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  • This has never been touched upon but no matter how many times the Red Guy antagonizes Cow, Chicken, Weasel, and Baboon, how come no one can see though his paper thin disguises nor remember him from the last time they meet? Unless the Red Guy has a power that allows him to not get recognized somehow. Weasel did recognize him once as a Lawyer and a Warden in the same episode.
    • He's the Devil; he has Satanic powers that help him with disguises. Or something.
    • He also tends to use the same aliases more than once. Don't they remember dealing with a Ben Panced or a Lance Sackless?
    • Also, we've seen in multiple episodes that there are many people in-Universe who look just like him. Why would anyone assume it's the same guy?
    • It depends on the episode. In his first appearance in I Am Weasel, he expresses surprise that Supercow found him in a Weasel cartoon.

  • What is up with the weenie references in almost every episode? One example is the action figure "Sgt. Weenie Arms" another example is Cow's play "The Ugliest Weenie", and in the credit card episode the first thing Chicken buys with his credit card is weenies. What's up with that?
    • Those references are probably meant to be phallic symbolism, if the sense of humor the series exhibits is indicative of anything.
      • This better not imply that David Feiss is gay! I already know he did a episode that obviously made fun of lesbians.
      • Considering Feiss is married and has two kids (one of whom came up with the idea for the episode "Black Sheep of the Family"), I don't think you have to worry about that, chief.
    • The answer is simple. "Weenie" is a funny word. Weenies are funny things. Do I have to go on?

  • The writers of "Free Inside" apparently didn't quite understand how credit actually works (Chicken's card has 25 cents on it, so apparently that means he can use it to purchase anything that's 25 cents or lower, when in actuality once he spends that 25 cents, the card would have insufficient funds), but in any case, Red Guy hassles Cow and Chicken to pay their interest. Okay, that makes sense, but then he spends the entire episode trying to collect the interest (a measly nickel), but after he steals Crabs the Warthog and holds it ransom, it's the gum they purchased that he wants. What was that about? He was dead on collecting the interest, why was it all of the sudden the gum he wanted?

  • How can all the euphemisms in Chicken in the Bathroom be related to peeing anyway? I mean, shake hands with the president and read? And also in that episode, why does Cow pee out milk?

  • How could Mama have a chicken and then a cow? Daddy doesn't care, but I do.
    • Maybe the two were adopted. It's shown in "The Day I Was Born", Cow was revealed to be a surrogate daughter.

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  • In the beginning of the "ugliest weenie" episode, Chicken reads aloud from a part of the play. But when we see the play performed, the part he read aloud never appears! And before you point out that they never get to finish the play—they did perform all of it except for the complete song in the end.
  • Why is Chicken a male?
    • Roosters count as chickens.

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