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Moment pages are Spoilers Off, so all spoilers were removed. Proceed with caution. Also meta moments are off-limits in moment pages.
They aren't called the Super Mario Bros. for nothing.
After almost 30 years, the most popular video game character of all time — Mr. Video Game Himself — Mario makes his definitive debut on the big screen, and he, his friends, and his foes are bringing in things that are all kinds of awesome.
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    Promotional Material 

Teaser trailer

  • Bowser's boast when he acquires the Super Star. Art Evolution aside, the animation in this scene, with Bowser in a dark background looming over a slowly spinning Star, looks like a cutscene right out of the games.
    Bowser: I finally found it! NOW, WHO'S GONNA STOP ME?!
    • The trailer gives a pretty obvious, but AWESOME answer to the above question: A smash cut to black, and the six most famous musical notes in video game history: Bada ba bada BA!

Official trailer

  • The official trailer opens with a gladiatorial match between Mario and Donkey Kong. The former obviously doesn't win (at least from what little we see of the fight), but at least we got to hear his iconic catchphrase.
    Mario: All right... let's-a go.
  • Peach seems to be a lot more proactive here, marching through her castle in her motorbike outfit, wielding a halberd as she gives an intense speech about how they aren't going to let Bowser win.
  • Quick shots show Mario flying in the Tanooki Suit and Peach being empowered by a Fire Flower. And after those shots? There's a herd of Yoshis!
  • When the Mario Bros. wound up being sucked into one of the pipes, both are spiralling out of control. It takes Luigi calling out for his brother's help to spur Mario into gaining control of the current and zooming forward so he can grab Luigi's hand. After a trailer showing Mario being absolutely incompetent earlier, it's a very promising glimpse of the hero he'll eventually become.
  • The official trailer ends with Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, and Donkey Kong engaged in a Mad Max: Fury Road style chase against the Koopa Troop... in Mario Kart vehicles on none other than Rainbow Road itself!
    • Mario's kart is much smaller than the others (being his default kart) as if to say that this scruffy newcomer doesn't need to compensate. Also, his "Wahoo!" is just perfect.
  • And the cherry on top is the EPIC ORCHESTRATED REMIX OF THE ICONIC MARIO THEME heard in both of the trailers. The theme was amazing in its own right, but now it's been magnified by a thousand.
  • One has to give Luigi some credit, too; despite his famously-nervous disposition and Bowser threatening him and giving the PG equivalent of torture when he forces him to give him some information about his brother, he refuses to do what he wants, stands up to Bowser and lies to him that he doesn't know Mario, nor any other humans with a mustache, the same outfit as him and a hat with the initials of their name on it. Pretty impressive, even if it costs him getting violently pulled by his beloved mustache and Bowser tearing part of it.

Games Show Awards 2022 Trailer

  • After watching his flops during the official trailer, seeing Mario acing the course, finishing it off with punching through a cutout of Bowser, is certainly satisfying to watch. That plumber had lots of chances of backing down and giving up, only he didn't. He kept on going, and does not stop until he finishes the course.

Final Trailer

  • For the first time ever in the franchise, Donkey Kong gets a Fire Flower and becomes Fire DK!
  • Mario gets nailed by two Bullet Bills driving a kart on Rainbow Road, knocking him to a lower section of the track... but the mustachioed hero bounces back magnificently by grabbing a Koopa's bike, steering it into another Koopa's kart, commandeering the kart, and throwing the shell of the kart's former driver behind him, causing a massive pileup and explosion.

Plumbing Commercial / Website

  • A 30-second video showcases an in-universe advertisement for the Super Mario Bros Plumbing business. What makes this awesome is the glorious return of the Mario Rap from The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! That's right, the legendary theme song makes its way back after 35 years. Universal must have somehow reached Wildbrain (the current owners of the DiC Entertainment library) for the rights to use the rap.
    • A website has also been created as well. The website is very realistic, even having "About Us" and "Testimonials" pages. Perhaps the highlight is the displayed phone number on the website. Upon calling, you'll get a voice message from Luigi (courtesy of Charlie Day).
    • Following the site's update after the release date announcement, it's revealed that Super Mario Bros. Plumbing aren't as incompetent as the first reviews claim, with some glowing reviews and one in particular stands out:
      princessofQueens: Even my building's broken elevator couldn't stop these guys. The two just started jumping floor to floor to reach the top of our skyscraper to fix our sink.
    • It's not unreasonable to believe that these next few reviews were posted after the events of the movie, suggesting that at some point Mario and Luigi use their newly acquired skills from their adventure in their plumbing business, allowing them to live up to their name. It's worth mentioning that these reviews were revealed before the movie was released, making this foreshadowing for the bros. taking a level in badass.
    • The site's update also includes a link for a memo from Mayor Pauline, announcing a ceremony to award the brothers the Key to the City, showing that the citizens of New York have great respect for the Super Mario Bros. for their heroic acts.



