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Awesome / Rugrats in Paris

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  • Reptarland in general looks amazing.
  • When Chaz and Kira get married. That is awesome.
  • Also, Chuckie's Big "NO!" as it was the first, and only, word ANY of the rugrats said that the grown-ups could hear.
  • The babies piloting a Giant Mecha in the shape of Reptar. That is all.
    • But then to complete the scene, the babies later fight a giant mecha misrepresenting Reptar's archenemy, Robo-Snail, piloted by Jean-Claude! If all that doesn't add up to the most badass fight between an adult and a bunch of babies, we don't know what does.
    • How about the fact that of all people, STU built these things! It's not fully sure about Robo Snail, but given that Reptar's robot was built by Stu's design, it's likely he's had some say in what could be put into it. This stuff is military-level tech, despite literally using paper clips and rubber bands in its design!
  • Chuckie has been known to be the series Cowardly Sidekick. Seeing him man up when he realizes his father's going to marry a Jerkass who's mean to him and his friends is a joy to watch.
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  • Another awesome bit is Chuckie's dream, which depicts him as "Chuckie Chan" (well, most of the time anyways).
  • The moment when the babies are thrown in the warehouse before Chaz and Coco's wedding. It goes from tearjerker to awesome.
    Chuckie: I'm sorry, guys. If I didn't want a princess mommy so bad, we wouldn't be in this terrible place.
    Tommy: It's not so terrible. I mean, at least we gots Reptar to keep us company.
    Chuckie: Well, I decided I don't want a princess mommy no more. I don't need the magic and sparkly dust. Alls I wants is a real mommy like you guys gots. I want a mommy who smiles and talks nice to me and tucks me in at night and tells me stories... [tears leak out of his eyes] and... who loves me.
    (Chuckie starts sobbing, Angelica comes up to him).
    Angelica: Oh come on, Finster. Don't cry.
    Chuckie: I can't help it, Angelica! I feel bad! M-My daddy's marrying a lady w-who doesn't like me or my Wawa or my friends!
    Angelica: (guiltily) Actually, Finster, it's sorta my fault.
    Tommy: What do you mean, Angelica?
    Angelica: Well... let's see. Where do I start? It's like this. Mr. Yummyhoochie was on T.V. and he told the French lady you can't have joy if you don't got a heart. Well she had one in a jar but she still needed a spinney man with a kid so I told her how you wanted a princess mom and she was supposed to get me my own princess float but she made the whole thing up!
    (the Babies stare blankly at her)
    Angelica: Arrgh! I helped that lady trick your daddy into marrying her!
    The Rugrats: Oh!
    Chuckie: You did? But...
    Dil: Bad, yucky! Bad!
    Angelica: Pipe down, drooly!
    Tommy: Dilly's right! That's one of the worstest things you've ever done, Angelica!
    Angelica: (remorsefully) I know it was bad, even for me. Sometimes I just can't help myself. I'm sorry, Chuckie.
    (Beat; Chuckie stands up with a look of absolute courage on his face)
    Chuckie: You guys, I can't let that lady marry my daddy! It's like you always say, Tommy: "A baby's gotta do what a baby's gotta do!" And we gots to stop that wedding!
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  • Kira standing up to Coco. She fails, but still:
    Kira: Madame LaBuche! You cannot go through with this! It's obvious: you don't really love Chaz or Chuckie!
    Coco: Which is which again?
    (Kira scoffs in disgust)
    Kira: I can no longer stand by and watch you destroy their lives! I'm going to tell Chaz the truth and there's not a thing you can do to stop me!
  • Angelica arguably gets one when she reveals Coco's Evil Plan in front of everyone at the chapel, causing Coco to be subject to a Humiliation Conga.
    • Not to mention she unwittingly reveals it all to Mr. Yamaguchi without even recognizing the context of how important this man is.
  • Chaz calling the wedding off, both after seeing what Coco really is like, and after hearing his son say NO. Also doubles as a Papa Wolf moment, given he's rejecting Coco on his son's behalf.
    Chaz: Coco, the wedding is off. You are NOT the woman I thought you were!
  • Angelica standing up for the Rugrats after Coco pushes them down to the ground for standing on her Bridal Train.
    Angelica: Listen, Lady. NOBODY messes with my dumb babies 'cept ME! (stomps on the wicked Coco's wedding train, causing the back of her dress to tear and reveal her underwear)
    • As both Coco and Jean-Claude flee the Cathedral, you can see Spike attacking Jean-Claude as he flees. "Go get 'em, Spike!" indeed.


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