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Oh, the things, that Goblin has grabbed..

The Backyardigans may be targeted at younger kids, but you're never too young to experience awesome.

  • Austin's guitar solo during his song in the "Tale of the Mighty Knights" episode. Oh, all the things... All the things the goblin has grabbed...
    • And in the same episode, The Dragon hatching out of the egg, complete with an epic song.
  • In "Blazing Paddles", Sheriff Uniqua is kicked out of the town of Ping Pong mesa and must train to beat the bandit. She starts training, but it begins to hail. So what does she do? She uses the hailstones as ping pong balls and practices with those.
  • "Monster Detectives": Tyrone, after a brief Heroic BSoD following Uniqua's Face–Monster Turn, marches back into the gym and orders Pablo (a soccer monster in this episode) to give Uniqua back her ball. After a moment of shock, he does so... but because Uniqua already fell to The Virus, they just resume their soccer game like nothing happened. At least Tyrone got points for trying.
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  • The ending of "The Secret of Snow" when Tasha reveals that not even she knows the secret of snow. The episode is obviously a fantasy (which explains the obvious and unapologetic Misplaced Wildlife), but most fantasies would end with the secret actually being discovered. Instead, they realize that friendship is more important than the weather, and the snow at the end is just a bonus.
  • Just the fact that they decided to use motion capture for the characters' dances. It makes it look so real.
  • Tyrone spends the entirety of "It's Great to Be a Ghost" as a Butt-Monkey. Pablo and Uniqua drag him into the ghost game the former started against his will despite knowing that ghosts freak him out, and he doesn't get to come up with any scares or get to practice scaring before Tasha, the Unsuspecting Stranger, shows up. Then when the kids decide to play Hide-And-Go-Boo to see if they can scare Tasha, Tyrone is forced to hide upstairs during the game. What's more, the scares Pablo and Uniqua do to Tasha fail to scare her, meaning Tyrone's the last chance the ghosts have for them to win the game. That's when he accidentally stumbles into a hidden room in the haunted house's upstairs floor and accidentally gets covered in a bedsheet. After noticing how scary he looks with it on, he decides to use it to scare Pablo, Uniqua, and Tasha by chasing them around the house. The scare works so successfully that nobody knows "the spooky ghost" is actually Tyrone until the bedsheet accidentally falls off. Also, keep in mind Tyrone pulled this scare off with nothing more than a bedsheet and fifteen seconds to think it up, yet he still totally won "Hide-And-Go-Boo".
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  • Just the fact that Tyrone is the 2nd most popular fictional cartoon moose. Of course being beaten by Bullwinkle.
  • Another meta one: the show equally works for kids and adults. The songs are catchy but not ear-grinding for adults. The storylines are unique and entertaining, while not throwing life lessons into your face. Finally, while there are references to adult shows, Getting Crap Past the Radar is never invoked. Many kids shows struggle to be watchable beyond a certain age, but The Backyardigans pulls it off.

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