  • Honestly, everything in the movie is the epitome of awesome. The character designs are gorgeous, and the Mushroom Kingdom looks BEAUTIFUL!
  • The arrival of Bowser's army in the Snow Kingdom perfectly showcases the sense of dread surrounding the King of the Koopas. Lava falls onto the ground, melting the ice and snow below while a rendition of the Airship Theme plays as Bowser's Castle slowly approaches the penguin's home and every single soldier, ranging from Koopa Troopas, Goombas and Paratroopas march out of the castle ready for battle. It's little wonder the Koopa King is so feared in the world of the Mushroom Kingdom.
    • Bowser's debut: after parking his flying lava castle in front of the poor penguins he's about to conquer, he ominously walks out of a statue of his head attached to the front while backed by fire. Kamek puts it best:
      Kamek: Behold, the King of the Koopas!
    • After Bowser jumps down from the castle, he slowly walks past his troops toward the castle until he stops. He then speaks his first line in the movie, which effectively establishes this incarnation's ruthlessness, with Jack Black hitting an impressively low tone.
      Bowser: OPEN THE GATES! OR DIE.
    • After the penguins attempt to fight Bowser, their king asks if he yields, and all Bowser can do is chuckle as he responds, "I do not." Cue Kamek using his magic to toss the penguins aside in a single blow so Bowser can destroy their castle with his fire breath.
    • The penguins deserve some credit. Sure, they were curb-stomped but also willing to stare down Bowser with snowballs and showed very little fear even as they ultimately proved useless against him. Though their counterattack does bring one Koopa down.
    • If you thought Bowser acquiring the Super Star was awesome in the main trailer, then the film version proper is even better, with Kamek gathering all bricks of ice to form a staircase to help get Bowser to reach the block, and Bowser smashing it to fully unveil the Super Star itself. Bowser's line, which is now revised and altered, and the epic orchestral rendition of the Castle theme from the original game is even better.
      Bowser: Ha ha ha ha ha... I've finally found it... AND NOW NO ONE CAN STOP MEEEEEEEE!!!
  • Mario immediately stepping in to defend Luigi from Spike’s bullying for calling him an idiot and throwing a crumpled napkin in his eye, which he grabs before he can hit him. He then stands up to his former boss in spite of the fact that Spike is way larger than him, even throwing the same napkin in his face. Even if Spike still overpowers and talks down to him, it’s enough to show that nobody messes with his brother as long as he’s around. He doesn't even need to raise his voice to show his anger.
    • A flashback to the brothers’ childhood shows that Mario has always had protective instincts towards his little brother. Baby Luigi finishes building a castle out of blocks at a playground when a bully suddenly steals the flag of the castle, blows a raspberry before kicking the castle over, and laughs at Luigi when he falls over as a result. What does Baby Mario do? Tackle the bully to knock him over and steal the flag back, hands it to Luigi, and glares at the bully until he runs away. This scene makes it clear why Luigi looks up to Mario so much.
  • After getting their first client, Mario and Luigi's van inconveniently breaks down, forcing them to free-run through a construction site just to get to their job on time, with the entire layout shaped just like World 1-1 from the first game. While Luigi does so as a normal person, Mario makes jumps like his game counterpart!
  • Mario and Luigi saving Francis the dog before he falls to his death is also pretty awesome as it shows just how heroic these two already are before they even become the Super Mario Brothers we all know and love.
  • Mario shows off his extensive knowledge of plumbing when he tries to stop a major water leak downtown, correctly guessing that the city crew are looking in the wrong place and locates a faulty valve causing the chaos above. If it didn't break before he could fix it, the Mario Bros. would've likely solved the problem and showed their prowess to Brooklyn.
  • Mario standing his ground when Peach initially refuses to take him with her on her journey to stop Bowser because of his height. Peach's stunned yet impressed reaction seals it, as it's probably the first time anyone has stood up to her considering she's a princess with true power and authority. It's this first hint of his determination that convinces her to train him at the obstacle course.
    Peach: [Bowser]'s a lunatic. A psycho. He will eat you for breakfast. He won't notice it probably because you are very, very small.
    Mario: You know what? Make fun of me all you want, but you're gonna help me find my brother. [Peach looks at him stunned.] ...Please?
    Peach: [Beat, then...] Okay. Let's see what you're made of.
