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Spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • At one point in the previous film, Stinky Pete asks Woody quite the armor-piercing question: "Will Andy take you to college?" The film answers that when, after looking at Buzz and Woody, Woody gets relegated to Andy's "college" box.
  • The adorable little green aliens saving Woody and friends from a fiery fate with THE CLAWWWW!! It's a dramatic moment in itself, if a bit of a deus ex machina — but then you remember how they see the Claw, and realise that they've just saved the others from plunging into a fiery pit. How often do cute little green toys in a kids' movie ascend to godhood?
  • Barbie gets one as she interrogates Ken to find out how to restore Buzz. Her method of interrogation: forcing him to watch as she rips all his clothes. "No, not the Nehru Jacket!"
    • Also, before it happens, she gets him into a lockdown and snaps his neck. Barbie.
  • The intro sequence. Basically it's Andy's playtime in the toy's eyes. In other words, it's cranked up to eleven.
    • Three Words: DEATH. BY. MONKEYS.
  • Jessie's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Lotso: "This isn't a family, it's a prison! You're a liar and a bully! And I'd rather rot in this dumpster than join any family of yours!"
    • Which is then followed by Barbie's hilarious epic Kirk Summation: "Jessie's right! Authority should derive from the consent of the governed, not from threat of force!"
    • Also followed by Ken: "Everyone, listen! Sunnyside could be cool and groovy if we treated each other fair. It's Lotso! He's made us into a pyramid, and he put himself on top!" By all rights, Ken being in his underwear while giving this speech (since Barbie ripped his clothes earlier) should have been Narm, but thanks to masterful storytelling and voice acting from none other than Batman himself, it's downright awesome.
  • The toys' plan for escape from The Alcatraz. It was a multilevel success for the entire team - a combination of several smaller, brilliant plans - and even when an unexpected factor is thrown in (Buzz almost alerting Lotso before becoming Spanish and thinking he's a real space ranger, Mr. Potato Head losing his tortilla body, Lotso and his goons intervening right at the trash chute) they still manage to work around it one way or another and eventually escape the daycare without leaving anyone behind.
  • Big Baby channeling Darth Vader killing the Emperor when throwing Lotso into the dumpster was pretty hardcore.
    • Keep in mind the fact just seconds before Lotso was pushing around Big Baby and yelling his supposed Straw Nihilist spiel about how all toys are nothing more than trash inevitably designed to face the dumpster. Big Baby didn't just fight back against Lotso, after finding out he used him, he immediately exposed Lotso as a cowardly, hypocritical liar who doesn't believe his own bullshit, throwing him to his supposed fate kicking and screaming.
    • Given that Mark Hamill was one of the actors considered to voice Lotso, we could've seen Luke Skywalker being tossed down to his demise by his abused henchman to save the hero (Woody).
  • Andy giving Woody to Bonnie at the end.
  • Woody's "Shut Up, Hannibal!" to Lotso definitely counts. He slowly tampers Lotso's Berserk Button, reducing him from a cool-headed Smug Snake to practically a Psychopathic Manchild screaming in rage.
    Lotso: I didn't throw you away. Your kid did. Ain't one kid ever loved a toy, really. Chew on that when you're at the dump. *turns to leave*
    Woody: Wait. What about Daisy?
    Lotso: *stops in tracks* I don't know what you're talking about.
    Woody: Daisy? You used to do everything with her?
    Lotso: Yeah? Then she threw us out.
    Woody: No, she lost you.
    Lotso: *angry* She replaced us!
    Woody: *snaps back* She replaced you. And if you couldn't have her, then no one could! *Lotso glances anxiously between him and Big Baby* You lied to Big Baby, and you've been lying ever since! *reveals Big Baby's locket*
    Lotso: *incredulous* Where did you get that?!?
    Woody: She loved you, Lotso.
    Lotso: *livid* She NEVER LOVED ME!
    Woody: As much as any kid ever loved a toy. *tosses the locket to Big Baby*
    • Even more awesome when you consider that Woody's actions in the first film could have ended with him going down the same dark path.
    • Watch the subtle reactions between Lotso's minions as this occurs. While they're too scared to defy him, you can tell Woody has exposed Lotso entirely as a fraud in their eyes.
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    • The aftermath of the incinerator scene really sets the seal on his Character Development. While Hamm and Slinky are understandably itching to get back at Lotso for what he did, Woody just washes his hands of Lotso in disgust.
    Woody: Forget it, guys. He's not worth it.
