes a Wilhelm Scream as he zooms out.
  • One of Shank's crew, Butcher Boy, looks like Hulk Hogan but talks like an Erudite Stoner. It's hilarious hearing him saying stuff like "I saw the most insightful Ted Talk last week" in his Badass Baritone.
    • When trying to get back Shank's car from Ralph and Vanellope, Butcher Boy ends up spinning out off the road. He briefly throws an angry fit before calming down and telling himself, "You still have value, Butcher Boy."
  • The ending scene, during Zangief's book club. Ralph clearly didn't read the book (in fact he's holding it upside-down), but ends up Mistaken for Profound by Sonic.
    Zangief: What about you, Ralph? Do you feel like Dostoevsky was successful at making the narrator unreliable?
    Ralph: (beat) I do... and I don't.
    Sonic: You do... and you don't? Duality! That's really deep, Ralph!
    Ralph: Thanks, Sonic! (whispering to Q-bert) I don't know what I'm talking about.
    • Q-bert's "Seriously?" expression is what really sells the scene!

  • A commercial for one of the movie's sponsors (seen here) had a user buy a car online, only for Ralph and Vanellope to come along and buy a bunch of other cars. Cue the user in real-life in his bathrobe, seeing that his car arrived...then noticing all of the other cars.
    • The two visible truck drivers are shown waving at either the camera or the user during the brief sponsor spiel.
    • The end of the commercial shows Ralph casually leaning on Vanellope, before Vanellope glitches away and Ralph ends up falling on his face, at which point Vanellope leans on him the same way he was.
  • One of the Disney Princesses' pictures shows Meeko loudly hissing and baring his fangs at Vanellope, to everyone's confusion/shock (all while Pocahontas herself obliviously hugs him).
    Pocahontas: He bites.
  • There is a video, on Twitter, which shows Rick Astley constantly getting messages of Ralph doing a Rick Roll on him!
  • The typically very adult-leaning Sarah Silverman simply couldn't help slipping some quite blue jokes into her appearances promoting the film, with the poor company rep having to repeatedly remind her it's a kids' movie.
  • One of the promotional images has Vanellope holding a Wi-Fi signal symbol where all the bars are green, looking extremely excited, while Ralph has a symbol with only one bar and an extremely long-suffering look on his face. This was used for a theater cardboard display, seen here.
  • In a meta way, Sonic having to explain the internet to Ralph. Does this mean the guy knows about his fanbase, too?
  • The YouTube Poop Ralph Breaks Sonic by Mr. Pasquale. Especially the end where Ralph and Vanellope go to the Internet and then the World of Light beams evaporate everyone.
  • Merida's Scottish brogue inspired many a Gag Sub, but one of the best involves another (really kid-unfriendly!) Kelly MacDonald movie.
  • The modern clothes worn by the princesses have proven such a hit with viewers, the Disney Store now sells the outfits as part of their clothing line. So you can actually wear Ariel's shirt listing all her goofy words for things!
  • Leading up for the film's release, Disney released a shopping bag featuring Vanellope riding on top of Marie from The Aristocats, who is firing lasers from her eyes and mouth. While two other Maries are flying complete with rainbows, and Vanellope apparently stole Tiana's crown.


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