  • Peach shows off her skills at the obstacle course, effortlessly dodging all of the hazards and it's revealed that she does have the 'float' ability from the main games, except she doesn't use it until after the course to show that she's just that good without needing it. Mario's reaction seals it; you can basically hear him thinking "What... a... woman...!"
  • Mario pulling no punches as he tries again and again to finish the obstacle course. Ultimately, he doesn't quite make it to the flag even on his best try, but he gets far enough to impress Peach and convince her he'd be a worthy ally to come along.
    • A secondary aspect to this is that Mario begins the film loathing mushrooms, to the point he foists them off to Luigi and vomits one of the Super Mushrooms after eating too many of them during his failed attempts. By the end of his attempts on the obstacle course, he just picks it up and eats it without a second thought, and later examples have him not even miss a beat.
    • There's also the fact that Peach has been training on that course for what's implied to be quite a while, and is incredibly familiar with the Kingdom. Mario comes in completely blind except for some free-running experience, and almost beats it after less than a day. He's a Determinator to be sure, but he's also just that good! Sure he doesn't make it to the end, but he almost makes it to the end, and that's impressive as hell. It's no wonder Peach was impressed as hell, and no wonder she chose to take him along.
  • During Mario, Peach, and Toad's traveling montage to the Kong Kingdom, they stumble upon very familiar areas such as Bob-omb Battlefield and Tostarena/Sand Kingdom! Seeing these already beautiful areas on the big screen is already awesome enough and some very neat fan-service, but seeing them captured in this movie's beautiful and gorgeous art-style? Absolutely sublime.
  • After getting captured, Luigi gets tortured by Bowser, who has received news about Mario and sees him as a rival because he's madly in love with Peach. When Bowser indirectly mentions Peach by asking if princesses do find Mario attractive, Luigi says this:
    • It's mainly a thing that highlights how much he admires his brother and thinks he's the coolest guy ever and that he will always support him if he and Peach end up together, but in a way, it's also like he's saying to Bowser's face that he's absolutely sure that the princess will fall in love with Mario instead of him because he's way cooler, handsome and charming than he is. Judging by the fact that Bowser tears Luigi's moustache in anger right afterwards, it seems he just got "Luigi'd".This is right after he has succumbed to the torture and revealed information about Mario. And the best part is that as seen later in the movie, Luigi turns out to be right, there are good reasons why Mario would beat Bowser even in getting the girl, since by the time Peach first met Mario, she already liked him WAY more than she would ever like Bowser.
  • While Peach is failing to convince Cranky Kong to help save the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario decides to convince Cranky Kong the hard way. He marches forward and challenges the Kong king, saying that they are not leaving without the Kong army. And it works. While Cranky Kong laughs at Mario's presence, he was impressed enough by the plumber's bravado that he is willing to give them a chance to prove themselves, by having Mario fight and defeat his son Donkey Kong. While Peach protests to Mario that it's a bad idea, Mario bravely chooses to accept Cranky Kong's deal. This alone shows that Mario is absolutely willing to do anything to not only save his brother, but also get Peach the army she needs to protect her kingdom. And he does end up making good on his statement below.
    Mario: We're not leaving without your army! [points a challenging finger at Cranky Kong]
    Cranky Kong: [Beat then laughs uproariously] Who is this guy? Oh, he makes me laugh! [laughs again] Alright, tough guy. You want my army so badly, defeat my son in the great. Ring. Of! KONG!!
    Mario: [with determined conviction] You, sir, have a deal! I'll fight your son and win!
    Cranky Kong: [half-sarcastically, half-sincerely] I'm sure you will!
    • This moment also speaks levels about Mario's status as The Social Expert. He clearly knows his way around people, including authority figures.
    • Cranky is a crazy old man, but he isn't stupid and is in fact quite a Reasonable Authority Figure in his own way. He wants Mario to beat his champion and son because he knows this alliance should have strong warriors on both sides. Later he is shown to be a competent leader during the kart race.
