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Moment Subpages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

  • Despite what it leads up to, Ralph's just having so much fun feeding the bunny pancakes!
  • The entire plot is based on Ralph wanting to make sure Vanellope's game doesn't stay unplugged.
  • Ralph explicitly calling Vanellope 'little sister' just gives you the warm fuzzies.
  • When Vanellope starts to despair and glitch out upon seeing the sheer size of the internet, worrying that they won't be able to find eBay in time to save her game, Ralph is quick to reassure her.
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  • Vanellope makes KnowsMore's day by simply saying "thank you" after he gives her and Ralph the answer they're looking for. (This is especially nice for anyone who has worked in some position including customer service.) He immediately remembers her when she runs back during the climax and lets her hide in his shop.
  • Although they didn't end up getting much screen time, Felix and Calhoun are very overtly affectionate with each other in every single one of their few scenes — we see them holding hands, blowing goodbye kisses at the beginning of the workday, making eyes at each other, flirting, calling each other nicknames ("Tammy", "Lady Love", or in Calhoun's case, actually calling him "Felix" instead of "Fix-It", and even "darling" in a scene that was cut at the last minute), going in for a kiss, and generally having a lot of physical contact. It's so sweet to see that they're still very much in love with each other.
    • This is also the first time we get to see Calhoun's "off-duty" personality, on top of the fact that her game has now been plugged in for six years and she's had time (and help from Felix) to come to terms with her backstory. She's actually quite cheerful and even sweet — with Felix, at least. A scene cut for time very late in production shows us that her core personality hasn't changed and she still has a short fuse with her now brother-in-law Ralph's antics.
  • During the princesses' interrogation of Vanellope if she was a real princess, Cinderella's questioning if she talks to animals also shows Jasmine petting Rajah and Pocahontas petting Meeko. Goes to show they haven't forgotten them.
    • Vanellope is both disturbed and concerned when Rapunzel and Belle mentions "kidnapped and enslaved".
      Vanellope: Are you guys okay? (lowering her voice) Should I call the police?
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    • Even right before that, her reaction towards Snow White's question. Whereas her previous "No"s are just matter-of-fact statementsnote , once Snow White mentions poisoning, Vanellope's "No" sounds shocked and alarmed, as she realizes that these Disney princesses actually went through some crap in their lives.
      • She's also just as disturbed when Ariel describes in detail what she went through.
      Vanellope: Good Lord, who would do that?!
  • Vanellope taking a selfie with all the princesses in the trailer as if they were best friends.
  • And later, Vanellope is seen hanging out with the princesses, and she's managed to get all of them to wear some more modern and more comfortable clothes. Definitely looks like they're going to be good friends.
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  • Just the fact that Vanellope is friends with the Disney Princesses is sweet in of itself due to how quick the Princesses are to welcome her into their group despite having known her for only about a minute or so when they first meet.
  • Yesss starts out just being interested in Ralph because of his video going viral, but as the story goes on, she is very nice and helpful to him and Vanellope. She comforts Ralph when he sees all the negative reviews about his videos, rallies her pop-up army to bring in more viewers so he and Vanellope won't lose the steering wheel, and finally helps them during the Ralph virus outbreak.
    • What's more, she reminds Vanellope that despite Ralph releasing a virus in Slaughter Race, this is also the same guy who sacrificed his dignity for BuzzTube videos so Vanellope could get a new steering wheel to save her game. This may be what prompts Vanellope to forgive Ralph, even though he was in the wrong.
  • Speaking of which, Ralph mulls over how the Wreck-it Ralph viruses bring home why Vanellope 'wouldn't want to be [Ralph's] friend', only for her to correct him: she never said she didn't want to be his friend anymore, just that he was being a bad friend. Despite that what Ralph did was nigh unforgivable (even for the normally forgiving Vanellope), she never intended to ever stop being his friend.
  • When he sees the negative comments about his videos, Ralph's spirit is admittedly dampened. But he finds it in himself to maturely admit their opinions don't matter as much as the one friend in the world he has, Vanellope. Although he still has insecurities, Ralph's come a long way from the Manchild who thought the Nicelanders' approval and acceptance would make him happy.
