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Nightmare Fuel / Cow and Chicken

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  • The fact that Mom and Dad are literally just two pairs of disembodied legs. Funny? Absolutely. Still really disturbing? Oh yeah! While it's only explicitly shown in the the pilot and one I Am Weasel episode, there are occasional hints to it.
  • There's one episode where the Red Guy is going around erasing people with an eraser, slowly working his way down to Weasel, who is trying to solve the crime; that alone is frightening. But, it all turns out to be a dream of Cow's, and Mom and Dad come in to comfort her. A pull-out shot has you clearly see they have nothing above their hips.
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  • Another scene in "Cow and Chicken Reclining" is when Mom and Dad put the recliner in the back of their truck and drive away unaware that Cow and Chicken are trapped in it. They tried to get out but instead they get their heads trapped inside and we are treated to the scene where they're in the dark and they saw a human skeleton sitting there with the gears and stuffing. The skeleton says "Oh thank goodness you're just in time!" in the Vincent Price voice. Cow and Chicken freaked out at this and they tried to get out of the recliner before they end up like that skeleton as well. Either the skeleton wants them to help him out of the recliner or he wants Cow and Chicken to join him in the recliner forever. Either way it's creepy to think about a skeleton living in the recliner. A skeleton would've been one of Dad's friends trying out the recliner but got stuck inside of it somehow and died there with Dad unaware about what happened to his friend. It's chilling to think about being stuck somewhere forever and die there! Here's the scene at 3:06
  • In the "Halloween With Dead Ghost, Coast To Coast" episode we can see that Mom and Dad have clothing for upper body parts, however in "Which Came First" Mom is clearly seen without an upper half, just as in several other episodes. This makes Cow's science project more of a Nightmare Fuel than everything else in the show (besides "No Smoking").
    • Speaking of "No Smoking", isn't that the episode where the Red Guy drags Chicken to the underworld for smoking underaged? That episode shows that he isn't just a regularly naked jerk, but also an extremely psychopathic jerk; very well be the darkest on this show.
  • "Chicken's First Kiss" has Chicken's Imagine Spot about having the symptoms of "cooties", with his beak shriveling up, his tongue swelling 16 times, his eyeballs falling out and losing his butt.
  • In "Chicken in the Bathroom", Cow ends up peeing herself while Mom and Dad attempt to bathe Chicken and the four drown, which could have been avoided if Chicken simply took a bath.

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