    • If Mario hadn't arrived in the Mushroom Kingdom, Peach would have failed to convince Cranky Kong to help, her kingdom would have been annihilated by Bowser and she would have been trapped in a loveless marriage with Bowser. Even if Peach did crash the wedding by herself, the prisoners would have still died because there would have been no DK to stop the lever when Peach would be no longer able to do so, and Bowser's Bomber Bill would have still ruined the kingdom because Mario would not stop it. This makes Mario a Spanner in the Works.
  • Right before the Mario vs. Donkey Kong fight, the latter makes a grand and awesome entrance into the arena and what better way to introduce the big ape himself to the big screen for the very first time than to play in the background the one, the only DK Rap!
  • While it comes at poor Mario's expense, the first half of the Mario vs. Donkey Kong fight shows to the audience just how skilled and powerful of a combatant Donkey Kong truly is despite his mostly silly nature. Donkey Kong finding different ways to outsmart Mario such as when he blows out the fire of a Fire Flower in order to prevent Mario from using it to his advantage is also definitely worthy of mentioning.
    • Mario still doesn't give up, in spite of losing badly, which is what makes Peach trust him to win even before he gains the upper hand.
  • Mario realizing that the Cat Suit does actually make him as agile as a cat, and proceeds to completely turn the tables and curb-stomp Donkey Kong into defeat.
    Mario: Aw what? I'm a cat?
    Donkey Kong: [overcome with laughter] HAA! You got the cat box! Oh my! I'm sorry... I'm sorry! Ok! [whiplashes to a serious glare] Now you die.
    [Donkey Kong throws a punch at Mario, but Mario swiftly dodges it]
    Mario: [realizes] Huh. I'm a cat!
    • Cat Mario's extremely fast reflexes and movements against Donkey Kong are also truly awesome to watch as he zips across the big ape, dodges all of the gorilla's attacks effortlessly, and beats the ever loving crap out of him as he delivers many fast blows to him. This all culminates in him giving DK one final giant pounce attack which in turn is powerful enough to destroy the huge steel girders beneath them! Don't mess with this cat!
      Mario: Meow.
    • Right before Donkey Kong nearly falls off into the water below, Mario immediately grabs his tie in order to prevent him from falling despite DK's Jerkass behavior.
      Mario: Had enough?
      Donkey Kong: [extremely dazed] Not... even... close.
      [Mario grabs DK by his tie before he falls into the water below]
      Mario: I'll take that as a yes.
    • And then there's the mere fact that the Kong audience actually cheers for Mario after defeating their champion despite booing him before the fight started showing just how much he's won over all of the Kongs after this awesome victory.
    • In spite of Peach thinking Mario's idea was stupid and suicidal before the fight, she is genuinely praising not just the victory itself, but the very determination she used to fear after Mario prevailed.
    • As the cherry on top, later Donkey Kong is mad about his loss and attacks Mario out of spite. Mario still reacts and evades the attack even while off-guard.
  • The entire kart making sequence. Seeing Mario, Peach, and Toad making their own karts while AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" is playing in the background is a huge moment of awesome in of itself.
    • Mario loses his initial kart to the scarily competent Koopa General. Is he down for the count? No, he hijacks an enemy kart and proceeds to use green shells to decimate the enemies.
  • Although the entire scene where Bowser does his mock wedding practice with Kamek is Played for Laughs, the introduction to it is nothing short of awesome, with the epic soundtrack and Bowser wearing a hat which is accompanied by fires spreading from the background. Couple that with Bowser's menacing and badass Death Glare that he gives to the audience during the scene.
  • A villainous example as Bowser's more stalwart and gung-ho Koopa General steps out of the fiery remains of his vehicle and reveals himself to be the blue spiny shell! He quickly takes himself out like the item proper, but this Koopa was so unafraid of death that he immediately resorted to his life-ending spiny shell tackle/explosion combo without a second thought to get one last shot at killing Mario.
    "You... can't escape me! BLUE SHELL!"
    • The mere fact that the Koopa General managed to somehow get out of the huge explosion caused by DK shooting one of his missile barrels at his kart and emerge from the wreckage of his destroyed kart entirely unscathed is also definitely worthy of mention.
  • Mario saving DK from drowning. He's a rather short man, but he not only proves to have a big heart, but also untapped strength to swim an unconscious gorilla to the surface.
  • Mario's strength in general. Though Mario initially spends much of his time unconfidently and fearfully flailing around, especially during the first half of his fight with DK, he proves himself to pack quite a punch when confident, being able to slap the mighty and much larger DK and even Bowser around.