  • Ralph still wears the cookie medal Vanellope made him. At the end, they each keep half of it so that they have a shared "best friends" necklace. This, combined with her apology to Ralph for breaking it when she snapped at him before, as well as their tearful hug, redeems her. And doubling as a Tear Jerker, during said hug, both halves of the medal line up once more. Awwwwww!
  • Vanellope finding her "I Want" Song may be Played for Laughs, but it's a moment where Vanellope realizes what she truly wants: to be her own person, in Slaughter Race.
  • This exchange, which highlights how friendship can come from the strongest of bonds, and not just from shared interests.
    Vanellope: I want this to be my life. I don’t think I could ever tell Ralph.
    Shank: There’s no law saying best friends have to have the same dreams.
  • For fans of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Fighters was noticeably absent from the arcade, making fans worry he would not appear in the film due to Paramount (and worse, his game being unplugged). In a later trailer, Sonic appears fine, showing the Blue Blur is both in the movie and alive in the arcade.
  • Stan Lee having a cameo in the movie that premiered shortly after his death is sure to lighten the hearts of his fans.
  • The initial objective of the movie (getting the wheel for Sugar Rush) actually getting resolved before the climax of the movie. Even though Vanellope joins Slaughter Race in the end, they save an entire game's population from going gameless. This also results in less stress for Felix and Calhoun, who are still happily parenting the Sugar Rush racers (all fifteen of whom no longer have to live in the couple's apartment, and who have become better people for the experience of having those two as parents).
  • The implication that Mr. Litwak is going to receive a new steering wheel for Sugar Rush, and he'll be so happy he won't know who to thank for this anonymous donation.
    • Better still, when Sugar Rush was broken, all the kids jumped at the chance to find a new steering wheel for the game. While most people would indifferently let a broken game go the way of all broken games, they actively try to find a replacement to keep the game going.
    • By the same token, someone out there is getting 27,001 dollars for a steering wheel that looked like it was going to go for a few hundred. And that's just nice.
  • Although Ralph is far from Vanellope, rest assured that he has a community of friends that cares for him, particularly Felix who checks in on him. And there's the fact that they can keep in touch through holograms and visit each other every now and then.
  • The mere fact that the Wreck-It Ralph virus, arguably a purified solid representation of Ralph's WORST traits that almost ruined his friendship with Vanellope, was ultimately convinced to accept Vanellope's choice and dissolved itself without needing to be destroyed by any antivirus. It shows that even at his worst, Ralph himself is still a good person at heart.
    • The way he consoles the kaiju-Ralph that, yes being without Vanellope will hurt for a while, but he's going to be okay. The topper is that he's essentially telling this to himself.
  • The final goodbye when Vanellope is heading into Slaughter Race for good.
    Vanellope: I love you so much.
  • A meta-example, but the fact that all the characters Ralph and Vanellope meet, even the ones that seem shady or too good to be true, are genuinely helpful to them. Considering Disney's recent track record of favoring "twist" villains and the nature of the internet itself, they could have easily had one of the new characters turn out to be a bad guy: Yesss could have tried to keep Ralph around and exploit him for money/views, Shank could have ended up betraying Vanellope in some way and becoming a Broken Pedestal, etc. But no - everyone ends up being decent people and the only "bad guy" in the movie is Ralph's own insecurities, which he manages to get over by the end.
  • A subtle one, but Ralph never gives Vanellope the same treatment he received when he realized he wanted more out of life than his game was providing. He doesn't accuse her of "going Turbo" or tell her she can't change who she is. His only concern is losing her.
  • Merida's borderline gibberish line "Lang may yer lum reek, and may a moose ne'er leave your girnal with a tear drop in his eye! Haste ye back, me lassie!" is a Scottish benediction wishing Vanellope health and prosperity and inviting her back to visit. The direct translation is "Long may your chimney smoke, and may a mouse never leave your granary sad! Come back soon, girl!"


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