    • Ah, hell, every second of the confrontation at the dumpster is incredible. The sheer level of emotional intensity in this scene makes you want to cheer (Jessie throwing Lotso's offer back in his face, followed by Woody reducing him to a Villainous Breakdown with a few simple words), cry (Big Baby realizing that his owner never stopped loving him, with a little, heartbroken "Mama?"), and maybe even laugh a little (Ken being in his underwear while giving a Rousing Speech), and all of it works perfectly. But really, would you expect anything less from Pixar?
  • The moment Chatter Telephone starts to speak through his receiver in his Film Noir esque voice, you know he's the Ensemble Dark Horse of the movie.
  • When Woody and Buzz go back to save Lotso in the Garbage Magnet scene. But it's not just because they're successful at it and it's also definitely not because he lives. No, it's because they actively knew at that point that he was the villain and he had tried to have them thrown away, and yet they still risked their lives to save him with NO hesitation at all. That kind of heroism deserves a spot on this page.
  • Lotso getting his much deserved comeuppance by being tied up to a garbage truck, presumably forever. Congrats, Lotso! You deserved it!
  • Spanish Buzz braving falling garbage to save Jessie in the garbage truck, even more impressively than Buzz normally does everything.
  • Spanish Buzz opening the garbage chute by running in circles up the corner of the wall, leaping to the handle, hooking it under his legs and then falling backwards, all in about five seconds.
    • It's even better than that. The reason he did it? He thought Woody was flirting with Jessie and he wanted to impress the Cowgirl. Give that man a cigar.
  • Bonnie owned a Totoro doll. It highlighted that Bonnie's world would be a good home for toys...
  • Small moment, but Rex and Hamm managing to tackle and pin Brainwashed!Buzz counts as one. Buzz may be the most competent combatant out of the toys, but when the two Big Guys of the group rally together and use their strength, Buzz can be kept down.
  • Woody escaping Sunnyside all by himself. Something, it's implied, no toy has ever been able to do before without getting caught by Lotso's goons and hurled in the dumpster...but Woody is a veteran toy and a master of escapes. They're no match for him.


  • Two fans spent eight years remaking Toy Story 3 in live-action! and Stop Motion. You can watch the results right here!
  • Pixar definitely deserves one for doing what many movie franchises have only dreamt of doing: creating a third movie that's as good as, if not better than, the second.
    • Which is doubly awesome when you consider that the second movie is as good as, if not better than, the first, which is triply awesome when you consider that the first movie is considered a modern-day classic.
  • This one goes to director Lee Unkrich, who spent the better part of the first few days after the movie's release on Twitter reading fans' reviews and in many cases, directly responding and thanking them for the support.
  • The film's box office performance. Yes, it sounds funny, geeky, and a bit stupid. Yes, we know filmmaking is more about entertainment than the money. But, Toy Story 3 becoming the highest grossing animated film of all time (until Frozen (2013)) and the first to exceed one billion U.S. dollars is something that Pixar — Pixar who we all know and love, and contributed so much to many people's childhoods — really, really deserve, as their own Moment of Awesome, isn't it? It's a perfect cap to the last fifteen years of win after win after win, and we all want to see Pixar do well because they are awesome. Plus, the film just shows how brilliant they are. Don't deny it — you were a little bit happy when you heard the news (winning the Oscar for "Best Animated Feature"). After all, they've earned it.
  • While in a bit of a different theme than the other examples here, Pixar gets another for their depiction of the Incinerator, which genuinely feels scary for both the toys and the audience. Pixar, by terrifying moviegoers, continues to prove that they know what they're doing when it comes to making movies.
  • Realizing, halfway through the landfill scene, all the effort that went into building and rendering EVERY SINGLE piece of trash.
  • Toy Story 3 is now the third animated motion picture to get an Oscar nomination for Best Picture.
    • It becoming the first of the Toy Story films to win the Oscar for Best Animated Feature can be seen as a great way of rounding things out as well (the first two came out before the category's creation). Also, Randy Newman won for Best Song, which could be seen as a way of making up for his loss for "You've Got a Friend in Me" from the original.
  • Find a stuffed Lotso-Huggin'-Bear in any store. Whether it's actual-teddy-bear-sized or just a little keychain in the Disney Parks, it will smell like strawberries.
  • Blake Clark deserves praise for his work taking over the role of Slinky Dog. While often when actors pass away, their iconic characters are written out, Pixar was able to find Clark who sounds so much like the late Jim Varney, a good friend of his no less. Only a trained ear can hear the difference, and Clark’s casting is solid proof that Tropes Are Tools when it comes to proper reasons for The Other Darrin if someone truly worthy of succeeding the role can be found.