  • When Bowser is about to invade the kingdom, Peach offers Toad to evacuate with the others. To this, Toad reminds her of his earlier promise that he'd protect her with his life. Looks like Peach's faith in him as the only Toad willing to join her quest was well-placed.
    • Heck, even though his staying just gives Bowser a hostage, Toad sticking around means Peach has someone to help her plan an out from this wedding if worse came to worse.
    • And sure enough, Toad comes through — he provides the "special addition" to the bouquet, leading to Peach's own moment below and throwing a wrench into Bowser's plans.
  • When Bowser confronts Peach and Toad during his invasion of the Mushroom Kingdom, he quickly reminds her that he has the Super Star at his disposal as a clear threat to her and her kingdom. Keep in mind that at this moment, it's just her and one measly Toad against an entire army with the aid of a powerful godlike artifact at their disposal and even still Peach doesn't back down and even demands for Bowser to use the Super Star's power immediately.
    Bowser: Princess Peach. Brave as ever. As you can see, I have the Super Star.
    Peach: If you're going to use it... use it now!
  • When Bowser reveals he means to sacrifice their wedding guests in her honor, this is Peach's cue to declare she'd never marry Bowser, reveal the concealed ice flower in her bouquet, and use it to become Ice Peach! She proceeds to freeze Bowser in place and completely curb stomps many of his troops all by herself.
    • And even before using the flower, she starts fighting back by sucker-punching Kamek as he's starting the ceremony, making it clear where she stands.
      Peach: You really thought I’d marry you?
      Bowser: (flabbergasted) …Kinda!
      Peach: I’d never marry a monster!
  • Mario and DK escape the inside of the Maw-Ray by using the remaining missile of the latter's kart as a Rocket Barrel to arrive in the Mushroom Kingdom just as Bowser's wedding goes sour and Peach is stuck having to fend off the guards on his fortress, alone, while everyone captured dangled over a gruesome demise. Between them and that goal is Bowser's entire invading army. The pair of rivals exchange a look, grab their Power-Ups and get to work. Underscoring it all, a Theme Music Power-Up gloriously chimes in, being used specifically as a Leitmotif for Mario for the first time in the film, as though cementing the moment where he truly becomes a hero.
    • For bonus points, we get the first modern depiction ever of DK using Power Upsnote , and as the awesome cherry on top, the one he gets to roll out is the Fire Flower.
  • Mario (in his Tanooki outfit) stopping the Bomber Bill from destroying the Mushroom Kingdom by jabbing him in the eye, and then getting Bill to chase him into the Warp Pipe before he blows up.
    Mario: You asked for it!!
  • A villainous one for Bowser. After having his wedding thwarted and being transported to Brooklyn, Bowser unleashes all his fury on Mario, punching him so hard he's sent flying into a car further away, narrowly burning him with his fire breath, tossing him around like a ragdoll, and whacking him with his tail to cause him to fly into the Punch-Out Pizzeria, with Mario being unable to fight back all the while. Afterward, Mario appears too afraid to resist, with the King of the Koopas daring him to come out and fight, only for Mario to be unable to meet him with anything other than silence. Peach, Toad and Donkey Kong try to intervene, but all it does is piss him off, and he defeats all three of them off-screen, with the Princess and the Toad ending up being restrained by his army while Bowser is about to personally deliver the killing blow to DK. If Mario and Luigi hadn't gained a Heroic Second Wind and gotten their hands on the Super Star, Bowser might have won the day.
    Bowser: You really thought you could stop me!? You worthless, weak little nothing! COME OUT AND FIGHT! Or are you too scared!? [laughs] Just what I thought.
  • After getting trounced by Bowser, who is currently beating his new friends, Mario begins to lose hope… until the TV in the Punch-Out Pizzeria turns on and plays the Bros. commercial, eventually sticking on the words, "Save Brooklyn." Determined, Mario gets back up and says his iconic line with determination, ready to face Bowser.
    Mario: Let's-a go.
    • When Bowser mocks Mario for being afraid, Peach instantly kicks Bowser in the face, and Donkey Kong pushes him. Although Bowser beats them because he's more strong, this shows how much his newfound friends are willing to protect Mario from the Koopa King.
    • When Bowser ragefully rants on how Mario just doesn't know when to quit, Mario's response?
