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  • Cow releasing a Big "NO!" in slow motion, while the background slows down. It was to get a quarter.
  • In one I Am Weasel! skit, Super Cow inexplicably shows up at the end. The Red Guy is at first shocked, then says he didn't expect that she would find him in a Weasel cartoon. He asks her to dance, she decks him in the face with her udders.
  • Note that Super Cow has never been neutralised by a foe. Or even so much as hit. Ever. Cow of all people challenges for Western Animation's most quintessential Invincible Hero.
    • She did actually almost lose once, when she battled the deadly Canadian Beaver, in-universe a massive, incredibly dangerous beast but that was in an insult contest (despite the insults still being treated as physical blows) which are not her forte. She managed to gain a Heroic Second Wind after reminding herself of who she was and won the day.
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    • And then there are the two occasions Chicken donned the costume. Note that it took until the second time to realise he wasn't wearing it right, and yet he still stopped the Red Guy in the first instance through improvisation.
    • The second time deserves elaboration. After trying and failing from stopping Red Guy from tormenting Flem and Earl, Chicken tries to convince Cow to don her blanket again, thinking she's the only one who can access it's power. Cow points out that he's wearing the thing inside out, and puts it on right. Chicken suddenly transforms into his own superpowered self, "Wonder Wattle", and just like Super Cow uses her superpowered udder, Chicken uses his wattle (the red sack of skin under his beak) to focus his powers, and proceeds to kick Red Guy's ass.
  • Regardless of how ridiculous extremes the writers took He Who Must Not Be Seen with Cow and Chicken's parents by basically having them being a couple of living legs, it is amazing that the artists of the show actually drew them as using their bare feet for some activities that require dexterity. Difficult, but Awesome can only describe the artists bothering to do this.
    • Mom can easily play the piano with her toes, quickly tie a blind hold on Chicken so fast that her toes move in a blur despite balancing on a leg, and even use a pistol that shoots ham strings by holding it with between the sole of her foot and her big toe so that she can press the trigger with her remaining toes. She can easily grab Cow (who weighs 300 pounds) and throwing her to her shopping cart when she confused her with a shop product.
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    • Another one featuring Mom is her being the protagonist of the show's short to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Cartoon Network. The short starts with Mom sitting on a couch with her shoes off. She is holding a balloon between the toes of one foot before using her other foot to grab the balloon's neck to tie it up. The video ends with an Epic Fail as the balloon gets shot out of Mom's feet after she's done tying the knot. Despite her failure, it is amazing that the artists did anyway.
      • For starters, the artists could have made Mom move her legs into a blur or make her feet bigger(like they occasionally did in scenes that require her to show good dexterity) to make the scene easy to animate. Instead of that, they give her small feet and she does the steps to tie up the balloon in a slow and meticulous way the same way a person without hands would tie a balloon with their feet. That must have been a challenge for the artists to draw.
      • It may also count as an Offscreen Moment of Awesome but, as the balloon flies out of Mom's feet, a Freeze-Frame Bonus shows a bunch of tied up balloons across the house. Since Mom is the only character in the scene, it can be implied that she bought, inflated, and tied up all the balloons by herself. Excluding the balloon in the video, it really shows Mom is VERY talented with her feet.
      • The fact that they chose to focus on Mom doing such intricate work with her feet rather than any other major character who could have done something party-related that was not that challenging to draw shows that the artists wanted a challenge. It may also count as a Heartwarming Moment as they could have done an easier job but opted to do such difficult video to celebrate the anniversary of the channel.
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  • In one episode, Red Guy is wandering around the neighborhood looking for a playmate, depressed that no one will play with him. He spots Cow and decides she'd be fun to play with, but Mom says she wouldnt let her daughter play with him "if he was the last man on Earth." So what does Red Guy do? He imprisons every last person on Earth in a house trailer by loudly proclaiming that it's free and up for grabs, and duct tapes the doors shut.
  • In "Supermodel Cow", Chicken rescues Cow from the Red Guy by jamming a ice cream cone in his eyes and blinding him.
  • In "The Full Mounty", the Red Guy has been chasing Cow and Chicken the entire episode in a Canadian Mountie gimmick. At the end, just as he corners them, Dad shows up out of nowhere, kicks him in the face, and yells at him to stay away from his children.

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