  • In the climax, Mario makes a dash for the Super Star, but Bowser breathes fire at him, and it doesn't look like he's going to make it! But then, who should muster the courage to use a manhole cover to shield Mario from the unforgiving fire... than Luigi? Recognizing Luigi's courage, as the manhole cover is beginning to give into the flames, Mario holds out his hand to Luigi. Luigi understands and takes Mario's hand, drops the manhole cover as they lunge for the star, get engulfed in flames, and...
    • When you think about it, Luigi's gesture was the reason the heroes were able to win. Bowser had curb stomped Peach, Toad, and Donkey Kong, and was about to incinerate Mario before Luigi stepped in. Had Luigi not stood up to Bowser, the Koopa King would have destroyed the Mushroom Kingdom and Earth.
    • Credit to Peach too. She's able to break away from Bowser's minions for the split second she needs to toss the power star to Mario, giving him the weapon that can defeat Bowser.
  • Mario! And Luigi. Powered up. By the SUPER STAR. Truly making them The Super Mario Brothers! Watching Mario and Luigi effortlessly charge through HUNDREDS of Bowser's forces and scattering them like tenpins is the Crowning Moment of Awesome for the entire film — it is absolutely successful in capturing the pure unstoppable power of plowing through your enemies like they're nothing.
    • The Super Star's power is shown perfectly when Bowser attempts to stomp them. Not only does it not do anything, the brothers don't even move or flinch, as if Bowser had planted his foot against an impervious wall. To further elaborate: this stomp is so powerful that the force of it goes through their bodies to kick up dust and crack the asphalt behind them. And it doesn't take. This is then followed by the Mario Bros using a double jumping uppercut to send Bowser flying.
    • A Sledge Bro actually manages to hit Mario… and his hammer breaks to pieces upon impact followed by Mario grabbing the Sledge Bro, spinning him around and flinging him into Bowser's troops.
    • The moment he arrived in the Mushroom Kingdom, Luigi has been through absolute hell and scared out of his wits. He’s been chased by Dry Bones, captured by Shy Guys and tortured by Bowser. Once he gets the Super Star though? He's destroying every soldier that stands in his way, including punching and stomping the Koopa King. He even has a moment of payback against his tormentors when he saves Spike from being harassed by a Shy Guy, Dry Bones, Snifit and Hammer Bro.
    • Mario and Luigi doing their Airplane Arms during their charge against Bowser's troops.
    • And capping off the charge is Mario and Luigi teaming up against Bowser. For the whole film, the King of the Koopas has been presented as a ruthless and powerful juggernaut, with only Peach's Ice Flower having any effect on him; only minutes ago, Bowser was single-handedly beating down Mario and his friends left and right. But thanks to the Super Star, Mario and Luigi dish out a glorious Curb-Stomp Battle to Bowser, powering through his fire breath and delivering a series of blows that end up smashing the dragon-turtle clear through his own fortress!
    • And once Mario and Luigi deliver the awesome Kamen Rider-esque final double finishing kick blow to Bowser, their power is so strong that it's powerful enough to destroy Bowser's entire floating magma castle! All of it! This is the true power of the Super Star. The true power of the Super Mario Brothers.
    • A more subtle example that hints at some Hidden Depths for Luigi: the skills that Mario shows when fighting Bowser with the Super Star come from the fact that he spent the whole movie training and failing repeatedly before gradually getting better, with the climax being the culmination of all his practice. Luigi, despite having trouble navigating the construction site at the beginning that Mario easily worked through and then spending the whole movie on the run or in captivity, proves to be an Instant Expert with the Super Star who can easily keep up with Mario beat-for-beat.
    • Oh, and the whole thing is set to an epic orchestrated version of the Super Star music called appropriately "Superstars"!
  • Mario's father and Spike begin the film dismissive of Mario for their own reasons. By the end of the film, they're among the people most supportive of the (Super) Mario Brothers.
    Spike: Let's hear it for the SUPER MARIO BROTHERS! [crowds cheer]
    Papa Mario: These are my boys!
  • A more minor example, but it seems by the end of the movie, Luigi has gained just as much great athletic prowess as his big bro. What makes it even more awesome is that Luigi is seen carrying the same toolbox that he was carrying at the beginning of the film to his plumbing job only this time he's able to keep up with Mario and do just as rad parkour and stunts as his brother without the use of any power-ups showing just how much he's improved since the beginning of the film.
  • And finally, the post credits scene. A lone, but familiar egg with green spots is seen sitting in the wreckage of the Brooklyn sewers. It starts to hatch, before the scene slam cuts to black... then we hear one last thing...